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The following is a list of parodies which have been made of The Hunger Games.

The Hungover Games

The Hunger Pains (Harvard Lampoon)

Main article: The Hunger Pains (Harvard Lampoon)

The Hunger Pains is a parody The Hunger Games written by the Harvard Lampoon.


When Kantkiss Neverclean replaces her sister as a contestant on the Hunger Games - the second highest rated reality TV show in Peaceland, behind Extreme Home Makeover - she has no idea what to expect. Having lived her life in the telemarketing district's worst neighbourhood, the Crack, Kantkiss feels unprepared to fight to the death while simultaneously winking and looking adorable for the cameras. But when her survival rests on choosing between the dreamy hunk Carol Handsomestein, or the doughy klutz Pita Marlarkey, Kantkiss that the toughest conflicts may not be found on a battlefield but in her own heart, which is unfortunately on a battlefield.

The Hunger Pains (Papercutz Slices)

Main article: The Hunger Pains (Papercutz Slices)

The Hunger Pains is a graphic novel that parodies the The Hunger Games trilogy in a condensed fashion.

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games

HG but mainly Death

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games is a parody by "Bratniss Everclean". Judging by reviews, most readers have found it to be quite funny, but it does twist the real book's meaning. This book is available on the Amazon Kindle.


The Dessert Games: A Hunger Games Parody (Tom H. Richardson)

July-DESSERT front cover, 450x675, CF2
Main article: The_Dessert_Games:_A_Hunger_Games_Parody—Tom_H._Richardson

The Dessert Games is a novella parody by Tom H. Richardson. The book is available on the Amazon Kindle, at Smashwords, and on Kobo.


Verylongnameus Ice, the Superintendent of Schools for the Panem (Colorado) Independent School District, is an evil man. He decreed in 1982 that desserts would not be sold as school lunches, nor were kids permitted to bring desserts from home. Soon after making this decree, Ice was persuaded to grant a small exception—

Each year, one boy and one girl would be randomly selected from each school zone (Panem ISD has twelve). The boy and girl would be bussed across town to the school-district football stadium. There the twenty-four students would form a circle, then try to throw pies in each other’s faces. When only one kid had a face not-pieed, that kid would be the winner of the Pie-Throwing Elimination. He or she would then get Dessert Privilege for as long as he attended Panem schools.

This year, Primmytwoshoes Ebergrimm, a School Zone Twelve seventh-grader, is Selected to be in the Pie-Throwing Elimination. Alas, Primmy broke an arm and a leg rescuing a kitten from a tree; body parts in a cast means that Primmy has zero chance of winning the Elimination; and Primmy being Selected this year means that Primmy will never be Selected again. Older sister Karen does not want Primmy to feel sad, so Karen volunteers to take Primmy’s place.

Karen thinks that what she has volunteered for is a simple, five-minute contest—but there are some things Karen does not know. Karen is especially in the dark this year, because Superintendent Ice just changed the rules. This year the Elimination takes place in an “arena.”

Karen does know about one complication to her plan: The male selectee from School Zone Twelve is Poofa Meadowlark, and he is in love with Karen. “You go your way, and I’ll go mine” will not work with this boy.

Note: This book is written for middle-school readers.

Please also note: This book contains mild profanity—because it is written for middle-school readers.

Nobody gets killed in this book, and only a few people get mildly hurt. Clowns, a troll, and a whoopee cushion play important roles in the story—and sooner or later, every contestant gets hit with a pie in the face. The parody borrows from all three books and the first three movies.

Tags: action, coming of age, female protagonist, humor, love triangle, parody, romance, teen, virtue rewarded, YA, young adult


The Hungry Games

The Hungry Games is a parody/spoof of The Hunger Games by Annoying Orange on YouTube. It has reached over 1 million views.

