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    weight loss pita

    4 April 2014 by Dollsona501

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    Ok,so I had lost my old account Lexis2685 so I will be continuing my current games in this page here.

    There was one tribute left and it was D12 female.

    Do the rest later!

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    Here are informations on each 74th Hunger Games tributes. Many scores are only speculation.

    Age Height Weight Odds Score
    Marvel 17 6'3 165 5-1 9
    Glimmer 17 5'7 130 7-1 9
    Cato 18 6'2 185 3-1 10
    Clove 15 5'4 100 5-1 10
    Noah 14 5'6 120 22-1 7
    Amber 13 5'9 120 30-1 3
    Max 12 4'8 65 15-1 8
    Azora 16 5'4 105 9-1 9
    D5 male 15 5'7 145 8-1 8
    Foxface 15 5'5 unknown 7-1 5
    Jason 16 5'10 150 24-1 7
    Tamora 17 4'11 unknown 23-1 5
    D7 male 17 5'5 130 5-1 8
    D7 female 16 4'11 100 7-1 8
    D8 male 14 6'0 155 3-1 4
    Savannah 13 5'7 116 5-1 7
    D9 male 14 4'11 90 22-1 6
    D9 female 14 5'1 88 28-1 7
    D10 male 18 5'8 165 15-1 7
    D10 female 16 5'4 113 10-1 3
    Thresh 18 6'0 unknown 8-1 9
    Rue 12 4'8 unknown 7-1 7
    Peeta 16 5'7 unknown 23-1 8
    Katniss 16 5'7 unknown 23-1 11

    • Amber is the highest female, but …

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    Big news for me

    2 April 2014 by Xbilliex

    The poem I posted on here a few weeks or maybe even a month ago has been selected to be published in a book called 'The Poetry Games - Northern Poets' in June. I wrote the poem for the competition and so the shock of receiving this news may slow down progress with my current games.

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    These are ConspiracyKiller825's Tributes. Please feel free to use any of them but please let me know before hand. Thanks, and Enjoy!

    Name: Scarlett Winters 

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5"8

    Personality: By looking at her, she looks young, laid back and not a care in the world. Which is exactly what she wants you to think. Because she is really, studying everyone and everything. If you were to attack her, she would know before you did. This is what makes her a valuble ally in the arena as she has amazing instincts. She is very quiet and has practiced all her life, waiting for her moment as the victor of a Huner Games. 

    History: Scarlett was born in District 2 with her mean, bitchy mum, her obsive dad and three older stupid brothers. Until the a…

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    Hello everyone as you may know i attempted to create my own games a month ago but sadly my computer broke and I had to cancel. I now have a working laptop and am excited to start my own series! Please sign up i may do training and other things please join!

    Katniss won the 74th Hunger games by killing Peeta in the final two. Thus the games never ended.

    1. These games include the Capitol and District 13

    2. Make your tributes interesting 

    3. Give advice your odds will be MUCH better that way

    4. If you are reading this you must enter a tribute

    5. Reservations last only 24 hours

    6. 3 tributes per user

    7. $500 per user

    8. I'm not really picky about the format but at least have the following:






    Backstory: (Optional but go…

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    this is like additional attributes with the Indians and you guys that admirable attractive eyes and do in the band the appropriate way you makes a huge difference and now I'm cheep I just poor did not see acreage and sea lions basically what it does it makes them acknowledgment no baptize not in actuality I don't apperceive for activity at the abject the pool halls allowance you don't ambition it to attending too much confirmed what they acquaint my audience weekends if you COMPLEXIDERM don't feel like accomplishing abundant you can in actuality do you online hmm and go out with no Moscow like because was traveling to PI yep if you could see that aberration and accepted it turns out that too allowance yes it’s at a babyish for me to consis…

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    I have studied the bloodbath and I have decided to write the correct order of the deaths in the film.

