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aka Anna Targaryen

  • I live in Denmark/New Zealand
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is Exchange Student
  • I am female

I will be inactive for 1 to 3 weeks, getting back in the end of January.

Well hello there guys!

This is the first wikia I have ever joined and i am still a bit new to all of this -wait, wait, wait, wait- after 2000 edits I think I am getting a hang of it. Yeah, I am. I defernetly am.

You might have heard of me...the legends passed down by generations of users speak of a 16-year-old girl wearing jeans and a t-shirts travelling across the wiki. She's known to use "btw" a lot and to not spell very well. Only wielding her adorable personality, courage and a little too much faith in humanity she has managed to survive through the depts of time called the "newbie time". She has slayed great evil with them legendary master blade of...something (I will think of that, later). She has travelled through many dimentions as her destiny still reach futher...

Internet Friends (I <3 you all)

Are you missing? Feeling a little left out?

If you are missing, please inform me via chat,

These might be the reasons why you are not on the list:

1 I forgot you

2 I am not sure if you think at me as a friend and too insecure to add you

3 I haven't updated the list yet

4 I kinda tend to keep users that I know very well on this list, just to keep it trimmed, and I AM SO SORRY! but I may just not know you well enough, YET!


Alice/You shouldn't have Aliced that, aka. Everderp - Me and Alice. We have been friends for such long now and well, we are just bestos, in every sense of it. If I need someone to talk to shes always there, and I just have so nice convos with her, she has really helped me! However she can also be really funny when thats more fitting. She was probably the person made me get more friends on here. When I first met her, I was really unknown. She helped me and I probably would still only have like, three friends on here if she hadn't.. . I admire her poetry and her mind too. She's my MWL buddy (we reference it when we can get away with it! XD) :3 She's super fun to scare too, with BEN, butterflies, or Miss Murder. We are Miss Murder and Miss Pedo and we will continiue creeping out the wiki, forever XD. 

Ryan/Hot aka. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo - Well, Hot is one of my closest friends on this wiki. He's so nice to me on the chat, seriously everytime I am on the chat with this guy, he makes my day. He is like, so kind to me, and I can tell he really cares for me, which just make me so thankfull that I am friends with him. I always feel like I owe this guy the whole world cause he keeps helping me out whenever I am in trouble...  Thank you so much, Hot :3 I hope I can one day repay you. He is also my internet-father, which means he get's to yell: "GO TO BED!" At me, and when I don't, he breaks my pc/burries me under the patio. Also, he's a fellow mod, who is like super awesome at being it, always knowing what do to, when i don't XD. You are so much better than meeeeee *cries*. Also you are like so funny, you always tend to make me smile, even on really bad days. Also I can go to him with all my small language flaws, and he doesn't ever mind, he helps and shows me pictures, without getting annoyed or tired. I am so thankfull for that too. 

HAH, this is hilarious now. As all you call me is by my nickname now, my mod friend Doo Doo Doo Doo..... 20:53, October 20, 2012 (UTC)

DrewlovesKuinn - Sir Donaque - He's like my first friend I got on here. I remember him being the first person to regurlary pm with me.  He was (still is to me) also one of my closets friends I had on this wiki. Now, I guess I wonder if he feels that I am one of his closest friends too. I hope so. Anyway, he's super good to talk to and always really funny. I am so thankfull I can still talk to him sometimes. He is one of the best writers, ever. I am so sad that he left and he is one of the people I miss the most, but even though he left, I am keeping him here on my friendslist as a memorial, for a really nice person, whom I will always keeping hoping and caring for, even if he were to forget me...

I love you Anna<3 User:Mysims/sig 13:17, December 20, 2012 (UTC)

Wesley/Future seeing vampire aka. Wesolini - Me and Wesley have been friends for quite awhile. This guy is really funny and again very nice chatting to *cough* except when you pull pranks on me *cough*. Wheter he's being all perving, locking me up in attic, being super serious and nice, talking about drama, I know I can talk with him, always. Also he's my husband whom keeps throwing knives at me,, tying me to trees and then lighting the tree on fire and cheating on me. I forgive him though (chu can have as many wives as you want as long as I am your best! :D). I really do wish I had a chopper so that I could take you to the cafeteria xD Oh, and he is really good with maths. I love him, even when he screams: "LETS HAVE KIKI, I WANNA HAVE A KIKI, LOCK THE DOORS TIGHT.." in chat!

Ian/ Zakel aka. Flutthey Kitten - Awesome guy right here. He always seem to be nice to everyone on chat, he's super funny with his jokes, and everyone likes him, which is totally deserved. He was also the first one to ever ask me out to the wiki prom and I am so glad he did it! You're so awesome for asking me, thanks! He has left wiki, and I miss him so god damned much.

Cass aka. Nommyzombies - That awesome girl on chat who always have something funny/perv stuff to say. She can make you laugh and make you go: o.o She's friendly to everyone and always lighten up chat! She's actually very kind too, and I am very thankfull that I have gotten to talk with her.

John/The EVIL Johnbun  aka. ~Poptart~ - Johnbun, Johnbun, Johnbun. You are always so nice, you always make me feel really happy, even when I have one of these: "Nothing can make me happy days". You also tend to be able to say just the right thing, at just the right time, whether that would be lighting the mood or finding a hidden answer. Seriously, where did you learn that? You seem to be a little too hyper sometimes, but that is what I like about you! (although, you may want to be slightly carefull with that sugar intake). You are also very clever, I think. Also you make le awesome tributes!

VDA99 aka. ViniciusDeAssis1999 - Now this guy... well this guy is just really nice to everyone, and hates no one ever, which I admire.  He always has a smile on his lips and he can make jokes with everything, he's super funny  and I just love the pms we spent joking around with everything and sometimes, everyone. (eventhough you trick me -.-). I love it when discuss new games and such on here, you seem very clever with all of that is awesome to discuss with, even when we disagree. He is also my advicing buddy, he's so much fun being in games with (well, unless you are against him, then he is really annoying! *cough* The Houseplan *cough), always make clever plans that make you go: "O.O" . Also he make really good games himself! Never stop writing! I also go to prom with him :D VDA WE WON!

Kiersten aka. KNKHungergames - Awww, Kiersten. You are so perfect, and yet you keep calling me perfect (seriously I don't get your logic here). You have me as your rolemodel on this wiki which is a very great honor for me. I don't get why you would want me as your rolemodel, but thank you ;-; She also made the first game that I ever won with my tribute, May Morningleafs. She is also SUPER friendly on chat probably one of the kindest girl on there (probably one of the kindest people I ever met). You can always seek help from her, and I have a lot of respect for her. You are so helpfull and I do my best to help you too :3

Callam aka. CallamD97 - Haven't talked that much to you but you are super sweet, and you always seem to be able to make me happy and cheer me up whenever I feel sad. How did you learn that? Seriously, you say it's nothing, but it's not nothing! You have a gift for cheering others up. You are also really funny with your "the hunk of THG wiki" thing, and the faces you make on TC, you always make me laugh, thank you so much for that. You are also really smart and encourage my English, thank you!

Oli aka. Evilharibomadness - Now, this guy. He's so sweet sometimes, and a good listener. He can also be really funny sometimes too, and knows how to lighten the room, just the right way. Sometimes, I wonder if he knows how nice he is, I really hope he does, cause he deserves it! He is also my "speaking perfected English" buddy, with whom I can pratice my vocabulary! We seriously need to pm more!

Dani/Anni aka. Rawrimmaeatya - This girl, she is like...awesomeness... the pure image of awesomeness. Look in a dictionary under "awesomeness" and a picture of her appear. Anyway, we also have the best ship ever, where we spam in pm, and discuss randomness. ANNI FOREVER! In Anni, she's obvious the smart one, while I am the not-so-clever one, who seems to forget the most elementary stuff. But you are kind to me even when I am being stupid! XD Also a fellow mod who's really good at being it. 

Daniel/Luke/Panda Eater aka. Justafox - I have known Luke for a little while, and I really like our friendship. He is clever and nice to talk with. When I was a new mod, he was really helpfull, always helping me with the different mod-stuff which I am really thankfull for. We often skype and I really love it, I wish he would be more on here. His poems are great too, I wish he would acknowledge that (he is always like: "NO!" when I tell him that they are beautiful.) 

Hunter aka. HKTlovesGlimmer - A great user who's always friendly on chat and always seems ready to help. He is very outgoing and deserve to be respected! I wish he would be more on!

Lily aka. Lily! - Oh, Lily. Probably one of the most passionated people I know, she always cares for everything. She also really help me out once on (not gonna tell ya what taht was >:D) which just made me so thankfull that she would go out of her way to help me. She's upbeat and excited which is quite fun to see, but helpfull and a good friend :3. I still remember the first thing she really said to me was: "MOD MY BUTT!" at THGRP and now you are mod on here! Oh and she's nice to discuss "Django" with. "Lily, tell Miss Laura goodbye."

Mia aka. 66mc - Why you weren't put on my friendlist sooner, I will never know. You are always kind to me and everyone pretty much, as you are one of the kindest users on chat! You are always ready to listen to me when I ask for comforting or advice, and you never judge me for anything I say. I am so thankfull for that, I think I would have gotten insane without you! XD She's a great fellow mod too. I am so thankfull to have you as a friend of mine and I have a lot of respect for her and her enormous amout of tolerance.

Savanna/Vanna  aka. Frostsnake - The first time I met this girl was in a game, and she really impressed me. We didn't talk for a bit and then she out of nowhere just complimented me and after that... Well let us just say that we have been bestos! I admire your mature mind and your friendlyness (except from when you are EVIL then you are EVIL XD) You are also super funny too, and I love your microwaving skills XD. I am so sad we couldn't do our secret plan! Awww... And she's fun to talk with over skype, although I have a hard time understanding all of the smileys she makes (seriously, what does a pizza-smiley mean in Savanna-language?).

Annabella/Fox/Bella/Axed aka. Axedfox - AXED! Oh my god why aren't you on here already? Fox has been one of my earlier friends. She's always so awesome to me. She has also seen the impossible. She has experinced "An angry Anna". Weird, I know. But she actually listened and help me. Anyway, she is also very helpfull when it comes to making tribute and her games and writing are just awesome! She also makes really good her games herself!

Gruff aka. LeGruff - Gruff and me met each other quite resently, and yet, I already feel so close to this guy. He is so nice to me and manage to make me laugh in hard times. He deserves so much but never seem to realize it. I will always try to help him as much as I can. Gruff is just a really kind person. He wants to help everyone, so I wish he would stop and just use a bit time on himself too, cause he really deserves it! He's also my zombie, he has eaten my arms a couple of times and every now and then goes: "BRAINS!" but I don't mind, I luff my zombie!

Jade/The Admin aka. Rainbow Shifter - When me and Jade first really met, it was around the time when I first got mod. I remember her saying she was going for admin, and I honestly never doubted she would become one other as we both adore the awesome country of Japan (we both been there!). She has also been sorta a "drawing mentor" for me, tirelessly looking at my different drawings, giving me useful advice (THANK YOU!). I was so happy she got admin, she really deserved it! She is extremely helpful to me with my questions and knows so much about this wiki! A good admin and a good friend, what more can you wish for? XD

Caylin aka. ~Poundthealarm~ - I guess I haven't talked to Caylin for the longest, she's a newer friend, but I have known for a awhile. When she first joined, I was very impressed with how quickly she made friends (back then I was still in the newbie zone!) so I always admired her for that. It's now, that I actually talk a lot with her but she's pretty funny and nice to Tinychat with. She made me really happy when she told me she missed me on chat too :3

Thanks c; Sticks and stones may break her bones,but words will make her starve herself to death. 23:48, April 13, 2013 (UTC)

Kekai/Cheesecake aka. Hybrid Shadow - Kekai, :3. He's love by everyone and those "everyone" include me! I still remember how he as a new user, would discuss cheesecakes, and how I would buy him 1000 cakewives that he would brutally eat! I remember how I sorta knew you become a great user, and you did (although I never predicted how long his backstories would become...) Now you're all grown! We have this friendly fight of lengths of backstories, which I always seem to lose but I still like it. We have fun rp'ing and talking about random stuff (vocaloid, Hawaiian/danish weather, etc.), and makes me smile with his contant ":3". Although may not talk as much because of timezones, I still consider him to be a great friend of mine.

