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    Summer bee 13

    Hello everyone! It's Emilia here with my first User RP games!

    The arena for my User RP Games is an abandoned town sqaure with a fountain shaped cornucopia, a clock tower, the Town Hall (consisting of three floors; the bottom floor is reception, the other two floors are covered in offices), the Marketplace (which has a market on the lower floor and little shops on the second floor) and the Fountain (which opens when you make a wish and throw something into the fountain)

    There isn't any physical mutts. Instead the mutts invade your mind (at the gamemaker's discretion) and make you insane. The only way to get rid of them? Go to the top of the Clock Tower and touch a clock hand.

    No God-Modding. It isn't fair and I will determine when someone has …

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    This year all the victors from the past will be thrown back into the arena so the Capitol can decide who the real victor is.

    • Only 2 Tributes per User.
    • No cursing.
    • Don't say bad things about me if your character gets killed.    
    • Tributes have to be in ther 20s-80s     








    Year they won there first games/ Sometime under the 75th Hunger Games

    How the won threr first games

    DO NOT ! summit a bloodbath statagey I have it all planed out.

    The area is the biggest its ever been. Set as and Alaskan theme. It has an array of tall moutains,forest and lakes.               

    Name: District Age Gender Height Wepon Date of First Games How they won
    Gloss Ritcherson 1 27 Male 6'2 Throwing Knives,


    Skilled with knives.



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    The Haunted Games

    September 27, 2014 by District3forever

    Just because Halloween is coming up....

    -You may only submit 2 tributes. This is subject to change if I do not get enough tributes, but for now 2 and only 2 tributes. 

    -You may not post lunaiis, I prefer real world pictures of tributes. 

    -Don't whine if your tributes die. 

    -Don't spam the comments please. 

    -No wikia contributors 

    -You may reserve spots. However, these spots will last only a day, then it's avaliable for someone else. 

    You must post the following for you tributes:



    -Age (12-18, normal games)

    -District (1-12)




    -Fears (please don't make all tributes have generic fears, such as heights, death, etc. be creative;keep in mind some obviously will have the generic fears, but I don't want half the tributes…

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    Blissfully Mine

    The 376th Hunger Games

    September 27, 2014 by Blissfully Mine

    Welcome to the 376th Hunger Games!

    I really wanted to start a games of my own now, because lately there seemed to have been a lack of them, and I just thought it'd be a nice way to refresh my writing and allow others to submit their tributes so I can try and portray characters that I can develop their relationships with others gradually, in a way an author would. So, I really hope these games will run smoother and become more easier to work with, unlike my last ones, and just be fun for me and everybody else who participates. So, without further a due, I present to you the 376th Annual Hunger Games!

    1. Okay, this rule is very important as it is to why my previous Hunger Games have fallen flat. Please, only submit tributes if you know you're …

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    XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX

    I know i havent been on but i am leaving for real now i will only be on instagram kik (rarely) and on the org oh and tumblr :P i will only be on for every 84 years and also if yall like feel free to demod me so ya.

    instagram: bishwot

    tumblr: boilin-q 

    kik: omgdeadpeople

    org fb: emma lee

    and ya i loved yall while this place lasted but chat is starting to die again ill always remember them tinychats and the friends i met so ya.... and i am probably gonna delete this account to make a new one lol if this is ever alive again.

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    *insert title of leaving blog*

    September 24, 2014 by Ladysi

    For some fucking reasons, the chat isn't fucking loading for flying fucking fuck's sake.

    Which thehungergames.wikia.comnes-before="1" data-rte-fromparser="true">So like, I'm like leaving for like maybe foreverthehungergames.wikia.comnked will most likely be active a.k.a. on my tumblr a.k.a. cutelore.  Btw, can you guys send me anon hate, it's really appreciate uwu*

    So like, ttyn losers, see you in like fifty years when I'll tracking you guys down.

    The sadism wiki

    The mods.

    The bans I should have got

    The ban I got.


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    Asylum of Oswins

    The First Royal Games

    September 23, 2014 by Asylum of Oswins

    So basically I'm a bit bored and tired and I wanted to write these. I don't know if these will work out well, since they're not traditional games, but I hope they do turn out fine! Be sure to read the rules before starting, too.

