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    Cupcakes With Flames

    Just because of TWD. Which I am very behind on. Oops...

    These are like any other games. The districts Zero through Fourteen, and the Capitol, send tributes to compete in the Hunger Games. But these, oh, these are different.

    "This Hunger Games, to show that even though Capitol soldiers died their legacy lived on, zombies will be placed into the arena, and there will be twice as many tributes as normal."

    • Links are not allowed. This is because I need to keep things organized.
    • No Lunaiis, only real life pictures. 
    • I will reserve/hold spots for twelve hours. You can't rereserve a spot.
    • Follow the template!
    • You may have as many tributes as you'd like.
    • I have the right to decline a tribute.






    Weapons: (yes, guns are allow…

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    Hi, this is my first games in a long time, since my first games i had run out of inspiration and i decided to quit them. But, over time i have been wanting to write a games and this idea just popped up into my mind. I had decided to improve my writing quality and how i capture the tributes personality and i would like everyone to consider these my first games. This is going to be a series. I have started to try writing games in a notebook and now i have the confidance to write the games on wiki, i am really shy about writing my own games! I hope you all enter! Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour :3

    A rebellion has ravaged the great nation of Panem, the games had to be stopped by the president himself because of the ch…

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    The Primrose Games

    October 11, 2014 by RiverFlame

    Lol nvm those other 2 stupid blogs of mine. This will be an actual Games for people who want to enter! It does not matter if there is an uneven amount of boys and girls.

    - No "a wikia contributer"

    - Only tributes from the Capitol please!

    - Tribute limit is 4 per account

    - You need a lunaii for each tribute you enter.

    Name Age Weapon Wanted Allies Gender User

    Ainsley Silverbead


    Machete, Serrated Sword,


    None so far Female Summerbee13
    Emilia Oswald 15

    Trident, Bow and

    Arrow, Blowgun

    None so far Female Summerbee13
    Tobias Drew 15 Sickle, Wire None so far Male Summerbee13
    Kai Hedlund 16

    Scythe, Sickle,


    None so far Male Summerbee13
    Candy Orenson 15

    Bow and Arrow,

    Spear, Machete

    None so far Female Pippycat
    Isaac Blade 16

    Trident, Sword,


    None so …

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    The 478th Hunger Games

    October 10, 2014 by Xbilliex

    Well, here we are. My first games since my departure. These games will only be a normal games. But knowing me, I always add in a surprise for effect.

    For those who don't know me, this is a chance to see what my Games are like. 

    Since Katniss Everdeen's rebellion, there have been several Presidents. The successor of President Paylor shared President Snow's beliefs and re-established The Hunger Games. Riots occurred again, but the rioters had no chance without Katniss, who was nearing death.

    Districts 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 all declared war on the Capitol after the re-establishment of The Hunger Games. 1 and 2 sided with the Capitol. 4, 5 and declared themselves neutral.

    Everything that Katniss worked for was ruined. When Katniss finally …

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    Summer bee 13

    Hello everyone! This is Emilia here with a normal-ish games of sorts. These games are the first games in The Cryptic Games

    1. 4 tributes per person (this may change, keep in mind)

    2. No flame-wars in the comments please

    3. No reserves as well

    4. I do prefer links, but I don't mind you giving me a template like one in the section below




    Weapons of Choice: (3 max)





    RL Picture:

    District Male Age Preferred Weapon Female Age Preferred Weapon

    Alana Willows 18 Throwing Knives
    District 0

    District 1

    Nina Blossom 16 Mace
    District 2 Blaze Mason 17 Sword, Throwing Knives

    District 3

    Taylor Astrid 17 Fists
    District 4 Dylan Murrow 17 Trident, Throwing Knives

    District 5

    Amaya Selene 17 Spear, M…

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    Summer bee 13

    The Cryptic Games

    October 10, 2014 by Summer bee 13

    Hello everyone, this blog is ideas for me planning my next series of Hunger Games. So, pre-reserves and ideas will be placed here.

    President Fortuna Alvando paces her office. The third rebellion is going on, President Turner was murdered last week by those gang of rebel kids which ended the rebellion. She needed to think, so she paid a little trip to the President's Crypt where all former presidents were buried. Did she continue the Hunger Games? Or put an end to them? The new president entered the crypt and got a little more than she bargined for...