Rosalind aka. TheMysteriousGeek - Rosalind is one of my more recent friends. We met at chat when the "Hurt/Heal games" and quickly became friends because we share the same opinions on most careers. We grew even closer discovering we have a special intrest for final fantasy together and we listen to a lot of gamemusic together when she's online. She's very kind and a good friend. I also really admire her, how long she has been on this wiki and is still active. That's really cool, and I really hope she will stay active!

Colin Aka. Beetee19 - Colin is one of my best friends on wiki and has been for a while. It all started with Cloveismywife's Vengeance Games. He had entered Azalea and Axl, and I sorta killed Axl with a plan of mine, and used Azalea as bait... whoops... But it was first after a while I actually got to know him. He came on chat and I remember thinking that he was a really nice guy. Now, we pm regularly, usually about bacon, or fangames or how awesome this wiki is! I was the first person ever to guess his name! It's always loads of fun to talk with him, and we're sorta plotting to rob the secret bank of China... Don't tell, or we sent Trick for you...

You rock too, Anna! But...what part of 'secret' don't you understand? ;P --And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea... 05:06, May 4, 2013 (UTC)

Erlend/Viking aka. PumPumPumpkin - "Erlend... you do not scare me... but you do manage to creep me out." That's the thing I tell Erlend the most and I stand by that. Erlend is a slightly creepy and weird friend but he's also one of my closets friends I got. I love it when we Tinychat together, he's one of the few people who will talk longer convos. His evil "huehuehuehuehue" laugther makes me smile (although it sometimes creep me out too). He's also Scandinvian, like me! He's probably one of the people I talk with the most and I am very thankful I got to meet him. Whether he's being creepy, dirty, or nice, Erlend is awesome.


EHKnight <(^v^)><(^v^)><(^v^)><(^v^)> What about me? D:

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Anna, you know I love you, that will NEVER change but: PUT ME ON DIS LIST ;-; Lily (talk) 16:38, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

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Cry Rainbow Shifter 20:26, March 14, 2013 (UTC)

Anna, you still seem to have forgotten someone. :3 -Kekai

Hello, please can you add me? There is a time for all things, and the end of a thing is better then the beginning. (talk) 18:53, March 17, 2013 (UTC)

Anna, you know that you love me even though I don't have an awesome siggie like the rest of these people do :P Beetee19 (talk) 02:48, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

I don't see my name, Anna babeh c;

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Anna, add me please:P

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Anna add me please!

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Anna~ Addz Me If Chu Want? --Blue-Ribbonz (talk) 07:58, December 21, 2013 (UTC)

My ships

If you aren't on these, there can be multiple reasons, so please dont be sad! I could have forgot someone, I could be too insecure to add us, this could be un-updated, OR I may just know you that well, YET!

These are all the ships I am in! I love all my ships :3

Alphabetical order:

Adrianna - Adrian and Anna

Alina - Alice and Anna 

Anem - Emma and Anna

Annadrew - Andrew and Anna


Ankai - Kekai and Anna

Annley - Wesley and Anna

Berra - Berry and Anna

Callanna - Callam and Anna

Colinna - Colin and Anna

Erlanna - Erlend and Anna

Channa - Hot/Charlie/Ryan and Anna

Clanna - Claudia and Anna

Granna - Gruff and Anna

Janna - Jade and Anna

Jayanna - Jay and Anna

'Joanna - Joan and Anna

Julianna - Julia and Anna

Jusanna - Justin and Anna

Kaeghanna - Kaeghan and Anna

Kierna - Kiersten and Anna

Mianna - Mia and Anna

VDAnna - Vinny and Anna

My Tributes

If you copy my tributes I will go CATO on you! >:D

Detria Glace

Pronounciation: "Di-trih-a Glaeis"

District: 5

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearence: Detria is very frail looking. Her body is thin, as she has not been eating enough ever since her mother divorced her father so she is very thin and frail looking with almost no mucsels. She is one of those girls that seem so weak that you could break them in half, like a twig. Her hair falls down her back, long and black, all the way down to her weistline. She likes to hide her face behind it and almost never put it up in a ponytale, she would rather just have it lose so that her face is hidden by it. Her eyes are a deep misty light grey color. Her skincolor is very pale, almost making her look a bit sick, and that makes her look even more frail.

Height: She stands 5'4. It's a tiny bit taller than most 14-year-olds. Her height, her small muscels and the fact that she is already very skinny makes her look extremely frail, like she could break any second. That is both good and bad. Because of her light weight, she barely make any sound while walking and she doesn't cause my attention to herself, however her skinny body and small amount of muscels makes it so that she's quite weak.

Personality: Detria has a minor form for autism. She is very shy and stays away from most people unless she likes the person a lot or if they have done something remarkable. She almost never speaks but she is hyper intelligent cause of her autism, but she, again, never speaks so no one ever notice, and people seem to think she's an idiot. People seems to treat her like she is crazy but really she is not that much diffrent. She really just want people to stop stare and treat her normal. She dosen't wanna cause trouble and almost never fight with anyone. If anyone called her names she would just walk away and pretend like she didn't hear it instead of standing up for herself and fight back. She likes to be alone and often comes of as very mysterious to strangers. She hates to look other people in the eyes, and tries to look away when people look her directly in the eyes. She is very insecure and always seem to doubt herself, and is very scared to cause attention.

Backstory: She was 4 years when her family found out that she was autistic. Her father started to ignore her and when he finally would talk to her he would scold her. Detria got very depressed by it and very sad. She told her secret to her best friend. Two days later her secret was known by the whole school and her friends started to ignore her and gossip about her and spread rumors about her. Her mother got so angerd at her father that she decided to divorce. After that Detria and her mother moved to the poor part of distriWeapon: Because of Detria's shy nature and frail apparance most people counter her as no threat what so ever, however, that is where they would be wrong. They were short on money but Detria took two tesserae and her mother worked hard, however Detria was faced with hunger in bad periods of time. She often felt guilty, that it was her fault that her mother had left her father, and she did get really depressed. Only one of Detria friends stayed with her through all of that. His name was Koto. He never really said much but when they parted in the justicebuilding they kissed. Detria will do everything to get back to her only friend.

Weapon: Because of Detria's frail apparance and shy nature, most people tend to not her find her a threat, and don't even think she can handle any weapon. That is where they would be wrong. Detria can use two weapons. Her first weapon is throwing knives. With them, it doesn't matter if she's strong or not. All that matters is her speed and aim. She has trained with them through her life, in fear she would be reaped. Most of Detria's talents comes from her autism, but not throwing knives, that is why it means so much to her. Her second weapon is a blowgun. Like with the throwing knives, Detria does not have to train her strength to shoot with it, the only thing she needs is aim and speed, which she likes.

Strength: Detria has lived her whole life trying to avoid other people noticing her. If she were noticed then it would lead to bullying so she would always try her best to blend in and is almost never noticed unless she wants to be noticed. That has also made her very stealthy, and she could be a very good theif if she wanted. Her autism has made it so that she is hyper intelligent. Using her life in the shade, trying to avoid others gace, she has become quite good at observing, as she tend to observe others.

Weakness: Her autism is her biggest weakness as it make her very anti-social. She has a very hard time speaking to anyone, especially strangers, and would have a hard time making allies in the arena. She haven't been eating enough ever since her mother divorced her father, so she is quite weak and she could be beaten easily in hand-to-hand combat.

Fears: Detria HATES when many people are looking at her at the same time, like 8 people or more. The many glaring eyes just seems like needles punturing her, judging her, finding her mistakes. She never ever performs on stages duing to the fact that a lot of people are staring at her, eventhough her intelligence could make her place first in most quizzes and such. She is also quite scared of getting into any kind of conflict, as she is carefull not to cause any trouble. The sole thought of gettting attention from people who she doesn't know just scares as she is scared that people will judge her

Interview angle: Detria is very nervous, as her autism make it so that many people looking at her, scares her to death. So when she has to answer a question, she answer with one word/sentences, and never opens up, which makes the interview quite un-personal and forgettable. In fear that she will pass out, she will only look at ceasar and never look once at the audience, and their gazing eyes. The only that keeps her from running of the stage is the fact she wants to go home to Koto desperately and knows she will get no sponsors if she runs away. Although she is scared to death by their staring gaze she manage somehow not to look that way just very nervous

Bloodbath plan/ stratedgy for the games: Detria will in the bloodbath only run in to get one or two things, mostlikely food or water, and she will get out there before the first career reaches the cornucopia. She will run into a covered area and then she will hike and get as far away as possible, and then hide out when she need to sleep.

Alliance: Detria's austism make sociallising very hard and she will only ally if she is asked. She has difficult trusting other people and will probably only ally if the person has caught her attention by duing something, maybe helping her out or something like that. Her autism make her uncomfortable around too many people, so she will only want to alliance with 2 people (excluding herself) or less, and would never join a big alliance.

Token: Koto gave her his black workgloves, as they parted in teh justicebuiding. Detria knew it was his own way of saying: "Stay safe", and those black workgloves means more to Detria than anything else. She will wear them throughout the entire game, oonly putting them off if she has to.

Serina Frostswords

Pronounciation: Se-rih-na Frost-swords

District: 10

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Weapon: Serina is extremely skilled with a crossbow (Works like a bow but has much better aime and is much stronger so that you can from far away, it takes more time to reload than a regular bow). Ever since she bought it to work as a foxhunter, she has pratice with it and she almost never misses fleeing foxes, and other predetors. Serina is also pretty skilled with a knife. Sometimes, when her arrows only hit the stomach of the animal she would have to finish the beast off using a knife, and she would also skin the animals when she was done with killing them

Strength: Serina has always been very agile and quick It was a requirement when you were hunting foxes, as they tended to try and flee, and Serina would have to aim and shoot fast to get a right hit in. Serina is also very stealthy for more than one reason. She would be a thief and steal from the richer people in District 10. It was dangerous, and Serina knew that if she were caught she was dead meat, however she was never caught. Also when she hunted foxes, she would sometimes prefer to stalk her prey, rather than to kill quickly, which has also trained her stealth.

Weakness: Serina has starved ever since her mother was killed and eventhough her job trained her physically, she never really got a lot of muscels and such by it, so her strength is pretty bad, and she would not do very well in hand-to-hand combat, unless she would be able to use her agility to her advantage, but that is kinda hard for her if she were to be wrestling with someone. Also her rough past has taught her not to trust anyone so she has a hard time getting an alliance.

Fears: Serina doesn't have much fear in her body. Fear seemed stupid to her. If there's a threat, you should elliminate it, not run away from it. However there is one thing that can make her scared, and that is the thought of getting attached to anyone. It has pretty much been a fear in her life, ever since her mother died, but now, going into the games, she's even more scared about it. She could not imagine caring for someone in the arena, and she's really scared that that will happen. Althought she would never admit it that the thought of getting attached scared her.

Appearence: Serina has a small body however she doesn't look frail. . She has been using most of her life, outside hunting foxes so her skin has gotten quite tanned. Her body has small invisible scars, every now and then, cause her foxhunting didn't always go so great when she was still a newbie-hunter. The scars and the tan make her look pretty tough. She has never been fed enough since her mother died and is thereby pretty thin and has no muscels what so ever, however, again, her strong personality makes it unoticed. Her hair goes down to her shoulders, and it's always put up so that it doesn't get in the way, and it's red as fire and ember giving her a fierce look. Her eyes are dark-grey, almost black, making her look even more fierce. Her glares are very scary.