    North America is no longer known as Panem. Rather, it is known as The Kingdoms United. There are twelve houses, or sectors, in The Kingdoms United. Commonly referred to as TKU, The Kingdoms United have decided to keep their tradition of The Hunger Games as a retaliation for another war started. One male and one female are sent to compete in the Royal Games. The winner gets a chance to be rich forever and possibly become a royal or noble. The loser, though, faces certain death.

    Please read carefully!

    1. Only up to four tr…

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    Summer bee 13

    Hello Everyone.. and welcome to my 3rd Games on my blog here and my seventh games overall. These games are not ordinary though, since it's the Medieval Games! Exactly what does that mean? Read to find out!

    1. This year's games are based in a medieval land that's far away called the Enchanted Forest (cough cough OUAT references) and the arena is spread between three castles: the Castle of the Evil Queen, the Castle of the Charmings and the Castle of Rumpelstilskin. There is also some forest, but beware of the dangers that are in the forest at night.

    2. Instead of Districts, the tributes will be split up into five social classes (Royalty, Knights, Artisans, Commoners and Laborers) with five tributes in each social class.

    The arena consists of t…

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    This will follow the same plot as the New Games, so 13 is included. All regular rules apply and I hope you all enjoy these. Please no negativity, and may the odds blah blah blah.

    1. Maximum of three tributes per user.
    2. Reservations last one day.
    4. You MUST use the template provided to join.
    6. No stupid weaknessess and/or strenghts. 
    7. Being colored blind, scared, crazy, etc. is NOT a weakness/strength. 
    8. Good examples are: Running, Swimming, Climbing, Hiding, height, etc.
    9. For the picture, I would like a lunaii.
    10. No unnecessary comments or rudeness. 
    11. But constructive criticism and ideas for improvement and welcomed.
    12. No fighting with others in the comments.
    13. It's the Hunger Games, 25 people are gonna die, get ov…

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    the 3rd U.S.A games

    September 20, 2014 by Kalebj777

    i know this has been done before guys but i just thought it was an awesome idea so please help me out with tributes and stuff






    and every state will have only one contestan (thats what i am calling tributes in these game) from each state cause 1 hundred is just way too many for me to kill off and the more you active you are the longer i will keep your contestant alive, and the carees are texas, new york, gorgia, utah, and california

    state name age  gender weapon
    alabama quinten swent 17 male throwing knife
    alaska allisa lanirich 13 female saw, throwing knives
    arizona  sam conta 14 male hammer
    arkansas roy mardens 18 male axe, fists
    calafonia  emilia song 16 female poisonous blowgun
    colorado bella crens 12 fema…

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    The Symphonic Taco

    I'm really sorry.

    But the Games are really confusing me and I have no idea which Games I'm in and which I'm not. Eventually, due to 'inactivity', my tributes will be killed off. And it's pretty annoying to check every Games to see if it's updated or not. Not only that, but it's hard to keep up with my own Games.

    I'm also busy in real life, so it's pretty hard to keep this up. As I'm still a bit new in this wiki and haven't made many friends, I don't think it'd be too hard on you guys if I leave now, since now is the best time to leave.

    Even though I don't really know you all, I'll miss you and the wiki.

    Bye, and Happy Hunger Games!

    Taco They let me travel to different universes without moving my feet.

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    Cruiser One

    Want to be a tribute in the Hunger Games, or at least experience what it would be like? A new version 3.0 of my Hunger Games computer simulation video game has been finished and released. :) It's a free Windows program downloadable at , and features the following additions over version 2.5 that was released October 2013, and described in previous blog posts:

    • New Landscapes: Option to play in a "Catching Fire" style clock arena. Climb over rolling hills, and experience a gradual day/night cycle. Head downhill or dig deep enough and you can find water. Play in mixed terrain arenas, such as half sandy desert and half rocky wasteland.
    • New Customizations: Set number of Districts (1-13), and num…

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    The Failure Games

    September 17, 2014 by SerpentKing999

    Yeah. Hi. New games. Fun times.

    I swear, my games are literally annual at this point.

    1. There are none.

    While this isn't a rule, there is something I'd like to mention:

    If you have any advice for me on how to improve my writing, please let me know. I'm always striving to improve my writing, so constructive criticism is appreciated.

    All of the tributes are guilty (or not) of some sort of crime, ranging from just being a generally useless and unproductive person to intentionally killing fifty people for no reason.

    There won't be any chariot rides or training, because all these people are "failures" and deserve treatment as such.