    • 24th: District 8 male, Marvel slashed his throat and stabbed him multiple times with a kukri knife.
    • 23rd: District 10 female was killed by Clove, knife thrown in back.
    • 22nd: Amber (District 3 female), her leg was amputated by District 4 female and she was finished by District 5 male who slashed her in the forehead with a sickle.
    • 21st: Tamora (District 6 female) was stabbed multiple times with a knife by Glimmer.
    • 20th: District 9 male was killed when Clove threw a knife into a back and he collapsed.
    • 19h: District 7 male was slashed in the throat with a crescent sword by Thresh.
    • 18th: District 9 female was speared with a spear by Marvel.
    • 17th: Distr…

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    Heeeeeey Imma gonna write how the 78th Hunger games should've gone. no rebellion, nothing awkward and FINNICK DOESNT DIE! (He was epic so I couldn't let him die.) it's from a new tributes point of view and she is: Naomi Walker

    Chapter 1, The Cards

    Effie picked up a card, fiddling to open it. Finally she spoke up, "The female tribute is... Naomi Walker!" Instantly all the children and teenagers alike looked at me. I cleared my throat and started making my to the stage. Katniss and Peeta were sitting on two chairs, Haymitch hanging on for his life on a stool a bottle of alcohol was being grasped in his hand.

    Only the wind volonteered to take my place. Effie shuffled over to the boy's bowl. She plucked a card out. "Damion Denali." The boy cring…

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    Okay, so, if you have seen Charlie's The Survivor Games: Borneo, you would know the premis around these games. And I would just like to give a disclaimer and say that, Charlie made these games up. I was just inspired to make a games like this and had no clue how to incorporate The Hunger Games theme in it, and once I saw his, I new I wanted to do something like that. So once again, give him the credit, it was all his idea.

    There will be 24 tributes that go in, and they will have their own miniature bloodbath. They can kill whoever they want, it doesn't matter, just like the actual Hunger Games. And once there are only 16 people left, the killing will be halted. The remaining 16 people will be formed into two tribes and the game of Survivor …

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    Hello, everyone it's Aspen here, back after a month on vacation from somewhere, I can't remember all that well, but I have decided to do a games: The 75th Hunger games, however this is written if there was no, 'Save Katniss!' Alliance. This will also have a twist named: 'Elements!' that will be revealled as the Quarter Quell progresses. Get your tribute token ready, choose up to two tributes to mentor and: Let the 75th Hunger games begin!

    To enter in these games simply comment on what tribute you would want to mentor, make sure it is not taken up. These games you will not get to decide most of the tributes however these tributes will require Names, Ages, Weapons, Backstories, etc:

    District 5 Male / Female

    District 6 Male / Female

    District 9 Ma…

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    180th games

    29 March 2014 by Pinks64831

    this is my first post, so im going to write a hunger games story, these games are the 180th games, as if katniss everdeen never entered them and they never were stopped.

    but I need help with the tributes, mentors and stylist's.

    Comment with names, descriptions or photos and the district they came from.

    Plz comment and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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    weight loss 0096hy

    29 March 2014 by Aiphone99

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    So I have decided to do some Special Mentor Games :D They will be no pick of the person you mentor: They will be completely randomly picked characters from Katniss to Kesha, if you wanna join just say "Me!" You will recieve 2 randomly picked characters, I will explain the rules later...

    Name Picture Age Weapon Mentor
    J'Tia Taylor
    32 TBA Eli
    15 TBA Eli

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    Hello everyone! Well, as you may know, I have joined the wiki a year and two days ago. I meant to make this blog on Wednesday, but I was busy, and Thursday I had soccer. So here is a list of people that made this year very special!

    Oh my god, Jay has supported me through most of my time, and we even have Clockowire. This alliance in Hunger Games has dominated. He deserves credit for refusing to give up on me, and even if we had our rough times, we have still been friends.

    Mist is probably my best friend on the wiki. Me and him have made some very wacky tie-in tributes and have even made up the Spectrus family. They are no longer often used, but they already made their mark. Even Banette and Shuppet are special!

    Both Sams have been very friend…

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    Okay heres like my third games :3 I'm still doing my User Games and the 99th Annual Hunger Games: One Last Time

    A Mentor Game is when characters form all 3 book will be tributes (74th tribs in this case). You can get to choose any and mentor them.

    This means you need to do the following:

    Send Adivce.

    Send Sponsers.

    Help them to win.

    I want a challange so I'm going to do

    The Chariot Rides

    Trainings days 1-3 sole training.

    Interviews 1 form each district

    The Games

    The Victory Tour Distrcits 12-1

    I'm not going to mention no fighting in the comments cause thats is a …

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    Hi! I’m ConspiracyKiller825, with my second Hunger Games! I loved writing my last Hunger Games and thought I could give it another go! These games pick up a few weeks later at Training for the 259th Hunger Games. These aren’t a series (no rebellion or anything like that) but are just games that occur after each other. Not really storyline either but they just lead onto each other. I finished with Nymph Mer’e (258th Victor) listening to the twist for these games. Only Sponsors and Victors know and nobody will know until the finale. Can’t wait to start these so please join your tributes! Happy Hunger Games, and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour.

