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  • Despondence

    Deleted! Transferred to Hunger Games RP wikia.

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  • District3islife

    Hi Guys!

    September 25, 2015 by District3islife

    Hey! My name is Cat, and I just started with this Wiki. I hope I can make some good edits and meet some cool people!

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  • Witnessme


    September 25, 2015 by Witnessme
    Everyone remain calm. I will volunteer as tribute and purchase one...okay, ALL of these so that you can save your money for more important things. No but seriously who else is excited about these little beauties? They're just dying to find a home on your dresser or your desk at work.

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  • ClovelyMarvelous

    Currently open for tributes!

    Hiya! This isn't my first Hunger Games, but don't check out the other because it was horrific. This is more of a 'test game' to see if I can handle making one. Please enter tributes! I apologize if you have used the 200th Games but let's just say it's a different universe, haha. Anyways, continue reading for more information.

    The newly elected President Iulius Valentine stood on the large stage. All of Panem looked around to see what the President would choose for this year's Quarter Quell. The young man, in his mid-twenties, smiled a kind yet equally intimidating smile. He was dressed in a lovely white suit with a redish-pink trim and tie. He patted down his brown hair and waved at the crowd who were screaming t…

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  • Beertje955

    some new edits

    September 19, 2015 by Beertje955

    hi guys, I edit some new pictures so here's the result!

    this is my first gif edit! So it's not perfect or something like that, but I think it turned out well!

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  • Beertje955

    introducing myself

    September 18, 2015 by Beertje955

    Hi guys, I'd like to introduce myself! sorry if I make some mistakes in my writing. I'm dutch and I'm not speaking English very well yet! So if you see some mistakes in my post feel free to correct me on a nice way!

    now about me: I'm Milou. I'm 14 years old and live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). my greatest hobby is horse-riding. I also like to watch films and series. I'm really obsessed with The Hunger Games! I also make some edits with quotes of The Hunger Games.

    some examples:

    I think I'll upload some new stuff from the hunger games once or twice a week!

    xxx Milou

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  • Gcheung28

    It's almost Mockingjay time! Lionsgate has just released a new poster featuring Katniss and there's a new trailer titled "For Prim"... Cue the feels! In other news, if you've been dying to get your hands on tickets for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, the wait is only a little bit longer! Tickets will go on sale nationally on Thursday, October 1, 2015 beginning at 12pm EST/9am PST.

    If you buy tickets in the first 24 hours, you can receive a bonus digital download of Mockingjay Part 1!

    Now check out the latest trailer featuring Prim and get ready for the feels.

    This is not okay, Lionsgate, I repeat, THIS IS NOT OKAY.

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  • Toast baby02

    Okay so i don't seem to see any logic in this.  If you're making a movie at least make it true to the book :(

     FLAW #1) Prim's cat Buttercup in the original books he is a mucky yellow color. In The Hunger Games Buttercup is a black and white cat like.... 

    FLAW #2) When they made the whole trading at the Hob scene. WHY MUST YOU NOT INCLUDE MADGES STRAWBERRY SCENE AND MADGE GIVES KATNISS THE PIN NOT GREAST SAE *angry huff*

    FLAW #3) In The Hunger Games when Caeser Flickerman interviews Katniss, AFTER THE FLAMES GO UP when she sits down a piece of her hair is out. Next .2 seconds later its tucked back while both of Katniss's hands are folded.

    FLAW #4) The small wound on Peeta's left eyebrow changes throughout the film of The Hunger Games.

    FLAW #5) …

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  • Utkar22

    The 200th Hunger Games

    September 8, 2015 by Utkar22

    Hello guys and welcome to my second(first?) hunger games. I will not use or create tributes, instead they all will be unnamed.

    This year, instead of 2 tributes, each district will send 10 tributes! This means 120 tributes!

    1. I am not going to use real tributes. 2. Don't be rude. Constructive criticism is fine, and completely needed. 3. Please send advice for better games.

    The arena is a lush green place with the cornucopia is the center. The place will be divided into 12 parts for the first day. The bloodbath is on day 2!

    I couldn't get any sleep this night. I see all the other 9 tributes in the lift who are going to die. Will I make it?

    "Allies?" [8F4] asks

    "Aren't we all 10 allies?" [8M5] says

    "We all are [8M5]" 8F1 says, as if we all can vict…

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  • JasiJazz10
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  • I ship Destiel


    September 1, 2015 by I ship Destiel

    Hello spooks! Yayyyy! I am here to take a quiz. Jk I'm here to blog! I've never done this before, so if you guys would help me out, that would be spectacular! Yayyyy!