Annoying Orange - The Hungry Games (Hunger Games SPOOF)03:46

Annoying Orange - The Hungry Games (Hunger Games SPOOF)

The Hungry Games video


Saturday Night Live

SNL parodied The Hunger Games in the episode Vergara/One Direction (first aired 4/7/2012). Guest host Sofia Vergara played an overenthusiastic on-field reporter who kept getting the tributes she was trying to interview killed, until Katniss (Abby Elliot) introduces her to nightlock berries, which gives her just enough time to throw back to Claudius Templesmith (Fred Armisen) and Caesar Flickerman (Bill Hader) back in the studio. Caesar then exhorts viewers to stay tuned for the "Hunger Games Puppy Bowl" and plugs event sponsor Tylenol ("Spear in the head? TYLENOL!") before going to commercial.

A second parody, starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, presents a post-games press conference.

How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended

The YouTube channel HISHEdotcom, which is famous for making alternate endings of well known movies and TV shows, made an alternate ending of The Hunger Games. It opens with Caesar Flickerman commentating on the arrival of the tributes in the horse-drawn carriages. Katniss and Peeta appear on fire and screaming. The Games then begin with Cato, Clove and other tributes killing each other. Glimmer then shoots Edward Cullen in the leg with a bow and arrow. Katniss shoots Cato in the hand and he is mauled by Mutts. Katniss and Peeta celebrate their win, but Claudius Templesmith announces than there can only be one victor. Katniss and Peeta then threaten to eat the nightlock berries, Peeta eats the nightlock berries and Katniss confesses that she doesn't love him, saying "Have you seen Gale? Hottie!" The video has received over 1 million views. The closing clip of Peeta sing "Camo Camo Camoflauge!" has been parodied by other YouTube posters.

In a second video, HISHE parodied the scene where Peeta and the Careers trapped Katniss in a tree. The party then discusses how to bring Katniss to the ground, but quickly conclude that they have exhausted all of their options. Cato decides that a fire should be built but only to keep them warm. The fire will not be used to burn the tree down. Glimmer suggests that everyone should promise not to kill the other members of the alliance; they agree. Glimmer also asks if they should worry about the tracker jacker nest hanging above them, but Cato concludes that Katniss will not knock it down.

In a third parody, "The Slender Games", Slender Man is let loose into the arena and proceeds to kill the tributes one by one. He kills Rue as she runs toward a well lighted building with a restroom. After Katniss is declared the winner, he kills her anyway because, "Slender Man gets you even if you win the games."

The Hillywood Show

The Hillywood Show's parody of The Hunger Games shows Hilly Hindi lip-synching, as Caesar Flickerman singing Fashionista by Jimmy James, inserting the words Hunger Games where the word Fashionista should be. The female tributes dance with Caesar while he sings. Peeta is escorted to the stage by two Avoxes and Caesar sings about numerous fashion designers. Katniss twirls around a couple of times and then all the tributes dance with Caesar.

The Hunger Games: A Bad Lip Reading

The YouTube channel BadLipReading, which is famous for taking scenes from movies and adding their own voices so it looks like they had been reading the scenes badly. One of their most famous one was "The Hunger Games"— A Bad Lip Reading". The clips discuss Katniss having a gastrointestional problem, Katiniss's new purse, Cinna wanting Katinss to "do somthing fruity," Peeta's cat named Marvin, Clove accusing Katniss of stealing Clove's boyfriend, and Prim being possessed by the devil. The video has received over 14 million views.

