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Prim mrs everdeen

Mrs. Everdeen and Primrose making medicine.

A healer is a person who heals or treats the wounded people of their district. One notable healer of District 12 is Mrs. Everdeen who healed many of the injured in the district such as coal miners in accidents and Gale after he was brutally whipped by Romulus Thread. Primrose Everdeen also takes an interest in healing after assisting her mother countless times. It is substantial that a healer is calm and willing to do whatever it takes to keep a patient alive. Healers like Mrs. Everdeen used numerous plants and natural substances as medicines while helping a patient. Some of these plants are found in the wild, such as the woods and meadows. And on occasion she will use fever pills and sleep syrup, or even morphling.

Since the districts do not have official hospitals or doctors, a healer is their main source of medical care and is equivalent to a doctor. It is mentioned in Mockingjay that District 8 had a hospital in the rebellion but it is unknown whether there were actual doctors or healers there.

After Gale's whipping, when Mrs. Everdeen and Prim were healing him, Mrs. Everdeen remarked that it was lucky that they had snow for a snowcoat. When Katniss asked what she did in the summer, Mrs. Everdeen put on a grim face and replied: "Try to keep the flies away."

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