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This article is about the Hunger Games tributes. For the addictive drug, see Morphling (drug).
Morphlings reaping
Age (Book) 60's, (Movie) Early 30's
Occupation Tributes, Mentors
Home Victors' Village, District 6
Gender Male and female
Weapon Camouflage
Fate Deceased
Appearances Catching Fire
Portrayed by Justin Hix & Megan Hayes
"We seem particularly riveting to the pair from District 6, who are known morphling addicts. Both bone thin, with sagging yellowish skin. They can’t tear their overlarge eyes away..."
―Katniss on the Morphlings.[src]

The Morphlings were two tributes from District 6 who won previous unknown Hunger Games, and were also reaped to participate in the 75th Hunger Games. As victors, they were given the responsibility of mentoring other tributes from District 6.


Their HomesEdit

The Morphlings.
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The Morphlings won two unknown Hunger Games. They lived in District 6, the district of transportation. The citizens of this district seem to be extremely oppressed. It is one of the lesser known districts of Panem.

Third Quarter QuellEdit

Tumblr mq8xuskJpu1rtrdoqo1 500
The Morphlings at the interviews for the 75th Hunger Games.
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These victors had turned to a narcotic pain killer called Morphling to cope with the horrors of their previous games and were thus in very poor physical condition.
Female and Male Morphling before the individual assessment
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The Morphling had made their skin sag a bit and turn a vulgar, yellow color. In the film, the male wore a knit black sweater at their reaping while the female wore a black jacket over a black top. The two of them were quite fascinated in paintig as they spent most of their time training in the camouflage station painting each other, which is what they most likely used to present themselves to the Gamemakers. This left Peeta with very few supplies left over, and a colossal mess. Before the Games, Haymitch approached some of the other tributes Mags, Finnick, Johanna, Wiress, Beetee, Blight, Chaff, Seeder, Cecelia, and Woof as well as the Morphlings to make an alliance to keep both Katniss and Peeta alive, as he knew he could trust them and that they could help Katniss and Peeta in the arena. He did not tell either Katniss or Peeta about these previous alliances but sent them hidden messages. During the interviews, they wore black leather jackets and matching pants. They later joined hands with the rest of the tributes as a sign of strength and rebellion.
Morphling girl4
The female Morphling dies in Peeta's arms
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At the start of the Games, the Morphlings reached the Cornucopia shortly after Finnick and Katniss (because Mags swam to Katniss while Finnick was retrieving Peeta). During the bloodbath, the male was killed by Gloss after he had thrown a knife into his neck, but the female luckily managed to escape with her life.

Later when Peeta, Katniss and Finnick were attacked by monkey muttations, Peeta was about to be killed by a monkey mutation, until the female Morphling jumped in front of Peeta to protect him and received a huge gash in her neck. After Peeta finished off the monkeys, he took her body to the beach where he comforted her by telling her the colors of his paint at home and what he is trying to create. The female took some of her blood and drew what's assumed to be a flower on his cheek. Katniss observed that she was shaking and didn't know whether it was the shock from the attack, or withdrawal from her morphling, and she soon died in Peeta's arms. After she bled to death, Peeta took her corpse to the water to let it drift off until a hovercraft came to take it away. He later questioned why she sacrificed herself for him, even though he didn't even know her name.


  • The Female Morphling's death was similar to Rue's and Maysilee's, as all were comforted. All three received peaceful last moments due to a District 12 victor. (Katniss, Haymitch and Peeta.)
  • In the film adaptation of Catching Fire, the morphlings don't appear to be in their 60s, possibly in their late 20s or early 30s.
  • Despite the fact they are extremely disabled from years of morphling addiction, they must have been still capable enough for Haymitch Abernathy to trust them with the knowledge of the Rebellion
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