    Instead of a bloodbath, everyone will be herded into a large room and given a bag full of supplies and a random weapon, …

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    Blissfully Mine

    I haven't seen this made in a while, so I decided to host one of my own.

    Hopefully I can get users to join, so why not give it a go?

    Join if you want, I'd love to see how this'll turn out!

    This arena is quite different. It'll take place in a large mall, with lots of clothing stores. There are five elevators, and only two out of them work correctly. They all appear to be working, but you can be doomed into one that stops halfway, and it's up to you what plan you construct to escape, as there isn't any emergency button. The other way down to all three floors is to take the stairs, but this could also lead to other user encounterment. The only way to getting food-based supplies and other equipment, like weapons, is the food court, which is on th…

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    Sort of a Leaving Blog

    September 16, 2014 by Nommehzombies

    Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you all I might not be active on this wiki's chat or the actual wiki anymore. I am going to most likely move wikis, (moving to Creepypasta) because nothing really needs to be edited here, whereas, I have plenty of things to keep me busy over there. Not only that, but this chat may have about 10 people a day in it, but it is a DEAD chat. I'm sorry it's one of the most boring chat's I have ever been in. People join and talk for 1 minute, and then go AFK. Whereas, Creepypasta usually has about 18-20 people on their chat, and I might become a chat moderator there soon. 

    Now, this is not goodbye, as I will get on chat if it is not deader than my ex-wife. But other than that, I will only be on to help Liza, Summer, …

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    Create your own tributes. 

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    CUE HEAVY BREATHING!!! The official trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 has finally been revealed and we're pretty much freaking out! Watch it below now for action, Everlark feels, and a lot of Katniss looking intense.

    PEETA!! We see a poor hijacked Peeta and Katniss dealing with an intimidating President Snow, AND the end of the trailer made us go AAAHHHH! What did you think, tributes?? There was a lot to handle in this trailer so tell us what you spotted! Does this trailer give you any more clues on where the cutoff point for Mockingjay Part 1?

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    Stuff, I guess!

    September 15, 2014 by Sonicthehedgehog158

    Note: There will be questions, answers, and stuff. So be careful.

    If the following tributes were there at the interviews, what do you think they would wear or what their interview angle would be?

    • District 3 female:
    • District 4 female:
    • District 6 female:
    • District 7 male:
    • District 8 male:
    • District 8 female:
    • District 9 male:
    • District 9 female:
    • District 10 female:

    If the following tributes showed up for training, what do you think their training score would be or what exercise they are doing like running on the gauntlets? The parentheses means they showed up, but weren't seen doing any training.

    • (District 4 male): 
    • (District 5 male):
    • (District 7 male):
    • District 8 female:
    • District 9 female:
    • District 10 female:
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    Apply now!!

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    User RP Games!

    September 14, 2014 by MarinaTheTenkaiKnight

    Since my last ones were a fail, tbh, I'm making a new one!

    No whining when you die.

    I'm writing these to save time for you guys. 

    Name: Gender: Name: Gender:
    Connor (CTODURN) Male Eden Female
    Blake Male Summer Female
    Eli Male Marina Female
    Connor (HaraiGoshi) Male Jen Female
    Nathaniel (Nlby001) Male Emilia Female


    Anti Careers:

    Da Perf Alliance: Marina, Blake, Emilia, Eden

    The Trio: Jen, Eli, Summer


    Name: Gender: Training Score: Odds: Predicted Placing: Name: Gender: Training Score: Odds: Predicted Placing:
    Connor (CTODURN) Male 9 13-1
    Eden Female 7 6-1

    Blake Male 11 16-1
    Summer Female 6 15-1

    Eli Male 3 18-1
    Marina Female 9 28-1

    Connor (HaraiGoshi) Male 8 20-1
    Jen Female 12 2-1

    Nathaniel Male 7 10-1
    Emilia Female 10 11-1

    Don't complain ab…

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    Ok, so I know I haven't been active lately, and I apologize for that, sometimes school and life gets in the way. Plus I applied for a job and hoping to get it *crosses fingers*. Anyway, my last games are officially canceled, I know, it's terrible, but I've realized the flaw that always happens to me during these games, and why they are always incomplete. I do to much pre-games entertainment and I lose interest in my writing. Well, in these games, I will be going straight to the games, so enter away!!!

    Yes I know, but deal with it hun.

    1. The Districts for these games will be every District including 14, 13, 0 and Capitol.

    2. I AM BOLDING BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT. In these games, you can enter tributes, but I prefer if you just give me the page…

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    Hey everybody!