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  • LightStone123

    The White Games

    August 31, 2015 by LightStone123

    Hello everyone and welcome to another Games created by me. These Games will not be apart of my main series and will take place in an entirely different universe then them. Before I continue though, I will address the elephant in the room. Yes, I know that my War of the Hunger Games has just recently begun and is still in the very early stages, but while lying awake at night, I thought of a great idea for a Games that I just couldn't wait to use. Also, with that being said I'd just like to let everyone know that the existence of these Games will not hamper my ability to update WoTHG at all. WoTHG will NOT be cancelled, nor will it be delayed, postponed, or otherwise inconvenienced by these Games. I believe I am capable of simultaneously run…

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  • Utkar22

    The 201th Hunger Games

    August 25, 2015 by Utkar22

    Welcome all to my first ever hunger games, which I plan to make the best I can. I will write the main games of course, but reapings and training will be decided later.

    • You can send as many tributes as you want.
    • Age 12 to. 18

    District Male Female
    District 1

    District 2

    District 3

    District 4

    District 5

    District 6

    District 7

    District 8

    District 9

    District 10

    District 11
    Taligelia Rendervault
    District 12

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  • The Wayward Daughter

    Heyo folks, it's The Wayward Daughter, and these are my first games on this particular wiki. They're rather straightforward, so let's get started!

    - Districts 1 - 14 are participating (28 tributes)

    - 3 tributes per user (subject to change)

    - No reservations: these are often more of a hassle then they need to be, to be honest.

    - And all the other courtesy rules: no spam, no flame wars, send advice regularly, blah, blah, blah, you get the point.

    District Male Female
    District 1 Uzi Kystrel

    District 2 Radiant Tayz Courtney Dax
    District 3 Yuri Harris Lanni Binary
    District 4 Dion Chamorin-Seppelt Scylla Wells
    District 5 Umbreon Martell Anne Bellhope
    District 6
    Morina Patrickson
    District 7 Limber Dogwood Clara Shrub
    District 8 Ace Merciless

    District 9 Lofton …

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  • Gcheung28

    Only a few more months until the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, and more promos are coming! Check out this amazing banner featuring Squad 451 and a fallen Snow.

    Katniss Everdeen obviously stands out in her red armor, but I love the touch that the fallen President Snow statue gives to this image. Squad 451 for life!

    Source: The Hunger Games Movie Site

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  • LightStone123

    Welcome everyone to my tenth entry in my Hunger Games series! In my last games, The 400th Annual Hunger Games, Caspian Mahoney from District 3 and created by Can't Think on a Decent Username Right Now was crowned victor. These will not be a normal Games, but read on to learn more.

    After the events of the 400th Annual Hunger Games, Panem has been thrust into a war between the Capitol and a mysterious organization known as Those Who Don't Exist. Now embroiled in a costly and bloody battle, the District's and their residents must fight to survive...and determine the fate of world along the way.

    Unlike all of my past Games, which have taken place in and around the Hunger Games, this blog will not focus on or even contain the Hunger Games. Instea…

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  • Skrillsisdroppin


    Based on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Persona 4

    Banner coming soon

    We interrupt you regularly sceduled program to bring you this breaking news. What was once a school brawl turned into a catastrophe. I'm live on the scene. The brawl is still ongoing. They have just recently identified the 2 brawlers, Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando were reported to be exchanging insults, until Brando punched Kujo, witnesses say that a green man-lookalike came out and repeatedly punched Brando while yelling "Ora, Ora, Ora!" We now return to your regular scheduled programming

    The president had to fake it, honor the dead Jotaro Kujo, and make it seem that the entire capitol heads were on board. "In honor of recent events, to…

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  • NLG343


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  • FrostyFire

    The 46th Fear Games

    August 17, 2015 by FrostyFire

    Alliance Set-Ups; Lunaiis and Real Life Images Need To Get In

    The Fear Series Part I

    Heavily Inspried by American Horror Story and Scream Queens

    1. You are able to submit up to two tributes, but when you're reserving a tribute, you can only reserve one. If the tribute is going to be new, you can hold the spot(s) for up to an hour. If you're going to post a link, you can hold the spot(s) for up to thirty minutes. Reservations last up to forty eight hours, meaning that you have two days to complete the tribute. However, holding a spot is different and it means that you're creating the tribute(s) right away.

