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District 8 female
Tribute D8 Female copy
Age 13 (film)
Home District 8
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weapon Unknown
Fate Deceased
Appearances The Hunger Games
Portrayed by Mackenzie Lintz

The District 8 female was the female tribute from District 8 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

74th Hunger GamesEdit

Tribute ParadeEdit

District 8 Tribute parade

District 8 tributes in their tribute parade costumes.


District 8 at the chariot rides.

In the film, the District 8 female was first seen in the Tribute Parade with her district partner, wearing pink and blue costumes that symbolize jesters and fabrics with a star pattern and bow hats on them. She was seen in quite a few shots during parade scenes, waving at the audience.


It is unknown if she showed up for the training.

Cornucopia bloodbathEdit

The District 8 female survived the initial Cornucopia bloodbath, and managed to escape into the forest.

The GamesEdit

TF del Dist 8

The District 8 female before she's killed.

She watched the Fallen images and tried to sleep, but she gave in to the cold and starts a fire near a tree which Katniss Everdeen was resting in, which she thought was a "foolish" decision. Sure enough, the light from her fire attracted the Career tributes to her location during early morning. In the movie, Cato hands Glimmer his sword and she stabs her to death, and after Katniss heard her scream, the cannon sounded. In the book, Katniss heard her scream and no cannon sounded, so Peeta went back and see's her dying slowly and painfully, he put's her out of her misery, effectively killing her. She placed 13th out of 24 in the book and 12th out of 24 in the film.

Muttation Edit


The District 8 girl`s ID card

Following her death, her DNA was mixed with that of a wolf-like creature to create the "muttations", which were the key figures for the finale of the 74th annual Hunger Games.  It is unknown if her mutt survived the fight at the Cornucopia between Katniss and Peeta, and Cato.


District 8 girl

The District 8 female's picture is shown on the board.

  • Her odds of winning were 5-1, same as Clove and Marvel, so she was definitely favored high by the Capitol.
  • In the film, she weighs 116 pounds and is 13 years old.
  • In the tribute parade, the females were standing on the left of the chariot and the males on the right except for District 8 where she stood on the right and the male on the left.
  • It was confirmed that the District 8 female, the District 9 male, the District 9 female and the District 10 female were considered extra characters and they only shot the parade, but the District 9 male appeared in the training.
  • She lasted 8 hours, 12 minutes and 8 seconds in the Hunger Games.  
  • She was Peeta's only known direct kill in the 74th Hunger Games.
  • When she died, on the scoreboard behind Caesar, it can seen a wrong order of deaths: District 9 male; District 4 female; District 9 female; District 6 male; District 5 male; District 6 female; District 7 male; District 7 female; District 8 male; District 10 female; District 3 female; District 4 male.
  • She, along with Cato, was one of the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games to be mortally wounded and then mercifully killed. She was mortally wounded by Cato and then mercifully killed by Peeta in the book, while Cato was mauled by mutts, and mercifully killed by Katniss.
  • She was the highest placing unnamed female in the film, since Foxface had a nickname which was constantly used by Katniss and the District 4 female was killed before her in the film.
  • The night that Katniss was without a sleeping bag, she began to "have more sympathy" for the District 8 girl.
  • In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire she, like her district partner, appears as a holographic portrait in Katniss and Peeta's Victory Tour.

    The District 8 girl's face on a hologram.

  • As we can see in Katniss and Peeta's Victory Tour there is only one man and one woman standing in her pedestal, so the District 8 female has no siblings, and in the pedestal of her district partner there is only one man, so the District 8 male from the 74th Hunger Games has no mother or siblings.

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