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  • FairyYuki

    The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    We know everyone's biggest nightmare in Panem, and it's a little thing called The Hunger Games. The annual event where children are again children, slaughtering one another. Betraying one another, befriending one another and loving one another. 

    President Zephyrine Shard is definitely in the Christmas spirit, and her Christmas wish is a full-blown manslaughter event. So, Zephyrine is planning on surprising the whole of Panem. The announcement may postpone a few Christmas arrangements, for sure.

    Who's on the naughty list this year?

    Two tributes per user, one male and one female and they must be in two seperate Districts.

    Here's the template:









    History …

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  • Valkyriecain15

    The New Games Part 3

    December 17, 2014 by Valkyriecain15

    We both turn tail and run for it! "Quick, climb!" Kaleb yells "Aahh HELLO! The branches are too high to climb!" I say "Ummmm... OK, find the thickest trunk and hide behind it, then when you think the careers are close enough, attack! OK?" he asks "Good plan!" I exclaim

    So we both find the thickest trunks we can see, and we are clos together. Oh crap! I hear the careers pounding feet. I risk a glance behind my tree, and see the two male careers on my side, and the two female careers on Kaleb's side! Ok, I am ready to attack..... I step out from behind my tree- "hey bitches! Whats up?" And I swing my axe into one of the males belly- BOOM!, and throw a knife into the other ones head, but miss! He is on top of me, laying in the punches, so I ha…

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  • Asnow89

    Happy Holidays from Finnick

    December 16, 2014 by Asnow89


    Finnick Odair has a special holiday message for you...ENJOY! Check out more Y.A. inspired holiday cards here...

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  • Laurabrooks

    When Jennifer Lawrence was selected to play the role of Katniss in the first Hunger Games film, she was immediately told that she must lose weight.   She was told she had to drop a certain number of pounds or be fired. This appalled her and what followed may have started a chain reaction in the way female actresses are portrayed on screen.

    “Somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn’t lose a certain amount of weight,” she said, “They brought in pictures of me where I was basically naked, and told me to use them as motivation for my diet. It was just that.”

    Thankfully, being the down to earth yet confident person that Jennifer Lawrence is, she was able to say no to these requests.  She understood the effects in girls …

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  • PumPumPumpkin :3

    Cheers for 2 years

    December 13, 2014 by PumPumPumpkin :3

    If you read the title (which you probably did) you can guess what this blog post is about. Yup. For exactly two years from today, I signed up my first wikia account and logged in as EHKnight. This blog will basically tell a bit of a story about my tumble through wikia these two years, my mistakes and victories and the friends I've made.

    Even though my account was made in December, I had been active in the Games department since the middle of October. The most memorable Games I joined were perhaps Charles' The 625th Hunger Games (2nd). I joined them with my tribute Sylvia Churchill, who I at first entered for District 10 but was moved to District 6 since it was already taken. These Games were probably the best ones I joined in my early times…

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  • Thecoldboringguy157

    The capitol games

    December 13, 2014 by Thecoldboringguy157

    Welcome to the Capitol games where all unlucky tributes i mean the people got pick in Capitol will attend the Capitol is now split Section A B C D each section of the Capitol will have 3 tributes each the same rules goes for this tributes but with a twist the districts 1 to 12 will pick who is the best and they sponser the tributes with aid from there district for there sponsers the tributes will fight to the death but there is a rule if a section has 2 or 3 tributes and the others sections tributes are dead they will be granted Victor the only rules are this and no eating of dead tributes doing so will be automaticly tazed that tribute

    The arena is a tundra a very cold place with snowy mountains the cornucopia is located at the middle surr…

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  • Owen1998

    The 853 Hunger Games

    December 12, 2014 by Owen1998

    Welcome to the 853 hunger games I,m president Owen and this is my first Hunger Games, well I,m a president who doesn,t like to talk much so let,s strart.I,m very exited because this are my first Hunger Games.