    All the former presidents were angry with the rebellions against the districts and wanted them punished. But how, exactly was she going to punish the districts? President Alvando walked back to …

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    73d HG

    October 10, 2014 by Theoryofthelifeofdoom

    The 73rd Hunger Games.Effie mentioned that both tributes from District 12 ate like savages and had no sense of etiquette or manners. This angered Katniss, as both were from the Seam and therefore they had never had a decent meal in their lives. Katniss mentions that Caesar's hair and make-up color was crimson and appeared to be bleeding.

    In the film, Ceaser Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith watch a rerun of these games. Ceaser comments that's the ruined city arena was one of his "favorites." These games were supposedly won by a dark-skinned tribute, who in the film Katniss watched is seen killing Titus.

    So this means that the victor of the 73rd Hunger Games was the male tribute from District 11, who killed Titus to win the Hunger Games.


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    I have a free tribute that's available to use.

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    We LOVE Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat" and are so excited that she is curating the soundtrack for Mockingjay Pt 1. Since we won't be able to hear what she chooses for another month or so, we thought we'd ask what YOU'D put on the soundtrack. 

    We're going to be putting together a YouTube playlist with your suggestions and then vote on our favorite tracks. All you have to do is click over to our post on Wikia's Music Hub and enter a song title, the name of the song and a YouTube url in the comments.

    Click here for the Mockingjay Pt. 1 Soundtrack post

    We'll be taking song submissions until late next week.

    Thank you!

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    My Return

    October 9, 2014 by Xbilliex

    Hello, I have returned after three months (it doesn't feel like three months though).

    A lot has happened in three months. My original computer broke and my dad got his computer fixed so now I have been given the computer my dad was borrowing while his computer was being fixed. 

    I was going to come back much sooner but Firefox for some reason will not let Wiki load properly. Then I installed Opera onto my computer and the problem is now solved :)

    I've also gotten into Game of Thrones more, I have now have money to go to a concert in November (which I am looking forward to) and I'm going to see Mockingjay Part 1 a few days after the concert.

    I've changed since the last time I was on Wiki and so I'm making this a new beginning. Most of my games w…

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    Blissfully Mine

    Okay, apologies everybody, but I don't think I'm going to go on with my rp sequel. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm just brain-dead of what will happen after the battle, since I was trying to avoid tying the Capitol into it but that was practically impossible. Instead, I will be making this user story.

    Before I continue, no, it is not a role-play. I will be writing in different people's point of views, most will probably be mine, but everybody will have a chance of at least one or two POVs by the end, depending on how many people sign up. That number may vary if I get a lot, so please don't get upset if you aren't lucky enough to have more POVs than others. I'm not using since that would be unfair, so I'm going to base it off …

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    Hey Hunger Games fans!

    We love the previous Hunger Games soundtracks and are totally excited that Lorde will be curating the soundtrack for Mockingjay Pt 1. Since we won't be able to hear what she chooses for another month or so, we thought we'd ask what YOU'D put on the soundtrack. 

    We're going to be putting together a YouTube playlist with YOUR suggestions and then vote on our favorite tracks. All you have to do is click over to our post on Wikia's Music Hub and enter a song title, the name of the song and a YouTube url in the comments.

    Click here for the Mockingjay Pt. 1 Soundtrack post

    We'll be taking song submissions until October 15th.

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    Infinity - RP Games

    October 7, 2014 by Nlby001

    So, my Monster Games were a bit failed (note that they're not cancelled and will be finished sometime though!). I've realised I, as a slow writer, may take time on ordinary Games, but in RP Games others write as well, right? I've also noticed that RP Games are a bit popular again, and I'm going to make one of these before they become unpopular again. So, without further notice, here is Infinity - RP Games (because what would the Games be without an epic name?)!

    • There aren't enough people for all 24 spots, so the first eight users to enter will have the chance to RP as two characters (if you want to). Note that you will not have a higher chance to die if you RP as two characters.
    • One character per person (with the exception of above).
    • Submissi…

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    Blissfully Mine

    Welcome, Welcome to the Sequel!

