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Quarter quell cashmere
Age 26-29
Occupation Tribute
Home Victors' Village in District 1
Gender Female
Fate Deceased
Appearances Catching Fire
Mentioned Mockingjay
Portrayed by Stephanie Leigh Schlund
"I'm sorry. I just can't stop crying."
―Cashmere during the victor interviews[src]

Cashmere was the female tribute from District 1 who participated in the 75th Hunger Games, the third Quarter Quell. She was also the victor of the 64th Hunger Games.

75th Hunger GamesEdit

The victor of the 64th Hunger Games, Cashmere was reaped along with her brother, Gloss, for the third Quarter Quell. She and Gloss both won the Hunger Games in consecutive years when Katniss was a younger girl. It is implied that both Gloss and Cashmere were friends with some of the existing victors. It's additionally highly possible that either Cashmere or her brother mentored the District 1 tributes from the 74th Hunger Games: Glimmer and Marvel.

Gloss cashmere reaping

Gloss and Cashmere at the Reaping for the 75th Hunger Games.

Both Cashmere and her brother, Gloss, presumably volunteer to compete in the third Quarter Quell, like the other career victors from the more wealthy districts. Katniss describes them both as "classically beautiful", and the two are implied to be significant crowd pleasers, as well as a fan favorite.  


Thgexplorer cashmere

Cashmere in the Training Center.

During Training, Cashmere trains with her brother at the knife throwing station, where they together eliminate two targets, with only one throw. Katniss says she received a very high score after her private session with the Gamemakers. Katniss also makes hammocks with Cashmere and Gloss in the Training Center, where she describes them as polite but cool. Both siblings mingle with the other career victors and Peeta, and they presumably enlist Katniss as an ally when they see her skills with a bow and arrow.


Catchingfire 06073

Cashmere and Gloss being interviewed by Caesar

Before the individual interviews, Cashmere insults Katniss's wedding dress, which looks rather over the top when compared to the other victor's outfitting. During her interview with Caesar Flickerman, she makes a speech about how she cannot stop crying when she thinks about how the residents of the Capitol must be suffering with the thought of the loss of 23 victors, playing up to the audience. This is her way to show how betrayed the victors feel about going back to the arena. In the film, Katniss is disgusted by Cashmere's illegitimate emotion and fake behavior, but understands when Haymitch explains to her that the tributes would do anything to stop the games. Cashmere and her brother join hands with the other twenty-two other victors as a sign of rebellion following the end of the interview session, causing the crowd to go wild with discontent.  


Cashmere pedestal

Cashmere standing on her pedestal at the beginning of the Games.

Cashmere and her brother do not make it to the cornucopia in time to confront Katniss, Finnick, Peeta or Mags before they escape into the jungle. However, she and Gloss, along with Brutus and Enobaria presumably manage to kill several other victors during the bloodbath. All four career tributes manage to survive the first day without any major injuries.



Cashmere with Johanna's axe on her chest.

On the second day of the Games, the career pack manages to sneak up on the rebellion alliance now consisting of Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Johanna, Beetee, and Wiress, as they formulate a plan to avoid the various disasters around the arena and kill the other remaining victors. While Wiress is separated from the others, Gloss slits her throat, prompting Katniss to shoot him with one of her arrows. Immediately after Gloss's death, Cashmere charges at Katniss, apparently intent on killing her, but Johanna digs her axe into Cashmere's heart, killing her. Cashmere's cannon sounds instantly afterwards, and Brutus and Enobaria barely escape with their lives. Cashmere's body is thrown into the water when the cornucopia starts spinning, on the command of Plutarch Heavensbee. Cashmere placed 10th out of 24 tributes. It is unknown if she or the other careers ever figured out the arena design, nor if they were aware of the rebel alliance.  


In Mockingjay, Cashmere was implied to have been used for prostitution by President Snow.


Due to the fact that Cashmere was a Career Tribute, it is likely she killed many tributes during the 64th Hunger games and during the 3rd Quarter Quell.


"There's the classically beautiful brother and sister from District 1 who were victors two consecutive years when I was little."
―Katniss on Gloss and Cashmere.[src]
Cashmere's brother, Gloss, was also a tribute in the 75th Hunger Games, as well as a victor from an earlier year. They were known to have a strong relationship, although Cashmere seemed to have control over Gloss, and they fought side by side until the very end. No other family is mentioned.

Physical descriptionEdit

Cashmere and her brother Gloss were both described as being classically beautiful. She was noted to have long blonde hair, cascading in curls. It is probable that she and Gloss were physically stronger than most of the
VictorsRevealed-Cashmere gloss

Cashmere and her twin brother.

other victors, being relatively young and from District 1. It should be noted that it is implied that Cashmere was a victim of prostitution by President Snow, alluding to her physical attractiveness.

It is implied that Cashmere shared a resemblance to another District 1 tribute, Glimmer, with her green eyes and flowing blonde curls, though this may be because in District 1 this is fairly common.


  • It is possible that Cashmere and Gloss were the mentors to Glimmer and Marvel from the 74th Hunger Games.
  • In the film, Cashmere was shown to have a skill in balancing pointed weapons, such as a knife, in her hand with no problem.
  • Cashmere and Gloss are the only known brother and sister who have won the Hunger Games.
  • Cashmere was the only District 1 tribute from the 74th & 75th Hunger Games not to be killed by Katniss, as Cashmere was killed by Johanna Mason.
  • Additionally, she is the only known District 1 tribute to not be killed by a District 12 tribute. Glimmer, Gloss, Marvel, and the District 1 female (50th HG) were killed by Katniss and Haymitch Abernathy, respectively. 
  • Enobaria, Gloss, Cashmere and Finnick Odair consecutively won the 62nd, 63rd, 64th and 65th Hunger Games respectively.
  • Cashmere is the last female to ever die in the Hunger Games.
  • In the film, Cashmere and Gloss were interviewed together by Caesar, while in the book they were interviewed separately.
  • In reality, cashmere is a really expensive type of fabric. This can be enforced by the fact that Cashmere comes from District 1, as their main production is luxury.
  • On Capitol Couture, it is revealed that Cashmere won the 64th Hunger Games.
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