    2. Please, don't spam. If you want to get more people to join your Hunger Games, just ask me first. I could help you out by giving a sponsor…

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  • TheWizardTributeInitiateShadowHunterHalf-Blood

    25 Years after the second rebellion the hunger games with only capitol tributes is finally to take place every living past victor will have an active part in these game, Beetee Latier will be desinging the arena, Johanna Mason will be head game maker alongside Enobaria Golding, Katniss and Peeta Mellark,Haymitch Abernaty, and Annie Odair will decide on the plot of the games.

    Welcome every one to my first ever Hunger Games i hope you will enjoy and I do hope I can start these games

    This is how th games will unfold

    1.There will be only capitol cotizens from ages 12-18, number of tributes still uncertain for it is a quell.

    2.Yes this is the 100th hunger games so it is a quell.

    3.You can submit up to three tributes.

    4.Each tribute will have 200$ in …

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  • Mistfire333

    Hunger Games Readings

    August 15, 2015 by Mistfire333

    Well, I think I've made my decision and played out my schedule for the games readings

    First will be the 325th, because it sets up the groundwork for most of Luke's games since then. To hop up to the 399th would be too confusing for other readers because there's still some characters that they aren't aware of or don't understand their purpose.

    Then, I will read my comeback games. Mainly because they would be done by the time the 325th games project is done, and to give an intermission of sorts.

    After this, my focus will be turned towards the 327th games. I will be skipping the 326th because on youtube (and honestly within my self-conscious), it would not be well-received to have such unrealistic characters and youtube characters in general par…

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  • FrostyFire

    The 190th Hunger Games

    August 14, 2015 by FrostyFire

    The Retribution Series Part I

    People always assumed that the Hunger Games may be for the better good, that it was the only thing that united the districts of Panem, but they were wrong. After the Second Rebellion, Katniss and Peeta Mellark gave birth to two intelligent children, two children that will betray their parents when the time came. They were kidnapped, tortured, and their entire minds and souls were twisted to believe their parents were murderers. While their parents search endlessly for their children, the children were trained to murder. By the time the girl turned eighteen, they were released into District Twelve where they went on a rampage.

    The citizens all called for Katniss and Peeta Mellark to come and help them, but when K…

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  • AddictedtoClove

    Roxy Thornwood

    August 13, 2015 by AddictedtoClove

    Name: Roxy Thornwood

    Age: 16

    District: 7

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Roxy is an aggresive girl with a horrible temper, and a short attention span.

    Strengths: Roxy is very good at throwing axes and surviving.

    Weaknesses: Roxy's weakness is not being in the center of attention.

    Fears: Roxy is terrified of spiders and snakes.

    Weapon(s): Roxy prefers throwing axes but if she cannot get them, she will most likey get a sword.

    Allies: Roxy is a loner, so she prefers to be alone.

    Appearence: Roxy has beautiful green eyes and long flowing dark brown hair with bangs, she has pale skin and a round face. Her eyes have almost an almond shape.

    Backstory: Roxy grew up as a joyful child, until one day when her parents got murdered my the capitol. After then Roxy was…

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  • Mistfire333

    I need some help

    August 12, 2015 by Mistfire333

    So soon, I will be doing voice readings of specific hunger games that are written by our community. And, to make this effectively a good start, I was thinking of my first reading be one of the following:

    LightStone's 325th Hunger Games

    Any of SuperTomato's games

    Annamisasa's 102nd games 

    MyWorld's The New Hunger Games 2: The Death Games

    Tehblakdeath's The War Games


    Pick from a games I've written!

    Vote in the comments!


    So I've decided on doing a LightStone games for my first reading. Now the question is, which games?

    Also I still need input on wether or not I should narrate it alone or have voice actors

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  • Mistfire333

    What I'm NOT ok with

    August 11, 2015 by Mistfire333

    Hello everyone! I am here to give a talk about something I feel needs to be said on this wiki and the RP wiki. And that is; The use of rape as a plot device needs to stop.