    So, it's Summer here, and after discussing with Jen and Liza we've decided to make a senior edition of back to school.

    That means everybody is like, the same age, with a driver's license, a buttload more of partying, and...well, I guess you'll just have to find out c;

    Anyways, our other "Back-To-School Chat User Fanfic" is still going on, but most likely will not last forever, so don't ignore that half.

    Until it is over is when we'll move over to this blog, and begin writing an entire new school year...meaning almost all of the ships will die down, and some might spring up during the year once more, others might just, welp, stay dead. It's all up to you! We dunno.

    Sign-ups are fairly similar but will be a bit more specific, so we c…

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    The 301st/ Element Games

    September 10, 2014 by Bluefire16

    Welcome to the Element Games! This is the first games, but they will be finished and done well.  I'll be gone until this sunday, but sunday night I will have all of the entries set. 

    1. There will be 24 tributes: 1-12 districts.

    2.  You may have up to three tributes.

    3. Each mentor (you) will have the opportunity to give advice to your tributes.

    4. I will pull a name each day, and that tribute will recieve a gift. 

    5. Deaths will also be decided by me pulling a name. Those with better training scores will have their names in less times. 

    Tributes with a score of 1-5 will hav their names in 3 times

    Tributes with a score of 6-9 will have their name in 2 times

    Tributes with a score of 10-12 will have their names in 1 time. 

    A tribute that is an 18 yea…

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    The 143rd Annual Hunger Games

    September 10, 2014 by MyWorld

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the 143rd Annual Hunger Games! While I have created games in the past, this will be the first game of my new series; The New Generation Games. I hope you will all join and have fun! I am hoping for a successful start to the series!

    Now let's begin!

    1. There will be a limit of 2 tributes per User, with only a maximum of 1 of those tributes being from a Career District. The limit may be increased to 3 if it takes too long to fill up the tribute slots.

    2. Please do not be rude to me or anyone else, as it may result in your tribute(s) dying. In addition, do not complain if one of your tributes die, as it will result in any of your remaining tributes dying automatically and may even result in a ban from joining another one…

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  • 12

    This will probably be fuking confusing to you, but it's a user games, but with 12 tributes.

    It's the 199th Hunger Games, and this time mentors went into the arena with their tributes. It was almost a quarter quell.

    Visual: (These people aren't real people)

    Name: Tribute or User: Username:
    Bob  User Mr. Bob
    Lilia User lol im soo cool27
    Sakuria Leoil Tribute


    Enter below, with yourself and/or a tribute of yours.


    Name: District: Alliance and/or if that alliance is unavailable: Username:
    1 Male

    Emilia 2 Female Career/Perf Alliance Summer bee 13
    Blake 3 Male Perf Alliance/Loner Tehblakdeath
    Eden 4 Female Anyone/Loner Meoryou (Did I spell this right?)
    5 Male

    6 Female

    7 Male

    8 Female

    9 Male

    10 Female

    11 Male

    12 Female


    Name: Gender: District: Alliance…

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    The Symphonic Taco

    "Welcome to the annual Hunger Games! But this is no ordinary Games - it's the 666th Quarter Quell!

    This is the 666th Quarter Quell. Apparently, 666 is 'the devil's number'. Because of that, the 666th Quarter Quell will have a new twist - the arena will have twist and turns you would never expect! It will be ten times longer, ten times more painful, ten times more torturous, ten times worse and ten times more fun! The Capitol will be at the edge of their seats this year.

    And, as always, may the odds be ever in your favour!"

    • You may have up to 3 tributes (this may change).
    • Please don't whine if it takes too long or my writing is bad.
    • Don't complain if your tributes died, because they will die, no matter what (with the exception of winning).
    • Please s…

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    The Creepypasta Games

    September 7, 2014 by Kongaroo5497

    " 'Go To Sleep" - Jeff The Killer 

    "You Shouldn't Had Done That" - BEN Drowned

    "Pop Goes The Weasel" -Laughing Jack

    "Spread The World" -Smile Dog.jpeg

    "Wanna See My Head Come Off" -Abandoned By Disney

    "BAKING CUPCAKES" -Cupcakes

    "I Died" -Lost Silver

    "Try To Make This Intresting For Me Tom" -Sonic.exe

    "Happy Hunger Games, And May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor" -Effie

    Welcome to the Creepypasta Games! It is the 12th Quarter Quell (300th Hunger Games), And For This Quell's Twist, The Capitol Is Going To Put This Year's Tributes Into The Arena Along With Some Of The Scariest Characters From Famous Creepypastas! This Year Is Going To Be Hard To Survive In, So Make Sure Your Tributes Are Ready!

