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Age Around 30
Occupation Mentor, Tribute
Home Victors' Village in District 8
Gender Female
Weapon Sword
Fate Deceased
Appearances Catching Fire
Portrayed by Elena Sánchez
"No one speaks. I can’t pretend I knew any of them well. But I’m thinking of those three kids hanging on to Cecelia when they took her away."
Katniss Everdeen remembering Cecelia.[src]

Cecelia was the District 8 female tribute who participated in the 75th Hunger Games. She was also the victor of the an unspecified Hunger Games.

75th Hunger GamesEdit

Katniss stated she was about 30. Cecelia was reaped for the third Quarter Quell. Cecelia was reaped to be the female tribute for the third Quarter Quell. She had to tear off her three children who refused to let her leave at this time. Katniss remembered later in the game that Cecelia's three children clung to her when she was taken. Effie expressed dismay and commented "Oh, not Cecelia" when she was reaped for the third Quarter Quell. This indicates that Effie feels sympathy towards Cecelia because she's the mother of three children.

Chariot RidesEdit

In the books, she wasn't described during the chariot rides. In the film adaption, we can see her behind the District 10 tributes when Finnick comes to talk to Katniss. Cecelia is seen wearing a long black dress with large white wires on her shoulders.


In training, it is revealed that her fellow tribute from District 8, Woof, stayed fairly close to her. They eventually invited Katniss to the bug station, who tried asking them about the uprising in District 8, but changed her mind at the last second. Her motherly instincts caused Katniss to want to become her ally. She received a score of 9, for her skills in throwing knives.


Cecelia's outfit seems to be a grinding combination integrating red and black with design circulars in the interviews. Cecelia joined hands with the other twenty-three tributes as a sign of rebellion in the interviews.



Cecelia and the District 10 male on their metal plates.

Cecelia was killed in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath. She was stationed on the pedestal next to the District 10 male.

She was presumably killed by one of the Careers and have placed between 17th-23rd.

Katniss was dismayed by her death and grieves for her, the male morphling and Seeder later that night. She remembers Cecelia's removal at the time of the Reaping.

At the end of Catching Fire, when Katniss flies towards District 13, Haymitch revealed that Cecelia was one of the victors who knew of the rebellion and was part of the alliance to save Katniss.


Cecelia had three children at home by the time of the third Quarter Quell who were very upset to see their mother going into the Games. The children's names and gender are unknown. The father or fathers of those children as well as her husband if any are also unknown.

Physical descriptionEdit

Cecelia was described as being around thirty or so, and was one of the younger victors. She has a very motherly physique.


  • Cecelia probably won the 55th-61st Hunger Games, since Katniss said she was around 30.
  • Cecelia is the only known victor who had children before the end of the Hunger Games. Katniss and Peeta had two children after the war.
  • Effie seems to have pity for her and she was the only victor who seemed to have this affection from Effie, apart from Katniss and Peeta.
  • In the film, Cecelia seems to be elsewhere during the interview. She doesn't raise her arms completely and her face was deeply sad, probably because she feared that Snow would be able to kill her children.
  • In the film, neither Cecelia nor Woof are seen during the Fallen broadcast on the first night of the Games, as their faces are replaced with Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and Mags' saddened expressions towards the deceased.

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