RatShackles: Deleted Scenes

Hunger Games

  • Peeta asks Katniss if she wants bread and she nods and Peeta throws it hard at her head
  • Katniss relieved that Prim was reaped instead of herself
  • Peeta the only male tribute at the reaping
  • Ms. Trinket tying down and flogging Katniss for damaging a mahogany table
  • Katniss's and Peeta's capes are actually on fire
  • Clove uses a chain saw to cut down Katniss's tree
  • Rue to Katniss: "CUT THE NEST DOWN!!!"
  • Rue chokes on medicated leaves while chewing them.
  • Rue places leaves on Katniss: "You put that in your mouth!"
  • Marvel catches Katniss's arrow and throws it away. "You missed!"
  • Katniss sings different pop songs during Rue's death scene: "Someone like you" by Adele, "A Whole New World" from Aladdin, "Love the Way you Lie" by Eminem, "Another one Bites the Dust" by Queen, "Bye Bye Bye" by N'Sync, "Little Lion Man" by Mumford and Sons, "I will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, "All by myself" by Celine Dion, "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne, "Should have said no" by Taylor Swift, "At last I see the Light" from Tangled, "Pumped up Kicks" by Foster the People. Marvel, Clove, and Peeta joined in for singing the final song.
  • Peeta: "DON'T STEP ON ME!"
  • Katniss sexually tackling Peeta in lieu of kissing him
  • Katniss and Peeta try to kiss but butt heads instead.
  • Katniss tells Clove that her relationship with Peeta is not "Facebook official."
  • Clove draws on Katniss's face with a permanent marker
  • Thresh tries and fails to pick up Clove
  • Thresh picks up "snowflake" (Katniss) and carries her into the forest

Second City

During the scene when Gale says goodbye to Katniss, he tries different tactics to get her to take off her clothes. However, Katniss rebuffs those attempts and thanks Gale for being "a really good friend." Just as she leaves for the train, Katniss declares that she fears dying without losing her virginity.

Evil Iguana Production

  • Katniss cannot shoot a bow properly.
  • Gale is a qualified outdoorsman because he has watched 18 hours of outdoor TV shows.
  • Peeta is the only male "on the guys side" for the reaping.
  • After Prim is reaped, Katniss tries to place a bet that Prim will lose.
  • Gale confuses The Hunger Games with "B-96 Jingle Bash".
  • Cinna is a stereotypical gay fashion designer.
  • The Hunger Games are played "because so many of you were assholes during the revolution."
  • Flickerman introduces Peeta as "the co-star from the Robin Williams movie RV." Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta in the official movie, did co-star in RV.
  • Coordinated gymnastics is part of the pre-games training program.
  • Haymitch: "This is the time to show them everything." Katniss: "Well, I'm not stripping for them."
  • Peeta develops a plan to protest the games by "flashing my wang" to the camera.
  • Just after the games start, Peeta declares that he will not participate in the killing. Immediately after another tribute wounds him, Peeta kills his attacker. Peeta then declares that he is not participating anymore.

Literary Trio

Katniss, Hermione Granger (from the Harry Potter series), and Bella Swan (from the Twilight series) meet each other and agree to become roommates. Produced by "KristensReality"

Episode One

Katniss, Hermione, and Bella find each other in the woods. Katniss is hunting for food, Hermione is hiding from Voldemort, and Bella is thinking of her boyfriend Edward. Katniss and Hermione find Bella so repulsive that they kill Bella. Later, Katniss kills a house cat for her family to eat.

Episode Two

The trio goes shopping. When Bella and Hermione return to the car, Katniss charges at them with her bow and arrow. Katniss broke up with Peeta because she hates him.

Episode Three

Hermione goes out to visit the neighbors. When Hermione opens the door to Katniss's room, an arrow flies out. Nancy Drew is investigating the death of the neighbor's cat.

Episode Four

No Hunger Games characters are featured.

Episode Five

When Katniss and Hermione witness Bella throwing a childish fit, they decide to leave her alone.

Episode Six

Violet Baudelaire (from the series A Series of Unfortunate Events) throws a house party to celebrate the release of a new book about her life. Katniss and Peeta arrive together. "I brought cupcakes!" Katniss heads directly to the free food because, "If there is one thing district twelve taught me, it's that you never turn down free food." Peeta has decided to try out for a cooking reality show. "If I can win the Hunger Games, I can definitely win the cupcake wars."

