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Quarter quell gloss
Age 27-30
Occupation Mentor
Home Victors' Village in District 1
Gender Male
Weapon Dagger, Throwing Knives
Fate Deceased
Appearances Catching Fire
Portrayed by Alan Ritchson
"We're not going by choice. You are our family, I don't see how anyone can love us better."
―Gloss in the victor's interviews[src]
Gloss was the enamored male District 1 tribute who participated in the 75th Hunger Games. He was the victor of the 63rd Hunger Games, and his sister Cashmere won the 64th Hunger Games.

75th Hunger GamesEdit

Gloss cashmere reaping
Gloss and Cashmere are reaped for the 75th Hunger Games.
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Gloss was chosen from the pool of existing victors from District 1 to participate in the 75th Hunger Games in Catching Fire. He represented District 1, along with his sister, Cashmere, and wore a sheer silver tunic at his reaping.


Gloss training.

He was present during training and spent a little time with Katniss, when he and his sister invited her to practice making hammocks with them, where Katniss described them as polite but cool. He was known to stick with his sister during these times. In the film, he showed exceptional skill with throwing knives. Katniss says he got a very high training score.

Gloss practicing throwing knives.
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Gloss was also present during the interviews, where he thanked the people of Panem for showing kindness to him and his sister. He called the people of the Capitol his family, and claimed that no one could love him better. He and his sister were among the victors who were trying to show how betrayed they all felt through their interviews. He joined hands with the other tributes as a sign of strength. He wore a dark silver jacket, black pants, and boots.

Gloss running
Gloss running towards the Cornucopia.
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It is assumed he was a good swimmer, since he and Enobaria were the fourth and fifth people to make it to the Cornucopia. In the arena, it was noted by Katniss that he wasn't particularly swift as he was shot in the calf when he plunged into the waves trying to escape Katniss' arrows. This attack was not fatal, he managed to ignore the pain, and he made it to the Cornucopia with his allies. He managed to kill the male from 6 in the bloodbath by stabbing his neck with a knife.
Gloss 2
Gloss after he was shot in the calf.
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Gloss was one of the members in the Career pack with Enobaria, Brutus, and his sister. Soon after Finnick Odair, Peeta Mellark, Mags, and Katniss make their way out of the Cornucopia, Gloss and the other Careers made their way back there to pick off more tributes. After the bloodbath, the Career pack retreats to the jungle.


Gloss dies
Gloss is killed by Katniss shortly after he kills Wiress.
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Gloss in the Training Center.
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The Career Pack later made their way to the Cornucopia on Day 2, where Gloss slit Wiress' throat while she was alone at the waterside, earning him an arrow in the temple, fired by Katniss. This resulted in a quick death, and in a similar way Marvel dies by Katniss' arrow. His sister was then killed by Johanna, who buried an
Death face in the sky
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axe in Cashmere's chest. Gloss placed 11th out of 24 tributes. In the film adaption, Katniss fires her arrow into Gloss's heart, killing him. Shortly after that, he sinks into the water with Wiress.


Since Gloss was a Career Tribute, he most likely killed many tributes in his original Games and during the third Quarter Quell. It's known that Gloss killed the District 6 male at the bloodbath and Wiress by slitting her throat in the 75th Hunger Games.

Physical descriptionEdit

Gloss and his sister, Cashmere, were both described as being classically beautiful. This classic career has caramel/blonde hair like his sister. Considering that both were Career Tributes, Gloss and Cashmere were physically stronger than most of the other victors, being relatively young and from pampered District 1.


VictorsRevealed-Cashmere gloss
Gloss and his twin sister.
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"There's the classically beautiful brother and sister from District 1 who were victors two consecutive years when I was little."
―Katniss on Gloss and Cashmere.[src]
Cashmere, his sister, was the only person mentioned in Gloss' family, both sharing a close relationship. Gloss and Cashmere won consecutive Games, and were presumably highly honored by District 1, as Career Districts honor their victors.

Film PortrayalEdit

Alan Ritchson portrayed Gloss in the film adaptation, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Trivia Edit

  • According to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire promotional material or in-universe Capitol propaganda, Gloss had high odds of winning, higher than his sister's.
  • Cashmere and Gloss are thought by Katniss to most likely be in their 20s because their consecutive Games happened when Katniss was a child.
  • Cashmere and Gloss are the only known brother and sister who have won the Hunger Games.
  • In the films, Gloss was shown to be the tallest tribute with the biggest build.
  • Gloss was one of the youngest males in the 75th Hunger Games.
  • It is possible that Cashmere and Gloss were the mentors to Glimmer and Marvel from the 74th Hunger Games.
  • Gloss was the last tribute Katniss killed in the 75th Hunger Games, or in any Hunger Games.
  • The way Gloss was killed mirrors how Marvel was killed. Both Marvel and Gloss kill one of Katniss' female allies (Rue for Marvel, and Wiress for Gloss), only to be killed by Katniss herself.
    • Also, both Marvel and Gloss in the film versions were shot in the chest by Katniss.
  • Gloss' name highly resembles Glimmer's, both meaning a kind of shine and starting with the same letters.
  • Gloss' death differed from the film. In the film, he was shown to be shot in the chest but in the book Katniss shoots his temple.
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