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District 6 Male (74th HG)
Age 16 (film)
Occupation Tribute
Home District 6
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weapon Sword (film)
Fate Deceased
Appearances The Hunger Games
Portrayed by Ashton Moio

Jason was the male tribute from District 6 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

74th Hunger Games

District 6 Tribute parade

The District 6 tributes in their parade costumes.

Tribute Parade

In the Tribute Parade, Jason was dressed in a flowy costume that resembled a moon. Also, a crescent moon-shaped head piece that curved around his face was worn by both him and his district partner.


In the film, he was first seen practicing hand to hand combat. Later, he got into a fight with Cato, because Cato thought he took his knife and threatens to target him in the arena. However, it was actually Rue who stole the knife and was hiding in the net on the ceiling, much to Thresh and Katniss' amusement.


For the interviews, he wore a green suit with black shoe with laces.

Cornucopia bloodbath

D6male dead by Cato

The District 6 male about to get killed by Cato.

He stands on the pedestal next to Cato and the District 7 female. When the Gong rings he runs towards the Cornucopia and tries to outrun Cato. Cato grabs him and beats him up. When Cato leaves, Jason gets up and sees Marvel run to the battle and runs the opposite direction. He runs and sees the District 7 male battle the District 10 male and interrupts the fight. After that, he fights the District 5 male over a backpack, which leads to the cornucopia. Jason tried to strangle the District 5 male, but he grabs him and smashes his head into a crate. Then Jason grabs a sword and attempts to kill Glimmer, but Cato trips him, grabs a scythe and slashes his stomach twice, but finish him off with a stab.


After his death, the male tribute from District 6 had a wolf muttation made in his likeness. It is unknown if his mutt survived the battle at the Cornucopia.

The District 6 male's Tribute Identification Card.


  • In the film, he weighs 150 pounds and he is 16 years old.
  • In training, his odds of winning were 24-1, but he was greatly underestimated, because he was the male with the lowest odds, but he almost killed the District 5 male and Glimmer and placed 15th out of 24.
  • In the arena, he wears a tomato red jacket.
  • In the film, it is presumed he was the 10th dead, but when the District 8 female was killed, on the scoreboard behind Caesar it can be seen that he was the 4th dead.
  • In the film, his portrait, as well as his district partner, was not explicitly shown during the fallen.
  • In the film, his name is Jason. Cato calls him Jason during training, when accusing him of taking his knife. The name Jason is also displayed in the DVD subtitles at this point.

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