Height: She stand 160 cm/5'2 feet which is pretty short for a 15-year-old however Serina's strong personality makes it so that her lack of height is unoticed. Actually most people if they had to guess would think that Serina was two inches taller than what she really is. She unconsiously simply just intemidate people which make her seem taller than what she really is. She's skinny and un-muscular however she also unconsiously "intemidate" people, making them think of her as more muscular and with more natrual body weight.

Personality: She has always been fearless but her mothers death made her very coldhearted. She never cares for anyone, as no one cared for her. She will not think of her past in any way other than to look at mistakes and learn from them. She is not afraid to brake anyones limits if she need it for her survival and she is not afraid to step on anyone. She's a person who doesn't take crap for anyone, and although she won't start fights, if anyone starts a fight with her she will make sure they regret it. She has a good amount of confidence, and is very much a realist, knowing what she's capable of, and what she's not capable of. She's pretty sly. Also she's very determined and will always want to finish anything she starts, even if it will cost her life. She enjoy revenge, but isn't impacient about taking it, as long as she get's it.

Backstory: Serina started with a pretty okay life. She was an only child, and her parents were very kind to her. Her parents were wealthy and she had enough food. Serina used to be a sweet little angle, a smiling girl who wouldn't even hurt a fly and always volunteer for charity work and such. But that changed when she was 12. A woman was robbed from all of her posetions, and that woman sadly had a bad relationship to Serina's mother. The woman told false evidence and Serina's mother were arrested and then whipped to death in front of the entire district, and Serina and her father have to pay a huge bill, thus losing all their money. Serina turned coldhearted and serious. She never cried, she refused to show weakness. Serina and her father had it rough afterwards. They did not have enough money to bring food so after school she works as a foxhunter. She would hunt for fox's and other predetors in the outskirts of the district. By selling her moms necklace she bought herself a crossbow. Her father wouldn't talk her for weeks but she didn't care. Four months before reaped her dad died of sickness. The communety homes was already overfilled so it was decided that she could live in her house. She had it ruff and did barely eat but she maked it by stealing from the richer parts of the district. She was never cought. She never shed a tear for her dad. By the time she was reaped she was a master with the crossbow. All that time through, Serina never really have anyone she could turn to. Her parents were dead, and she really did not have any friends, cause she did not dare to trust anyone and most people was also afraid of her.

Interview: Serina will take a confident approach, not showing nerversity or fear, which come of as a bit intemidating. She will also be quite sly and mysterious, and would never reaveal any weaknesses/strength or such. She will also act quite determined, acting like she knows that she is able win the hunger games and survive.

Bloodbath plan/ stratedgy for the games: She runs fast so she graps the stuff 5-10 meters away and then get out of there. Sneak back to the cornacopia to see if her crossbow is there. Its much likely that no one would take it (Its very difficult to shot with I you don't know how) so she would probaly sneak in and take it. If the careers camp out there she would wait for a good chance to take it. After that she would hide out and shoot lone tributes

Token: Serina has no token, she never cared. She didn't get why she would want to be reminded of her home when ehr life was so bad. Another reason to the fact that she choose to not have a token was that she did not know anyone who could give her any. She was an orphan, and she did not really have any friends whatsoever. However during the days up to the games, she stole a simple platin ring from her escort, just because she could. She thought she mind as well wear it into the arena.

Alliance: Serina has trust issues and has a very hard time approaching anyone. If someone approach her and ask for alliance, she may join in, but probably won't get any real friendship with her teammates. It would only be for survival. She may ally with the careers if they see her skills and ask her, but she won't ask them, as she recorn that as a sign up weakness. In the arena, she would probably find it even harder to get an ally, and would probably only ally if her life depented on it.

Skye Silverguard

Age: 13

District: 3, 5, 6 or any really, as long as there is some kind of forest, and it's not careers.

Personality: A shy girl who rarely smile. She likes being alone and dosen't say that much. Because of that people usually underestimate her. People think that she's a daydreamer but she's actually very observant. She is very intelligent and always calculate everything. She has a tendensy to underestimate herself just like others use to underistimate her, she is very insecure. She also tends to overthink problems to make sure she got all perspectives and motives and possible plans figured out however she can make quick decesions if she has to. She used to care a lot for her looks but when she got the scar the turned from the outgoing and kinda selfish girl to the quiet and shy but very kind girl. She is the oppersit of a "hot-head" and will rather just say nothing than fight back when yelled at. She has turned quite humble since the abusement began.

Backstory: She lived a perfect life...well until she turned 10. Her big sister, Diana (21-years-old), moved away to get her own house. It was weird for her parents, they always imagined Skye and Diana would keep on living in their house. It also hit Skye really hard as she was always close to her sister, Diana was more like a parent for her than a sister. And then, sometime after, Skye's mother got sick with cancer, and died shortly after. Skye's life was falling apart, as she only had her father, whom she had never been close with. Skye's father didn't cope much better with it. He began to drink and then abuse Skye physically, beating her almost every day. She lived with the pain for until she turned 13. But one day it went too far. She broke a silver picture frame that had a picture of her mother by accident. Her father, already drunk and mad, smacked her face into the wall and pressed her face upwards against the walls but none of them saw the three nails stuck in the wall. Skye's face was pressed against the three nails causing three extremely deep wounds on from her hairline to her chin. The next she walked to school but when the teachers asked she said that she had fallen on asfalt ground. Even after that, she still tried to protect her father and didn't blame him. The teachers didn't believe it of course and called the peacekeepers. The same night her father was hitting her the peacekeepers came busting in through the door and saw him hit Skye. They arrested them and Skye was moved to live with her sister. Her sister didn't have job but she hunted in the forrest to get food and money. From that point on her sister trained Skye and Skye helped her hunt and eventually learned how to make traps, shoot with bow and recornise berries. After the abusement Skye have gotten closed of and quiet but she really is a kind girl when you get to know her. She has just been through a lot.

Apperance: Skye is beautiful. Well, she was. She was one of the those girls that people would think would grow up to be a model. But it changed when she got that scar. Skye is a tiny bit taller than most 13-year-olds, standing 5'2. She doesn't have very many muscels and looks weak but not frail. She's pretty thin, but not skinny. Skye has long blonde, almost white hair that goes all the way to her weistline. Her eyes are darkgreen like a healthy forest. She would look beautiful. But her scar hinders that. An ugly scar created of three lines, streching from her hairline, all the way down to her jaw. They go through eyesbrows and over eyelits, making it look very brutal. People used to call Skye "beautiful". Now, they just look away from her, saddened.

Height: 5'2

Weapon: While being in the forest, her sister has taught her how to handle a couple of weapons. Skye first thought she was bad with weapons, as she didn't see herself as a fighter however after a while of training and trying around with different weapons she found two weapons that she was good with. The first one was the bow and arrow. Skye's lack of strength would not matter, only her accuracy and agility to shoot. After Skye's sister gave her a bow she quickly mastered it. She was born to shoot with a bow. Skye also had a second weapon she could use. An awl. A bow and arrow were good to hunt with, but if Skye didn't make a deathly shot, she would have to finish the animal off with a melee weapon, but most weapons was to heavy for Skye. However Skye tried an awl and found out that the little needle like weapon was great to use. Like the bow, she didn't need strength, just accuracy and agility.

Strength: Skye has always been an agile girl. Quick on her feet, and never seeming to trip. She would need that, to quickly get away from her father and up to her room, when she sensed that he was in a bad mood. Her agility is what makes up for her all size and weak body. Cause of all the time she used in the forest, The skills she masters the most is climbing. Skye would always be the one doing the climbing when her sister and her was out in the forest. Climbing made her feel free. A new person. At first she would only climb trees but her skill has developted and she can now climb pretty much anything. Her last skill is traps. Sometimes, Skye would prefer to rather be paticient than chasing an animal with a bow, and so her trapping-skills was needed.

Weakness: Skye has never had a lot of strength. Her light weight made it so that she didn't need a lot of muscels when she would climb, so her muscels never really got to grow a lot, and her small physical apparance didn't help either. Because of that, she's quite easily beaten in hand-to-hand combat, cause, again, she never really had many muscels. Also she's quite insecure and would always doubt herself, and although she can svim, she's not very good at it.

Fears: After what happened in her past, with her father giving ther that scar, she now gets terrified if anyone touches her face, the only exceptions was Skye's sister. Also Skye really hates arguments, and she is often scared if someone will force her into. Also, cause of the physical abuse, Skye has a rational fear of being hit. She has tried to forget the memories of her father hitting her, but will be almost forced to remember it if she feels that pain again.

Interviews: Skye will be slightly nervous (but not scared) having to stand in front of the big crowd of the Capitol and the entire Panem. So, because of that she will seem a bit shy, but also quite sweet and charming. She will act quite humble and insecure because she's very overwhelmed by the Capitol. She will seem quite clever to the other tributes, in her own unique way. 

Bloodplan strategy/ strategy for the games: As the timer ticks down, Skye will use the time orientatating herself in the arena, trying to see where the covered areas are and see if there is a forest like area somewhere. When the timer reaches 0, she will run in very quickly and get thing within a 5 meter range, but she would never go longer in. When she see that the careers has reached the cornucopia, she will run off towards the forest area, or if there isn't one she will go to a covered area.

Token: Skye took the silver picture frame she broke (that is what caused her scar in the first place) and got it melted into a arrow-head shaped charm that she keeps in a string around her neck. She originally gave it to her sister but her sister told her that she should keep it.

Alliance: She's kinda shy so she stays away from most people. Because of that she won't ally unless asked. She is a good people analyser and won't ally with just anyone, only people she has "analysed" to be okay. She is more likely to join with an older female tribute that reminds her of her sister. She prefers to keep her alliance small, a maximum of four people including herself.

May Morningleaves

Is being updated!

Age: 13

Gender: Female

District: 11

Appearence: May is quite pretty. Healthy and young. She seems to have this aura of warmth around her, making people feel comfortable around her. Everything about her seems young almost a bit childish. Her skin is very brown.  Her hair is black and straight, it flows from down, reaching a bit under her chest, but it's usually kept up in a ponytail or a bun to make sure it doesn't get in her way. She hasn't have much to eat and is therefor quite thin but not skinny, though. Her eyes are so dark brow that most people think that her eyecolor is black, and it's hard to see her pupils in contrast to the dark brown. 

Height: May is rather small of her age, only reaching 5'0 for a 13 year old. This make her appear less supirior and more young and has probably favored her. Some people may just think of her as a robot if she didn't look young so her height is one of the few things that can help people pin-point her real age. This also make her look pretty cute and somewhat childish. People seem to relax in her presence. Her small height has also caused that she's not very strong and her being underfed doesn't really help that. 

Personality: Although she is very young and looks very young, her mental age is anything but childish. After her father died, she became extremly responsible and very dedicated, and she always makes sure that she has her stuff done, so that she can help people who doesn't. She's a natrual leader but she doesn't dare to step up unless there isn't any other leader, because she's scared that people will hate her if she just takes the leadership without approval from others. Because, beneath her respondsible facade, she's actually very stressed and sad, trying to always be perfect. She's such a perfection, only accepting the best from herself, and if she fails she feels so guilty, that it eats her up and almost tears her apart. But she never tell anyone how stressed she is as she doesn't think that anyone will care. She tries her best to be friendly and happy, if she can but beneath she's under the pressure of her perfectionistic self. She is quite serious, often, and can be coldhearted if situation creave it. May has given too much of herself for so long, that she doesn't even seem like a child anymore. She seems like a adult, trapped inside a child's body. But few things, such as climbing, can awake the 13-year-old girl hiding deep inside May.

