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District 8 male
District 8 Male
Age 14 (film)
Occupation Tribute
Home District 8
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weapon Knife (film)
Fate Deceased
Appearances The Hunger Games
Portrayed by Samuel Tan

The District 8 male was the male tribute from District 8, who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

74th Hunger Games

District 8 Tribute parade
District 8 tributes in their tribute parade costumes.
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District 7, 8 and 9 during the tribute parade.
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The District 8 male during training.
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Tribute Parade

In the film, the boy from District 8 was first seen in the Tribute Parade with his district partner, riding in the chariots, wearing blue and pink costumes with star patterns and hats with present bows representing textile clothing.


In the film, he stood behind Peeta as Atala is explaining the training center rules. During training, he was shown struggling to climb the jungle gym, until he fell and hurt his leg. On the scoreboards, his odds of winning were shown to be 3-1.


In the film, he and his district partner are shown to be absent along with his District partner, District 3 female, District 9 male, female and District 10 female.

Cornucopia bloodbath

Marvel repeatedly stabs the District 8 male.

The District 8 male was killed in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath, forced to wear a leg cast from his injury during training. Like most of the other tributes, he fought for supplies. He runs halfway until spotting a small knife, he grabs it and tries to attack Marvel, who managed to disarm him, slash his throath and knock him to the ground, eventually stabbing him repeatedly with a knife, effectively killing him, and his face is the 5th seen by Katniss on the first night of the games.  Muttation After his death, the male tribute from District 8, like all the other fallen tributes, had his DNA mixed with a wolf to form a muttation which had similar characteristics to the fallen tribute. It is unknown if his mutt survived the fight.

Film portrayal

The District 8 boy`s ID card
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In the film adaption of The Hunger Games, the District 8 male was portrayed by Samuel Tan.


The District 8 boy`s portrait shown in Catching Fire
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  • In the film, he weighs 155 pounds and he is 14 years old.
  • In the film, the District 8 tributes wore a goldenrod yellow jacket in the Games.
  • Same as Cato, his odds of winning in the film were 3-1, a very high score for an outlying district, higher than Clove, Marvel, and Glimmer.
  • In the tribute parade, the females were standing on the left of the chariot and the males on the right except for District 8 tributes, where the female stood on the right and the male on the left.
  • On the scoreboard behind Caesar and Claudius, it can be seen that he lived for 9 seconds into the games.
  • He was the 1st dead, but, when his District partner was killed, on the scoreboard behind Caesar it can be seen that he was the 9th dead.
  • He had highest odds in the Games, tied with Cato, but he still ended up dying in the bloodbath. 
  • In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, he appeared in an archive footage while Katniss and Peeta are making a speech in District 8.
  • In the Catching Fire film, his family includes his parents and a toddler sister.
  • He was the tallest unnamed tribute.
  • He was one of the tributes who had their portrait and corpse shown.
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