    It doesn't matter if it's used seriously or not. All it does is give "shock value" to the reader and force sympathy onto them, hopefully aiming to motivate the writer of a games to "think twice" before killing off your tribute. There's nothing wrong with tragic stories, but it's a mistake that such a serious topic is used to up your advantage in a ficitonal story. It's offensive to readers who could potentially be victims of rape, it's offensive to people who try to steer away from the topic in general because it disturbs them. It can get really graphic in some backstories…

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  • The Targaryen of District 4

    Inspired by Game of Thrones

    Billie here.

    It's been a while since I've hosted a Games on this Wiki. And the Games that I've previously hosted on this Wiki have normally been cancelled early or I've just lost the motivation to continue writing them.

    But now that I have a new computer and I'm trying to improve my writing skills constantly (as I'm trying to write stories at the same time), I figured that I should do a Games on here, just for fun and nostalgia and whatnot.

    I'm hosting another Games, which can be found on the other Wiki (HGRP). I'll update those Games and these Games on the same day.

    • Capitol to District 13 tributes allowed.
    • 4 tributes to a district.
    • No reservations.
    • There's no limit as to how many tributes you can send.
    • Please be active…

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  • Thehardcoreshotgun

    okay so my brother is saying hunger games is just a load of junk.which its not.what should i say back i'll tell you guys in three days how it goes . may the odds be ever in your favor

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  • Thehardcoreshotgun

    am i the only one who is practialy on netflix every day just watching catching fire litraelly on repeat?i must really like that film and going out today to get mockingjay. i know im really out of date. finnick is my faveroite and  i know what happens to him.november 21st!!! i cant wait that long for mockingjay part 2! i practicaly jumped behind the seat spoiler alert!!!!!when peeta chokes katniss.spoiler alert!!!!!!tell me in the chat who your faveroite person or animal is in the hunger games.and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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  • Skrillsisdroppin

    My next attempt at a game, I hope that, these games are hopefully succesful

    What has he done to you this time

    He locked you in your room again

    Don't worry, I am here with you

    I lay sprawled across the floor quietly weeping as my brother has locked me in again, my parents don't care, they don't even come to my birthday parties at the pizza place 2 houses away, I live in the poorest part of the Capitol, and my brother abuses me with his freinds while wearing animal masks. I stare at my plushies as I calm down and think of a way out of here, my plushies are my only freinds. I run to the door and bang on it, about 20 bangs, until I relize there is no hope, my parents neglect me. I curl up into a ball and cry.



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  • TheAmericanDream

    So, my first blog on this wiki in ages!

    Anyway, I was rather bored today and decided to attempt to create a District Heroes poster for District 5.

    [1] That is one of the originals.

    The first picture is my attempt at District 5.

    I didn't like it too much so I decided to retry, this time with the fanmade District 15.

    The second picture is the result.

    Whatchya all think?

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  • Mistfire333

    So I'm back (as explained in my other blog post)

    And here's a games to celebrate. Simple 24 format, no extra districts or anything. However, I will ask you guys to follow the template as best as you can! And please, no extra info aside from what's in the template






    Backstory: (Summarize it in a way that can be easily recalled. If you want to know if it's effective or not, picture me saying "Oh right, the tribute who lost his dog to a cowboy" or just remembering key parts about your tribute's history)

    Personality: (Phrase this in a way that lets me know how I should portray your tribute)

    Appearance: Just an easy, well explained summary will do. As always, visuals help but are not needed


    Role: Protagonist, …

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  • Mistfire333

    Ayyyy lmao

    July 31, 2015 by Mistfire333

    Yeah I'm coming back fully. Summer is the open door for wether or not I make a comeback... So yeah. Expect to see my little killer chirren running around like crazy in the games again.

    And judging how my Mind Games was cancelled, well all I'll say is that the genius who made the electromagnet weapon strategy was gonna win so yeh. Sorry I sucked at updating. Regarding the topic of games also, I probably won't write a games so frequently anymore. It'll probably be a quick, rare, annual event for y'all and it'll be a classic games. Unless there's a reason for it to not be as such. So for starters, I WILL be making a "return games" sometime around August, with a new mechanic for effective writing.

    Also, out of the insane mass of my tributes, I'l…

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  • Jomack03

    Welcome to the 222nd Hunger Games! I will put so much effort into this if you guys signup there will be 32 tributes and 16 districts.0-14 and The Capitol.

    Tribute pages aren't mandatory but will be helpful.Since these will be my first hunger games,They man not be that great but if the games actually start then I will make this a series!