Weapon: When you look at May, you wouldn't believe that she's very powerful. You wouldn't think she could use any weapons. That's where people would be wrong because May can wield two weapons, to a very good extend. Her primary weapon is a machete. She learned how to use one when she worked in the orchards, cutting down branches and leaves that hangs in the way. However, she can and will use it to kill if she's put in danger. Her second weapon is a Shepherd's sling. A piece of tight fabric where you can place a rock in, and hurl it off towards your victim. May would use those in the orchards, if she needed to shoot something down from the trees, or scare small animals away. The weapon looks quite puny and does have a hard time killing, but a shot to the head, can cause permanent braindamage, and the weapon is quite good to quickly make May's foes unable to fight. When May encoutered animals in the orchards, she would use her sling, to send a rock to their head to petrify it. Then, she would kill with her machete. Those days, May's siblings would eat good. 

Background: May was born into a poor family as the older daughter. She and her parents lived happily together. But then, when May was around 7 years old her mother got pregmant again and it was triplets. May was overly happy on her mother's behalf, eventhough they didn't have enough money to effort taking care of triplets. May signed up as a orchard worker to make more money for the family. After school she worked in the most overgrowed orchards. She would climb in and use a machete to cut through branches and other plant-stuff if there was too much weed/branches in the way. She wasn't paid that well but it was enough plus she learned how to use a machete. Although the family had a hard time working it around the money, they made it okay... Well until, her father died. He was caught in a riot and shot down by some peacekeepers even though he didn't even participate in the riot. The family was devestated. May had to work harder and help her mother taking care of the triplets. They barely managed to get food. But even more changed happened in May's life. Her mother was raped, and got pregmant again. 9 months after, another little sister was added to the family. Because of this, the family could barely feed themself. Her mother and May had to take work-shifts, where one would work and the other would take care of the children. Because of this, May matured much faster than she was supposed to. As a 13-year-old she's barely a child anymore. She's a adult trapped inside a girl body.

Strength: Well May's best skill her ability to climb. No matter how tall the trees is she will never be afraid of climbing because she would never fall because of the time she has spent in the orchards, climbing around. She can climb almost anything and do it swift and silent too. Another skill she has developed is her agility. It mostly came from all her climbing, because she would have to be quick but also dodge a lot of branches and such that would block her ways in the overgrowned orchards. Another skill she learned was about edible plants, which was edible and which wasn't. Going around in the orchards, she would quickly learn about different plants, and when no one was looking she would pick a few to take home to her starving family.

Weakness: May isn't strong. She's agile but has never had much muscle training. Her being underfed has kept her from devolping strength even with her daily physical activity. That makes her very easy to beat in a hand to hand combat. She could have been stronger if she had been taller, but she's also rather small of her age making her even easier to beat. Another weakness of hers is that she can be soft towards 12-year-olds. She will kill in The Hunger Games in order to survive but she can't kill 12 year olds. She has siblings that age and she just think that as the older one, she should take care of them. Not kill them.

Token: May carries a green necklace with a wooden leaf as a charm. The necklace was her grandmothers and May's mother wanted to give it to May when she got older but because of May getting reaped, May's mother decide to give it to her already. The necklace is a small string with tiny dark green beads. In the middle their hangs a charm made of wood, shaped like a leaf. It wasn't an original part of the necklace, but May's siblings made it for her.

Eileen Shade

Age: 16

District: 11

Gender: Female

Weapon of choice: knifes for throwing and close combat

Skills: Trap-making, edible plants, climbing,

Weaknesses: Social, making people like her, thrust, svimming, strength

Token: A robelike necklace

Backstory: Eileens parents abused her the ten first years of her life. After the goverment found out she was moved to live with her mother sister but she was crazy and could not really take care of child. Eileen was starving when she finally realised that if she wanted food she would have to get in from the woods. In the start she would only eat fruit (that she knew was not posionous) from the trees but after praticing for a year she got good with the throwing knifes. One day when she got home her aunt stood with a knife screamt that she should leave. Eileen knew this would go away eventually but decided that it was to dangerous to stay. At night she snuck in and took what she needed for a camp and then left. She chosed a place where she had never seen any game and made camp. Against the odds she manage to survive at her camp and she would only leave her forrest when it was reaping day.

Appearance: Small with black hair and grey eyes like people from the seam. She has a little scar by her rigth eye because of the abuse. She seems rather scared and weak when you look at her but really she is a survivor.

Personality: She dosen't talk that much and no one really know that much about her. She is a person that normally thinks about her own survival first. She rarely smiles. She is best alone and don't do good social.She dosen't talk that much and no one really know that much about her. Pretty much everyone thinks she creepy and mysterious so people are rather intemidated by her. She is a person that normally thinks about her own survival first and is very coldhearted. She rarely smiles or shows any emotions. She is best alone and don't do good social. She dosen't trust anyone because of her rough life and can be rather unforgiving

Interveiw Angle: Elusive and sly like foxface

Bloodbath Angle: She will sprint halfway get whatever good stuff she finds like a backpack and knifes, but she will run to the forrest before the other tributes reaches the cornacopia and run to the forrest.

Places in other games

5th in Callam first annual hunger games

Adrianna Marsk

Age: 16

District: 13

Gender: female

Apperance: Light brown hair, tanned, green eyes, a little taller than most 16 year old, muscular,

Personality: Strict, ,unthurstfull and unforgiving, once you have done something bad she will never forget it, coldhearted however she has a certain desire to protect people and she is very loyal to her friends. She shows no emotions.

Weapon: Blowgun and a whip

Strength: Dealing with pain, edible plants, running

Weaknesses: Thurst, forgiving, leaving someone she considers "innocent and not guilty" (that would most likely only be 12-year-old) or an allies behind and save herself.

Backstory: She was in a group of rebels in d13 and the group send her to d11 when she was only 14 (that was where she learned about edible plants). She helped out for another group of rebels but broke her leg and was send home. The leg healed completely to weeks before the reaping. At the day of the reaping a 12-year-old girl was reaped. When the escort asked if there where any volunteers, the girl and Adrianna got eyecontact and then the words 'I volunteer!" just flew out her mouth before she really though. She knew her somehow and her eyes seemed so familiar. When she said goodbye to her loved ones she realized that the girl mother had been in the group of the rebels she was in but had been totured to dead to get information about the group....

Interview: Fearless, and a little intemidating

Bloodbath: She is a good runner so she will get a backpack and a blowgun or a whip then run from the bloodbath

Allies: Only twelve years old but not the twelve-year-old from d1 or d2 cause she hates careers and district 2

Lia Skyward

District 6

Gender Female

Age 17

Physical Description: Tall and skinny with a few muscels perfect for sprinting and running. She has long black hair, that is wavy but not curly, and it flows down her back and reaches her navel. She has quite tanned skin and warm nutbrown eyes. She's quite pretty, but will probably have a hard time convicing anyone she's a threat in the games.

Strategy: She is very fast so she will in the bloodbath go in to get a bow or a spear, whatever is futherest away from the cornucopia. She will run in, and try her best to be quick so that she's gone before the careers reach the cornacopia and starts to kill. She will run to the woods and climb a tree then climb futher away. She will climb all day in the woods never staying one place for more than one hour unless she will sleep there

What did they do in Private Trianing Session? She will show of her amazing sprinting on threadmill, then she will take a bow and climb a tree in the fake forest. She will shoot diffrent stuff in the trainingroom while climbing form tree to tree.

Personality: The best word to decribe Lia is: helper. She is always ready to use time on helping other even if they don't want her to/ ask her to. She will gladly lose a limb to save a friend, but sometimes she willing to sacrefice a little too much for her own good. She has a friendly attitude but can be defernetly be serious when needed. Lia isn't really shy but she prefers to meet a few people and be with them instead of a lot at ones. She try her best to be kind, but may sometimes be too kind for her own good. Although she is friendly she don't talk too much mostly cause Dawn's death have still left scars on her. She wants to protect everyone. Eventhough she's helpful and friendly, she's also quite mature after having to take care of Dawn for long. She became her new mother and matured beyond her age because of that. 

Backstory: She lived in the house in district 9 with her pregmant mother and her 3-year-old sister, Dawn. Her mother died while delivering and the baby did not survive. That left Lia, who was only 14 all alone with her sister. Because of the fact that most of the communety homes where already more than filled up the goverment decided to give her two options: Move to a communetyhome, or stay in her house and take care of her sister. Although it would be easier for her to just live in the communety home for a few years she knew how they would treat Dawn and she knew that neither Dawn or herself could not live with that so she decided that she would live with her in their house. She signed up as a orchard protecter where she would shoot predators that would try to get into the orchage. It brought in some money but hardly enough. She would also, when she had time work as a "runner", delievering groceries and such to people who were too lazy to go out and buy them themself. She managed till survive 2 years when Dawn got very ill and died in less than a week. Lia was completely destroyed by it and pretty much went all down to the lowest point. She ended up moving to district 6, simply cause 9 reminded for too much of Dawn. She was put in a mental institution for some months and then finally got out. She beagn using her bow and arrow to hunt in the forest to get her thoughts away from Dawn and death. She would sometimes wake up in the middle of night, unable to sleep and just run out of her house, run and run and run until the grieve faded. She signed up for adopting two other children a week before the reaping. She was reaped before she actually reach meeting the children she was supposed to adopt but will do everything to get back to them.

Weapon:  In the orchards, as a protector them, Lia would always use a spear to fight off animals who would destroy the crops. They were good cause even if the animal got close to her she could still use the spear to fight in melee. Lia is very talented with a Bow and arrow. After Dawn died, she used a lot of her time in the woods hunting to get her mind on something else, and so got quite talented using one.

Skills: Lia's body is made for running. She outspeeds almost everyone, even the boys can't seem to catch up to her. Lia enjoys running too, it helped her get through her sorrow with Dawn, as it made her mind focus on something else. Another one of her skills is climbing. She seems to, just like with running be very quick at using her strength to get up on different things.   Last, she's also very good at dodging, both while running and just in combat do to her fast reflexes. 

Weaknesses; Lia isn't very coldhearted which is a great problem, and has a very hard time killing anyone unless she was in direct combat with them. If she passed by someone who was sleeping or had not seen her she probably won't be able to kill them cause of her personality. Although she can kill if her life depends on it, she would never kill a 12 year-olds. Lia thinks it's horrible to kill someone, and killing someone who aren't even a prober teenager yet is too much for her. Also, Lia isn't strong but isn't weak either, yet she has a very hard time in Hand to hand combat. It's just too creepy for her. Firing an arrow through someone's heart is one thing, killing someone with your bare hands is another. Also her skinny body works as a disadvantage as she isn't that strong. 

Katriona Greystone

Gender: female

District: 7

Age: 17

Weapons: Axethrowing, sword

Skills: Brute strength, running, wrestling

Weaknesses:She tend to not trust anyone. She can't swim and she's pretty loud. Usually has a long fuse but if you really set her up then you are in big trouble cause she can't control her anger when she loose it. Also if she grows on an ally she may sacrefise her life for them, and she has a really hard time killing innocent and weaker tributes. She would never kill a 12-year-old cause of what happened with Johannes.

Fear: Having to kill a weaker tribute.

Physical Description: Even though she is girl she's a physical wonder and can beat most boys up even if they are older than her. 195 cm tall and has a lot of muscels. Her hair color is red and reaches her shoulders. She has green eyes.

Strategy: She is fast so she will run get a backpack and a sword, maybe some throwing axes. She will walk to a coverd area where there are not so many tributes. 