    • Up to 2 Tributes Per User
    • No getting Angry for a Tributes Death
    • Most Tributes will be accepted but N…

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    136th Hunger Games

    25 March 2014 by Kalebh513

    My first games! District 1-12 are the tributes.

    • Name
    • Age
    • District
    • Weapon(s) (3 max)
    • Strength
    • Weakness
    • 3 tributes per user
    • You can add a backstory but not needed.

    This arena will be a giant waterfall everyone will have a raft to sail down the fall to the cornacopia. Around the outside there are caves. In the caves live Bat mutts. But if you manage to kill 4 the others go away. Every 3 days the waterfall turns into a whirlpool. If you continue to raft and skip the cornacopia youHedonism Splendor will end up in a log house. The Log houses can fit 4 people each but after 5 days the catch fire and burn down after burning down they will come back.Herba Hemway

    Name Age District Weapon
    Hedonism Splendor 14 1-Male Other tributes
    Emerald Everest  16 1-Female Th…

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    The Desert Games RP

    25 March 2014 by Lexis2685

    Ok you can tell by the name what the arena is. The are sand mutts and very few resources so get a lot of stuff at the cornucopia. And yes I will be continuing my other games.Rp games btw. 


    ·No goddmoding or you get killed or injured

    ·Have fun!

    ·No cursing







    Name  age district User weapon pet

    1 male

    1 female

    2 male

    2 female

    3 male

    3 female

    4 male

    4 female

    5 male

    5 female

    Brendon 14 6 male

    6 female

    7 male

    7 female

    8 male

    8 female

    9 male

    9 female

    10 male

    10 female

    11 male

    11 female

    12 male

    12 female Read more >
  • 124
    Thereal opian

    the arena is a huge tropical rainforist with the cornucopia in the center on a large rock (only 4 tributes per user)

    tribute form





    streanghts and weaknesses:

    allies: (1,2 and 4 are with carrers unless you say you dont want them with the carrers)

    Sponsers each tribute gets 300 dollers and 50 more dollers per kill

    Bread 15

    Weapon of your choice (nothing op like giant robot suit with missels) 150

    Supadupa insta heal (yes supadupas one word) 200

    Water can full 50

    Water can empty 15

    Matches 30

    Mines (hehehehe) 200

    Random items backpack 30

    Crimson 350

    Trinity 300

    Sera 185

    Oceania 300

    Katarine 400

    Buck 350

    Bee 335

    Carter 300

    Keats 350

    district 1 male Crimson Typhoon Age:15 Weapon:Bow,Hands,Sword

    district 1 female Trinity Mason Age:17 Weapon:Mac…

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    I know I said I was going to take a break and that these games were going to start during a time when I can actually update but I have just found out that I have a school holiday soon so that's why I've decided to start them now. Also, it might take a while for people to send in characters/tributes since the storyline is quite big.

    I appreciate anyone that signs up.

    1. Capitol and District 13 allowed.
    2. I will write in POVS.
    3. I will write outside of the Games as well as in (due to the storyline)
    4. The person that has the support of the district of the victor will be named President.
    5. You can send in 3 tributes and a victor each.
    6. You can send your tributes items.
    7. Remember to send in advice for your tributes to increase their chances of survival.

    Storyline ca…

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    Nightlock Kryptonite

    Now. We are forgetting about the Climb games because my inspiration levels came tumbling down and they died. SO. LETS BEGIN!

    • No swearing.
    • Read all of these.
    • No fighting.
    • 3 tributes each.
    • Upload anything you want, but profiles from THGRP are preferred.
    • No Reservations.
    • Include everything in the tribute table, but feel free to add more.
    • Don't moan if your tributes dies, Suck it up.
    • Don't get all squimish. There will be some horrific deaths.
    • Must have a token.
    • No Wikia Contributers.
    • The Elements to choose from are Earth, Fire, Water and Air

    District and Gender Name Age Weapon Token Element User
    Capitol Male Felix Ashford 17 Axe Family Photo Air Smile :P
    Capitol Female Camellia Theacea 12 Pickaxe Flower Hairpin Earth Erlend
    District 0 Male Damien Tirips 16 Sc…

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    23 March 2014 by Xbilliex

    Does anyone have a Games which need the D4 pair? Because I made a D4 male and I wanna try him out. Let's just say he's very close to the D4 female I have in mind.

