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Technology in Panem is very advanced and utilizes such things as forcefields, holograms, solar batteries and magnetic levitation. The Capitol is a technologically advanced metropolis, utilizing science to make life easier for its plutocratic citizens, whereas the districts, most notably the outer ones, seem to have progressed little beyond 20th and 21st century technology. The research and production of new technology is the industry of District 3, making devices and gadgets like televisions and computers. Technology is also used in weaponry, notably by Beetee, a native of District 3. During his time as a tribute in a past Hunger Games, Beetee managed to make an electric trap that killed off the remaining tributes from the Games, giving him his victory.

74th Hunger Games


Scene where Katniss shoots the apples and blow up the supplies.

In these Games, the District 3 male reactivated the mines under the tribute plates through his knowledge of technology, a skill many people in District 3 have. If something makes contact with the ground, the mines go off and cause an explosion. Advanced technology further led to making of animals and insects such as the tracker jackers and the mutts used in the Hunger Games and by the Capitol.

As weapons

During the 74th Hunger Games, the tribute from District 3 safely repositions landmine's in the arena around a pile of supplies. Beetee also favored technology as a weapon. The tributes from District 3 are seen to be the only ones adept at utilising existing technology in the arena. Technology is shown to be used to make nuclear bombs and explosives. District 13's industry is nuclear technology, which proved invaluable in securing its independence from Panem. Pods, which are obstacles made in the Capitol, are used to stop the rebels from advancing into the city.

In Mockingjay, Plutarch Heavensbee expresses his woe at not having access to the weapons of past centuries to fight Panem's civil war, suggesting that Panem's technology is inferior to that of past civilizations.

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