Allies: Someone weaker that she thinks should be protected, and not very big alliances. Will NEVER ally with the careers

Personality: She is very threadning and most people that don't know her are very afraid of her. Although she dosen't talk much she is actually very loyal to her friends, will even sacrefist her life for them if that is what is needed. She is very masculine and tomboyish, and if she cut her hair epople would think she was a boy, cause of her tough facade. She has a long anger-fuse but will totally loose it if you really set her up. She is very coldhearted after what happened to Johannes and has never forgiven herself for it. She hates seeing stronger people pick on weaker. 

Backstory: When she was seven she was moved to a communety home. Although the goverment were the official rulers of the home, Katriona quickly learned that it really wasn't the goverment, it was a group of strong older boys. After six years where she avoided them she saw one of them beating up her best friend, Mary. She got mad and attacked. Even as 14 year old she was strong and she had the element of surprise with her so she beat him up. After that she was the target of the boys and where beat up weekly. That was when she started to train. One of the boy ones tried to beat her up but she had gotten much stronger and she beat him. She continiued to train. Ones when she was 17 four boys attacked her and she beat them all up. After that the boys left her alone, and Katriona would beat the boys whenever they would try to beat up someone else. But the boys still wanted revenge... and they got it. A 12-year-old boy, Johannes, had grown on Katriona after she once helped him aganist the boys. Johannes had gotten so thankfull that he bought Katriona pastry from the bakery, using all of his money. Katriona had never had anyone thank her for saving them, and Katriona liked hím (the friends way!). The group of boys cornered Johannes when Katriona were away, and beat him up for hours when one of them accidentially pushed the nose-bone through Johannes' skull punturing his brain and killing him. Katriona found the body of Johannes lying in the gutter. She knew it was her fault, she knew that this happened to Johannes cause of her. She stopped protecting the younger children, and let the boys take over the communety home and got her own little hut in the outskirts of the districts.

Interview Angle: She will be very intemidating, and confident but not cocky. She will not hide her hate for the Capitol. She will answer stuff with one word if she feels like it and won't lie eeven if the truth hurts others.

Alyss Shepherd

Gender female

District: 8

Age 15

Weapon: Awl, Spear, (Words)

Skills: Intelligens, karisma (making people like her with words, hurting people with words), analysing people and situations

Weaknesses: Hand-to-hand combat, brute strength,

Fears: Snakes

Physical Description: A little smaller than most 15-year-old, pale, red, dark blue eyes, slim but not thin, dosen't have many muscels

Strategy Get a whip, a backpack and maybe some spears if there are any close by but she will not go near the cornacopia. She will run away when the careers starts to kill and she will not get within reach of a career. She will hide out and only attack if she is discoverd or if someone comes very close to her.

What did they do in Private Trianing Session? Showed of her spearthrowing but she did not do her best so that she could get a medium score instead of a high one so that the careers would not go for her

Personality: Alyss is a bubbly and friendly girl most of the time. However if you get ger really mad she will use a special talent of her's and hurt you by choosing the right words. She likes to socialies but mostly with people she has already "analysed". She can turn from being sweet and cute to serious and respondsable in seconds which makes her a hard person to read. She is very determinated when she decides that she wanna get something done. She knows when to be stubborn and when to let go.

Backstory: For some reason Alyss has always been able to really hurt people with her words. She has always been good and quick at analysing others finding their weak spots and then hurt them with her words. She can also do the oppersite and make people really like her. She is adopted lived in d8 with her parents and her six other adopted siblings. Her parents were very favorising and would give most food to the one they liked the most and give child presents and such. She used her talent to quickly be the favorite but she knew that they others was being treated bad. One day at the dinnertable she saw how her brother Travis on 10 was giving almost no food. She stood up and scould her parents for 10 minuets strait and then she walked to her room, Now she was the one to receive less food but Travis started to share his food with her. She played on the ocarina that parents gave her before she scould them. She made okay money by playing on the streets. She saved up and at last bought Travis his biggest wish in the world. A guitar. They started to play together on street and after pratice they ended up making very good profit and they had enough to get food everyday and even buy some stuff for themself. Only Travis came to see her when the tribute should talk to there loved ones

Shermaine "Pain" Willson

District: 2, 1, 4

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Dark brown hair to her breast , tall and slim not that muscular, green eyes, somewhat tanned,

Height: 5'8

Personality: Coldhearted and fearless. Has a 'battle armor" of coldheartedness that she can "put on" so that her emotions won't get in the way however she will go really crazy. She is stubborn and always ready for a fight but will never start it. She is very serious and will only fight for pratice or for her life or cause, she will never fight just for fun. She likes to be kinda mean and make everyone distanced from her as people tend to get in her way of her praticing for the games. Although she acts somewhat mean it's not like people get sad or angry at her she actually come off as quite mysterious. Some boys tend to crush on her cause of her more mysterious nature but she never really cares. She's very sarcastic. She don't take crap from anyone and will always fight for her own rights if anyone were to dare insult her. She don't speak that oftend only when she thinks it's needed. She's cold and clear and don't think about how others will react to whatever she does.

Strengths(skills): Speed in fight/running, hand-to-hand combat,

Weaknesses: Stubborn, brute strenghts, gets really mad if set of, long range combat

Fears: When she was ten her brother pulled a mean joke on her an left her alone in the forest when a thunderstorm was rising. She remembered how she ran around trying to find out while lightning struck the trees around her. She has been scared of lightning ever since. Also she fears that her temperament will get the best of her if she is really set off

Weapons: Double Swords ( two lightweight swords but extremely sharp and deathly in the hands of an experienced user), Material arts

Token: A piece of green fabric that she ties around her right sword

Strategy: Run to the cornacopia, she is in the career alliance, get two swords. She will stay near the cornucopia and attack the tributes that tries to get in to the more valuable stuff. She will stay with the careers but will leave at night when she is guard when they get down to top ten or sometime sooner if she has a good oppertunety.

Backstories: She trained to be a career since she could walk. She really wasn't that intrested in becoming one until when she 13, when her brother won. She hates her brother and she hates the way he looks at her like if he was better than her. He teased her and his friends called her names and made her life hell. It made her really motivated and soon after made it into the best academy in *insert district*. She began to take a lot of material arts, but no matter how much she tried she could not get musular, however she did get very good at hand to hand combat. At her academy she was first the "new girl" that wasn't to take note of however when one of the girls saw how good Shermaine was doing in hand-to-hand combat the other girl challenged her and Shermaine won after much struggle,. They became rivals and that was even more motivation for Shermaine. As the other students on the academy saw her serious nature they first off began to kid around with her. They quickly learned that you should be carefull what you said about her when she was around cause she would beat them up when no one was looking. The boys found her facinating cause of her harsh, mysterious nature and the girls envied her. Shermaine didn't give a damn. For her it was the training and her honor that mattered and nothing else. She was given the nickname "Pain" after she beat up her own instructor in double sword combat. She always liked that nickname. Her brothers comments, the girls glares, her rival always compediting with her made her a tough and focused on one thing only: Winning the hunger games.

Interview angle: Ruthless, Sarcastic, confident, intemidating, mean, coldhearted, mysterious, a little touch of sexy, but nothing too much. Somewhat sly.

Natasha Grey

District: 12

Gender: female

Age: 15

Personality: She usually very serious and coldhearted. However there is some people that can make her smile and she is very protective towards them she might even sacrefice her own life. She analyses everything and feels best when knows whats going on. She dosen't like to small unless she really likes the person she is talking to) talk and would rather get to the point fast.

Backstory: She lived in the seam with her father and 4 year old brother Horace. They never had enough money and her father's legs was ambutated because of a mine accident. Because of that her father could not work and they starved. Until one day when she was 10 years old she had ventured into the hob to trade she saw a stand with dead wild turkeys. She walked passed it and without anyone noticed she took a turkey leg and put it in her back. She felt bad stealing but Horace was always crying for food and she could not let him starve to death. After a while she stole more stuff. Only food and only from people who could afford it. She never took more than unoticeable. She kept her feelings on the inside. She became coldhearted towards everybody but Horace and her father. Ones she stole a knife. She began to practice knifethrowing with it and eventually tried to hunt in the woods. It went well and then she hunted instead of stealing. After that she started opening up towards others than her close family. The last object she stole was a book about edible plants/animals. She stole it 6 months before the reaping

Height: 5'4

Appearance: Black long hair and grey eyes like people from the seam. She is skinny but not just bones and she dosen't have that many muscels

Weapon: Throwing knife

Strengths: (besides weapon) sneaking, stealing, being unoticed when she wants to be unoticed.

Weaknesses: She will probaly not socialies herself and the only way she get an alliance is if any ask her. Also there probaly be one person in whole arena that likes and can't kill probaly someone young and friendly like her brother. Brute strength.

Interview: Sly, elusive, mysterious, confident, clever, cunning, calm

Bloodbath Strategy: She grap the stuff ten meters away then run to a coverd area, and get far away from the cornacopia

Token: Her brother Horace gave her a small fladt stone with a hole in the middle. She wears it around her angle in a string

Lyanna Carter

District: 5

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Weapon: Crossbow, material arts

Strength: Running, strength, very fast reflexes, escaping

Weaknesses: Would not be able to kill 12-year-olds, Insecure, doesen't trust others, not good at making allies, fast decicions,

Appearence: Blonde hair to her tailbone, blue/grey eyes, kinda short 161 cm, pretty muscular for a girl,

Personality: A shy girl that keeps most to herself. She is normally not very coldhearted and want to protect everyone but some situations can make her go into survival mode however she could never harm somebody 12-year-old or younger cause she has siblings that age. She likes to be alone and use most of her freetime: writing, reading, running, doing karate or shooting with her crossbow with has been the only talent that she was good at the first minute she tried. She is one of those people who would do everything she can to help and others can easily take advantage of her. She avoid conflicts at all cost and when somebody is mean to her she often blame herself for it and says nothing rather than yelling back. She always demands the best from herself yet always thinks she will do worse. She is actually pretty intelligent in her very own way.

Backstory: Lyanna was bullied the first years of school. She was sad and felt bad at first but she got two friends and they helped her through it. Her class got splitted up and she and her friends were put in a new class. When that happened she tried to hold on to her own friends however her old friends got new friends and although Lyanna really tried to keep contact they stopped being together and then she was left alone. Some days she felt that she didn't excist as no one would talk to her. She hid behind books and wrote, and ran. She was in a contest to shoot and find out that she had a natural talent when it came to crossbows. Finally she got on a karate team and although she took a real beating the first couple of years she actually got really good and she even got some friends on the karate team.

Strategy for bloodbath/games: She is pretty fast so she will sprint halfway and get one or maybe two backpacks and a crossbow if she can find one close, but she will get away before the real fighting begins. She will run to a coverd area and hide and shoot lone tributes. If an alliance comes by she will keep hiding yet have an escape rout ready if someone should spot her. If a 12-year-old comes by she will try and ally with the tribute. If they refuse she run away, knowing she won't be able to kill them.

Token: A friend from karate gave her a wooden bracelet. It's very simple yet it means the much for Lyanna.

Liam Smith

District: 10

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Weapon: Blowgun,

Strength: Hiding, being silent, likeable, agile

Weaknesses: strength, stamina, hand-to-hand combat, close combat

Appearence: Small, skinny, black short curly hair, grey eyes, no muscels,

Personality: He's very kind and friendly to almost everybody. He hates when others are sad or alone and always does his best to make them cheer up. He hates people who think they are better than other. He's is one of those people that almost everybody likes, but he doesen't know it himself. It's easy to make him do stuff for you and take avantage of his kindness. He's is somewhat nivea and always thinks the best about everybody unless he actually see someone being mean to another. He is a helper and will to do his best to help.