    Name Age District User

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  • Everderp


    July 26, 2015 by Everderp

    i joined 3 years ago

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  • Bookworm939

    • 4 tributes per user
    • stay active!
    • dont get mad if your tribute dies
    • reservations last for 2 days!
    • You can submit a bloodbath stategy but I will mostly come up with it.
    • Please excuse my bad grammer skills
    • Have fun!!!!!!









    You also need to provide a picture if possible but it is ok if you cant.

    And if you can please provide a lunaii.  IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!!

    Picture District Name Age Weapon Strength Weakness




    2 Ena Shea 17 Ice pick, Bow


    3 Anissa Fallows 15 Bow, Throwing Knives






    6 Clara Jane 13 Bow Tough,Agile,Swift Strength,Outdoors,Fighting















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  • Jomack03

    122nd Hunger Games

    July 25, 2015 by Jomack03

    Okay I know that my past hunger  games never even started but I want this one to Start .I will write the reaping,Training,And the pregames,(of course the real games).Please join.

    The New president,Monarch is now going to announce the games.THIS YEAR THE GAMES WILL CONSIST OF 16 DISTRICTS,0-14 PLUS THE CAPITOL.EACH GIVING 2 TRIBUTES .

















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  • Jomack03

    My new Wiki

    July 24, 2015 by Jomack03

    hey guys I'm not really known around here and I only have had a few conversations with you guys.but I'm making my own hunger games rp wiki.if you would like to join click here .I hope that it goes well but I'm not leaving this wiki or my other ones but If it becomes popular I will spend most of my time there.but I will come on.Only if it becomes popular!

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  • Athalia from District 2

    Unlike my previous Games I WILL finish these.

    The 138th Hunger Games - Day 8 - Final Five

    I watch the limestone shatter, and fall down into a dark abyss. I watch the boy from Eleven fall into it. I watch the other three of us running from the black hole. None of us wanted to share Al's fate.

    Erin sprints past all of us, her brown eyes focusing on the golden Cornucopia. Maybe she would win. Maybe Seven would have a victor this year.

    Or maybe Tom would win. The second victor from Twelve, first from the Seam.

    Unless Terrence won. Despite being the youngest tribute and being from Five, he was still here, living past everyone's expectations. But then, the African-American boy gets pushed into the darkness by a pale figure. It's Erin, but what's she …

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  • Asnow89

    At long last... the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 trailer, which was initially released at San Diego Comic Con, is LIIIIVE! We have major goosebumps from this trailer.

    You get a glimpse of the traps at the Capitol, Finnick and Annie's wedding (dawww!), and some precious shots of Katniss and Prim that will make you tear up.

    Watch below and ENJOY! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Jomack03

    The 98th Hunger Games!

    July 19, 2015 by Jomack03

                                                                 The new Head Gamemaker Woodward,Has his first ever games coming up in a month and it's time to announce what will be so special about his first ever appearance.The Gamemaker Stands up with millions of capitol people listening for this year's Games.THIS YEAR...THE GAMES WILL NOT BE NORMAL.BECAUSE IT IS MY FIRST EVER AS HEAD.SO FOR THE 98TH HUNGER GAMES ,THE TRIBUTES WILL BE COLOR CODED!IF THEY ARE DEAD THERE UNIFORM WILL TURN RED, BLUE FOR INJURED GREEN FOR FINE AND MYSELF AND THE OTHER GAMEMAKERS WILL TRY TO MAKE A BLUE FIGHT A BLUE,REDVRED,AND GREENVGREEN.The capital goes wild in excitement.SO WE WILL HAVE EACH DISTRICT GIVE 2 TRIBUTES BUT THE DISTRICTS ARE C,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…

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  • Asnow89
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  • -Guild-of-Messengers-

    The following is an excerpt from an article which appeared in a UFO-related publication. We do not know exactly who the author of the article is or what publication it appeared in, as our source sent us only some Xeroxes with no references.

    We relate the information as received:

    "...Lear directed my attention to a large map of Nevada, which delineates all the areas which civilian maps coyly leave as uncharted military reserves. 'Right in the very center is a place called Area 51. It is our most secret complex. There are 1900 people there -- it takes presidential clearance to work there -- and they're ferried in by aircraft in the morning and taken out about 5 o'clock in the evening. They have nothing to do with the saucers. The people who w…

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  • Jomack03

    97th Hunger Games

    July 16, 2015 by Jomack03

    I will​post the big stuff when signups are full.

