Katniss the hob

Katniss barters at the Hob for the mockingjay pin with Greasy Sae.

The Hob is the black market in District 12. It was known as the only place to buy and sell banned items, such as spirits, poached game, or other goods illegally obtained. It serves as a black market. It was often open at times when most legal stores would not be, such as on the day of the reaping and possibly late at night.

The Hob was originally a coal warehouse, but a more efficient system of coal transport was discovered, allowing the coal to be taken directly from the mines to the trains. The warehouse was abandoned and the empty space was gradually taken over by the Hob.

It was almost universally known in District 12, and many residents, such as Greasy Sae and Ripper made their living there. The comparatively lenient District 12 Peacekeepers tolerated the Hob, and some such as Darius even frequented it, as it was the only place for them to buy their favorite foods or spirits.

After Cray was sacked as Head Peacekeeper, his stricter replacement, Romulus Thread, set fire to the Hob. The build up of coal dust inside caused it to burn quickly and violently before the locals could do anything.

Known users



Known goods



  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Live goats
  • Lynx pelt
  • Paraffin
  • Radios
  • Shoelaces
  • Wool

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