Backstory: He lives in the poor part of district 10 with his mother and his two little sisters who is 4 and 5 years old, Aryll and Sarah. He is always very conserned about them and tries his hardest to be a good rolemodel and make their tough life in the seam a little easier. In school he was one of the more unoticed boys however the teachers always liked him cause of the fact then whenever somebody were lonely he would try to make them cheer up. However some people used the fact that he would try to help and whenever their were grouptasks they would just relax and do nothing knowing that he would do all the work. Sometimes he was really stressed but he pulled through it cause he knew that people had much bigger problem than his.

Reaction when reaped: He was sad and looked to the ground while walking while walking up to the stage but didn't cry cause that would make it even worser for his sisters.

Strategy for bloodbath/games: Avoid it completely, he will run to coverd area and keep running until he is far away from the cornacopia. Then he will find a place to hide, and stay hidden for most of the games. He might ally with other young tributes.

Token: Three 10 centimeter long pieces of string braided into a rope by Sarah and Aryll. He keeps it in his pocket of his arena jacket.

Ana Shadowsinger

Districts: 3, 8, 6

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Ana is muted. She is used to being bullied that why she is kinda rough to herself always demanding the best from herself. She is quite a loner not on purpose but because no one wants to be friends with the muted girl. She is pretty intelligent but because of the fact that she can't speak people don't notice. They all think she's slow and stupid, just because they're so used to the lack of communciation coming from her. She is a person who does good alone and keep trying to tell herself that she doesen't need friends. If anyone where to try to communicate with her they would discover that she really friendly but she never learned sign language cause that would too expencive for the family to pay for. She always wished she had friends, but that thought became more and more a distant dream to her. Now she tries to tell herself that's it's alright. That she does not need them. The only way she can communicate is writing her throught in a little notbook she always have with her.

Backstory: Ana was born muted and have been it her whole life. As a child, she would live a rather solituded life. Her parents kept her away from the other children, and took care of her in home instead, before she was old enough for school. Ana never understood why. But soon, she learned. Because ever since she started in school live has been pretty rough. She is a group bullies favorite victims cause she can't call for help. It was a like a slap in the face getting hit by reality. That not all people were like her parents. That some people wouldn't accept her only because she lacked the ability to speak.  They often lock her down in a cellar or sometimes even beat her up. Because of this, Ana became a rather closed off girl. She locked herself in this state of mind... that she didn't need other people. That she could survive without friends. It wasn't that the other children were mean to her. They were just used to not being able to communicate with her, and so they ignored her. She became like air to them. Just there, unnoticed. Her life wasn't that bad though. Why? Because of her parents. She didn't have any siblings, but they supported her through her life. However, one day, she walked home from school, her mother was no where to be found. Her father was often gone, he was a painter and would go out to hunt for inspiration. But her mother would always be there to welcome her after school. They had enough money for her mother to not work. But that day she weren't there. She had dissappeared, and she did not return. Ana has always wanted to find her but have run low of clues and has no idea what to do. Now, all she got left is her father. She lives in tiny house with her him. He is painter -as mentioned before- and was ones really popular in Capitol but ever since her mother disappeared he haven't touched a pensil. Somehow, he couldn't find inspiration. They moved into a smal house as they slowly lost money. Ana's father did try to paint but could never make himself paint anything other than black space, that couldn't sell. They barely didn't starve cause they sold the picture her father tended to keep.

Height: 165 cm

Appearance: Ana isn't your perfect definition of beaty, she's not like a supermodel. However, she is quite pretty. Her hair is black as the midnight and reaches a little under her shoulders. Her eyes are very dark blue. She has a few muscels but it's nothing special. She's neither strong or weak. Her body is slim, but she's not thin, as she has had enough to eat. 

Weapon: Ana uses a bow and arrow. She has been praticing with it ever since she was 10 years old. Why? Because mainly of boredom and fear for the games. She didn't have any friends and had to entertain herself. And her fear from the games told her it would be a good idea to pratice some weaponry. After trying a lot of different weapons that she could get her hands on, she realized she was best with a bow and arrow. She had this special talent with it, that she had with no other weapon. She knew that if she was going into the hunger games, she would want to go in with that weapon. 

Strengths: Fast, climbing

Weaknesses: Communecateting, close combat, hand-to-hand combat, also people have tendensy not to listen to her oppentions even when she writes them down

Fears: Cause of the fact that she locked in a pitchblack cellar, total darkness that she can't see through will make her fell that she is being choked.

Interview Angle: She will use most of time writing on an electronic board. The capitol audiecence is bored meanwhile and when a electronic voice finally reads her answer out loud the capitol have waited to long to care, plus it doesen't get very personal and that's what the capitol want to see

Bloodbath Strategy: She is fast so she will rush in and get a bow and arrow then she get out of there

Token: A little note book with an attached pen so that if she should end up in alliance she can communecate somehow

Shay Cobblestone

District: Capitol

Age: 17

Backstory: Ever wondered why the presidents of Panems enemys would just for no appearent reason drop dead? The President had many enemies, but couldn't possibly get rid off them all by himself. And it wasn't himself. Most of these these "mysterious and unfortunate" deaths was caused by Shay Cobblestone. Her story starts in District 2. She was born there and lived there with her parents. Her father loved Shay, but her mother didn't really care about Shay, so they were never the closest. And when Shay's father got cancer, when Shay were only 8-years-old, Shay was heartbroken. He was put into a hospital, but the cancer (braincancer) had already gotten very strong, and the doctors told the family he probably weren't gonna make it. But the mother and Shay loved him. The family used all their money on her father, in a desperate attemp to safe his life. They sold most of their furniture. Shay stopped at the career academy, so that they could use the money on her father, and instead, Shay began to work as thief, to get more money, although she was only 8-years-old. The mother and Shay tried their best to give enough money, so that there could be found a cure for the cancer but nothing helped. And Shay's father did die. Shay felt into a depression. Only 8-years-old and already lost the person she cared most for in the world. She didn't steal anymore, she couldn't do anything anymore. It had all been for nothing, and everything seemed pointless when her father died. Because of all the money they had used, Shay and her mother's family got into extreme dept. They had used all their resources to safe him, all for nothing, and now they were left with no money at all. But her mother had seen Shay steal to get money. She knew that Shay had a special talent for sneaking, stealth and stealing. Her mother contacted the President's secretary. They made an illegal deal with one of the presidents trusted allies and "sold" Shay to the presidents care. They send Shay to a training facility where they could see how good Shay was, and how much money they should pay for her. Only being 8-years-old, Shay had no idea what was happening around her. Shay showed her fantastic stealth, and the deal was sealed. Shay's mother got enough money to pay all her depth and live a luxurious life and Shay was taken into the President's care.  Here she was trained from the age of 8 to be one of the presidents most deadly weapons, his own little personal assasin. Her stealth was perfectioned, she became so good that she almost seemed invisible when she sneaked around. In the training, Shay didn't think anymore. She got over her father, forgot her mother. Became a machine. After reaching the age of 12 her missions began. She would easily sneak inside the house of her victim, slit there throat in the middle of the nigth and be out of the house in less than 10 minuets. It was easy. She killed The President's enemies and allies, whoever seemed to threatned him. All The President had to do was just to tell her about her mission, tell her where she could find her victim and then, the victim was killed after a day. Since Shay was sold her feelings and personality was closed off and she became cold and hostile, more like a robot than a person. Closed off for everyone. She never needed anyone, she never loved, and was never loved by anyone. Sneaking, killing, waiting for a new mission. That was her life. She didn't enjoy it but she did not hate it either. To Shay, it was just like any other job. Living in the capitol she still had to attent the reapings. When she was reaped, The president was mad that his own little personal weapon had been reaped but couldn't do a thing about it.

Personalty: She used to be a really sweet girl who would always go out of her way to help others. She was a social butterfly in her younger days, but the training and the first time she had to murder someone made her extremely coldhearted. Now she is hostile towards everyone and hates to talk more than nessecary. She never had any friends after she was sold and can't really do good social. She seems very intimadating and mysterious to others and many people in the presidents palace where she is when she has some days off are scared of her. She's almost fearless, and only fear death. Most natrual human feelings has left her and she has become more like a calculating assasin robot rather than a teenage girl.Weapons: Daggers, Throwing knives

Strengths: Stealth ,escaping, very quick, sneaking

Weaknesses: People tend to stay away from her, she isn't strong at all (there was no need in her job), is easily beaten in hand-to-hand combat (cause no one ever came in direct combat with her)

Appearance: Pale, dark grey eyes that are almost black, black hair to the beginning of her chest usually in a high ponytale, 5'5, slim

Token: She has none as she really doesen't care to get any. She doesen't care for anything to remind her of home cause she had been sold a long time ago.

Allies: She won't ally, she doesen't like to have others around as she thinks they will come in her way. Even if she wanted allies, no one would have probaly wanted to ally with her.

Interview ancle: Mysterious, a little hostile, a little intemidating, sly

Strategy: She is very quick on her feet so in the bloodbath she will go in, get some knives and maybe some backpacks and then she will get out of there. As for the games, she will work at night, where she will track down lone tributes and slit their throat as they sleep.

Silver Becket

District: 9 

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Silver was always recjected from socity, and no one has ever tried to approach been friendly to her, which has made her extremely closed of. She is kind of a loner, not really on purpose but because no one ever wanted to talk with her or tried to get to know her. She has gotten untrustful towards most people and only really trust Daniel. Because of her treatment when she lived in her city, she's now sorta cold, especially to strangers, and doesn’t let herself trust or be attached to anyone, as she knows no one could ever like her cause of her eyes (no one ever did). She is really is quite kind maybe a little quiet but no one discovered that side of her cause no one other than Daniel was friendly to her. She knows that people could never accept her, and has pretty much told herself to get used to it, and she does get to seem kinda cold cause of that, but she's really not that tough, and does have a soft side. She very rarely smile, only when she's with Daniel. She likes to reflect on and analyse stuff and she’s pretty intelligent as well. She’s very serious and only rarely makes jokes. She's very observant and seem to notice almost everything that is going on around her. Very mysterious. On the outside, her never smiling face, and her piercing snake eyes make her a scary sight, and most people are also afraid of her. 

