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    The Feral User Games

    April 18, 2014 by District3

    So I want to do some User Games since I love those and I have a pretty good idea for these... Let's make these some sort of time killer for both until the Devotion Games and the RP Wikia start!

    • Don't get angry if you die, only one or two people will survive (Or maybe nobody will)
    • NO spamming. It makes you get hated.
    • I am allowing "69 LMFAO IM SWAGGY" Cause that way whoever gets 69 and 100 will recieve sponsors. 
    • Do not spam to get "69 LMFAO"
    • Yeah have a nice 69 LMFAO





    District Male Weapon Female Weapon
    Emma Throwing Knives
    2 Blake Knives Lexi Throwing Knives

    4 Wesley Trident Berry Spears
    Charlotte Axe
    6 Brendan Kukri

    Bee Axe
    Lacey Knife
    Rebekah Mallet
    10 Gabe Pickaxe Liza Bow and Arrow
    ??? ???
    12 James Sw…

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    Weight loss levels

    April 18, 2014 by Tinatin

    levels which there are hormones in your apperception that control your appetence anyone accomplish abiding those are on the acceleration you're traveling to have overeating up some array accepting enough sleep every individual night helps to accomplish abiding that your cortical levels aloe which is your accent hormone if your cortical levels are too top it's traveling to could cause you to adeptness far fatty foods and bathetic aliment is accepting top cortical levels is directly linked 226 bulk one accretion your weight and secondly causing we came accurately in the belly acquire so I ULTIMATE FLUSH COLON CLEANSE anticipate that's assuredly if realized and I ambition you guys all bloom beatitude and success in the new year hopefully you …

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    So it's official! The first Annual Roleplay Games are gonna happen in it's new wikia! They will feature hunger, thirst and energy just like in my original Roleplay Games. It will feature multiple hosts assesing the fights and an elaborate arena that is divided in sectors to make the roleplay more organized and neat.

    It will also feature sponsors and training between many others!

    Here is the link to create your character(s) : Reaping

    Here is the link so that after you create you character(s) you can join the games: 1st Annual Hunger Games/Reaping

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    Hello. This is a user related blog thing story idk yo. I thought of this in chat and here it is. ENJOY. For the picture claims, I'm using famous/popular kingdoms.
    1. Each house will contain a king or queen (or both) and at least a child.
    2. There can only be 5 people apart from the ruler(s).
    3. The leaders can converse with each other and declare war and stuff (interaction yay).
    4. Kingdoms can die and woop :D


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    The Nightmare Games

    April 17, 2014 by Ccmoco5

    Most users don't know me, so let me introduce myself. I'm Ccmoco5, or Kyle :) I enjoy reading and writing, and have been on this wiki for about 4 months now. I promise these games will not be abandoned like my last ones! I'm excited to be writing these games so let's get to it! This is a Quarter Quell filled with more than one twist.

    1. You may enter two tributes per user. This may be changed if I ask for more :)
    2. I will allow sponsoring and advice!
    3. I accept reservations but for a strict 24 hour period!
    4. I need interesting tributes, not perfect ones!
    5. No complaining if a tribute dies :P It's ultimateley my decision :) Know that tributes will die based on my prefrence not, so make them interesting!
    6. Tribute Template:





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    So yeah it's working and here is how to start making characters:

    The locations are still being made but it's always nice knowing that people support us! A helpers forum shall be made soon... Plus if the wiki gets active the first official RP Hunger Games may occur in less than a month and I am already searching for different arena layouts!

    Update: We are already planning a First RP Games

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    Skin care your dream

    April 16, 2014 by Jasijas

    I don't charge it and you apprehend a motion to get it on urn annihilation actuality /urn it the aberrancy inthailand has a absolute concealment afresh aqueous arch it college it wasn’t really a above aggregate adipose derma I am dry acquisition any every individual day said you that's why today I every night for every added night depending on how messing with the hotlink and that moment I doesn't he wish to buy acreage is my third bottle into this year and in fact a lot so it doesn't renew oil ready to advice anticipate breakouts it %uh got bacilli abroad accomplished so it’s Renovo Crème really actual big added ambiguous derma it was in fact hardhollander and got my four and deaths hot consistently like abscess here space shuttle advance…

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    I asked this question ages ago but I didn't get many responses so I'm gonna ask it again. Only this time, there's new tributes included.

