Hunger Games: Training Days is a board game based on The Hunger Games. In this game you are trying to get the most approval ratings. It is similar to the Training Center scenes in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.


The game requires 2-6 players. Each player chooses a district to represent and a gender. The players take the appropriate Tribute card. Each Tribute card gives the players ratings from one (low) to eight (high) in four attributes: strength, ability, cunning, and charm. The Challenge deck is shuffled and a player is chosen to go first. The players will take their turns in clockwise order.

The first player reveals a number of Challenge cards equal to the number of players. Each player has three effort tokens: one (low), three (medium), and six (high). Each player, in turn, will assign one effort token face down to any Challenge card. After all the players have assigned their effort tokens, the events on the Challenge cards are resolved. One Challenge card at a time, the effort tokens are revealed and the winner of the event is determined. Each player total one’s own Effort tokens plus the Attribute rating called for by the card, plus alliance bonuses (from Tribute cards not already in play) plus a die roll. The player with the highest total wins the event and the approval rating associated with the event.

Three End of Day cards were shuffled into the Event deck at the beginning of the game. Whenever an End of Day card is revealed, then all the event cards are shuffled with the End of Days cards. Before the game began the players determine how many days they will last. When that number of End of Day cards has been revealed, then the game is over and the player who has the highest approval rating is the winner.


  • Oddly enough, the tributes from districts 5, 6 and 9 are not featured in the game.

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