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District 9
District 9 Seal
Industry Grain
Victors Unnamed male tribute, Unnamed female tribute
Mayor Unknown
Rebels Unknown
"District 9 is Panem's bread bowl, giving us the fertile harvest we need to keep rising as a nation. Its amber waves of grain are an inspiration to us all."
―Description from The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide[src]

District 9 is one of the thirteen Districts of Panem. It is responsible for grain. It is mentioned that District 9 has many factories, most likely for grain processing.


The following jobs are offered in District 9:

  • Cropper
  • Farmer
  • Plower
  • Sower
  • Harvester

Known tributes

District 9 Tributes

District 9 Tributes, 74th Hunger Games


Two District 9 victors.


  • District 9 is the least spoken about District in the Hunger Games series.
  • The only hint given that District 9's industry was grain is that it is said that District 9 has lots of factories.
  • In the 75th Hunger Games, District 9 was one of the two Districts to have both tributes killed on the first day.
  • In the 74th Hunger Games, District 9 was one of the four (movie) and three (book) Districts to have both tributes die on the first day.
  • It's unknown, but unlikely, seeing as the male tribute attacked Peeta, that the District 9 victors were part of the rebel alliance to free Katniss as they weren't mentioned as one of the Districts that took part.
  • There is no known person from District 9 in the books.
  • District 9 was the 5th - 10th District to pry from Capitol rule.
  • District 1, District 5 and District 9 are the only Districts without a known rebel.
  • District 9's poor performance in The Hunger Games may be based on the theory of it being a very urban District, raising tributes with no overall experience whatsoever about the wild of the arena, causing these tributes to easily be killed. However, this can still be questionable as grain farming is grown in fields, despite District 9's inferred urban atmosphere.
  • District 9 is the only District where all tributes of the two most recent games have been killed in the bloodbath.
  • According to the Capitol.PN, District 9 has 12 mills in operation with a population of 15,346, making it the eleventh largest District, in terms of population.
  • According to the Capitol.PN, District 9 claims 70,532 in tesserae, making it the fourth most impoverished District. 
  • It is considered a poor District.

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