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The first rebellion happened when the districts of Panem rose up against the Capitol's rule.

The leader of the second rebellion was President Alma Coin, but the rebellion itself began to gain momentum during the 74th Hunger Games when District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark threatened to commit suicide. This caused the Gamemaker Seneca Crane to let them both win, and which showed that the citizens could overcome the power of the Capitol. The common symbol of defiance in the new group of rebels is Katniss's mockingjay symbol, a bird that the Capitol never intended to create. They created a bird called a 'Jabber Jay' which would fly to the districts during the first rebellion and spy on insurrectionist meetings. They would then fly back to the Capitol and report back with direct information from District 13. This is the second rebellion in Panem's history, the first being about 75 years prior to the beginning of the novels, before the Hunger Games began. This time period is known as "The Dark Days". 

Of the 59 known members of the second rebellion, only 30 survived it.

Known members of the second rebellionEdit

The CapitolEdit

District 2Edit

District 3Edit

District 4Edit

District 6Edit

District 7Edit

District 8Edit

District 10Edit

  • Dalton (later moved to District 13)

District 11Edit

District 12Edit

District 13Edit


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