Backstory: Silver's father was a scientist working for the Capitol. Before she was born, her mother and father orginally lived in District 3, but moved to 9 cause her father wanted more solitude. Her father was...out there, to say the least. Mentally ill to be more exact. He could never control his anger and terrible things happened when he was angry. When her mother had gotten pregmant, Silver's father was experinmenting with a new anti snake vennon for The Hunger Games.  One day he lost his temper, very badly and he forced his wife to swallow it, cutting of her airways so taht she had to open her mouth to breath. The antivennon had not been done correctly and so, Silver's mother was made fatally ill. After Silver's father realized what he had caused, he quickly took her to a hospital. The doctors tried to cure her but failed and the mother died, however they did get Silver out of her stomach before the mother died. But the vennon that had spread in the mother's body had effected how Silver looked. She was born with yellow snake like eyes, piercing and scary. Of course this made everyone distanced from her. Her father became unreachable after the mother died, and he blamed Silver cause of it. Her father always had a bad temper but after her mother died he would lose his temper, every single day, and Silver was lucky if she could go through out the day without getting beaten by him. In school she was bullied both verbally and physically. People called her names. She tried her best to keep in the background, and not cause any attention to her, as that would trigger the bullying but her shiny yellow snake eyes, hindered that. Her life was hell...but it turned even worse. One day it had gotten dark and she was walking home when she was attacked by 5 boys from her school. The boys wanted to "have fun" and no one would miss Silver anyway. Not even her own father. They beat her up and broke many bones in her body and left her in the outskirts of the district. She barely managed to drag herself out in the woods before she fainted. She was found by a man, Evan, who had lived in the same city as her. His daughter had been murdered and he was falsely accused. He had had to flee into the forest, and make everyone believe he was dead. He carried Silver home. Evan had never forgiven himself that his daugther was murdered, and kinda felt that he somehow could have hindered it. He knew he could not leave Silver on the muddy forest floor, bleeding to death. He would never forgive himself. He nursed her to health and Silver got to live in a all cottage with him, and he became her new father. Evan taught her about the woods, and learned her how to throw knives so that she could hunt. After what had happened she always carried a knife with her in her belt. He was the only person who didn't take distance from her, because of her eyes. Silver finally felt happy and so did Evan. Silver had never had a real father and Evan had lost his daugther.  But it did not last long. Silver's real father was inraged when he found out that Silver had fled from him. He swore to take revenge on her, and one day, after searching through the woods, he found Evan's cottage. Evan heard Silver's father, and quickly got Silver to hide in a closet. Silver's father entered and saw Evan. He murdered Evan brutally and Silver saw it all happen and could not control herself. She took a knife she always carried with her in her belt, jumped out of her hiding place and killed her real father with a quick stab in the heart. She felt a weird way that she finally had ended her past by killing her father. But Evan had died and her happy future along with it. Now she was alone, living in the forest by herself. She became cold. She swore to live in complete solitude as it seemed that her presence only brought death with her. She killed anyone who got too close to the center of the forest, fearing to be found. In her time of solitude she killed three people who had come to close to her cottage. But one day she found Daniel, a boy around her age, who had ran away from a life of abusement from his parents. Like Silver, he was very injured when Silver found him. Something made Silver hesitate. She was never a killer and felt that Daniiel was special, just like Evan. Silver took him to the cottage and let him stay with her. Daniel became her new Evan. Her new hope. She taught him what she had learned from Evan and they would hunt together.  They bonded in weird way. They became the closest friends but they would always have difficulty crossing the border between friends and lovers. Everybody thought she was dead until she came back forest to attend the reaping. 

Height: 5'5

Appearance: Silver looks creepy, even scary. She could probably have been pretty, but her snake eyes hinders that. Silver's hair is black and lengthed to her chest. When she lived in the city, she had let in all grow out so that she could hide her eyes with it. But since Daniel never minded her eyes, she cut it. She was not embarressed of her eyes in Daniel's presence. Her skin is quite pale, which she got from her father. He barely got out of hte house cause he would keep studying chemisty inside. Her body is thin but not skinny. When she lived with her father, she would not get enough food, however Daniel often let her eat more than him, cause he didn't like to her that skinny, so she got a it of her natrual body weight back. She doesn't have very many muscels. Cause of her creepy apparance, no one ever really seemed to care about her or try to get to know her. She looks like a monster, and was treated so, when she really deserved to much better. Daniel could see that.

Weapon: Silver had considered picking up a weapon skill many times throughout her life. She knew she was in danger from getting beaten up, however she had no one to teach her, and her being underfed was also kind of a thing that kept her from training. However when she got to live with Evan, he taught her the art of using knife and throwing knives. She used her throwing knives skills to hunt in the forest. She never thought she would have to use her skills with a knife, however she was proven wrong when she murdered her father. 

Strengths: Silver has always been trying to seek away from attention. It was not the easiest when you are born with yellow piercing eyes. But she sometimes did succed at walking through the streets without being too noticed. All of this sneaking around has made her very stealthy and is now, even with her snake eyes, almost never discovered by anyone. She would often use this skill to sneak up on people who had ventured to far into the forest so taht she could kill them. Another one of her skills is climbing. Living in a forest, it's kinda important to know how to climb and Silver's ligth weight body could easily make her way through the branches to the top of the trees. Often, Daniel and her would essemble a team, if their game was hiding. Silver would climb a tree, and Daniel would scare the game out of the hiding place, so that it would run past Silver, where she could quickly shoot the game down from the top of her tree.

Weaknesses: Silver's body is quite weak, and she was never very strong. She was never really born to have all that great muscles, and her father underfeeding Silver would only add to that. Even with Daniel giving her his extra food, her body really just needed to focus on building itself back up again, rather than getting her stronger muscels. Daniel would therefor always be the one to help with the brute strength things. Because of her not very strong body, Silver doesn't have do well in hand-to-hand combat and is easily beaten. The only real reason why she managed to kill her father was her knife skills and the element surprise. However Silver does NOT have a problem with having people around her. It's usually the people that have problem with having her around. However she still does have some trust issues and will have a hard time getting attached to people in the arena.

Fears: Silver has a fear for being beaten. The haunting memories of the boys beating her body, breaking her bones, still make her wake up screaming from nightmares. She also fears that the contact she's gonna have with people will trigger bullying because of her eyes. She knew she had to attend the reaping, as it would have been noted that she wasn't dead, yet wasn't at the reaping. Being with people doesn't scare her, but their reactions to her eyes, their judgement of her, their hatred for her simply cause of the way she looks, does. 

Interview Angle: Silver knows that she will already come across as quite threatning and intemidating just cause of her looks, so she will avoid comming across as even more intemidating. She will  however keeps up an mysterious and elusive attitude. Her looks will only increase this. She will keep from revealing any strengths/weakneses, and will not explain anything about her past (if she is asked she will avoid the question, making it clear that she doesn't want to talk about it, making the audience quite annoyed), except that, if she's asked she may talk about a boy waiting for her to get home, a boy who pretty much saved her from a life of solitude. It will still maintain her mysterious apparenace BUT it will also make her seem more of a person. The Capitol audience will not know who this girl is, not know why she looks the way she does, not know her hidden past, but they will know her motivation to win.

Bloodbath strategy: She will first meet up with her allies (the few ones she got) and stay in the outskirts with them, trying to get water and knives if there are any close by. She will leave the bloodbath quite early with her allies, and will make an effort to not to cause attention or be targetted by the careers.

Token: Daniel had prepared a gift for Silver for her birthday. A necklace, not fancy or anything a simple string with a wooden charm which is shaped as a leaf, that he had carved. As Daniel could not give it to her at her birthday, he silently slipped it into her pocket when she walked past him on the way to the reaping stage.

Sian Malley

Districts: 8, 6, 7 or any really

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Hostile to most people and only friendly to a selected few, very serious and only puts down her "parades" when she is with her "selected few". Most people are intemidated by her and they tend to stay away from her which she likes cause she is not very social. She is rather coldhearted and thinks of her own survival first. She keeps most on the inside and doesen't show her emotions. She doesen't talk much either. She almost never forgives or forgets. She is detemined and will never back out because she is "too tired". She hates people who whines

Backstory: Her mother died while giving birth to her and her father died of a lung disease. Sian and her father never had a good relationship cause her father blamed Sian for her mothers death. She grew up on the streets after her father died in a city of district 8. The city was in "Guerilla" war, and the rebels pretty much ruled the place. It was dangerous to live on street but after awhile of saving and selling the furniture from her old house she bought a small house. One night she got home late and was attacked by two boys from the rebels. She fought very good and made one of the boys faint when the other boy broke her leg. She througth she was gonna be raped but then she heard the sound of a knife hitting a wooden plank nearby. Another girl had heard it and already had knife ready aiming for one of the boys leg. They fleed and then the girls made a deal. Sian would let the other girl, Nicole Jacobson, stay at her house (she lived on streets) if she would teach her how to throw knifes.

Height: 5'5

Appearance: Dark brown hair to her shoulders, muscular, grey eyes, short

Weapon: Throwing knifes, material arts

Strengths: Strong, stealing

Weaknesses: Making allies, svimming, being in bigger alliances

Fears: Getting attached to anyone, having to owe someone anything

Interview Angle: Fearless, intemidating, mysterious, sly, smart

Bloodbath Strategy: She will get whatever is near her and then get out there, run to a place where there not so many tributes.

Token: Nicole gave her a leather bracelet, although she doesen't like "jewelery" it means a lot to her

Alliance: None, she is scared to getting attached, and doesen't do good social, anyway

Yuna Besaid

Districts: 6, 11, 9 or any really

Gender: female

Age: 15

Personality: Yuna will always try to help people. She has a desire to protect everybody and it is very hard for her to not priority others over herself. She doesen't ask for help and don't expect anything from anyone. She always struggles to live up to the many things she expect from herself. She is very kind to others and loyal sometimes a little to loyal. She has a tendensy to believe the best about everyone and is easily taken advantage of. She humble and also a bit shy, not very good at making friends quickly, eventhough she's kind. But she does also have a cold side, that will only show presence when someone's life is in danger. She turns from the girl who would never hurt a fly, to the girl who could do a 10-hour surgery to save someone's life, even if she had to ambutate both of their legs.

Backstory: Yuna lived with her mother in (insert district) She and her mother always travelled around on foot cause they could not effort transportation. Her mother and Yuna was healers treating wounds and illness in the district. They never took money for their healing but people would let them stay in their houses. They never stayed anywhere for more than two weeks giving aid to all of the people in the city who needed it. Yuna would always push herself to her limits to help others and blamed herself if they passed away. But her mother got sick from the infected patients, and passed away shortly after. Yuna was left all alone with no one to turn to. The people from her district liked her but had to take care of themself. It was kinda like a slap in the face for Yuna, realizing that even after everything her mother and herself had done for people, no one bothered to let her live at their house till she was older. She had to travel around to the city, who needed a doctor, alone. She often starved and felt very lonely but she didnt complain. She had to continiue her travelling. She had to help others.

Height: 5'3

Appearance: She has short light brown hair to her shoulders, is quite short with no muscels, slim, has very weird eyes. The right eye is dark blue and left one is green

Weapon: Spears, awl

Strengths: Healing plants, charisma, also she's very intelligent and can keep a cold head in heated situations (like doing surgery if something goes wrong).

Weaknesses: strength, it's really hard for her to kill anyone, if she gets really attached to a 12-year-old ally or anyone she really likes she might sacrefise her own life for them

Fears: Having to kill a 12-year-old, having to betray someone

Interview Angle: Kind and friendly, caring, sweet, humble

Bloodbath Strategy: she will avoid it completely

Token: A earing with a little blue thread attached to it that's around 7 centimeters long. She ones cured a little girl and her big sister made it for her.

Alliance: Somebody young that she thinks needs help or really anyone that ask her  

Alyra Lyndonn

Districts: 10, 6, 5

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Alira is always playfull and upbeat. You will never have a boring day when she's around. She is very creative and can come up with stuff most people would never in even think of. She is not very serious usually but can become serious if needed of her. She is one of those girls that all of the boys want. She is the oppersit of shy and very outgoing and friendly. She's very passionate, She can be kinda greedy sometimes but it's not too often you get to see that side of her. She has a good confidence and often come of as somewhat sexy cause of it (again, the boys tend to crush on her). She likes to have other attention but it's not a demand from her. She's born to be on a stage and loves the audience. You would think that she cares for her apperance but she's actually not that bad.

Backstory: Alyra lived in district 9 with her mother, her father died when she was very young. Her mother had an incureable cancer disease and although Alyra tried her best to live her life pretend her mother was fine her mother eventually died when she was around 8 years old. Alyra was after that moved to a communety home and was very depressed for a couple of month. The terms in the communety home were horrible, ther was almost given no food and most of the children were beaten daily. When she finally got out of the depression she made two really good friends, They all were very found of music, and all played together. It was rough at the communety homes. No one took care of them. Children died from one day to another cause of sickness or hunger, or in worst case too much beating. Alyra, and her friends made a plan. They decide to flee from teh communety home and travel to another district. One summer night they all escaped from the communety home. Alyra stole some money some days before so that they could survive out in the open. They travelled through the forest that suronded district 9 and 10, and didn't eat a thing. When they reached a village in district 10, they decided to stay in 10 and live on teh streets as musicians. They would always captivate people with their music in perfect harmonication but the money were still short. They had to work as prositutes at night and they kept unoticed at night so that people wouldn't know they were. Alyra bloomed at day in the stagelife and became like an empty shell at night hiding her feelings from others. Life was still rough, with lack of food and such but it was better than before and she had her friends with her. When she was reaped everything broke for her but she knows one thing. If she could win this she could come back to her best friends and life in fame and stagelife without having to be a prostitute. Her life had been rough and hard. She only wishes to live and she is ashamed of what she has to do a night but if she didn't she along with her friends would have starved to death.