    • You have to stay active.
    • The only times you should send advice is when I ask users to send advice.
    • Please answer if I ask something.
    • The tribute limit is three per person .
    • If someone puts the same person on the same place I will get the first one who said it.
    • Reservations last 5 hours.
    • Don,t worry because I will come to look every day and do BIG contributions every two days (or less).
    • If you don,t play you are a chicken.
    • If you see some speling mistakes please don,t kill but english is my second language.

    Name Age District Gender Weapons User

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  • Levgeno

    Facebook Auto Like Page Script





































    Facebook Auto Like Page Script
    Share This Topic BB Code:URL Link:Similar Topics [NEWS] Earn Money From Internet 1000% Payment Garanty! [HELP] Plz Help Me Any Person. Reply With Quote 05-03-2014,08:06 PM #13 auztt Newbies Join Date Jul 2013 Posts 2 Thanks 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Re: [GET] free Auto like script for facebook :) chrome error SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input Reply With Quote 05-03-2014,08:49 PM #14 scorpion36 Newbies Join Date Jan 2012 Posts 18 Thanks 0 Thanked 1 Time in 1 Post Re: [GET] free Auto like script for facebook :) Originally Posted by emptyzero didn't test on firefox, i don't use it. More Pages Site: Prev.Next.Last.1. "Uncaught SyntaxError: Un…

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  • MarinaTheTenkaiKnight

    so yeah 


    Blah blah

    Time skip to final 2

    Emilia sacrifices herself for Blake.

    Same as last time. No godmodding, blah blah, the usual.

    There are incarnations of some of the tributes from last games.


    Billybob Joe: incarnation of a flower

    Billpowldkfie Blah: incarnation of a tree


    Tributes made into incarnations:

    Emilia: incarnation of The Doctor

    Eli: incarnation of Marvel

    the rest are revealed later :3

    User: District: Gender: Preferred Weapon:
    1 Male

    2 Female

    3 Male

    4 Female

    5 Male

    6 Female

    7 Female

    8 Male

    9 Male

    10 Female

    11 Male

    12 Female

    13 Female

    14 Female

    15 Male



    Small alliance:

    (insert alliance name here):

    (insert alliance name here):


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  • MyWorld

    Inactiveness :(

    December 10, 2014 by MyWorld

    Hello everyone, it is I, World, here to tell everyone that I will unfortunately not be very active on the Wiki for a while, until probably at least around February, if not later. Here are the main reasons why:

    1. One of the toughest times of the school year (Mid-terms stuff) is coming up, and I cannot do bad on those. This has been a tough marking period for me thus far, and doing poor on the mid-terms will be disastrous. I cannot afford to slack off of those at all.

    2. I am a part of the High School Basketball Team for my school, and the practice schedule makes it tough for me to both go to the practices/games and do my homework in a short time period afterwards. As a result, I have very little free time to do all this. The season ends in F…

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  • Summer bee 13

    Hey everyone. In case if you are or are not aware, once upon a time I hosted an RP Games here that still may or may not be active? Well, here is the sequel-ish and this time around, it's a rebellion! And guess who will be joining you? *cough cough myself cough cough*

    So, after the RP Games, the evil President Snow sent in muttations to attack the land known as Panem in order to get vengeance because all of the living tributes had escaped the arena. But is everyone against the Capitol? We will see.

    1. No Godmodding

    2. You can still participate even if you have died

    3. When filling out the character form, include an RL Picture

    4. HAVE FUN!

    5. Maximum of 4 characters (this may change)

    Name: (First AND Last)

    District: (Capitol-15)

    Status: (Victor, Reviv…

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  • Swimmerboy7701

    the 77th games

    December 6, 2014 by Swimmerboy7701

    Hey guys my name is Allen and im new on this wiki but I just thought it would be fun to make a hunger games









    Stratagy for the games+districs they want to be allianced with:


    district name gender age weapon token stratagy in games, alliances sponser coin
    1 adrian  faberge male 16 javalin, scythe his hat Grab supplies that will last him a week then hide near the Career tributes killing one per night as they sleep. Relax and spare his energy for when it’s needed. Then, allow the other tributes to kill each other until his final opponent remains and then brutally kill them. 3
    1 aurelia roba female 17 labrys(double sided axe), machete, mace nacklace Avoid showing her prosthetic leg to avoid…