    The Tributes will be put into a arena with a total of 24 …

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    Mainspace Race

    September 7, 2014 by EasternSky

    Hello, welcome to this new editing competition called Mainspace Race. Twenty-four users will compete to be the next top editor on the wiki. In order to sign up, you must have 175 edits to an actual article on this wiki.

    The tributes (contestants) will edit pages all over the wiki. The four highest editors in the Bloodbath will be dubbed the Careers. The eight lowest editors will "die", that is, be removed from the competition.

    Every week, the tributes will race to edit pages. The tribute who makes the lowest amount of edits each week will "die". I, as the Head Gamemaker, can remove players from the competition if they are being inactive, if they're fluffing, if they spam edit, or if they vandalize a page. I am trying to make sure this game i…

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    143rd Games Teaser

    September 5, 2014 by MyWorld


    its coming.

    I have thought of and hinted about creating one of these since May...

    And even had have a plan going on about it on my profile for about a month.

    But busy stuff delayed the release of the games.

    However, Tomorrow, all the conditions for a game creation are here

    Friday after school; no plans; little homework; little school stress work. None of that which prevents me from posting a games.

    The New Generation Games will begin Tomorrow with the posting of the 143rd Annual Hunger Games! Its been and felt so long since the last time I have posted one of these, and I am looking forward toward starting a new series!

    This series will consist of game years 143-150. Thats eight years of games, eight different games for the tributes to go…

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    Exciting news! The Mockingjay has been UNVEILED! The first poster of the one...the only...Katniss Everdeen in Mockingjay: Part 1 was JUST released. What do you think?

    The poster had this caption:
    "OurLeaderTheMockingjay arrives on 9/10"

    Source:Fandoms Nation

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    These game swill be a little different, so I found a hunger games simulator onli9ne which I will use to get the positions of the tributes, and who wins, so advice will not help. i will folow the personality section as close as I can. There will only be a games section so it's easier for me to write and not get distracted, and there will only be districts 1 through 12. The theme is Soft Drink so yeah, good luck! ALSO NO RESERVATIONS AND TRIBUTE LIMIT IS 4.

    Name District Age Gender
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  • 0

    The Selection Book Club

    September 3, 2014 by Asnow89
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  • 3
    Clove Kentwell25


    "Welcome, Welcome! As you already know, this year is the 5th Quarter Quell." *Clasps hands together* "I know, how exciting! Anyway, this year, being a Quell will be having a twist." An adult man with bright blue hair walks over to the. President with an envelope on a gold tray. The President takes it and opens it. "This year, the twist in the Quell will be... Oh, this is going to be very interesting. Each District must offer up 8 tributes, 4 victors, 4 non-victors. These tributes will be split up and then again and put into 4 separate arenas with 24 in each. When each arena gets down to the last 6 tributes, these tributes will be taken back to the Capitol to rejuvenate and heal for two days and then they will be sent to a final are…

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    Asylum of Oswins

    "The odds had been entirely in her favor. But it hadn't mattered."

    Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

    So... people on the other wiki have been telling me I should write on this wiki, too, so these are my first Hunger Games here ^^

    Anyway, let the 598th Hunger Games begin!

    1. No reservations. I will hold a spot as you grab their information for thirty minutes, though it shouldn't take that long.
    2. As implied in the first rule, no links will be accepted. You must comment all of their information, including a Lunaii.
    3. Only finished tributes.
    4. If you do anything wrong, I'll tell you so you can go back and fix it!

    District Male Female

    Cadence Snowfall
    1 Cleve Vandey Jemma McLean
    Jem Nightshade
    Azure Pembina




    8 Favian Thread Kim Carett





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  • 81
    The Symphonic Taco

    Hey, guys! So, my first Games (which was on the HGRP Wiki) got cancelled, so I decided to make a new one! The Slender Games!

    I know, a few people have already done this before. But still! It'll be awesome. /)^3^(\ So here are a few basic things, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

    • You can have up to 2 tributes (this may be changed).
    • Please don't whine or complain that your tributes died, because they will.
    • Please be active! If you're not active, your tributes may die soon!
    • If you don't know who Slenderman is, read About the Games below.
    • Fears take an important role here, so please add them if you already haven't!
    • Have fun!

