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I am team Peeta because Peeta and katniss have a conection that Gale doesn't have with her.  Peeta cares for her with his whole heart and he survived beiong tortured by the capitol for her.  He risked his life when he told district thirteen the warning.

Mockingjay - Part 1 Air Raid Drill Scene04:54

Mockingjay - Part 1 Air Raid Drill Scene

If you just watched that clip you will understand why I am team Peeta.  He saved their lives. But, let's just think for a second.  I love Prim, and she is very smart, but this wasn't her smartest move, she almost died, but if She had been one second later, Gale would have died and then Prim wouldn't have died in the bombing that was all Gale's idea.  Well, I can rant for our's about how much i dislike Gale, but some people actually like Gale, and I respect their opinion's. 

If it weren't for Katniss would Peeta have survived the games, and would Peeta have reallyt survived the games, and would he have volunteered for Haymitch. He knew that only one of them would end up coming out, and he supported Katniss, and wanted her to come out. That is the type of man you want to date, or marry. 

I will be trying to post as much as possiple and I can't wait to read all of your article's.

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