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  • MarinaTheTenkaiKnight

    chocolate lollipops

    1. 3 tributes per user

    2. Reserves will last six to eight hours depending on how much I trust you to submit stuff in on time

    3. Mentor advice needs to be sent every two days (in real life days)

    4. Please don't make Mary Sue's. I won't accept those.

    5. One career per user, I will make an exception if they are twins or sisters.

    6. I know this is a cheesy rule, but have fun!

    The tributes will have to fight in arenas organized by District.

    First arena will have:

    District One Male

    District Four Female

    District 6 Male

    District 9 Female

    District 11 Female

    District 13 Female

    Second arena will have:

    District Three Female

    District Five Male

    District Seven Female

    District 10 Female

    District 10 Male

    District 12 Female

    District 8 Male

    District 11 Male


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  • Valkyriecain15

    The New Games Part 2

    December 5, 2014 by Valkyriecain15

    "Your axes, just because your from district Seven does not mean-"

    I stop ranting because Kaleb is now laughing so hard that he falls over and roll around.

    "WHAT?!" I yell.

    "You are so CUTE, when you are angry! Oh my god!" He gufgaws

    "Ugh, OK, so what if I say you are cute aswell, will you be my ally?" I ask

    This is like me asking somebody out (dating), so tis is really hard for me.

    "Yeah sure,Matty" he says the last word like it is my permanent nickname.

    We start walking throught the forest, and he too, notices that the branches are too high from the ground to climb. By the time it takes him to figure out a way we could climb, (make a crappy ladder!), we find ourselves on a grassy plain, where the careers are now running at us!

    END OF PART 2 

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  • Toast With The Most


    So, I'm going to my state's capital to do some work, present a bill, etc. and I am going to be inactive for around 3 days 

    do you miss me already? c:

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  • Valkyriecain15

    The New Games

    December 4, 2014 by Valkyriecain15

    Hi. I have tried again and again to write a new version of the Hunger Games. Well, here it is guys:

    5,4,3,2,1... BOOM!

    Now, I must get there now! OK, I am there, and pick up the first thing I see. It's a... a... bag if Skittles? OOOOK. Well, I will need my sugar for later. Now I find a throwing knife and throw into 2's belly, that's one career down, I think. I pick up two small axes, a small blue pack, and six more throwing knives, and am now running towards a very large forest.

    I am walking very slowly when I hear a rustle behind me, and swing around with the axe ready to penetrate my followers body, when he ducks and says:

    "So you are the one who took my axes then!?"

    "I guess I am. Who are you?" I say

    " my name is Kaleb, and am from Dstrict Se…

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    We shouldn't be surprised that Jennifer Lawrence can sing (since it seems like she can do anything), but we still stopped breathing when Katniss sang "The Hanging Tree" for the District 13 rebels. According to the U.K.'s Official Charts Company, the song is now positioned at No. 29 on the charts after calculating midweek sales. Let's see how high the song can go!

    Jennifer has been very honest about how she cried when filming this scene because she was so nervous to sing in front of the crew and claims to sound like "a deer that has been caught in a fence" when she sings.

    But I think we can all agree that while she might not be Adele, it's a perfect performance of a perfect song for this movie.

    Also check out Jennifer joking around with David …

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  • LunaGokaiger

    298th Hunger Games

    November 30, 2014 by LunaGokaiger

    Hello everyone. I've been recently discovered out this wiki and the Hunger Games roleplaying one, and I loved most of the Fan Games I've seen this month. So, today, I decided to write my first Games. As the ones I saw, I'll be trying to write the reapings, parade, training, and interviews. And of course, the Games.

    It has been more than two hundred years since the Hunger Games were re-installed by a direct successor to Snow, President Archius. Two tributes (one male and one female) of every district must be reaped in order to compete against other tributes until there is only one remaining.