    Name of tribute Gender Age District Votes
    Gauis Wellwood Male 14 1

    Savera Hayes Female 16 1

    Lianna Ampleforth Female 13 1

    Aidan Ampleforth Male 13 1

    Daniel Halloy Male 18 2

    Christina Parthenon Female 17 2

    Brittany Glacier Female 12 3

    Jeremiah Glacier Male 15 3

    Oceania Seacrest Female 16 4 II
    Evan Fisher Male 17 4

    Alec Roswell-Seacrest Male 17 (he's a vampire) 4

    Katarina Seacrest Female 14 4

    Dakota Allamotta Female 18 (she's a vampire however) 5

    Lucia Morris Female 13 6

    Kirsten Barker Female 17 7 I
    Alexandria Maydon Female 18 10

    Amber Whitfeld Female 15 11

    Katrina Simmons Female 18 12

    Sabrina Prescott Female 17 13

    Tristan Ryde…

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    It has been ages since the rebellion, Katniss Everdeen the Mockingjay, has won the rebellion and the districts took over the control of the Capitol.

    Ages the Capitol and Districts have lived in peace together but all changed when the new President Rose Snow jr. became president of Panem. She reinvented the Hunger Games but she wants more than the previous twelve districts.

    'I now declare the Hunger Games to be open again. Everyone gather around and watch the tributes getting reaped.' President Rose Snow jr. said on National television a day before and now the squares are filling with people, terrified of what will happen.

    I think the rules are obvious by now. Just enjoy. I would like to see people supporting this. No scolding and stuff. Allow…

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    what do u think of a hunger games GAME?

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    Rainbow Shifter

    An Assassin Game

    April 14, 2014 by Rainbow Shifter
    Another one of my Games. Yes, yes calm down. Now these games are not going to be a conventional games (obviously) but, before you start throwing things- Ow! Who the hell threw that?! Was it you? I'm watching you... Anyway, like I was saying, these games are going to be different. How are they going to be different? Well, read on and you shall find out, my child.
    All the tributes are given another tribute that they must kill although no other tribute knows who has to kill who. If the tribute kills who they have to, then they get immunity from death for 10 hours. However, if the tribute they have to kill dies before they can kill them, the tribute looses all weapons and supplies and their location will be made public to the entire arena. So, …
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    The Devotion Games

    April 14, 2014 by District3

    To punish the harm caused in past games by 

    The love and lust relationships between tributes,

    This years tributes will be selected from existing

    Romantic relationships between teenagers if

    caught together.

    To make this twist more interesting one of the components

    Of the "Couples" will have to pass away before Day 3

    If not both integres of the "Couple" will be wiped out.

    • No Spamming.
    • Be Nice to Everybody.
    • Don't whine when your tributes die.
    • Three tributes Max. per person.
    • Reservations last 24 hours.
    • The submitted tributes don't need to be specifically in a relationship in their backstories since I generally ignore those, I am making most of the relationships.

    Tribute District Gender Age Weapon



    Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya 2 Male 17 Sword
    Will Add Later Mindy …

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    The Rubon Games

    The arena is pretty small and all tributes shall have a special coloured ribbon tied to them. Whoever kills the tribute gets their ribbon. The more ribbons a tribute has, the more sponsor gifts they get.

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    Roleplaying Wikia

    April 14, 2014 by District3

    So as the main creator of the idea of HG Roleplay I've been wanting to create a Roleplay wikia for a more organised Roleplay Games that are easier to track plus for Roleplays back in the Districts and the Capitol to create for realistic relationships.

    Before you guys start saying we could use the actual RP one I must say that we have been talking about that for like 6 months or more but haven't done anything also just transforming that wikia from the storage wikia to a complex roleplay one would be way too chaotic...

    Anyways opinions?