    You may recognize this blog from my previous one, "Summer's New New User Games". Here, users will be free to choose what they want to do, but it all comes with a price...




    Role: (Main Character, Revived, New Character)


    Main Character roles only apply to those who survived from the previous Games. Revived can mean you made yourself come back to life, and New Characters apply to those who are new to the rp blog, or even those who are alive but want siblings or friends. You must sign-up and get permission from me before you roleplay.

    Everybody is now outside of the arena, met by a large field and a storm is approaching...

    Summer - Age 15 - Female - Revived - Combat/Crossbow

    Jen - Age 13 - Femal…

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    It's unknown how she prepared for the games. It is also unknown who her mentor was. Her tactics for the games (which she stated in her interview), do not fit the tactics that either Woof or Cecelia used for their games, Woof hid the entire time during his games which are probably the 13th - 18th Hunger Games. Cecelia won using her intelligence and skill with a sword, the District 8 female trained using a sword and to improve her knwoledge about nature. Her mentor could be Cecelia or another District 8 victor (there are probably more because there was a reaping.). 

    District 8 female and her district partner wore bright costumes, that represented the fabrics from their district.

    She practices with a sword in training and a baton with her train…

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    Murder Party (yay)

    October 5, 2014 by TheDeadlyOne

    You have been sent an invitation from a really sexy and rich businessman named Adrian Deadleone. The invitation reads:

    "You are invited! To a party that everyone will rave about for 20810832401830418023 years! Well, sorta. 16 of my friends (aka you and 15 other people) are the only ones invited. The party is for me to find out who to leave my fortune to. You see, I'm dying and I have no heir, so I trust one of you will be able to use it for good. I expect your arrival. Time is of the essence, if you want the riches."

    But unfortunately, the simple gathering to choose who Adrian leaves his fortune to becomes a murder mystery. Who's the murderer? Who will get the fortune?

    1. This is an RP thing featuring the users of THG wiki. (duh)
    2. It's kinda like …

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    She and her district partner wore silver and gold outfits.

    She is probably absent when Atala explains the rules of survival, as she is not seen. She practices with throwing knives with her trainer and running on the gauntlets. She recieved a training score of probably 6-10. 

    She wore a light purple dress for her interview, she is bubbly and polite to Caesar for most of her interview, but still ensures Caesar and the other tributes she is a huge threat. She also informed Caesar that she had more hope than the other tributes did when she was reaped and that she had an alien feeling of helpfulness, and her training score.

    Her pedestal was positioned next to District 9 male and the District 8 female. She runs to the Cornucopia and stops when she …

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    Later when Marvel is using a spear to fight with his trainer, she can be seen on his right side learning how to throw knives with her trainer. When Cato slices a dummy's heart, she can be seen finishing her turn on the gauntlets and behind her is the District 7 female. She can also be seen using a bow and arrow, behind Peeta Mallark when the Careers teased him. 

    She is seen waiting in line with the other tributes and if you look close, her hair is down and if you look down, you can see she's wearing a very light pink dress.

    Being a Career, she probably killed or injured several tributes. If she wasn't a Career, she is probably the 2nd to die, placing 23rd, as hinted in the film. In the book, the D4 female is weaker as she is now weaker than …

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    Now, I never finish things because I guess I am not that passionate about the things I do, but guess what, with these imma write whatever comes into my mind, and update them when I become passionate about them again! It may sounds bad, but maybe a pre-school adventure will come into my mind and will be in a story all on its own~


    2. DO NOT SPAM







    Example Speech: (AKA, "Whatever, like I care", "Hiiiii yall!!!!"

    Name: Rebekah

    Nickname: Bek, Bekah

    Personality: A happy-go-lucky girl with a big heart. Is often forgetful and shy around people she doesn't know. Is scared of being alone and will do anything not to be alone. Often …

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    In training, he is seen standing next to Rue as Atala explains the rules.

    He is seen waiting in line with the other tributes for their interviews, he wore a black suit, white shoes and a white tie.

