"She looks young to be a commander. Early thirties. But there is an authoritative tone to her voice that makes you feel that her appointment wasn't arbitrary."
Katniss Everdeen about Commander Paylor[src]

Commander Paylor was the leader among the rebels in District 8, and at the end of Mockingjay, becomes the new president of Panem.


Katniss first meets Paylor when she goes to District 8's hospital in order to film a propo for the Airtime Assault on the Capitol. Paylor takes Katniss along with Gale Hawthorne, Boggs, and the TV crew into the hospital. Paylor watches Katniss closely, to see what she is made of and if they have been right to count on her. 


Paylor in District 8.

After Katniss leaves the hospital, hovercrafts from the Capitol fly in and begin to bomb the hospital. In an effort to fight against the bombers, Katniss and Gale climb to the roof of a warehouse that has machine gun nests. This is where they run into Commander Paylor again. Together, they all work to destroy the other waves of hovercrafts that fly overhead. 

Commander Paylor later returns in the story when Katniss is living in President Snow's mansion, awaiting his execution. Katniss follows the strong scent of Snow's roses until she finds a room that is being guarded by two soldiers who at first do not permit her entrance to the room because they are following President Coin's orders. However, when Paylor appears, she instructs the soldiers to let Katniss go in and they obey her authority. Katniss enters to find President Snow and the two of them have a brief conversation. Snow informs Katniss that it was not him who bombed the children and ultimately killed Prim, but that instead it was President Coin who was behind it. When Katniss emerges, Paylor asks her, "Did you find what you were looking for?" This seems to imply that Paylor was somehow aware of Coin's betrayal and wanted Katniss to find out.

After Katniss assassinates President Coin, an emergency election was thrown together and Paylor was voted in as president. Under her rule, the Hunger Games were abolished, the arenas were destroyed, and memorials were built. It can be assumed that Paylor successfully set up the republic that Plutarch Heavensbee announced that they would form after the Capitol's defeat. She also pardoned Katniss for the assassination of Coin and declared her mentally unstable and let her return to the country. Plutarch became her Secretary of Communications.

Physical description

Paylor is in her early thirties but she was mentioned to look too young for her occupation. She has dark brown eyes and even darker hair.


Commander Paylor was one of the very few amongst the rebels who wasn't overly concerned with vengeance. Though holding President Snow and the Capitol in contempt for their crimes against humanity, Paylor urged Rebels not to attack Capitol citizens and to only focus on capturing Snow.

Paylor is intelligent. Along with a few others, she sensed in advance that President Coin was not a trustworthy individual to lead the rebellion. It is possible that the bombing of the Capitol children, Paylor was disgusted herself and realized that this assault was a facade and violation of the plan to conquer the Capitol.

It can be assumed that she was favored amongst the citizens of both the Districts and the Capitol.


  • In the films, Paylor's role is expanded. In MockingjayPart 2, she is seen in District 2 interacting with Commander Lyme and President Coin via a live feed— the three discuss ways in which the rebels can capture the Capitol's arsenal of weaponry held inside a large mountain nicknamed "the Nut". Paylor and Lyme are strongly against Coin's suggestion that masses of rebel individuals attempt a suicide mission, and agree with Gale Hawthorne's plan of simply disabling the Nut by cutting off outside access. Paylor is later seen giving a rousing speech to the assembled rebels on the outskirts of the Capitol, and explains how they (the rebels) will capture President Snow and take control over the city.
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