    1. Every user has the chance to submit up to three tributes. Considering that this may not be popular, I'll be increasing the limit eventually.

    2. The tribu…

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  • ConspiracyKiller825

    Hello & Welcome. I Have Created This Page To Show You, To Show Everyone, How I Personally Pick & Choose, The Tribute Deaths & Tribute Victories In My Hunger Games. These Will Just State Basic Things That I Look For When Deciding A Tribute Death Or A Tribute Victory. These Will Also State Some Tips & Tricks That You Guys Should Remember To Keep Doing Throughout My Games. Disclaimer, Completing All Of These Will Not Exactly Bring Your Tribute Victory, This Will Be More Explained Below. This Page Also Will State All The Names Of The Stylists, Mentors, Escorts, Trainers & Victors That Will Ever Be Stated In My Games. Meaning If I Was To Say A Random Name, And You Didn't Know Who I Was Speaking About, You Can Come Back To This Page And Look It …

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  • Wolfenton - District 12

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  • MongolianLion

    The 217th Hunger Games

    November 29, 2014 by MongolianLion

    Hi, MongolianLion, or Jordan if you want, here with my first games! If your interested, keep on reading, for info about joining!

    1. Max of 3 tributes.
    2. No arguing/fighting in the comments.
    3. Don't complain about your tribute dying.
    4. Be sure to stay active, your tribute might do better if you are.
    5. Advice is allowed, I might not follow it 100% though.
    6. If you wanna be a critic, make sure to have constructive critisiscm.
    7. Have fun, and hopefully enjoy the games!

    This is the bare minimum of your tribute. Feel free to add anything else to it! No removing anything though.





    Appearance, Pictures are accepted:


    Weapons, max of 3:


    District Name Age Weapons
    1/F Caspin Shimmer 15 Hatchet, Dagger
    1/M Sebastian Glaze 17 Ax, Throwing …

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  • District99

    These names/victors are not fivtional or made up they are from the real moive. You can see at this link

    15 out of 76 victors were not able to participate in these games.

    Orchid Edenthew and Velorum Lathmore- District 1

    Griffin Naysmith, Leonis Elestren, and Magnus Sterlingshire- District 2

    Honorius Perthshire- District 3

    Mags Cohen- District 4

    Fir Yule, Jago Portshore and Eero Nitya - District 7

    Savera Inchcape- District 8

     Mizar Aldjoy- District 9

    Wolfmark RedpathFallstreak Ivory- District 11

    Katniss and Peeta-District 12

    G Name District Age Weapon Year Won Trainig Score
    M Raff Lockhearst 1 66 Knives 24th 9
    F Terra Kinnimonth 1 49 Spears 42nd 9
    M  Struve Ballantynn 1 47 Bow and Arrow 44th 10
    F Scorpii Inch…

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  • TheWizardTributeInitiateShadowHunterHalf-Blood

    25 years after the rebellion the final instalment of the Hunger Games was to take place, with of course only Capitol citizens Katniss Mellark, Peeta Mellark, Enobaria, Haymitch Abernathy, Annie Cresta, Johanna Mason and Beetee Latier are to reunite one last time to become Head Game-Makers of the 100th Hunger Games.

    ARENA The arena will be designed by Beetee and it will contain all of the horrors the victors went through to survive. It will be 5 distinct areas: A desert A jungle A forest A snow realm And a rain-forest All of those elements reunited on one single island. The tributes will be placed not in the center but all around the island with in front of their pedestals only a small bottle of water and 3 pieces of dried fruit, and a map t…

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  • MarinaTheTenkaiKnight

    These will be a very funny games by Marina. Credit to The Symphonic Taco for the name.

    1. Reservations last six hours.

    2. 4 tributes per person.

    3. Have fun!

    4. No perfect tributes. Here's an example:

    Name: 2perf 4u

    Age: he doesn't have an age bc he's too perf

    gender: way too perf for that

    district: too perf

    backstory: he's too perf

    You get what I mean?

