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Tools and gear are items that can be used to help a person in the arena. Most of the items in the Cornucopia are tools or gear. Some weapons can also be considered tools, in a sense. A tool can be anything from a cooking pot to a Holo.



An awl

An awl is a tool that looks almost like a screwdriver with a pointy blade like a stick, and a handle made from wood or plastic. It is typically used for piercing holes in either wood or leather, however it can also be used as a weapon, usually used in close combat.

In the 75th Hunger Games an awl was picked up by Katniss Everdeen at the Cornucopia, which she later gave to Mags at her request for a weapon of some form. However the awl was a subtle hint as to the only source of freshwater in the arena, the trees. It was later used to help puncture a hole in a tree after the group figured this out in order to insert the spile that had been received as a gift. The awl was lost during the flight from the poisonous fog, either having been dropped or stayed with Mags when she deliberately sacrificed herself to allow the group to continue on, which made it unretrieveable.


Main article: Backpack

A backpack in 74th Hunger Games.

A backpack is a bag, often made of canvas or nylon, to be carried on one's back, sometimes supported on a lightweight metal frame strapped to the body. It can contain supplies for tributes, such as ropes, flasks, sleeping bags, wires and camouflage tools and more. During the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss took one from the District 9 male who tried to kill her.


Katniss uses her belt as one of her vital tools in the Hunger Games. She used it to tie herself to a tree and sleep and rest in the 74th Hunger Games. Without it, she would have been killed by the Career pack. However, belts have also appeared in the 75th Hunger Games as an addition to the suit that tributes initially start out with. Here the belts were used as flotation devices. Beetee was the first to discover this, having been an inventor all his life. Without them, most of the tributes would have drowned, because the Cornucopia was surrounded by water and the fact that swimming training was not offered to the tributes.

Body armor

Body armor is the whole of protecting clothing, designed to absorb and/or deflect slashing, bludgeoning, and penetrating attacks. They were historically used to protect soldiers, whereas today, they are also used to protect police forces, private citizens and private security guards or bodyguards.

In the 74th Hunger Games, Cato was supplied with body armor at the feast. Thresh took the backpack containing it to draw him away from Katniss, but Cato was able to recover the armor and put it on. This armor consisted of a flesh-colored, skintight mesh which protected his limbs and trunk, but left his head, hands, and feet unprotected. The armor was strong enough to repel a direct shot from Katniss's bow and fend off the wolf-like muttations. However it also ended up prolonging Cato's agony as the mutts could not quickly finish him off after he fell and he lingered for hours. The armor does not appear in the film.


Peacekeepers escorting Katniss.

Peacekeepers wear some type of body armor, although the exact details are not specified. In the film this is a white vest that protects the torso as well as a helmet with a half face guard. Military training in District 13 involved learning how to target the weaknesses in Peackeeper armor.[1]

Cinna designed a special mockingjay outfit for Katniss which incorporated body armor.[2] This protected her when she was shot in District 2, although the bullet bruised her ribs and ruptured her spleen.[3] He also designed a combat uniform for the rebel soldiers consisting of a close-fitting helmet composed of a supple, interwoven metal that could be drawn back like a hood, a vest, belt, earpiece, and gas mask.[4]

Riot shield

Riot shield

A riot shield (seen backwards).

A riot shield is a lightweight protection device deployed by police and some military organizations. Most are a clear polycarbonate, though some are constructed of light metals with a view hole. Riot shields are almost exclusively long enough to cover an average sized man from the top of the head to the knees and are generally intended to be used in riot control, to protect the user from shrapnel, thrown projectiles, and splash from various weapons such as a Molotov cocktail.

Riot shields do not appear in the books, but are used in film by the Peacekeepers along with batons to suppress the uprising in District 11.

Sleeping bag


A sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is a piece of gear used for sleeping. There are usually three layers that make up the sleeping bag. The outside layer is usually water proof or water resistant, to protect the sleeper from nighttime dew. The middle layer is warm. It keeps the sleeper warm and keeps body heat from escaping. The last layer is in the inside of the sleeping bag. It is usually made of soft material that feels good against the skin (often made of sheet material). A zipper usually runs all the way along one side of the sleeping bag.

In the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss had a sleeping bag. It was inside the backpack she got at the Cornucopia. The sleeping bag was made of the same fabric as the tributes' jackets. When she burned her leg she cut a hole in the bag for her leg. When she went to the Career camp she was supposed to get another bag for Rue, but she forgot. During the games, she shared the bag with Rue. After the death of Rue, she shares hers with Peeta.



A spile

A spile is a type of peg that can be inserted into a tree to drain the sap. Katniss had seen her father use one a long time ago when he was still alive to obtain maple syrup from a maple tree. However with his death the location of the spiles that he had was lost and Katniss forgot about them.[5]

During the 75th Hunger Games, a spile was the first gift received by Katniss' group. They were unable to figure out what it was at first until Katniss realized what it was a spile while thinking about District 12. After a hole was bored in a tree with the group's awl and knives, the spile was inserted and a thin stream of warm water was obtained. Before going to bed that night Katniss secured the spile to her belt in case of emergencies and was responsible for its safe keeping.


Pickup Coil Wire sm

A coil of wire.

Wire is very thin, flexible strand or rod of metal. It is provided in the Cornucopia of the 75th Hunger Games. This type of wire was invented by Beetee, and is said to be as thin as hair and stretches for miles. Throughout the Games, Beetee guards the wire with his life, but gives it to Wiress occasionally to guard herself. She even pulled it into the water with her after Gloss killed her and her dead body was shot into the ocean, forcing Katniss to retrieve it. Beetee revealed that to end the Careers' alliance they were going to connect the wire to the water and a tree that was struck by lightning at noon and midnight, so when Enobaria and Brutus got anywhere near the damp beach they would be electrocuted. Katniss and Johanna were sent to connect the wire to the lightning tree, but Katniss was knocked out and during this time by Johanna. When Katniss later followed the wire to Beetee and she found that he was electrocuted by a force field like Peeta had been earlier. So she did what she thought he was doing and attached the wire to one of her arrows and shot it at the force field after the lightning struck, destroying the arena. Plutarch Heavensbee had purposely put the wire in the arena.

In the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss finds a small coil of wire in her backpack, which she uses to make snares, but only ends up catching three rabbits her entire time in the Games.


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