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    23 March 2014 by Xbilliex

    I've decided to not go on a hiatus but instead plan out my next Games. My High School Games were poorly organised and I could only update once school had finished for the day (my school hours are from 8am to 3pm).

    So here's the background story what I have planned for my next Games. I won't be starting my next Games until a time when I can actually update.

    The strict and evil President Maysall (the President in each of my Games) has died of old age. His teenage daughter, Destiny, decides to run for President of Panem after she had done so temporarily in the past. However, an old friend of President Maysall, peacekeeper Jared, also decides to run for president.

    Each of the districts and the Capitol took either Destiny or Jared's side. This was…

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  • 834

    Hi, look below to see what to do!

    8 people escaped the arena, whether with rebels or captured by the capitol. Rebellion has started, led by Pootarch Glazenbeans. President Red though, wishes to crush it though. That's where YOU decide.

    You can roleplay whereever, This will be an open world rp. You can travel around Panem, get into a fight with peacekeepers, and try to win the war for your side. Major events will however be controlled by me (Such as battles for districts.)



    Role: (If survivor of previous games put in "Main Character")


    Weaknesses (Optional):

    Appearance: (Not required)

    Weapon: (Can be guns now :D)

    Side: (Capitol or Districts.)

    District you start in: (15 for survivors)

    To keep this lasting, the career Districts (1, 2, 4,…

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    22 March 2014 by Xbilliex

    It's pretty tough for me to say this but I've decided that after some of the Games I have entered tributes in have finished, I will be leaving the wiki on a small hiatus.

    I feel like I have to control many things at once in my life. I am having a very bad family life, the school hours are extremely long and my computer sometimes does stupid things when I try to check important things.

    I am also undergoing major writer's block and I have been feeling really depressed lately (I've been having constant nightmares).

    I might check the wiki from time to time but the whole point of this post is to tell you all that I will be taking a small hiatus.

    • MyWorld: You write pretty much awesome games. I loved entering my tributes into the 3rd Annual New Hunge…

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    Because I feel really depressed and kinda lazy, I've decided to explain what I was going to write for the rest of the High School Games. I did not have a pre-determined winner.

    Lexi (from 5) decided to go to Sabrina and Arivan. This was not a good idea as she was stabbed by Sabrina and then decapitated by Arivan's trident. The Careers got out their weapons and starting firing at Sabrina and Arivan. Both were killed.

    This also saw the end of both Ivan and Skiswalf. Due to them being drunk and having a "power nap", Nikhita managed to find them and kill them as they were both weakened from the drink.

    Anger loomed across the Career alliance after the death of Sabrina. Clay was extremely stressed out and angry so he killed Scarlett and Vriska in a…

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    These games shall run a bit differently, so please stay with me.

    Society has been separated into different parts named Dauntless, Amity, Candor, Erudite, and Abnegation. Dauntless are the bravest, those in Amity are the peaceful, Erudite are intelligent, Candor are Honest, and Abnegation are the selfless.

    After the reaping styled Choosing Ceremony, the chosen Dauntless, Amity, Candor, Erudite and Abnegation will be shipped off to different base's, where they will train for the biggest moment of their lives, The Divergent Games.

    • No Godmod!
    • Don't kill without me making the Drip.. Drip... CLICK! Noise...
    • Stay in character
    • Be truthful
    • Play fair
    • Be Active
    • No whining
    • Have Fun!
    • 1 User and 1 Tribute/Character per person, making the total of 2 Tribs/Characters …

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    Hello hello hello okay made one bout 10th of march a really stupid one with only 6 users cx. This one willl work I know it xP

    1) No Godmodding at all this might mean killing someone without my permission or without me saying.

    2) You may want a Alliance but you need to ask the User.

    3) This will be RP so please be ready to post when the games start.

    4) You can't be OP in your posts -.-

    Name: Age: District: Weapon:
    Tara (me cause I made this kk) 16 1 Deedee The Axe
    Gamzee 14 1 Tenshin The Claymore sword.


    Nathaniel 16 2 Pointy The Spear













    Rebekah 13 9 Memay The Mallet



    Eli 14 10 Axe, spear and bare hands
    Lexi 14 11 Throwing knives and bow and arrows



    12 Read more >
  • 5

    Hi guys! I'm Turbofrog, also known as Isaac. I hail from the Survivor ORG Wiki, and figured I might as well join. 

    So, hi, I guess. 