    The district's are Capitol,Zero,One,Two,Three,Four,Five,Six,Seven,,Eight,Nine,Ten,Eleven,Twelve,Thirteen,And fourteen.

    Two on each.

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  • Redhairblueeyes

    Submissions soon, I still need to finish the page. >.<

    'Ello! My name's Morgan, but that's not important right now. These are my first Games. Enjoy!

    • There's no tribute limit, but if you submit a lot of tributes I may ask you to submit a little less.
    • These will contain lots of curses. This is your one and only warning.
    • Do not criticize these. They're my first Games.
    • Stay active. It's fine if you post a few comments every once and a while.
    • Please point out grammar mistakes. It'd really help. c:
    • Anyone breaking these rules will cause you're tributes to be killed off.

    Name: What's the name of your tribute? First names and last names are needed. Also, name's cannot be stupid like "Beauty Princess" or "Tree Branch". Names cannot be gibberish either. I rea…

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  • XD1

    Wikia is in San Diego *RIGHT NOW* with on the scene coverage from the heart of this year's Comic Con action! Direct from the front lines, we've got footage from the Mockingjay Pt. 2 panel in Hall H, along with a whole slough of clips & soundbites for your viewing pleasure! There will be more to come, but for now - sit back and enjoy these interviews from the cast as well as director Francis Lawrence, and don't forget to follow our LIVE COVERAGE where we'll bring you all the news and action as it unfolds.

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  • Jomack03

    The 85th Hunger Games

    July 10, 2015 by Jomack03

    Its my first ever Hunger Games so please don't judge and have fun.

    There will be 24 people and you can sign up as 4 max but here's the format.




    ​Strengths:(Max is 3)

    Weaknesses:(min is 2)

    Weapon Of Choice:


    You will know if your in and I will post all the big stuff when the sign ups are full.

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  • Swimmerboy7701

    So, since my last games were a bust because not enough tributes were entered i am going to start again with a different game plan...

    President Walton walks on to the stage in a black suit with matching pants and shoes. The thousands upon thousands of capitalites in the crowd are screaming, and shouting with tremendous liveliness and excitment yet President Walton stands, decrepit on stage looking like he could crumple into dust on stage at any moment. There is a young girl behind him wearing a light pink dress; she has flowers the same color of her dress woven through her light blond hair. The girl is holding a stainless steel box which holds the twist in this years quarter quell.

    President Walton sumons the young girl with the box to center…

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  • KingKhrystopher

    250th Hunger Games

    District One

    District Two

    District Three

    District Four

    District Five

    District Six

    District Seven

    District Eight

    District Nine

    District Ten

    District Eleven

    District Twelve

    A few ideas I have are running rampant in my head. Here are three of the majors...

    Yes. They are all transported to this High School Arena, where they must attend classes, kill in the hallways, and be on time. Here are the rules.

    1. No killing in the classroom.

    If You kill inside of the classroom, you will be severely punished in some way. Maybe you will be kicked out, maybe you will be beaten or tortured, but you do not kill inside of the classroom. However, if someone is in the wrong classroom, you may kill them.

    2. Get to class on time.

    You have five minutes to both ge…

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  • KingKhrystopher

    250th Hunger​ Games

    These are my first Games that I've ever created, so please go easy on me. You can start submitting your tributes now, just fill out the  Tribute Form by clicking on the link.

    The anthem plays, and President Kahn takes the stage. He's followed by a young boy dressed in a white suit, holding a simple wooden box. The anthem ends, and President Kahn begins to speak, to remind everyone of the Dark Days from which the Hunger Games were born. When the laws for the Games were laid out, they​ dictated that every twenty-five years the anniversary would be marked by a Quarter Quell. It would call for a glorified version of the Games to make fresh the memory of those killed by the districts' rebellion.

    President Kahn​ goes on to tell …

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  • Skrillsisdroppin

    This isn't an RP, it's a version of the game "MAFIA"


    If you want to sign up, know the following

    Mafia is a game of deception and lies, each of you have a role, you are either in the Town (or Team Tributes) or the Mafia (Team Katniss), There is also the unaligned, the Serial Killer, Team Katniss are the bad guys, and their goal is to murder Team Tributes, Team Tributes is trying to identify and execute Team Mafia, and the Serial Killer tries to be the only guy left, Some Team Tributes members have roles to help the Town Identify and Kill Team Katniss.

    Real Name: 





    RL Image:


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