The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire is a game, inspired by the books and the movie, for iOS devices exclusively. It is from the game publisher CANABALT. Being exclusively for iOS devices, the game will be smaller. Joystiq has an interview with the producer of the game, Adam Saltsman, and he said that Suzanne Collins was able to offer an interesting feedback of the upcoming game.

Release Date

The game was released shortly before the movie.

Being exclusively made for iOS, indicates that it will be a smaller game than the others.

The small team making the game is lead by Adam Saltsman, and the music, by Danny Baronowsky.

Game Role

The Game Role is just like the movie and the book, and the player needs to help Katniss survive the Capitol-engineered tracker jackers, defending their attacks with her bow, leaping through treetops with touch controls, in order to come back to District 12.

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