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District 1 catching fire

I only just noticed that cashmere (64th) and gloss (63rd) are siblings. I feel bad gloss died in the bloodbath😣 gloss is below
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How long have you been here?

Hey, I know I'm never really on anymore but I was just wondering when everybody joined the app?
Maybe some people from long ago (before the headlines on posts, notifications and the big lack and people getting blocked, aguing with moderators about roleplays and off-topic etc.) and idk I thought it could be fun to see some of them again.

But it'sawesome that new people are joining all the time, and I'm sorry if you find it annoying that I talk about the old days, I'm just curious:)

Welcome to everyone new and have an incredible day😄
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Favourite Characters

List your top ten favourite Characters
Mine are:
1. Finnick
2. Gale
3. Prim
4. Clove
5. Enobaria
6. Haymitch
9. Katniss

They can be from any movie/book
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Tomorrow me and my friends are making a movie about the Hunger Games book and I’m having trouble finding costumes. Any body know what clothes I could find in my house or cheap at a store for these characters?: Effie, Clove, Prim, Rue, Katniss’s Fire costumes, Gale, Glimmer, Cato, Madge, Capitol people costumes, there’s more but I can’t think of them. This includes all costumes in games and before in the interviews and such.
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District six

Can anyone tell me why and how they know the district6 male is named jason?
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Okay I understand it is something to talk about that get everything interesting, but it has been posted about before. The Gale Peeta situation. There isn't a difference between both of them. Well actually Gale is more of a 3rd wheel which leaves Peeta being a "Star Crossed Lover. " Anyway, I just want to stop causing fights about this because there isn't a point in having them. Yes I pick Gale over Peeta any day, and I have posted about him before, but it's just not big to talk about anymore. In fact, it's quite boring. That's why this group died so fast. Everyone just left and there is barely anyone to talk to, or anything to talk about which probably why we are talking about this again.
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Wish me luck! (Off topic)

Today is officially the day I can call my new house my home. That kinda made no sense. You get what I mean. But today is moving day for me. Wish me luck!! ❤
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District 3; New information

Lately I've found out something about District 3 that's not in the wikia: District 3's Industry was factories in the 74th Hunger Games! I've added it to the page already, but here's my evidence:

The Hunger Games (book); Page 80

"For the opening ceremonies, you're supposed to wear something that suggests your district's principal industry. District 11, agriculture. District 4, fishing. District 3, factories..."

Do you have any objections?
  • Yes (reply them in the comments);
  • No, its fine, interesting;
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Dying of laughter

Found this on the Internet today....

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Katniss says that Gale had too much fire and was angry all the time. But I think that Gals is gentle and kind. I know that he helped kill Prim but he didn’t mean to he wasn’t planning on killing Prim. And even though he did make bombs you can’t blame him. I mean he has gone through so much the way the Capitol treats the districts and seeing little kids and older kids in the hunger games. But not even in the hunger games the way they killed Finnick with those horrible mutts. I feel bad for Gale because him and Katniss were best friends they were hunting partners and he pretty much had first dibs on Katniss. I know he didn’t say he loved her till later but in the book he was going to say something else but couldn’t finish his sentence. Maybe he was going to say that he loved her. There is also something about Peeta I don’t like. Peeta should’ve also at least talked to her before
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Behind the scenes

Y'all know where i can find some good behind the scenes stuff preferably with jen and josh? Or interviews? Thx🧡
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Me tho

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Boy power!!!

K boys, hope you except this, and there should be more boy power memes (funny ones) no offense to girls either. So hope you like it!!!
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Ok so, i found this on insta and its probably one of the best Aesthetics i have ever seen so round of applause👏🏻👏🏻
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