"But the majority, who are in the clutches of drink or morphling or illness, look grotesque in their costumes, depicting cows and trees and loaves of bread."
Katniss Everdeen expressing her disgust at District 9's costumes.[src]
The District 9 female was a tribute from District 9 in the 75th Hunger Games. She was also a victor of an unspecified Hunger Games. Because she was a victor, she presumably was a mentor as well.

75th Hunger Games

Chariot rides

In the Chariot rides, she and her district partner are seen wearing a golden outfits with designs that look like grains of wheat in the film, and mentioned to be dressed as bread in the book. D9Chariots


Cf tributesjohanna It is unknown if she showed up for training, as she was never mentioned. In the film, she was seen talking to the District 10 male and female in the waiting room for the private sessions.


District 9 (front) and 10 (back).


During the interviews, she wore a sleeveless top and a white necklace and a black skirt over a pair of slacks matching her shirt color. After the tributes were interviewed, she, along with the other tributes, joined hands as a sign of rebellion against the Capitol.



She was launched into the arena on the pedestal situated between Finnick's and Chaff's.

Vlcsnap-2014-03-11-22h51m41s156 She was killed by Brutus when she arrived in Cornucopia bloodbath on the first day of the games. Her placing is unknown. Stephanie

Her Games

Fans presume she was skilled with a knife.


  • It is unknown, but unlikely, that she was part of the rebel alliance. She was not mentioned when Haymitch listed the 75th Hunger Games tributes that knew something about the rebel escape plan from those Games.
  • She along with the District 5 male are among the most seen unnamed tributes in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
  • Marian Green confirmed several times on her twitter that her character was killed by Brutus, but this scene was deleted.