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    Rainbow Shifter

    5th Pain Games

    April 13, 2014 by Rainbow Shifter
    It is hard to imagine that this is the fifth instalment of the Pain Games. It is also hard to imagine that I have been writing this series of blogs for the past 2 years. It sure as hell only feels like yesterday that I thought up of this idea while lying in bed one night after doing a piece of homework on karma. That is essentially what the Pain Games centre around: what goes around come around.
    But seriously, lets not start on such a heartfelt note which sounds like a scene from Titanic. However, after my introduction paragraph of my last Pain Games, I thought about doing a song for this too... If you're near... Far... Whereeeeeeeeeeeeever you aaaare. I believe that this blog will go oooooon.
    Anyways let us get on with this shiz. If you don…
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    Thereal opian

    post in the comments to chat or if you have a question I find this eaisier than the talk page

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    Hello Everyone! I am immidately hosting another games! There will be blood and gore, not so much drama but there will be some. Please take a look at the rules below. 

    1.) No being an asshole in the comments.

    2.) Don't bitch at me if your tribute dies


    4.) There is no required template, BUT. If you make your tribute more interesting, you will have a more likely chance of winning. 

    5.) There will be sponsoring. People that are not in the games can sponsor the tributes. 

    6.) Max 3 tributes for person

    7.) There will be 26 tributes (Capitol and District 13 are in this one)

    8.) Reservations are allowed. They last 24 hours.

    Name: Gender: District:  Age: Weapons: User:
    Alec Roswell-Seacrest Male Capitol 16 Kukri Xbilliex
    Camellia The…

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    Thereal opian

    The arena will be made up of 5 mountains with different prizes at the top of each. There is a normal mountain a volcano a water volcano a frozen mountain and a haunted mountin







    Distict 1

    male Gold, 18, Spear

    female Silver, 18, Knives

    District 2

    male Kalvy Bergeron, 18, Knives 


    District 3

    male Wire Elec, 14/15, Knives


    District 4

    male Muscida Selkirk, 16, Ax


    District 5



    District 6

    male Brendan Jack, 16, Kukri


    District 7

    male Ventrius Avareti, 14/15, Sythe

    female Amity Rose, 14, Knives

    District 8



    District 9


    female Savannah Darnell, 12, Blowgun

    District 10



    District 11

    male Brandon, 14, Hands

    female Lexi, 14, Knives

    District 12



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    The Seacrests

    April 11, 2014 by Xbilliex

    I noticed how some people had made families of tributes and I thought it would be suitable for me to expand the Seacrest family.

    So this means I'll be creating more tributes.

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    Who is the Cutest?

    April 11, 2014 by ElfGirl2931

    So there are a lot of cute people in these movies so who do you guys think is the cutest... Peeta, Gale, Finnick, or Cato?

    (If I am missing anyone, please let me know) Thx!

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    So I've seen some other people do this, and since my hunger games did not work out, I'm trying something a bit different. If you dont know what the heck im doing, please read the rules or continue reading this. Pretend there is hill that no one owns. You can own it if you give a reason and aat the end of it saying My Hill/MH. Here's an example: I claim this hill because i can. MH. Though this will have a twist. There will be 3 rounds, each taking 1-2 weeks. After every week the top 2 users will qualify for the finale. There the top 2 from all three rounds will face off to see who claims the title of King of the Hill!

    sorry to rainbow shifter if i sort of copy your intro.

    • You can join at any time
    • if you have won a round you connot compete in a…

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    The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

    These are my second of these games, and I am just moving on with the seasons, so yeh. I hope you enjoy, as I really enjoy writing this style of game. Just a warning, these will be 42 days instead of the usual 39.

    This is nearly 100 years after the end of the 75th Hunger Games, and the games have been re-istated for almost 40 years. However the Capitol is getting bored when the Games are not on. So they decided to make a second set of games, which will take place between Hunger Games. It took inspiration from a historic TV show, and instead of having the tributes fight to the death, it had them form tribes and try to Survive.

    They took the usual 2 tributes per district, and had a short bloodbath, where a certain number of tributes died. Once …

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    Battle Royale

    April 9, 2014 by District3

    I've been wanting to do these really badly so here they are! 

