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A mayor is an official appointed by the Capitol to run a district. Each of the twelve districts has a mayor. The mayor is wealthier than most of the people living in that district.

The mayor's duties includes enforcing the law, awarding medals, and hosting the annual reaping for the Hunger Games and victors on the Victory Tour.

Law enforcement by the mayor varies depending on the district. Mayor Undersee of District 12 had a lax attitude towards law enforcement, even regularly buying strawberries from Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne which they gathered illegally.

The mayor of District 11, on the other hand, is very strict about people eating the crops, regularly ordering public whipping for offenders.

The mayor has access to classified information not available to the rest of the district population, such as television updates on the uprising of District 8 and Capitol newspapers.

However, the mayor's privileges are limited. The mayor's children are treated equally in the reaping, but they are less likely to be chosen because they are wealthier and don't need to sign up for tessera. Like other people in the district, the mayor and his family are not allowed to travel to the Capitol unless invited. In the bombing of District 12, Mayor Undersee and his family were left to die in the bombing instead of being evacuated to the Capitol.

Known Mayors

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