    Name: District: Gender: Weapon: User: Name: District: Gender: Weapon: User:
    1 Male

    1 Female

    2 Male

    2 Female

    3 Male

    3 Female

    4 Male

    4 Female

    5 Male

    5 Female

    6 Male

    6 Female

    7 Male

    7 Female

    8 Male

    8 Female

    9 Male

    9 Female

    10 Male

    10 Female

    11 Male

    11 Female

    12 Male

    12 Female

    13 Male

    13 Female

    14 Male

    14 Female

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  • District99

    Four tributes per user.


    District: (1-12)

    Age: (12-18)

    Gender: (M or F)

    Weapons: (3 max)

    Weakness: (3)

    Strengths: (3)

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  • Audreybb18

    Who is your favorite character?





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  • FrostyFire

    The 500th Hunger Games

    November 28, 2014 by FrostyFire

    The 500th Hunger Games Part I

    1. You may submit up to four tributes for the new tributes, but you can only reserve two spots at a time. If you are creating a new tribute, you can reserve the spot for roughly one or two hours, depending on the amount of information you include. If you include a lot of information and you end up not submitting it until three or four hours later, then they'll still be accepted, if it includes a lot of information.

    2. You may submit however many tributes you want for the selected tributes, but only ten male and female tributes will actually make it to the voting stage. I will figure out which tributes are better and which ones I like, and those ones will make it to the selecting stage. Some districts, however, m…

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  • Gcheung28

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 had a very successful premiere despite having the lowest numbers out of the three Hunger Games films out right now. Maybe that's why Lionsgate is thinking about keeping the franchise going with spin offs? Fans already have a stage play, future games, and there were talks about some kind of amusement park theme, but would fans be interested in an expanded storyline with people other than Katniss?

    According to Hypable, Francis Lawrence told MTV that people are talking about expanding the franchise, but is it really a good idea? One could compare this to Harry Potter and how that franchise is doing a Fantastic Beasts spin off, but, in comparison, the world building that JK Rowling has done for that series al…

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  • Lexi142685

    The Endless Games

    November 26, 2014 by Lexi142685

    Hey it's me! To those who don't know who this random 'me' is or who simply don't remember (which many of you don't -.-), I am Lexi! Bringing you a new games. I am discontining the old ones, by the way. 

    The Arena is made of ten sections. Each a different terrain. This includes a forest, a jungle, a meadow, a dessert, a snowy area, mountain ranges and other areas. Each section has five houses in it. Each house is located different in each section. The weather is different in each one also. All the houses have some sort of supplies. Twist: There is a tad problem, the mutts don't die, the people who do die turn into zombies, the sections each turn out to be endless. 


    Four tributes per user.

    Name: (Nothing like JJHIUGUH please)

    Age: (13-18…

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  • Can't think on a decent username right now

    NOTE: THIS WRITING ISN'T MINE. It was written by a wiki contributor, who can't write a blog.

    The waves crashed against the sandy beaches of District Four. Cecil couldn't sleep,it was the day of the reaping's and also nearly the year anniversary of his sisters death in the games."What are you doing here you kinda need to be getting ready for the reaping". "Go away Finnick" "Just come on" "Fine"

    4 hours later: I am crowded into the 18 year old section,man I'm so bored. The District Four escort Jensen Cliffard takes a seat whilst the mayor rambles on about the trinity of peace and stuff. Then Jensen steps up he looks like a red haired version of Finnick. "As always,ladies first"he announces."Lana Shelley"Dam that's my girl!"And the male tribut…

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  • LightStone123

    Welcome everyone to my ninth ever Hunger Games! In my last games, The 399th Annual Hunger Games, Anais Morrisa from District 1 and created by Pippycat was crowned victor. These Games have a special twist added to them as well, a very special twist that will make these my biggest, boldest, and bloodiest Games yet!

