Rue's sister is a citizen of District 11 and is one of Rue's five siblings. She appeared at the 74th Victory Tour with the rest of Rue's family. Katniss thought she looked about 9, and in the book, described to look like Rue. The same as in the film, when she was shown, she did look just like Rue.

The look Rue's sister gave Katniss on her Victory Tour told Katniss that she needed to say something to the people of District 11 about her sister, Rue, who died when Marvel threw a spear into her stomach. Before Rue died she was of great assistance to Katniss and a great friend to her, as she reminded Katniss of her sister, Prim. When Rue died Katniss covered her fatal wound with flowers she picked, and gave the people of District 11 the farwell gesture that they use back in District 12.

Rue's family.

Rue's sister made it clear to Katniss that if her sister and her district partner, Thresh, went unthanked then they would not be forgiven. So, Katniss gave a long and heartbreaking speech to the people of District 11 about how she didn't know Thresh but, he saved her from Clove and also spared her life, and how much Rue meant to her and that she won't be forgotten. That speech is what inspired District 11 to start an uprising.

Seeder tells Katniss that Rue's and Thresh's families are alive before the 75th Hunger Games. She is never mentioned after this and her fate is thus unknown.