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"The man from District 5, the one Finnick took out with his trident, is the first to appear."
Katniss Everdeen on his death.[src]

The District 5 male was the victor of an unspecified Hunger Games and was reaped once again to compete in the 75th Hunger Games.

75th Hunger games

It is unknown how he won, but like many of the other victors, he became an alcoholic to help deal with the trauma that he experienced, like Chaff and Haymitch Abernathy. He would've also become a mentor after winning his games.


During training, the District 5 male vomited all over the sword fighting station due to being drunk.


During the interviews, he wore a black striped suit. He joined hands with the other victors as a sign of strength and rebellion.


The District 5 male was the third tribute to make it to the Cornucopia at the initial bloodbath. In the film, when Katniss is running on one of the spokes she looks to the left. When she does, you can see him running on the spoke to her left, proving that he was a fast swimmer to an extent, but he was also the first tribute to be killed, as Finnick Odair impaled him with a trident when he approached Katniss from behind with a spear. The District 5 male survived for 53 seconds, placing 24th out of 24th.


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