    This year the Hunger Games will be a Quell, a very special Quell at that. This year the Games will contain ninety-two tributes. Yes, ninety-two! Thirty-two of them will be Reaped from District's 0 through 14 and the Capitol, another thirty-two will be voted upon by citizens of the Capitol. These tributes will be tributes from the 327th, 398th, and 399th Hunger Games. The tributes with the most votes will be revived and and sent bac…

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  • Asnow89

    Mockingjay Premiere Menu

    November 20, 2014 by Asnow89

    IT'S ALMOST HERE. We've waited a year since Catching Fire to watch the premiere of Mockingjay: Part 1. We've seen the trailers. We've seen the posters. It's almost time... so get your tickets and make this premiere party menu, inspired by all of books, before you go. Enjoy!

    Making Peeta Bread is not only a suggestion- it's a requirement for your premiere party. Instead of making burnt bread, like Peeta, make this dark brown rye bread.

    You'll need cheese to go with your Peeta bread! Wrap basil around a ball of goat cheese, just like the one Prim gave Katniss on reaping day.

    Make Katniss' favorite dish from The Capitol for your main course- lamb stew! Serve it over wild rice, like in The Hunger Games, or just serve Peeta's bread on the side.


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  • Blissfully Mine

    Two Years

    November 20, 2014 by Blissfully Mine

    Wow, okay. This is gonna be emotion-filled and pretty long, so read this when you have time. Also, don’t get upset if you weren’t mentioned in any paragraph if I don’t know you or haven’t talked for more than one time in a period of two years, thanks.

    November 18th, 2012.

    Literally, I wish I could tell you what was going through my mind on this date, but I can’t, honestly, since I hardly remember. I was just that girl who was obsessed with The Hunger Games and wanted somewhere that wasn’t really roleplaying, but still be able to have a tribute to participate in. I searched lots and lots of websites, literally I swear I searched hundreds, until I found this site called “The Hunger Games Wiki”.

    Before I joined I had no clue of what a wiki was, n…

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  • Asnow89

    To celebrate the mid-mark of this month's Mockingjay book club, we decided it would be fun to host a FANTASY casting. While we absolutely love the current cast of Mockingjay: Part 1, is there an actor/actress who you really wanted to play a certain part? Now's your chance!

    Create your own ultimate fantasy cast by voting now!

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  • Kalebj777

    the divergent games

    November 19, 2014 by Kalebj777

    helllllooooooo everybody! i am going to go out on a limb and mix two fandoms, i know pretty darn risky. soo i am going to have every faction be basicly a district. there will be reapings for 4 tributes per faction, but instead of having a certain amount of boys and girls they will be all mixed together in the reaping bowls. and also since the people aren't really in the the factions till they are 16  the games will will be for the ages of 16 to 21  years old. as for the volunteering boys are allowed to vollunteer for girls and vise versa along with boys for boys and girls for girls.the games will also happen the same way as the normal hunger games. LETS GET THIS THING STARTED!!!!!!!

    selfless always thinks of other people before thmselves be…

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  • KatnissEverdeenFan

    Alright so, I kept getting busy with the last two games I tried to start which made me sad. I feel like this time I can really finish and I feel like you guys will enjoy it. If you want samples of my writing you can look back at my other started games. 

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  • TJeye


    November 16, 2014 by TJeye

    Jason is doing good in the 998th Hunger Games thanks for the support!

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  • Grumpily14

    1st Annual Revived Games!

    November 15, 2014 by Grumpily14

    Ok so this is like my third attempt at making a games coz every other time something will come up! Anyways I'll put up the tribute suggestion form and allow you to suggest some tributes!!!!

    MAX 3. 











    Token: (Optional)

    Strengths: (Optional)

    Weaknesses: (Optional)

    Fear: (Only 1)



    Sebastian Glaze


    17 Assorted Axes

    Realy Cooper



    Throwing Knives, Crossbow

    Bare Hands


    Blaze Mason


    17 Sword, Throwing Knives

    Alexandrite Bohamia


    14 Bow, Sword, Knife

    Eric Carlson


    15 Traps, Electrocution

    Alluria Nexus


    15 Mace, Flail, Machete

    Duo Kily


    12 Mallet, Bar…

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  • El Funk

    Hi so for those interested in the concept of the collective hunger games, what method of communication suits you best?