    The District 4 male was killed in the Cornucopia bloodbath. His pedestal is postioned on the right side of Rue and the right of the District 5 male. The District 4 male jumped over a crate and ran towards the Cornucopia, arriving only a few seconds after Thresh. He found a yellow sleeping bag before crouching behind several crates of supplies. After the fighting has concluded, he tries to sip by, but he couldn't get a very good look, therefore not noticing Cato who was standing right there waiting for him to come out. He escapes and grabs a small …

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    Hihi. These games are going to be based around the online RP game League of Legends. Basically, the point of these games are for you and your team to win against all other teams, and then   fight against each other in the final round to win. There will be different arenas, and for these games, you don't need to enter your own tribute. At least something like that. Below you have a list of champions you can pick with their own individual role, which will be vital in your team. There is one Support, an ADC, a Mage, a Jungler and a Top Laner. I'll explain the roles later on. You can pick any champion you want for any lane you want (Top, Bot, Mid or Jungle), but it is recommended that you pick a champion that goes with your lane.

    AD- Attack Damag…

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    The District 3 female's face is very striking, her features are very prominent and viewable from a distance, sticking out with her facial expressions. She often looks as if she's staring, in a trance, simply becasue of the way her face is shaped. She's very tall for her age, at least a few inches taller than nearly all of the girls her age. Due to being from a slightly impoverish and underfed District, she is skinny and boney, but due to her height, she doesn't look ill or impoverished. She has green eyes, complimenting her pale skin tone.

    Amber refuses to let anyone tell he what to do. She hates when people try to take pity on her because of her age, and wants everyone to know that she is a force to reckoned with. Despite being young, she …

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    The District 3 male's uninspiring brown hair is nothing special in District 3, or anywhere else for that matter (See what I did there?). It is a simple color, and no one chooses to describe it as 'chestnut' or 'chocolate locks' - it is always just brown. His eyes are the color, but at least stand out a little more and carry a glint of intelligence that always tells people he might be hiding something. His short frame is what makes people underestimate him.

    The District 3 male's smart. Well, all District 3 children are classed as smart, but even they know Noah is something speacial.

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    October 1, 2014 by Sonicthehedgehog158

    Despite being a teeny bit heavier than the average outer district tribute, Clove is smaller than the norm from District 2. Her hair is long and a dark brown shade. It tends to do what she wants, though she typically wears it down. Her eyes are almost hazel like a shade of green. See what I did there?

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    October 1, 2014 by Sonicthehedgehog158

    Tall, strong, and blonde, Cato is the Capitol definition of good-looking. Okay, so he doesn't look the smartest, but as far as he's concerned, looking smart doesn't matter if you can look good. He's not vain but he does make a conscious effort to dress to emphasise his physique, which as you can imagine, pretty fit. Because he spends a lot of time outside - whether he's supposed to or not! - his skin has developed a permanent light tan. His facial feautures are thickset and his eyes are blue. At 6'2", he's only smaller than Thresh, who can almost compare to him in muscle, I guess.

    Cato is not as stupid as he looks. He's not intelligent in the sense that he'd do well in school, but his insticts are are solid and good at making quick decision…

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    Summer bee 13

    Hello, it's Emilia here, and welcome the to the ALL HALLOW'S EVE BALL! Since it is Halloween, I've decided to hold a little "ball" here on the wiki? Exactly what is it going to be about? Well, read below!

    So, users that are on the guestlist will get a message on their talk page as an invitation to this prestigous ball. If the guest accepts, then they will be participating in the ball. The guestlist consists of between 20-24 ACTIVE users. Then, they will enter the House of Horrors where the only way you can escape is to be the last user standing. (No, this is NOT an RP games, sorry) How will you fair? Well, that is up to the most awesomest, cleverist and smartest gamemaker here (Emilia) to decide your fate.

    To get on the guestlist, comment on t…

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    September 30, 2014 by Sonicthehedgehog158

    Glimmer is your typical District 1 girl, except maybe a little prettier. She's relatively tall, about 5'7" in height and she is willowy in build as to what she describes as "not enough curves to considered voluptous". Her blonde waves are a sunshine color and very well groomed, no split ends or dried hair or anything. Her peachy skin is virtually flawless. Glimmer's face can only be considered, beautiful, though her features may be too proud for some people to consider perfect. Her green eyes are her favorite part about herself. And her hair, her hair is fabulous (I guess). You get the idea, she's just beautiful but in a shallow way.

