The channel for the Hunger Games Wiki on the IRC is #wikia-hungergames

You can find help from an admin or Channel op on the IRC or you can just chat!

The channel operators are: The Admins and Chat Mods

Name Position Join Date Activity Contact
Rainbow Shifter Bureaucrat 27 March 2012 Inactive Message
66mc Administrator 1 August 2012 Very Active Message
PumPumPumpkin :3 Administrator 3 December 2012 Very Active Message
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Administrator 19 May 2012 Very Active Message
TheFireJay Administrator 8 June 2013 Very Active Message
Everderp Chat Moderator 26 July 2012 Very Active Message
FiftyShadesOfJay Chat Moderator 2 February 2013 Very Active Message
Iluvgale Chat Moderator 27 November 2011 Active Message
Rainfacestar Chat Moderator 7 April 2012 Very Active Message
Snake of Retaining Eyes Chat Moderator 17 January 2013 Very Active Message
Star* Founder 7 July 2009 Inactive
TagAlongPam Bureaucrat 1 October 2009 Inactive
Haybernathy Administrator 7 May 2011 Inactive

Chat rules

The same rules apply as chat


  1. Make personal attacks, including racist, sexist, homophobic, or religious name-calling. It should also be remembered that people are able to use Wikia's systems freely from the age of 13. We can make no guarantee to users as to the suitability of the chatting environment for any particular age group, but users may be banned or kicked from chat for repeated and gratuitous foul language. Minor, occasional cursing for emphasis or dramatic effect will not be used as a rationale for kicking or banning.
  2. Engage in any harassment, spamming, linking to inappropriate or pornographic content, or sexually-charged chatting.
  3. Make threats of violence, especially death threats.
  4. Be intentionally disruptive or irritating to other users. Please note that writing full phrases or sentences in all capital letters is typically perceived as yelling.
  5. Roleplay. It floods the chat too much and makes it difficult to follow a conversation. If you would like to roleplay, please visit the roleplaying wiki or the fanon wiki.


  1. Assume good faith
  2. Be civil
  3. Display good wiki etiquette when stating disagreements. Disagreements with other users can be discussed without resorting to personal attacks.


Users who break the above rules may be punished by being kicked or banned from using the chat and/or being blocked from using the wiki as a whole. The type and length of a punishment will depend on the severity of the rule-breaking, as decided by the channel's operators. Unless the first offence is severe, users will not be banned or blocked unless they have already been given a warning.

We are currently unable to set the length of a chat ban, and so the bans must be manually removed (unlike the blocks that administrators can place on a user's ability to edit the wiki). Chat moderators must therefore leave a message on the talk page of any person who is banned from chat using this template, making sure to indicate the length of the ban. A chat moderator can then lift the ban when the time expires (banned users can also leave a polite message on a channel operator's talk page if their ban has expired but it has not yet been removed).


By doing this, it will register the current name you are using on IRC (to change, type "/nick <nick you want here>"). It's probably best to use your wikia username. Registering will allow people to identify you when under a different nick.

  1. Type "/MSG NickServ register <your password> <your email>" (without the "<>" of course).
  2. Check your email. It will give you instructions on what you need to do next!
  3. Each time you log onto IRC, click "Auth to services" and next to "username" write your IRC nick, and next to "password" write your password.

To group other nicks to your account, you must first change to the desired nick (/nick <nick here>). Once it's changed, make sure the nick isn't taken (NickServ will notify you). If it isn't, type "/group" and the nick will be yours! When connecting to IRC, you may enter with that nick, but always log in with your Wikia username.

How to connect

  1. Where it reads "Nickname:", type in your Wikia user name. If you are not registered, you should probably make an account.
  2. Do not remove "#wikia-hungergames".
  3. Where is reads for "reCAPTCHA", type in what you see in the image above. You must to include spacing. If you'd like another image, press "Reload".
  4. Press "Connect".


Use the form below to connect to the IRC channel.


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