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  • YourFavoriteSalmon

    Something to get me in that writing spirit again. Read and comment if you feel the need to.

    Drake was just turning 17. Most tributes from 9 had little sucsess, and Drake felt he was no different. When reaped into a games of utter terror and suspense, Drake had little to say, but knew he had to prove his worth to the district, and the distrusting president...

    "Drake, up! C'mon Drake!" my sister says, hitting me with a pillow. I groan, and rise up. "Reaping is in 20 minutes! Better get ready!" she says, before sliding down the stairs. She was lucky, being just a mere 9 year old child, safe from the reaping.

    I myself am 17. Most tributes in my district were reaped at the age of 13 or 14, which is why we had such a low victor percentage. Combined…

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  • Summer bee 13

    1,000 edits (Yay)

    November 15, 2014 by Summer bee 13

    So yeah, this will be my 1,000th edit on the Hunger Games Wiki!

    - Writing two games (third still in progress)

    - Having a victor (cough cough Thanks Tyler cough cough)

    - Making some new friends :3

    - NOT making enemies or "haters"

    - Make enemies :3

    So thanks for the support people! Below is a list of people who have been with me here and I know(ish)


    - Pipsqueak (Pippycat)

    - Sammy (Sambaroses)

    - Marina (Biel1458)

    - Whale (MarinaTheTenkaiKnight)

    - Blake (Tehblakdeath)

    - Nathaniel (Nlby001)

    - Meoryou (Eden)

    - Bekah (Blue-Ribbonz)

    - Erlend (PumPumPumpkin :3)

    - Amina (Yoonie)

    - Summer (Blissfully Mine)

    - Liza (Rainfacestar)

    - Jen (District3forever)

    - Eli (YourFavoriteSalmon)

    - Max (Mistymolla)

    - Ciara (…

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  • Kalebj777

    the parenting games

    November 14, 2014 by Kalebj777

    Why, Hello everyone I am soo excited to start these games. I really hope that you contribute to them because i think they're going to be amazing. the twist is going to blow your guys' minds. actually u already got it from the name.:)

    in the reapings a kid(boy, or girl) then every tribute will have to pick on of their parents to go into the arena with them. A parent and their kid are allowed to win together, but if say a kid from two and a parent from one are the final two they will have to fight it out to the finish.

    name: please have the parent and kid have the same last name



    age: make the parents from 30 to 50 and the kids 12 to 18district: 1 to 13

    weapons: 1 to 3

    backstory: dosn't have to be too long 

    skills: 1 or two

    weaknesses: …

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  • Rainfacestar

    Busy Bee Liza

    November 14, 2014 by Rainfacestar

    Title says it all. Pretty much, I am going to be taking maybe... a week off or sth because I have a ton of play stuff to work on. If you don't think it's that serious, last week I stayed until 11 every night afterschool working on the play. Also, this week is kinda busy. Tomorrow (Friday), I am going to school and I'm not coming home 'till around 11 because I'm staying after from 2:30-11, which will be spent working some problematic errors in my play out and then running it all at 7 for a live audience. That's right, I'm managing my third play night for Three Musketeers at my school and it's really fun and all :3

    Any way, Saturday isn't going to be so hot, either, as first I have to do chores that I missed last week because of the play and …

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  • ContinuedWriting

    So first off! I am new here. I have to express my love to Suzanne Collins for creating these amazing books and inspiring me to bring up my own writing. The books are great reads which I thoroughly enjoyed and the films have to be the best adaptations I have seen of any books - even though there is some things missed out but we can let that slip - they just create a remarkable world for me to get lost in. 

    So now to actually get on with what the title states. After writing and writing I have managed to create beginnings to several ideas for stories set in THG Universe but many not making it past 3 pages and 1 actually reaching around 40 pages. But one of the several dead story starts stood out to me. One I started while on holiday to America…

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  • Asnow89

    Thank you to everyone who entered! Go and VOTE for the winning Rebel and The Capitol looks now on the Fashion Wikia! May the best tribute win...