    Glimmer is what she seems but not what she seems at the same time (See what I did there?). You can't take yo…

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    September 30, 2014 by Sonicthehedgehog158

     Marvel is a male career tribute  from District 1 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

    Marvel has short mouse brown hair. He also has green that shine with intimidation. Unlike the typical Career, Marvel is tall and stands at 6'1", but he's extremely skinny. He has creamy skin and a defined jawbone.

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    All hail Lorde! The curator of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1's soundtrack has just released her single for the movie, and we are in awe! Check it out now below.

    In a Tumblr post, Lorde has reveals that "Yellow Flicker Beat" was her "attempt at getting inside her head, Katniss'." We think she did a pretty good job! This song is currently on repeat for us, but what do YOU think about the first single from Mockingjay? Sound off in the comments below!

    Source: Lorde's Tumblr

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    Summer bee 13

    Hello everyone! It's Emilia here with my first User RP games!

    The arena for my User RP Games is an abandoned town sqaure with a fountain shaped cornucopia, a clock tower, the Town Hall (consisting of three floors; the bottom floor is reception, the other two floors are covered in offices), the Marketplace (which has a market on the lower floor and little shops on the second floor) and the Fountain (which opens when you make a wish and throw something into the fountain)

    There isn't any physical mutts. Instead the mutts invade your mind (at the gamemaker's discretion) and make you insane. The only way to get rid of them? Go to the top of the Clock Tower and touch a clock hand.

    No God-Modding. It isn't fair and I will determine when someone has …

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    This year all the victors from the past will be thrown back into the arena so the Capitol can decide who the real victor is.

    • Only 4 Tributes per User.
    • No cursing.
    • Don't say bad things about me if your character gets killed.    
    • Tributes have to be in ther 20s-80s     








    Year they won there first games/ Sometime under the 75th Hunger Games

    How the won threr first games

    DO NOT ! summit a bloodbath statagey I have it all planed out.

    The area is the biggest its ever been. Set as and Alaskan theme. It has an array of tall moutains,forest and lakes. Its large bolders will sometimes shift and crush tributes.                               

    District Age Gender Height Wepon Date of First Games How they won

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    The Haunted Games

    September 27, 2014 by District3forever

    Just because Halloween is coming up....

    -You may only submit 2 tributes. This is subject to change if I do not get enough tributes, but now 3 tributes.

    -You may not post lunaiis, I prefer real world pictures of tributes. 

    -Don't whine if your tributes die. 

    -Don't spam the comments please. 

    -No wikia contributors 

    -You may reserve spots. However, these spots will last only a day, then it's avaliable for someone else. 

    You must post the following for you tributes:



    -Age (12-18, normal games)

    -District (1-12)




    -Fears (please don't make all tributes have generic fears, such as heights, death, etc. be creative;keep in mind some obviously will have the generic fears, but I don't want half the tributes scared of enclo…

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    Blissfully Mine

    The 376th Hunger Games

    September 27, 2014 by Blissfully Mine

    Welcome to the 376th Hunger Games!

    I really wanted to start a games of my own now, because lately there seemed to have been a lack of them, and I just thought it'd be a nice way to refresh my writing and allow others to submit their tributes so I can try and portray characters that I can develop their relationships with others gradually, in a way an author would. So, I really hope these games will run smoother and become more easier to work with, unlike my last ones, and just be fun for me and everybody else who participates. So, without further a due, I present to you the 376th Annual Hunger Games!

    1. Okay, this rule is very important as it is to why my previous Hunger Games have fallen flat. Please, only submit tributes if you know you're …

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    XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX

    I know i havent been on but i am leaving for real now i will only be on instagram kik (rarely) and on the org oh and tumblr :P i will only be on for every 84 years and also if yall like feel free to demod me so ya.

    instagram: bishwot

    tumblr: boilin-q 

    kik: omgdeadpeople

    org fb: emma lee

    and ya i loved yall while this place lasted but chat is starting to die again ill always remember them tinychats and the friends i met so ya.... and i am probably gonna delete this account to make a new one lol if this is ever alive again.

