• District 1: Luxury
  • District 2: Masonry
  • District 3: Technology
  • District 4: Fishing
  • District 5: Power
  • District 6: Transportation
  • District 7: Lumber
  • District 8: Textiles
  • District 9: Grain
  • District 10: Livestock
  • District 11: Agriculture
  • Peeta Mellark - District 12
  • Katniss Everdeen - District 12
  • All of the tribute costumes
  • Districts 1-3 in the flim

The costumes of the 74th Hunger Games chariot rides.

District 1 - Luxury

In the film, Glimmer and Marvel wore fuchsia-colored outfits that were belted out in sequins and feathers. The feathers and glamorous accessories made a statement about their district. Glimmer wore a headdress that lay flat against the top of her head, like a cap, and had then fanned out, like the feathers on a peacock.

However, in the book, Katniss observed that both tributes from District 1 were spray-painted silver, in tasteful tunics glittering with jewels.

District 2 - Masonry

Clove and Cato were dressed as gods to represent their district. The gold color was shiny and sure to catch attention. Their headpieces were made of the same materials as the victor's crown/headband.

District 3 - Technology

The silver outfits sported by the male and female tributes represent the intricate inner working of electronic devices. The silver mesh material was very shiny, and might have been meant to represent metal electronics.

District 4 - Fishing

The male and female tributes lived up to the name of their district with long light-blue outfits and luminous pearls which represent pearls in the sea, and had starfish on the shoulders.

District 5 - Power

The male tribute and Foxface (real name unknown) wore costumes that reflected light and shone whenever the tributes turned around. The glittering, eye-catching silver represents the color of wires and other power-like items. Their costumes represented a solar panel.

District 6 - Transportation

Covered in sparkly gold sequins and spectacular moon headpieces, the male and female tributes sported far-out costumes. They were "flying to the moon." It also represents that it takes time to travel, and that some people used to use the moon for directions.

District 7 - Lumber

The male and female tributes costumes represented folded origami paper. Their headpieces were sculpted to look like a professionally made origami (Though in Catching Fire, Johanna Mason says that their stylist is the biggest idiot in the Capitol and has dressed the District 7 tributes as trees for the last forty years).

District 8 - Textiles

These bright costumes worn by the male and female tributes, represented the different fabrics from their district. They were decked out in multiple patterns and bright blues and purples.

District 9 - Grain

The District 9 male and female tributes wore silver and gold costumes, which represented grain silos.

District 10 - Livestock

The District 10 male and female tributes had costumes that were glitzed up in golden fringe, and meant to represent cowboys and cowgirls from their district.

District 11 - Agriculture

Rue and Thresh were dressed up as farmers, so their costumes were full of plaid, puffs, and overalls. These outfits describe their district very well. They are both wearing silver headdresses meant to look like the grain seen on the symbol for their district.

District 12 - Coal mining

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark wore a black suit with a cape that was able to set on fire on command (The fire was synthetic.) This earned Katniss the nickname "girl on fire." During the fireball attack in the arena, she speculates that Cinna's beautiful costumes might have even brought on that particular torture for her. Their costume represented a piece of burning coal, the black jumpsuit being the coal and the flaming cape the fire.