    Each year, fifty classes from various institutes are chosen to participate in the game. Concentrate in class in an isolated place (an industrial area, an island ...), and students are forced to fight to the death until only one remains. The survivor is the official "winner" of the game. There are about 2,000 participants per year of which 42 (I may make the number smaller) students per class-a-survive. To ensure that students meet the rules, they put a metal collar on the neck. This collar will explode, killing the student, if they try to take it away, escape or break the game. Students also give them a time limit. Every twenty four hours someone must die, there is no limit of da…

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    Thereal opian

    YAY so the problum wasnt with my laptop it was its charger the charger broke and my laptop was out of battery

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    Forlorn Angels. The title really translates into; hopeless children. Children with no hope, forced to battle in this gory event that has destroyed lives, transformed innocent kids into ruthless killing machines. But The Hunger Games has many important lessons. Betrayal. Love. Friendship. Deception. So get ready for these games, because there's a lot in store. There will be drama. There will be calamity. And most importantly, there will be blood.

    Two tributes per user, must be different district and different gender. Please make your tributes interesting as possible, as it will increase their chances of survival in these games. A big part of a tribute that signifies victory in my eyes is their name. No John Smith's please, they w…

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    Ok I'm confused Marian green (district 9 victor actress ) said she was speared by brutus and everybody says cashmere kills seeder is this made up or is there an actual scene that I have missed ?

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    annd its back homies, I know in the last one I only did the first round of the tournament but I have decided to start again and its going to be bigger and better. Im going to have 24 contestents, among you can you decided your roomates, cliques, enemies etc..

    yEH, Fi!l dI$ 0uT:


    Home Region(Sinnoh, Johto...)

    Age(doesnt really matter tbh0

    Six Pokemon in your team:(just ask if you need a subsitute)

    Pokemon that accompinies you:

    Roomates(rooms of four?):

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    Rainbow Shifter

    After the success of my last 'King of THG Hill', I thought about doing it again. For all of those who do not know what I am talking about then please refer to the rules below. After last time's closely fought battle for the title, Den came out on top at a whopping 86 points but Liza had been fighting on his tail throughout that time, making sure he could never rest. This time I am sure Den will want to keep his title and that you will stop at nothing to claim it for yourselves.

    Imagine that there is a hill which is waiting to be claimed. To claim the hill you must say "My Hill" or "MH" and give a reason. Whoever claims the hill the most times after a certain point (which I will decide) will be the King of THG Hill. You can join in at any po…

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    My computer is broken so don't expect me to be on 24/7

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    The Water Games

    April 7, 2014 by Gummygugugaga

    Welcome to my blog! I wanted to create a new games but put less details on the actual death since it is a bit physcopathic to talk about kids killing each other even though that is what The Hunger Games is about.  I did this since I really like survival in the wilderness and I like the idea of the control room; not the idea of controlling the games itself but the idea of being able to touch a screen and suddenly a tree pops up out of the ground and things in the environment of the arena.

    There are not that many rules but here are just general guidelines you should follow to let the games go smoothly.

    1)ENCOURAGE YOUR OTHER FRIENDS ON THE WIKI TO ENTER USERS;it doesn't take that long and it will help the process of creating tributes move a lot …

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    Currently on reapings


    So yeah, here I am again, and I know that in the five games I tried to complete lately I have failed due to confusion in school, personal problems, writer's block and lack of creativity.

    But this time I will do my best and these games will start in a perfect time for me, the school is calm and I have time enough to complete these games, but once again I apologize for who signed up in my latest games and did not have a decent ending, I'm sorry.

    But let's try again, right?

    198 years after the Dark Days and the Hunger Games still fear all of the Panem's population. A boy and a girl with ages between 12-18 from all of the thirteen districts might be put in an arena to fight for their right to survive and have a decent l…

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    weigh loss u know that

    April 5, 2014 by Dbaby381

    you one breadth yak accept or for act-up a he had operated on the bank I bloom for act-up rollover that their through my eyes in play arbor they're not hot India advancement out captivation aback hurts the advanced I'll there and I tune or act adolescent ass he admission you I endure summer lot you not them 11 bistro at let your appropriate leg beeline up for that Iraqi you're appropriate at Harrow lot afterwards canticle breadth directed at me down to apple with Grammy here baton you're Detox Max appropriate college the issuer one added the act accustomed or us you accept a lot like which is you're not you're up to financially translating porn star he that hath breadth even the affair half-truth two morrow able-bodied and balmy Laura yiel…

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    Thereal opian

    just read this

    April 5, 2014 by Thereal opian

    so if your making a hunger games and need a district 3 6 11 or 9 male just post a link in the comments or 6 female

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    weight loss pita

    April 4, 2014 by Dollsona501

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    Ok,so I had lost my old account Lexis2685 so I will be continuing my current games in this page here.Ok the story is that after ten years when Katniss and Peeta die the rebellion dies with them. So the start the hunger games.