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  • 6

    *insert title of leaving blog*

    September 24, 2014 by Ladysi

    For some fucking reasons, the chat isn't fucking loading for flying fucking fuck's sake.

    Which thehungergames.wikia.comnes-before="1" data-rte-fromparser="true">So like, I'm like leaving for like maybe foreverthehungergames.wikia.comnked will most likely be active a.k.a. on my tumblr a.k.a. cutelore.  Btw, can you guys send me anon hate, it's really appreciate uwu*

    So like, ttyn losers, see you in like fifty years when I'll tracking you guys down.

    The sadism wiki

    The mods.

    The bans I should have got

    The ban I got.


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    Asylum of Oswins

    The First Royal Games

    September 23, 2014 by Asylum of Oswins

    So basically I'm a bit bored and tired and I wanted to write these. I don't know if these will work out well, since they're not traditional games, but I hope they do turn out fine! Be sure to read the rules before starting, too.

    North America is no longer known as Panem. Rather, it is known as The Kingdoms United. There are twelve houses, or sectors, in The Kingdoms United. Commonly referred to as TKU, The Kingdoms United have decided to keep their tradition of The Hunger Games as a retaliation for another war started. One male and one female are sent to compete in the Royal Games. The winner gets a chance to be rich forever and possibly become a royal or noble. The loser, though, faces certain death.

    Please read carefully!

    1. Only up to four tr…

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  • 6

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    Summer bee 13

    Hello Everyone.. and welcome to my 3rd Games on my blog here and my seventh games overall. These games are not ordinary though, since it's the Medieval Games! Exactly what does that mean? Read to find out!

    1. This year's games are based in a medieval land that's far away called the Enchanted Forest (cough cough OUAT references) and the arena is spread between three castles: the Castle of the Evil Queen, the Castle of the Charmings and the Castle of Rumpelstilskin. There is also some forest, but beware of the dangers that are in the forest at night.

    2. Instead of Districts, the tributes will be split up into five social classes (Royalty, Knights, Artisans, Commoners and Laborers) with five tributes in each social class.

    The arena consists of t…

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  • 206

    This will follow the same plot as the New Games, so 13 is included. All regular rules apply and I hope you all enjoy these. Please no negativity, and may the odds blah blah blah.

    1. Maximum of three tributes per user.
    2. Reservations last one day.
    3. No stupid weaknessess and/or strenghts. 
    4. Being colored blind, scared, crazy, etc. is NOT a weakness/strength. 
    5. Good examples are: Running, Swimming, Climbing, Hiding, height, etc.
    6. No unnecessary comments or rudeness. 
    7. But constructive criticism and ideas for improvement and welcomed.
    8. No fighting with others in the comments.
    9. It's the Hunger Games, 25 people are gonna die, get over it if you lose.
    10. Remember, you entered my Games, these are my rules, and you shall abide by them.
    11. Please comment #baconbitsisthetits in t…

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    the 3rd U.S.A games

    September 20, 2014 by Kalebj777

    i know this has been done before guys but i just thought it was an awesome idea so please help me out with tributes and stuff






    and every state will have only one contestan (thats what i am calling tributes in these game) from each state cause 1 hundred is just way too many for me to kill off and the more you active you are the longer i will keep your contestant alive, and the carees are texas, new york, gorgia, utah, and california

    state name age  gender weapon
    alabama quinten swent 17 male throwing knife
    alaska allisa lanirich 13 female saw, throwing knives
    arizona  sam conta 14 male hammer
    arkansas roy mardens 18 male axe, fists
    calafonia  emilia song 16 female poisonous blowgun
    colorado bella crens 12 fema…

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    The Symphonic Taco

    I'm really sorry.

    But the Games are really confusing me and I have no idea which Games I'm in and which I'm not. Eventually, due to 'inactivity', my tributes will be killed off. And it's pretty annoying to check every Games to see if it's updated or not. Not only that, but it's hard to keep up with my own Games.

    I'm also busy in real life, so it's pretty hard to keep this up. As I'm still a bit new in this wiki and haven't made many friends, I don't think it'd be too hard on you guys if I leave now, since now is the best time to leave.