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    CAN'T WAIT!! :)

    21 March 2014 by Simran12










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  • 744

    Yes, the title is very straight forward as to what the arena is. Very simply, this is a roleplay that I want you to join and help keep alive until but one person remains standing, and that will be the victor of these games.

    So, the Arena is very simple yet complex.

    The arena is an under ground system of tunnels. Inside the tunnels, though, is where things tend to get creepy. You start at a giant carousel that turns at the will of the ghost who shall be explained later.

    From the carousel, you shall head down a hallway/tunnel, carved from volcanic activity from the before time. The first room you'll find is a storage room with a wedding gown and a black dress as a prominent feature, which you are never to where without our ghosts consent.


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  • 129
    Gamer Girlz

    Kine is back with another round of torture "entertainment" that will bring the districts closer then they've ever been before. Join us 600 feet above Panem for the experience of a life time. 

    This game takes place after Revive the Dead Games (the 228th Hunger Games) so this one is the 229th Hunger Games.

    Please note that this is a joint account used by the users Aniju Aura(Aniju) and FastFoodKnight(Olivia), so writing style may differ.


    1. Be polite to other users and don't cause trouble/drama or we will kill your character(s) immediately and you will be removed from the game.

    2. You may submit up to two characters per person. However they can not be from the same district.

    3. We are willing to reserve a district opening for 3 days, after which if a…

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  • 201


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  • 29

    It's Me!

    16 March 2014 by FrostyFire
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  • 81

    Hey guys! I haven't made one of these in almost 2 years, but I decided to try again. I'm not doing Reaping or Chariots or Interviews because I'm lazy.

    District 1

    Male: Drayden Hax, 15

    Female: Evaine Mejai, 18

    District 2

    Male: Colin Sun, 13

    Female: Annabeth Elosegui, 16

    District 3

    Male: Carter Sun, 13

    Female: Relic Shallow, 16

    District 4

    Male: Judas Grett, 18

    Female: Hinata Roman, 17

    District 5

    Male: Yorick Omen, 17

    Female: Samsaya Rian, 15

    District 6

    Male: Buck Rockwell, 16

    Female: Loreli Hayes, 16

    District 7

    Male: Jayson Huff, 17

    Female: Nya Gojin, 17

    District 8

    Male: Burgundy Anthrocloth, 16

    Female: Robin Smoke, 14

    District 9

    Male: Lucus Mines, 18

    Female: Juline Cenia, 17

    District 10

    Male: Rowen Salin, 15

    Female: Reily Cole, 17

    District 11

    Male: Randy Grassfelt, 15

    Female: Fai…

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    Pretty busy

    14 March 2014 by Xbilliex

    Hey guys, I just came to let you know that this weekend will be busy for me so I might not be able to update my games. Here's why:

    • Tomorrow: It's my mum's birthday and I have to buy her a present.
    • Sunday: Even though it was my niece's birthday 2 days ago, my sister wanted to throw a party for her on Sunday (mainly because I was in school on Wednesday).
    • I also have some homework to do.

    So yeah :3 I guess I'm busy again.

    ~ Billie

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    14 March 2014 by MollylovesPeeta

       I really love Peeta Mellark so, in this blog I will tell you why!

    1.) He's SOOOOO Handsome!

    2.) He's an ONLYld(I've always wanted to be one)!

    3.) He makes CAKES!!!!

    4.) He's a FIGHTER!!

    5.) He is FRIENDLY!!!

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  • 467

    Since I always lose rp games, I thought "If i'm the creator, how can i lose?". Lol, welcome to my first ever rp games. As you can tell, these games will be chilly. Well... freezing. But pretty. Because the northernlights are the anthem! Read on if you want to join or find out more!

    I loved rp games, and so now I follow the trend to make one. There will be a LOT of cool things in this arctic orientated arena like...

    • Temperatures at 10-20 during the day, and 5-NEGATIVE 7 at night. BRRRRRR!
    • The northern lights is the anthem!
    • Blizzards!
    • Snow wolves!
    • An abondoned cottage! With a witch!
    • A vast evergreen forest!
    • The cornucopia is on a frozen lake!
    • You can ice fish!
    • You can tame a polar bear with fish!
    • You can choose a pet from the list, many, many types of …

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  • 11
    Hybrid Shadow

    The Time Has Come

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  • 150
    Toast With The Most

    So, my White Girl Games were kind of a flop. I didn't update much and kinda had no idea what was going on. This time, I feel more experienced, so I'll be making a new Game. Feel free to join!