    In these Games, the tributes will be thrown into an arena where it's always night, with Slenderman after them. Slenderman is an …

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  • 4


    Ok, so I just contacted Wikia to change my name. My new username will be obvious. HINT: My favorite TV show + me= (You know what goes here) Only if you really know me, you'll know my favorite tv show.

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  • 15

    District 8 male ran halfway to the Cornucopia, before noticing a kukri knife. He grabs it and tries to confront Marvel with it. Marvel disarms him, slits his throat and stabs him repeatedly with his own knife. Marvel runs for more supplies after this.

    The District 3 female manages to get a black backpack, and the District 4 female slashes her leg with a serrated sword, injuring her. The District 5 male tries to steal the backpack, but she doesn't let go, he finally wins the backpack though and making sure, she doesn't try to steal it back, slashes her forehead with a sickle he picked up earlier in the bloodbath.

    She grabs a serrated sword and attacks the District 4 female, who brutally beats her, knocks her to the ground and steals her sword…

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  • 103
    Lahey's Tragedy

    Closed sign-ups

    Welcome to the First Selection Hunger Games. A different game, where beauty, intelligence and knowledge will count together if you want to survive and conquer the crown of the country. May the odds be ever in your favor.

    Oh hey, hello. I don't think any of you even knows me, so let me introduce myself. My name is Siena, and I am from Portugal (so I obviously speak portuguse, and this is why my english sucks). It's my first trial or approach in making blog spots and edits on this wiki, but I have previously been observing some things here so I'm not a complete noobie (at least I think I'm not).

    So, probably there aren't many people on here that have read the novel "The Selection" by Kiera Cass and its sucessors, so I'm going to…

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  • 1

    Image Deletion Bot!

    August 30, 2014 by TheFireJay

    A few weeks ago Mia, Wes and I contacted a wikia star to make a bot for us. (Bot) The bot can do multiple things on the wiki such as (moderate chat, remove categories, etc) but the main reason we got one its due to the fact we have over a bunch (1000+ I believe) of unused images on this wiki.

    The reason of this blog is to give the community a notice, starting next week the bot will be deleting every unused image. If you have any (Lunaiis, In Real Lifes, Etc) that are just uploaded, they will get deleted unless you save them somewhere. If you have lunaiis/real lifes/etc you wish to save, put them on your profile or create a sandbox for yourself for them. Here's how your sandbox page should look. ---> User:TheFireJay/sandbox with your username …

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  • 11
    1. What is her weapon?
    2. Any people who could have possibly killed her?
    3. Did she fake her death during her 23 seconds of living?
    4. Is her death on-screen? If so, was her killer off-screen?
    5. Did she last 23 seconds of the bloodbath or the movie?
    6. Why didn't she show up in training?
    7. Did she get a training score of 4?
    8. Why is the page protected permanently? The edit war has stopped, so what's the problem?
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  • 10

    I dont know if I am the only one but I went on Community Central because chat wasn't working for me on here and apparently chats arent working anywhere... is anyone else having this problem...?

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  • 93
    Summer bee 13

    Hello everyone! It's Emilia here with my second games on this wiki and my fourth games in total between the two wikis! Since the Great Suffering Games Saga is almost finished, I've decided to do another games just to keep things fresh. These games have a special twist which you will hear about below.

    The Twist of these game (if you haven't read the title) is that ALL of the tributes for these games will be composed of just Females. No male tributes are being reaped for these games.

    Also, these games are a selection games, so let me know if you want e to use your female tributes in these games. Since this IS a Summer bee Selection Games, expect some choices of tributes that users normally wouldn't use.

    The tributes who die in these games will …

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  • 107

    Hi! Oh well, i've seen one of these recently, but they basically disappeared, so i decided to make 1 >.<

    • Don't submit lunaiis you already used.
    • Don't fight at the comments.
    • Uncropped lunaiis are preferred.
    • Do not steal lunaiis made by other users in past lunaii competitions.
    • If you don't enter a lunaii during more than 2 rounds, you're most likely out of the competition.
    • Have fun. That's mandatory.
    • Please don't quit. Only join if you feel like you can keep up with it, but i'm ok if you give up.
    • There will be 12 competitors.