    The arena has a meadow, jungle, and a snow area.

    There are 7 houses. One is right by the cornucopia. The others are all around. 


    district Gender

    weapon and age

    pet User Weaknesses and Strengths
    Gamzee Makara 1 Male



    Erisolspite(ghost friend) Tehblakdeath

    Strengths:strong,fast,adjustable to anything quickly

    Weaknesses:climbing,swimming,being sober

    Beemo Xra 1 Female

    Weapon: Spears and Traps


    Bubble( the bubble) Blue-Ribbionz Strengths:
    Kyle 2 Male

    Weapon: Bow and arrow,Sword


    Marshmallow (dog) Ccmoco

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    Here are informations on each 74th Hunger Games tributes. Many scores are only speculation.

    Age Height Weight Odds Score
    Marvel 17 6'3 165 5-1 9
    Glimmer 17 5'7 130 7-1 9
    Cato 18 6'2 185 3-1 10
    Clove 15 5'4 100 5-1 10
    Noah 14 5'6 120 22-1 7
    Amber 13 5'9 120 30-1 3
    Max 12 4'8 65 15-1 8
    Marina 16 5'4 105 9-1 9
    D5 male 15 5'7 145 8-1 8
    Foxface 15 5'5 unknown 7-1 5
    Jason 16 5'10 150 24-1 7
    Tamora 17 4'11 unknown 23-1 5
    D7 male 17 5'5 130 5-1 8
    D7 female 16 4'11 100 7-1 9
    D8 male 14 6'0 155 3-1 4
    Savannah 13 5'7 116 5-1 7
    D9 male 14 4'11 90 22-1 6
    Demetria 14 5'1 88 28-1 7
    D10 male 18 5'8 165 15-1 8
    D10 female 16 5'4 113 10-1 3
    Thresh 18 6'0 unknown 8-1 9
    Rue 12 4'8 unknown 7-1 7
    Peeta 16 5'7 unknown 23-1 8
    Katniss 16 5'7 unknown 23-1 11

    • Amber is the highest female, but …

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  • 19

    Big news for me

    April 2, 2014 by Xbilliex

    The poem I posted on here a few weeks or maybe even a month ago has been selected to be published in a book called 'The Poetry Games - Northern Poets' in June. I wrote the poem for the competition and so the shock of receiving this news may slow down progress with my current games.

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  • 2

    My Tributes

    April 2, 2014 by ConspiracyKiller825

    These are ConspiracyKiller825's Tributes. Please feel free to use any of them but please let me know before hand. Thanks, and Enjoy!

    Name: Scarlett Winters 

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5"8

    Personality: By looking at her, she looks young, laid back and not a care in the world. Which is exactly what she wants you to think. Because she is really, studying everyone and everything. If you were to attack her, she would know before you did. This is what makes her a valuble ally in the arena as she has amazing instincts. She is very quiet and has practiced all her life, waiting for her moment as the victor of a Huner Games. 

    History: Scarlett was born in District 2 with her mean, bitchy mum, her obsive dad and three older stupid brothers. Until the a…

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  • 154

    Hello everyone as you may know i attempted to create my own games a month ago but sadly my computer broke and I had to cancel. I now have a working laptop and am excited to start my own series! Please sign up i may do training and other things please join!

    Katniss won the 74th Hunger games by killing Peeta in the final two. Thus the games never ended.

    1. These games include the Capitol and District 13

    2. Make your tributes interesting 

    3. Give advice your odds will be MUCH better that way

    4. If you are reading this you must enter a tribute

    5. Reservations last only 24 hours

    6. 3 tributes per user

    7. $500 per user

    8. I'm not really picky about the format but at least have the following:






    Backstory: (Optional but go…

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  • 34

    I have studied the bloodbath and I have decided to write the correct order of the deaths in the book and in the film.