    This is not a Quell, so there will be 26 tributes, as I am including D13. I will be doing training scores :D

    • Please don't whine if your tribute dies. There can't be a Games if everyone lives :P
    • Reservations last 24 hours
    • You may have up to four spots
    • Be active, please!
    • Have funnn

    Note: Please make sure all this information is used in the tribute you enter, if you don't use the template.





    Personality (this is needed for how I write in your tribute's P.O.V):

    Appearance (Lunaii):




    Alliances (Careers, Anti-Careers,…

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    I created a blog post and it doesn't show up when I go to read my "blog" tab on my profile, so I made this... if anyone is actually reading this, please... help me?

    NVM it worked... now I need help deleting this...! :3

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  • 352

    Okay, so, this is my first time ever making a user games, so bear with me. :3 I'm going to try my hardest to do this right and to finish them. I don't know what else to say but that if you enter, have fun with it, and please be active on the wikia and check this blog post often to see how your tribute(s) are doing. Now, moving on! :3

    1: All tribute spots are filled, no more submitting. Thank you.

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  • 62

    Return: 6th book of The Hunger Games

    INFO ON BOOK: ...

    "So now what?" Aubry winces as one of the careers, I forgot her name, bandages up her leg. Balthar paces the bare spot of forest that they are in.

    The area looks quite odd. On one side, there is a lush, green forest, while on the other side, there is a bare desert with nothing but tumble weeds and cacti. Chase and his allies moved to the desert to explore, since it looked like there was a lake on the farther side of it. The forest, where most of the others scattered--the careers included--looks quite menacing. All around them, they hear these movements, sometimes loud and most of the time, quiet. The careers only have two on guard since they lost two when the mutations came out.

    As everyone…

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  • 97
    The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

    Welcome, I am sorry that all my games have failed in the past. And I cannot promise these will be any different...but I hope they are. As they mix two of my favorite things, Survivor and the Hunger Games.

    This is nearly 100 years after the end of the 75th Hunger Games, and the games have been re-istated for almost 40 years. However the Capitol is getting bored when the Games are not on. So they decided to make a second set of games, which will take place between Hunger Games. It took inspiration from a historic TV show, and instead of having the tributes fight to the death, it had them form tribes and try to Survive.

    They took the usual 2 tributes per district, and had a short bloodbath, where a certain number of tributes died. Once there we…

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  • 64

    I am attempting to write my first games. Since they are my first. they will be a bit chippy, so bear with.

    - Maximum of three tributes per user. (Maybe more if not a lot of people join.)

    - First come, first served; no reservations.

    - The alliances will be revealed after the third day of training.

    - You may not sponsor your own tributes.

    - No cursing or immaturity, or arguing in the comments thingy.

    - Post your pictures on this wiki before joining.

    - No over - powered or rubbish tributes. (Minimum of two weaknesses per tribute.)

    - It will be based on a games two years prior to the real series, so I may include references to it, like characters' POVs'

    - Due to this, some mentors or Escorts may be recognised.

    - Do not get mad at me, nor the user of you…

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    7 March 2014 by EverAfterHighFreak

    Judging by the title, this you can automatically probably tell is me leaving.. I think i've noticed a few others on this wikia are leaving, but yea... I'm another one of them.

    I havn't been here long, and I joined not exactly knowing what to expect. I was soon (Of course) stalked by my sister, and we both ended up on this wikia, and making really good friends. But of course, nothing ever lasts.

    I'm in year 10, and even now, thought its only the start of my senior year, i've been blooded with homework... And I can't get on this wikia much any more. Every time I see my sister with her music up bull sh#! loud, I just feel jelous that I don't have the time.. So... Bye...

    I don't want to list people to hurt their feelings. Of course, I have tribut…

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    6 March 2014 by WiressFan21
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  • 0

    The Hanging Tree

    5 March 2014 by Nikosmous

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    Nightlock Kryptonite

    Okay, well. Its been a year today since I joined you bunch of sorry losers ;) jkk

    But I thought that social protocol states that I have to say nice things about people on here... So. Here is a sentance for all yall

    Emma: Ewww my ew friend, you just amazing tbh and your the best admin

    Kiki: I know you left but I miss you and ahhh ;-;

    Caylin: One of the prettiest people on this wiki, even if you don't think so

    Oli: Haii :)

    Joan: My lil sex pest

    Alice: My DW fangirl buddy! :D

    Erlend: My other lil sex pest

    Jade: Da bcrat bitchhh :3 jk :)

    Claudia: My bitching pm buddy

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