"He can't speak, but his one good eye fixes on me with such intensity, as if he's trying to memorize every detail of my face."
Katniss on Eddy[src]

Eddy is a boy around 13-14 years old who lived in District 8 during the bombing of District 8.

In Mockingjay

During the bombing, Eddy and his sister, who are unnamed, were injured and ended up in the makeshift hospital that Katniss Everdeen visited while filming a propo. He was in awe when he got the chance to meet her. Eddy was a few beds down from his sister. They were some of the first patients to notice Katniss.


After Katniss leaves the hospital, the Capitol begins an attack, which destroys the hospital, killing the people within it. Eddy as well as his sister were confirmed deceased, as it was stated that there were no survivors from the bombings of the hospital.

Mockingjay- Part 1 Movie

Eddy is played by Michael Garza, in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Physical description

Eddy is described as having damp black hair that covers his forehead. Half of his face is obscured by bandages.