Actor for Beetee

CONFIRMED: Jeffrey Wright will play Beetee in the film "Catching Fire"

whenever I imagined him in the book, he reminded me of that dude on NCIS with the accent Hello im cat lady (talk) 18:41, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

Beetees last name is not revealed. How is it latier? When they call his name during the training session.

"Supporting" Gale's Plan

"Beetee supported the plan, calling it "brilliant," which only upset Katniss even more."

That's definitely untrue? Beetee was against the plan, warning of casualties and the inability to stop the avalanche. He told Gale the workers would be civilians. He said he agreed with Peeta about not killing too many people for the sake of winning. He never once used the word 'brilliant'. Later on Katniss even cites him in her narration in opposition to the plan.

Check your sources, people, come on.

Beete and Wiress married

I think this paragraph should be deleted:

It is also rumored that Wiress is Beetee's wife, as Katniss thought that when she met them as Beetee mentions about the jabberjay mimicking 'our children learned it in school' which may suggest that 'our' is Beetee and Wiress' children.

Reasons: It doesn't say learned, it says learn.  He's talking about District 3 children, not about his own children. Also Wiress was dead so it would be pointless to say "our" instead of "my". It's a big stretch to say they might be married.