    Who is ready for the Mockingjay: Part 1 premiere? We are actually counting down the days...but in the mean time, we thought it would be fun to have a Capitol vs. Rebels fashion challenge. Are you more into Katniss' sleek black rebel outfit or Johanna's icy white Capitol gown?

    For this month's Closet Confidential, we want you to create your OWN rebel or Capitol outfit (or both!). Have fun with it!

    Here's how to Enter:

    1. SIGN IN: You must be a registered user logged in to Wikia. Create an account here!
    Note: You MUST leave a logged in comment to win.
    2. CREATE: Create your own hardcore rebel outf…

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  • Gcheung28

    The Hunger Games movie franchise is ending soon, but Lionsgate isn't planning on letting fans go! With that said, news has just broke out today that one of the steps in keeping fans interested is...a stage production! No, we are not kidding. Lionsgate is teaming up with Dutch media company Imagine Nation and U.S. based Triangular Entertainment to bring The Hunger Games to the stage using innovative and immersive staging techniques! The Hunger Games theatrical experience is scheduled to launch in summer 2016 in a brand new purpose-built theater next to Wembley Stadium in London, UK.

    This production will be produced by award-winning Broadway producer Robin de Levita, co-founder of Imagine Nation, along with legendary UK promoter Harvey Goldsmith, …

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  • AngelsHolocaust

    Hi! I'm here with a new games, a wicked, brutal games. With a VERY well-thought out twist. I'm super excited for these games, and I'm sure you will be on the edge of the seat too. Well, I can guarantee that. Let the games begin.

    Name. No ridiculous names, please. I'm not letting a 'Bubble Bubble' win. Or 'Mary Smith'. Please be creative!





    Weaponry + Strengths:



    D1: Lucretius Ashbourne D1: Caspin Shimmer
    D2: Rodeo Baldios D2: Bellatrix de Lucia
    D3: Quentz Electrison D3: Aeralene Ekiert
    D4: Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya D4: Cybelle Kyros


    D5: Allium Arcson
    D6: Aydan Cristine D6: Violet Dionaea
    D7: D7: Ava Parker 
    D8: Saibi Deller D8: 
    D9: D9: Honeysickle Ash
    D10: D10:
    D11: D11:
    D12: Rudolphus …

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  • Asnow89

    Who is excited for Mockingjay: Part 1 to be released in a few weeks??? In honor of the movie, we are reading (and re-reading) Mockingjay.

    Come join us on YA Society Reads and vote in our Fan Favorite Polls, fantasy casting, and MORE! Join in on the discussion and let us know your thoughts and feels about the book.

    Can't wait to see you there!

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  • Pippycat

    Hey, so the first 998th HG were a fail so here. :3

    President Rain took his spot on the balcony overlooking the huge Capitol audience, as his daughter, Evaline, walked up beside him in her frilly blue dress. She smiled at him warmly as she picked up a small wooden box, nervously scanning the area with her eyes.

    "We're live..." President Rain whispered to her, then he started his speech. "Welcome, Panem! As you all know, each year, we celebrate the peace that we have maintained for years. For 997 years, that is. And, as you also know, it is time for the 998th Hunger Games in just a few days. But, it is also close to the 1,000th Hunger Games. The 1,000th Hunger Games are not just another 100 year mark... this will be 1,000 years. So, instead of…

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  • Sonicthehedgehog158

    • GianG believes this, but there is no evidence or proof he did or was told to do this.
    • The unlikely evidence:
      • The boy from District 10 dies 11/12 seconds too soon, only 2/3 seconds after the District 8 male does. The District 10 female lasts 23 seconds.
      • A female actress would have been asked to replace her instead of a male one.
      • The machete dig up truck is a very rare stunt move. (Stated by Travis)

    After the District 3 female has her right knee slit by the 'District 4 female', Clove is seen looking throgh a backpack to find and then obtains throwing knives, the District 5 male is seen shortly after grabbing a sickle, for a short period of time, he has red hair glimpses. Also his jacket is dark blue, but the District 9 female's is supposed to be …

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