Homes was a soldier from District 13. He was a part of Squad 451, due to his ability to accurately shoot long-distance targets.

Physical description

Homes was described as an "older guy" who never said much but could "shoot the dust off your boots at fifty yards". During their mission in the Capitol, after Boggs transfers the Holo over to Katniss, Homes testifies to Jackson that Boggs truly did pass it onto her.


Further into the mission, when Jackson and Leeg 1 go missing, Homes informs Katniss that they stayed behind at the Meat Grinder to hold the Lizard muttation back. When Katniss tries to go back for them, Homes stops her telling her not to waste their lives and that it is already too late for them. Soon after, Homes was caught by a group of mutts leading him to his death

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