Violet takes a shot at all of her guests by referencing the love triangles in the other books. Peeta asserts that Violet should not insult the others because of what she had to do to get her stories published. "Harper Collins is like the casting couch of the literary world." Katniss insists that "me and Peeta are just friends." Katniss and Violet have an argument during which Violet explodes in anger. Katniss says: "I haven't laughed that hard since Bella discovered Fifty Shades of Grey."

Violet's explosion ends the party early. Katniss rushes out the door with Peeta begging her to call him.

Episode Seven

Katniss makes a brief appearance.

Falcon Film Production

  • The citizens of Panem suffer severe mental retardation and movement disorders caused by prolonged radiation exposure. Effie Trinket is particularly impaired.
  • Gale offers Katniss a piece of gum; she inserts into her mouth and swallows it.
  • Prim's name is drawn during the reaping. As she walks toward the stage, Peeta's name is drawn as well. When the girls see that he's a hottie, they all try to volunteer. Effie declares, "This is a very strange district." Since Katniss volunteers first, she will be the district's tribute. This makes Prim very jealous; she fights with Katniss.
  • Mrs. Everdeen is a gangster. She gives Katiness a loaded gun before her daughter goes to the Capitol. "My baby got this!"
  • Weapons in the cornucopia include tennis rackets, toilet plungers, an oversized plastic fish, and an electric guitar.
  • One of the tributes approaches Katniss and yells: "Run Katniss! Run!" Katniss accuses the tribute of stealing that line from Forrest Gump.
  • A tribute dies after eating nine year-old granola bars.
  • Cato leads the Career pack (including Foxface and Peeta) in a song to boost morale. They then find Katniss and chase her until she trips. Just before they kill Katniss, Peeta suggests they shouldn't kill her because she suffers from AIDS. The Careers decide to take a nap so Katniss can "surcome" to her illness.
  • Katniss sings "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables. The actress did not lipsnyc Susan Boyle's rendition of the song recorded in 2009.
  • On Rue's suggestion, Katniss kills one of the sleeping Careers by clubbing her with a large branch. When Foxface wakes up, she sees the dead tribute and screams loudly. The other Careers wake up and run off.
  • Rue and Katniss form an alliance. Rue has a British accent. Rue informs Katniss that she has killed six tributes by poisoning them. She then offers to gather food for both of them.
  • Peeta gives Katniss a note declaring his love for her.
  • Clove (or Foxface?) corners Katniss. "We're going to kill you like a dog." However, another tribute kills Clove first before darting off. "Just this once … for dogs!"
  • Cato and Peeta struggle to kill each other as Katniss watches. Suddenly, the Justin Bieber fan girls appear. They mistake Cato for Justin and drag him off into the woods. Katniss and Peeta are declared co-champions.
  • Katniss and Peeta return to their district. Mrs. Everdeen comes onto Peeta, but Katniss pushes her away from him. When Effie Trinket threatens Katniss and Peeta, Mrs. Everdeen slits Effie's throat.
  • The Justin Bieber fan girls overthrow the Capitol.

LITERAL Trailers

Catching Fire

  • Hologirl (Katniss) is not as good as a blow-up toy
  • Flashback: Cracker Jack prize (Mockingjay pin)
  • Bless them Scouts -- Girl Scouts (District 12 respect sign)
  • President Snow and Plutarch Heavensbee are WASPs
  • Katiness to Heymitch: "If you sneeze on me I'll take a bath with sometime." -- Reply: "ACHOO! BOOYAH!" -- Peeta: "No. I won't let her."
  • Lady Gaga (Effie Trinket) thinks she has hand puppets.
  • Hold the bird in front of fire (like the movie poster)
  • Where'd his shirt go? (Gale's flogging)
  • Mockingjay on Sauron's eye

The Starving Games

The Starving Games - OFFICIAL 2013 Movie01:15:27

The Starving Games - OFFICIAL 2013 Movie

The Starving Games: A spoof movie that references The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, and the Harry Potter saga.


  • In the episode "Decision 3012" of the television show Futurama, Panem is one of the Earth territories represented at Senator Traver's nominating convention.

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