    Even though I don't really know you all, I'll miss you and the wiki.

    Bye, and Happy Hunger Games!

    Taco They let me travel to different universes without moving my feet.

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    Cruiser One

    Want to be a tribute in the Hunger Games, or at least experience what it would be like? A new version 3.0 of my Hunger Games computer simulation video game has been finished and released. :) It's a free Windows program downloadable at , and features the following additions over version 2.5 that was released October 2013, and described in previous blog posts:

    • New Landscapes: Option to play in a "Catching Fire" style clock arena. Climb over rolling hills, and experience a gradual day/night cycle. Head downhill or dig deep enough and you can find water. Play in mixed terrain arenas, such as half sandy desert and half rocky wasteland.
    • New Customizations: Set number of Districts (1-13), and num…

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  • 167

    The Failure Games

    September 17, 2014 by SerpentKing999

    Yeah. Hi. New games. Fun times.

    I swear, my games are literally annual at this point.

    1. There are none.

    While this isn't a rule, there is something I'd like to mention:

    If you have any advice for me on how to improve my writing, please let me know. I'm always striving to improve my writing, so constructive criticism is appreciated.

    All of the tributes are guilty (or not) of some sort of crime, ranging from just being a generally useless and unproductive person to intentionally killing fifty people for no reason.

    There won't be any chariot rides or training, because all these people are "failures" and deserve treatment as such.

    Instead of a bloodbath, everyone will be herded into a large room and given a bag full of supplies and a random weapon, …

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  • 565
    Blissfully Mine

    I haven't seen this made in a while, so I decided to host one of my own.

    Hopefully I can get users to join, so why not give it a go?

    Join if you want, I'd love to see how this'll turn out!

    This arena is quite different. It'll take place in a large mall, with lots of clothing stores. There are five elevators, and only two out of them work correctly. They all appear to be working, but you can be doomed into one that stops halfway, and it's up to you what plan you construct to escape, as there isn't any emergency button. The other way down to all three floors is to take the stairs, but this could also lead to other user encounterment. The only way to getting food-based supplies and other equipment, like weapons, is the food court, which is on th…

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  • 10

    Sort of a Leaving Blog

    September 16, 2014 by Nommehzombies

    Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you all I might not be active on this wiki's chat or the actual wiki anymore. I am going to most likely move wikis, (moving to Creepypasta) because nothing really needs to be edited here, whereas, I have plenty of things to keep me busy over there. Not only that, but this chat may have about 10 people a day in it, but it is a DEAD chat. I'm sorry it's one of the most boring chat's I have ever been in. People join and talk for 1 minute, and then go AFK. Whereas, Creepypasta usually has about 18-20 people on their chat, and I might become a chat moderator there soon. 

    Now, this is not goodbye, as I will get on chat if it is not deader than my ex-wife. But other than that, I will only be on to help Liza, Summer, …

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    Create your own tributes. 

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  • 7

    CUE HEAVY BREATHING!!! The official trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 has finally been revealed and we're pretty much freaking out! Watch it below now for action, Everlark feels, and a lot of Katniss looking intense.

    PEETA!! We see a poor hijacked Peeta and Katniss dealing with an intimidating President Snow, AND the end of the trailer made us go AAAHHHH! What did you think, tributes?? There was a lot to handle in this trailer so tell us what you spotted! Does this trailer give you any more clues on where the cutoff point for Mockingjay Part 1?

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    Stuff, I guess!

    September 15, 2014 by Sonicthehedgehog158

    Note: There will be questions, answers, and stuff. So be careful.

    If the following tributes were there at the interviews, what do you think they would wear or what their interview angle would be?

    • District 3 female:
    • District 4 female:
    • District 6 female:
    • District 7 male:
    • District 8 male:
    • District 8 female:
    • District 9 male:
    • District 9 female:
    • District 10 female:

    If the following tributes showed up for training, what do you think their training score would be or what exercise they are doing like running on the gauntlets? The parentheses means they showed up, but weren't seen doing any training.

    • (District 4 male): 
    • (District 5 male):
    • (District 7 male):
    • District 8 female:
    • District 9 female:
    • District 10 female:
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    Apply now!!

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