    • Meoryou 
    • Misytmolla
    • Summer bee 13
    • Kaeghan-is-a-tribute
    • Tehblakdeath
    • Pumpumpumpkin:3
    • Blue-Ribbonz
    • Nommehzombies
    • YourFavoriteSalmon
    • Can't think on a descent username right now
    • MisterStalker
    • Marinalacrosse

    Ok, for round 1, you'll be making a..…

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  • 2

    MORE MOCKINGJAY PROMOS!! We're a few months away from the premiere of Part 1, and fans have been gifted with some more promotional posters! The most recent ones before these were grey walled posters featuring the District 13 rebels and Effie Trinket. These are much darker and show off the rebels on the ground in Mockingjay!

    What do you think? Cressida is looking like a femme fatale and we're excited to see what happens with her role in the movie compared to the books!

    Source: Hypable

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  • 37
    Summer bee 13

    User Interview

    August 27, 2014 by Summer bee 13

    Ok, I've decided that in order for people to know me a little better on both of the wikis, I would conduct a little User Interview of Myself. Anyone can comment and ask me some questions, which I will answer on this blog post here. Just don't make your questions to me super-personal.

    Questions are bolded and answers will be in italics. Also, if you ask me a question, I'll mention that you asked that question.

    I'll start with the first question, then we will go from there.

    What's your name: My username is Summer bee 13, though most people know me better as Emilia or Summer bee.

    What's your favorite movie (asked by Marinalacrosse): Oh boy, this is a tough question. My favorite book-to-adaptation movie is Harry Potter, but my favorite movie of all …

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  • 4

    Hey Guys. I know a lot of people on here won't know me, as i have been gone for a long time but some of the older Users may Remeber me. Im going to make these games because i recently came back to the wiki and have enjoyed reading all the games and stuff that has happened since i took a haitus. These games i have tried to make before, but they didnt suceed. So im gonna try again. However they will be significantly different. 

    So in these games the tributes will be Legendary. In the last games, i picked the legendary Tributes but that didn't work. So this time you can submit your Legendary tributes. But there will also be normal tributes in these games as well so you can submit them too. 

    oh and then theres all the other rules, 

    1. i don't go to p…

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  • 23

    the adult games

    August 26, 2014 by Kalebj777

    i tried to write my last games and i lost inspiration so i decided to do a different one and hopfully theres more inspiration in these games.

    in these games there will only be allowed adults by adults that means that theyre 19-40 years of age and also there will be two men and two women from each district.

    • name (first and last, nickname if they have one)
    • district
    • age (19-40)
    • weapon (1-3)
    • strength 
    • weakness
    • fear 
    • family 
    • token

    name district age weapon strength weakness fear family token
    melina savole 1 24 bow, dagger good aim small for age giant spiders fiancee, carter kelly engagement ring
    perra sencer 1 22 blowgun good aim with blowgun, very tall the tallest in the games this year big target  none boyfriend, father neclace from father
    bo cleffin 1 37 b…

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  • 58

    Kill to Graduate

    August 26, 2014 by Nommehzombies

    Hello! My Cannibal Games are almost finished, which means it's time for a new games! ONLY these will not be your traditional games. I will explain everything and more below. These games will not have any of the pre game events, because of the twist that is taking place. 

    Alright, if your reading this then I have your attention! Firstly, these games are going to be MEGA-huge. I having a large number students/tributes for it. Why? Because I like writing games, and this will keep me busy. 

    Alright, now time to explain all the twists. 

     ⓚⓘⓛⓛ ⓣⓞ ⓖⓡⓐⓓⓤⓐⓣⓔ...

    These games are based off ideas created by the anime Danganronpa, which is about a spirit that kidnaps 15 students and tells them the only way they can escape the school he imprisoned them in is…

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  • 1

    I feel my self rising up, up. I rise my hand to sheild my face from the bright, dazzling sunlight. "Ladies and gentlemen, let the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games Begin!" says Claudius Templesmith. The countdown begins, as I whip my head left and right, trying to take in my surroundings. There's a big lake towards my left, a meadow-y place straight ahead; trees and greenery towrards my right. I scan the tributes, trying to find Katniss. I see her, and I follow her gaze to a silver sheath of arrows and a bow. Her best weapon. But I can't afford for her to die on the first day! She sees me staring, and watches me suspicously. I shake my head. She cant go for the bow and arrows, no matter how good she is with them. She knows about the bloodbath! 3, 2…

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