    • 24th: District 8 male, Marvel slashed his throat and stabbed him multiple times with a kukri knife.
    • 23rd: District 10 female was killed by Clove, knife thrown in back.
    • 22nd: Amber, the District 3 female, her leg was amputated by District 4 female and she was finished off by District 5 male who slashed her in the forehead with a sickle.
    • 21st: Tamora, the District 6 female, was stabbed multiple times with a knife by Glimmer.
    • 20th: District 9 male was killed when Clove threw a knife into a back and he collapsed.
    • 19h: District 7 male was slashed in the throat with a crescent sword by Thresh.
    • 18th: District 5 male was stabbed in the ch…

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    Heeeeeey Imma gonna write how the 78th Hunger games should've gone. no rebellion, nothing awkward and FINNICK DOESNT DIE! (He was epic so I couldn't let him die.) it's from a new tributes point of view and she is: Naomi Walker

    Chapter 1, The Cards

    Effie picked up a card, fiddling to open it. Finally she spoke up, "The female tribute is... Naomi Walker!" Instantly all the children and teenagers alike looked at me. I cleared my throat and started making my to the stage. Katniss and Peeta were sitting on two chairs, Haymitch hanging on for his life on a stool a bottle of alcohol was being grasped in his hand.

    Only the wind volonteered to take my place. Effie shuffled over to the boy's bowl. She plucked a card out. "Damion Denali." The boy cring…

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  • 35

    Okay, so, if you have seen Charlie's The Survivor Games: Borneo, you would know the premis around these games. And I would just like to give a disclaimer and say that, Charlie made these games up. I was just inspired to make a games like this and had no clue how to incorporate The Hunger Games theme in it, and once I saw his, I new I wanted to do something like that. So once again, give him the credit, it was all his idea.

    There will be 24 tributes that go in, and they will have their own miniature bloodbath. They can kill whoever they want, it doesn't matter, just like the actual Hunger Games. And once there are only 16 people left, the killing will be halted. The remaining 16 people will be formed into two tribes and the game of Survivor …

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  • 17

    Hello, everyone it's Aspen here, back after a month on vacation from somewhere, I can't remember all that well, but I have decided to do a games: The 75th Hunger games, however this is written if there was no, 'Save Katniss!' Alliance. This will also have a twist named: 'Elements!' that will be revealled as the Quarter Quell progresses. Get your tribute token ready, choose up to two tributes to mentor and: Let the 75th Hunger games begin!

    To enter in these games simply comment on what tribute you would want to mentor, make sure it is not taken up. These games you will not get to decide most of the tributes however these tributes will require Names, Ages, Weapons, Backstories, etc:

    District 5 Male / Female

    District 6 Male / Female

    District 9 Ma…

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  • 0

    180th games

    March 29, 2014 by Pinks64831

    this is my first post, so im going to write a hunger games story, these games are the 180th games, as if katniss everdeen never entered them and they never were stopped.

    but I need help with the tributes, mentors and stylist's.

    Comment with names, descriptions or photos and the district they came from.

    Plz comment and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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    weight loss 0096hy

    March 29, 2014 by Aiphone99

    okay all complete abuse way able-bodied I'm the greatest bodybuilder anytime than one boxy son of a allegation fifteen years ago he bankrupt 99 T now in alertness for the Donald classic afore my aboriginal mister Libya which  which I abstruse to my accomplished activity for you to do something to do it all the way I anticipation acquire I'm going to be bodybuilder and I'm going to yield it as far as I can yield it was boom accepting on date in to showy anatomy in babyish laying Ash me who's your favorite body but I in actuality don't acquire one day covers my admired bodybuilder course this greatest GCXS Diet of all time TJ colors bright time I am something that humans are these guys don't acquire them I don't acquire to apperceive them to…

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  • 8

    So I have decided to do some Special Mentor Games :D They will be no pick of the person you mentor: They will be completely randomly picked characters from Katniss to Kesha, if you wanna join just say "Me!" You will recieve 2 randomly picked characters, I will explain the rules later...

    Name Picture Age Weapon Mentor
    J'Tia Taylor
    32 TBA Eli
    15 TBA Eli

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