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hi my names aaronmalik and im from leeds in the uk ( england ) im a major fan of the hunger games and i love the careers and district 11 ( thresh , rue , chaff and seeder ) . I love football (soccer) and support Liverpool

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Name : Deano Tyrones

Age 18

District 1

Weapon throwing knives , spears and tridents 6'5

Appearance dark skin , brown eyes and black hair wih small goatee

Personality : confident , arrogant , self proud and tries to be a bit of player with the capitol

Strength : Throwing Weapons and aim

Weakness Weaker than career at hand to hand and his cockyness is too much sometimes .

can be hard to like . cant climb or find food well.


District 11 Male


Appeareance : Bulit and tall 6 foot 6 . hench and only has one eye and a pach

Personallity : qutie , calm and bright

Weakness : Dosent know how to use weapons

Weapon : hands and powerful legs , Wrestling and judo

Token : weed armband

background ; lost his eye in an explosion on the farm . killed three of his brother ,carried his dad out of the flames . nightmeres about this event almost every night

Name : Ruby Lux

District :1

Age: 18

Appearance : ginger ,frizzy fire like hair .Pale paper likeskin , slim bulid and very attarctive 5'7

Personallity : exteremly judgemental , deep thinker loves to think plans and stratergies , also use her look to use people (sly in that sense )

Weakness: Cant Swim and cant climb

Preferred Weapon : Bow and arrows or throwing knives

Token : grandmothers ruby ring ( family hier loom)

Bloodbath Strategy : get to a bow if not knieves , search for useful supplies and kill anywon in her way

Name : katelin Shore

District :4

Appearance : tall and slim , bright blonde hair and blue eyes . beach line body and suductress

Personallity : tries to charm male tributes but see females as a threat . good leader , hell bent on victory till the point of madness , cruel and mean . motto to life is : the strong suvive and the weak diserve death

weakness : doesnt trust anywon and not very good at make friends ( sponsers ) and antisocal

Preferred Women : nets and small blades

token : headband made from seaweed

Name : halrey fudson district : 7 age :15 appearence : small , blonde ,blue eyes and tanned skin personallity : calm , funny and postive weakness : scared of water , the dark and heights weapons : small axes token : dried sap ring bloodbath plan : get axes , get good supplies , kill and join careers

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