"“After all, it was Thirteen that started the rebellion that led to the Dark Days, and then abandoned the rest of the districts when the tide turned against it”"
― President Snow[src]

The First Rebellion happened when the thirteen districts of Panem rose up against the Capitol's oppressive rule. The rebellion was orchestrated by District 13.

The Capitol was known to use horrifying muttations as organic weapons, and put down rebelling districts by bombing them into submission with fleets of hovercraft. The rebels were known to use falsified information and the attempted massed invasion of Capitol territory with support from District 13.

It is mentioned that the rebels attempted a mass invasion of the Capitol itself by scaling the Rocky Mountains, which was a brutal job since the natural fortification exposed them. Unfortunately, Capitol aircraft were able to easily find and destroy the rebel contingents trying to reach the other side. This eventually led to the Dark Days.

Muttation failures

  • One of the most infamous was the jabberjay, birds that had been genetically modified by the Capitol to mimic human voices. They would fly to the districts during the rebellion and spy on insurrectionist meetings. They would then fly back to the Capitol and report back with direct information from the districts. Upon discovering this, the rebels fed the jabberjays false information. The Capitol then abandoned the jabberjays, releasing them into the wild and inadvertently creating mockingjays, which became the symbol of the Second Rebellion.
  • Another was that the tracker jackers being easily sedated by smoke.

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