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Age 12-18
Occupation Tribute
Home District 6
Gender Male
Weapon Unknown
Fate Deceased
Mentioned The Hunger Games

Titus was a male tribute from District 6 in an unspecified Hunger Games.


While in the arena, Titus went completely savage and resorted to cannibalism. As soon as he made a kill, he would eat his victims' insides. Although the Hunger Games is a no-rules, free-for-all competition; cannibalism did not go well with the Capitol audience, as the Gamemakers had to censor most of his kills. The Gamemakers had to electrically stun him so that they could clear up the bodies of the tributes he had killed.


Titus was eventually killed in an avalanche, which was thought to have been set up by the Gamemakers to ensure that the victor was not a lunatic. This set the precedent that cannibalism was not tolerated in the Games and would result in plotted death.


  • The name Titus may be a reference to the Shakespeare play "Titus Andronicus" in which the titular character goes insane after the rape of his daughter, Lavinia. Though the character in the play does not resort to cannibalism himself, he does kill his daughter's rapists and tricks their mother into eating their remains. Coincidentally, Lavinia is the name of the Avox girl in the book.
  • Titus was the only known tribute to have turned into a cannibal.
  • Titus is the only District 6 citizen whose name is revealed in the series.
  • While it is unknown which Hunger Games Titus competed in, it is revealed by Katniss that it was only a few years ago.
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