I think this district is the one that supplys the power/electricity. People in this district have to be very cautious/ expressed by Foxface in the 74th Hunger Games. If anybody agrees post.

District 5: DNA Splicing/breeding. At least... thats what i think it is...

Personally, I always thought this district was for higher education, research, and scientific and civil engeneers, etc. Basically the people that figure everything out. It would explain both Foxface's intellegence and the fact that Katniss never mentions what District 5's industry is, because not too many people are told what they do.

I've been on the capitol website for the upcoming film and district 5 actually has the 7th lowest number of children claiming Tesserae, 78,416, plz can u update. The district that claims the 3rd lowest number of children claiming Tesserae is actually District 3.

That website doesn't necessarily have canon information. It was made to promote the film. -TagAlongPam (talk) 21:51, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

They do electricity, and known to have the lowest population. 01:20, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

In the 74th hunger games tribute parade Caesar calls 5's tributes power plant workers while wearing what looks like a solar panel dish thing that looks highly metallic hence being massively conductive; exactly what you would wear if you worked in a power plant.

In catching fire, when speaking with Bonnie and twill, they reference that district 8 has a power plant which would strike me as odd because District 5 is supposed to supply the districts with power. This makes me think that 5 may not be power. Because the books give no reference to 5's main industry. And two, because fox face showed that people from 5 are quite smart it makes me think that generating power doesn't require intellect nor dose it require a lot of people.

Generating electricity requires a lot of intellect due to the fact that District 5 generates not only solar power but nuclear as well.  District 8 possibly has factories with powerplants due to the fact that it has a lot of industrial factories which cannot be supplied power by District 5 alone.


The District 5 victors are 7. I discovered it, searching on the images "Mockingjay victors podiums pictures". Clicking on a picture, I saw a page with some videos, where it can be seen the number of victors from this district.