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Recruting for peacekeepers for Districts 2,5,6,7,12 have begun.

If you would like to enlist, write your name here:

-Romulus Thread (head peacekeeper)


Thomas jameston

Peter yurlik

kevin travitt

Ryan Tan

Uniform change in Catching Fire

It's actually pretty logical why their uniforms got changed.

  • During the first film, the Peacekeeprs had transparent visors that only covered their eyes practically and didn't wear a lot of body armor. They were at best anti-villains considering how they only use lethal/brutal force to subdue a riot in District 11 after the locals have already killed quite a few Peacekeepers unprovoked and otherwise just stand around besides restraining Katniss before she volunteered.
  • Now it's Catching Fire. Snow's cracking down on the Districts because of Katniss, so he changes their uniform to make them more intimidating for the psychological effect. Plus they'll be killing an old man solely for saluting Katniss; it'll help to make them as unhuman as possible for that scene.

Penam Nation map of states behind one of posters!!!

If you looked closly on one of the poster pics in the article, you'll see a fully aanged map of all of Penam & it's 1 districts just see 4 ya selves —Preceding unsigned comment added by Mikeoeagle (talkcontribs)

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