Height: 5'5

Appearance: Dark long, somewhat curly hair, tanned skin, dark green eyes, beautiful. She has almost no muscels and is quite skinny too.

Weapon: Awl and spears

Strengths: She is very stealthy and very agile. She is very charismatic and can easily use her skills to turn friends against each other if she would like it so

Weaknesses: Strength, hand-to-hand, she can't svim, and she doesn't know much about edible stuff.

Fears: Snakes and spiders scare her a lot

Interview Angle: She will use her cheerfullness and friendly mind to get the whole Capitol on her good side. She may joke a little around and confident. There will be a little bit of sexyness

Bloodbath Strategy: She will go in to get maybe an awl or some food but will get out of there before the careers begin to kill

Token: Her friends braided some pieces of fabric together that she uses to hold her hair in a ponytale

Alliance: She can pretty much charm her way into any alliance but won't join the careers. She will probally look to see which alliances are made and charm her way into them.

Phoenix Ironsmith

Districts: 12

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Phoenix was always this shy girl who wouldn't talk to people she didn't know unless she needed. However on the inside she was always very friendly and kind to everyone. Always trying to do her best and was always very hardworking. She was known as the earthbound girl who would always be there to listen. However when she was burned the new conditions made her change. She went from just being shy to be a loner cause she lost all of her friends. She was still hardworking but she would almost never speak. She really missed her friends and was still there to listen if anyone wanted someone to talk to but no one would approach her. She got very insecure and sad. Sometimes she would just break down and sit and cry all alone in her house without anyone to hear her.

Backstory: Phoenix used to live a somewhat okay life in *insert district*. Her parents worked full time in teh mines which made sure that she didn't starve but she didn't really get to see her parents that often. One day when she was 12, she had to go down to her parents workplace, the mines, cause she needed to talk to them. However the mine caugth on fire while Phoenix was inside it. It turned from a deep mine to a burning hell in seconds. Most of the miners including Phoenix's father reach out of there, but Phoenix lost her way can her clothes caugth on fire. She was turned into a human fireball. The pain were running all down her body in a massive chaos of heat and the feeling of toturing pain as she burned. She ran around in panic and eventually got out of the collabsing mine. The surviving miners quickly poured a bucket of water on her, but she had been fataly damaged. Her father moved her to a hospital in the richer part of the city. She was in the hospital for two months and her father had to sell everything to afford it. They had to give her completely new skin cause almost all of her original skin had burned away. When she finally got out her whole body had completely changed. She looked like a path work of skin and her hair was all burned away. Almost none or her original skin remained. She got back to school but her life became hell, pretty much. She was bullied a lot cause of her skin and they would call her names and make her feel horrible and ugly. Her parents weren't there to help her through it. Her mother died in the fire, and her father had to work even more. They had gotten into extreme poority cause her father had to pay the hospital for saving Phoenix and the lose of her mother took hard on both her father and Phoenix herself. The bullying, the lose of her mother, and her father absence, made her life a burning hell...

Height: 5'4

Appearance: She has fire-red hair that has grown out from the fire. It goes down to her breast. Although Phoenix tries to grow it out so that she can hide behind it she doesn't want it to grow more. Her eyes are grey. Her skin is kinda weird, mostly light but also fair and olive and redish colored were her own skin was saved.

Weapon: Blowgun

Strengths: She's a good svimmer, and she's very agile, also she is clever and can keep a cold head in most situations

Weaknesses: (List 2) She is not very strong, and her body is still kinda needing to get used to her new skin so her stamina is not the best either.

Fears: She isn't scared of fire but will not go within 5 meters from it.

Interview Angle: She's shy and humble but also charming. She will be kind and likeable.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run to outskirts to get maybe some cheap food but then she will get out of there, and won't stick around for too long.

Token: Her mothers bracelet

Alliance: Most people tend to be disgusted by her apparence but she can actually be in any alliance. However she is clever so she won't just ally with everybody.


Name: Her real name is Cassandra Goldensmith but she never calls herself that (more often than not she forgets her real name), she calls herself "Koume" (Co-you-may)

Districts: 11, 10, 7, 9, or any really just not career and something with wildlive or plantlife

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: She's cold and hostile to anyone. She learned the hard way, that you should only trust people in your "pack" and should never get attached to others. She's kinda confused almost for human emotions and doesen't fell many emotions herself mostly she fells her survival instincts, that's why she comes off as kinda emotionless to others. She's cold and caculating and don't understand why people like to have "friends" or being around others. She's kinda aggresive cause she doesn't understand that people do something "for fun". If people were to tease she wouldn't understand that it was meant in a good way she would just get mad and fight back. She takes most stuff serious. She never let's her guard down and is always closed off as she don't want to becom attached to anyone. She's fearless, and only death can make her scared. She's not affraid to step on anyone to survive or to get anything she wants. She don't talk much cause she never really got used to it.

Backstory: Cassandra seemed to live a good life in *insert district*. Her parents were righ and worked for the capitol, however they were away a lot and didn't really care for their daugther. She seemed to live good...but she didn't. Because of her wealth and because of the fact that she was quite a loner, she was the bully victim for almost the whole school. She had no friends and her family didn't care for her. SHe walked with it all alone. But one day it got worser...instead of verbal bullying it turned physical and it was bad. They left her in the streets in the outskirts of the district, she was bleeding badly and completely beaten up, with several bones broken. She told her she should get used to this cause it wasnt the first time. S'he dragged herself away, and into woods. She fell down and passed out. As she passed out a lone, pregmant she wolf came by her. The wolf's pack had died cause of an attack and it was the only survivor. It would have attacked her normally but the wolf felt something that made it not do so. Lonelyness. The wolf is a social creature and suddenly Koume was the only pack member it could have. Koume was kinda adopted into it's pack. it licked her wounds and lay down by her side and guarded her. She and the wolf became their pack. She stole some knifes from her kitchen and trained to use them for throwing and close-combat. She would hunt with the wolf and live with the wolf. When the wolf was at due date she would hunt for it and provide food for both. The wolf became her family, friends and life. She became more of a wolf than human. The pack grew as the wolf had three cubs. The only days that she would actually come in contact with the other humans were on reapind days. On her 5th reaping she ventured back into her district and was reaped. People were confused when they saw her as most people thought she died.

Height: 5'4

Appearance: She has brown hair that always s messy cause of her life in the woods. Her eyes are brown too and she's quite tanned cause she's never inside.

Weapon: She can use throwing knifes and daggers very well.

Strengths: She is very good at hand-to-hand combat since the wolf cubs fought with her and she's a fast runner.

Weaknesses: (List 2) She tends to stay away from people cause she don't understand them so she probally won't ally. She don't svim very well either. She don't trust anyone.

Fears: (List 1) Death. She doesn't understand rational fear, why would you be scared of spiders when they don't suppose a threat for your own survival?

Interview Angle: She will answer stuff with one word only. She will be cold, hostile and closed off cause if she weren't she would probally be freaking out from all the people around her.

Bloodbath Strategy: She's fast so she will run in there to get some knives, maybe some food and water too. She may attack tributes but only if provoked.

Token: She picked up one of the leaves stuck in her hair from the woods. She carries it with her.

Alliance: None

Alexandra "Alex" Stevens

District: 13 or any really

Age: 14

Gender: female

Height: 5'4

Reaped or Volunteered: Reaped

Personality: Alex is kinda depressed. She is herself, and she isn't like dangerous for anyone but since her halfsister's murder she has been depressed. She is quite the loner and won't let herself get attachted to people cause she's scared she will end up losing them again. She is ver intelligent and often it feels like talking an adult rather than a 14 when you talk with her. She rarely smiles and seems scary to most people but she's really just locked into a depression. She very rarely talks. However is determined to win the hunger games for Amy's sake. She is very serious, she never kid around and very rarely laugh.

Backstory: Alex lived in district 13 where she lived with her mother and father. Her mother sleept with another (who left her after) and they got divorced when she was seven. She got a new stepsister, Amy, and they became best friends. She would always be together with her and they were really close. Then when she was 11, where Alex was at her fathers house Amy would not be school for a week. She decided to go see why and she has keys to the home so that she could lock herself in. The house was all dark with no lights on. She remembered how she walked over the noicy planks. She walked into Amy's room and the curtain was down and light was off. No Amy, but as her eyes got used to the darkness she saw that the wooden planks in the floor had been pulled up and a rope was stickin out. She easily pushed the planks away and pulled the rope... It was heavy and when she got it up she realized what it was...Amy death body, chocked with a rope. She remebered how still she sat in the room for a while, and then she screamed to her lungs couldn't scream anymore. The peacekeepers was called and they found Alex's mothers body hanging from a rope. They found out that the mother killed her child and then hung herself. Alex suffered a great depression and was put in a insanety house for a while. The memory's of her death stepsister still haunts her to this day.

Strengths: Stealth, climbing

Weaknesses: Stays away from everyone, doesen't trust anyone, not very stong, close combat, having to kill anyone in their sleep (that was the way Amy was killed by her mother)

Fears: The felling of not being able to breath scares her to death cause of Amy's way of murder, also total darkness that she can't see through

Weapons (Only 2): Bow and arrow, knifes (close combat)

Token: Amy's necklace. A string with a single charm, a black cresent moon

Appearance: Black long black hair, blue eyes, pale, not many mucsels

Allies: Probably won't ally at all.

Paula Twoson

District: 12

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Paula's biggest trait is her insecurity. It wasnt really an original part of her personality but when she were beaten she kinda got to look down on herself, ashamed of herself. She felt she weren't good enough for the world, and would never stand up for herself. People thinks it's rather stupid of her, she's clever and talented but never let's it show cause she's so scared of failing. Paula's second biggest trait is her kindness. She will always go out of her ways to help and hates to ssee people be sad and alone, however she rarely approach people cause she's just so insecure and shy too. If people were to approach they would learn that she's a really kind and loyal friend to have by their side, but she just don't dare to be the one to approach people. She's the excact oppersit of a hot-head and people often get annoyed by the fact that she never seem to stand up for herself. All of the people in the whole wide world, she treats herself the worst, thinking that she doesn't deserve better. Paula always demand the best from herself but never demands anything from anyone else. She get's extremely sad when she makes others sad, and extremely thankfull if anyone were to do anything from her, as she don't believe that she deserves it.

Backstory: Paula lived with her parents in the seam. Her parents had to work 14-hours a day just to bring food on the table for Paula and her 12-year-old little brother, Jeff. Paula was always the one to take care of him, doing the cooking and such in the house. It was very streesfull for Paula but she never complained as she felt like Jeff deserved the best he could get, and that she didn't deserve the spare time. However on the reaping a year before, Jeff was reaped. Their parents went crazy and tried to stop Jeff from walking to the stage, and Paula and Jeff watched in horror as their parents were shot dead right in front of them, and right in front of the whole contry of Panem. Paula was placed in the worst orhanage in whole district 12. It was hard to live and the fact that she had to watch her brother compete in the hunger games. He was placed 9th. He was found by the careers and totured to death and of course Paula had to watch the whole thing. No one took care of Paula while she fell into a depression. But finally after a long time she got a job as a maid for the mayor of the city. The mayor liked Paula as she never complained and such. At her working place, she met the Mayor's son, 16-year-old, Ninten. They talked on a few occations, and Paula was so thankfull cause Ninten actually showed intrest for her which no one ever did. They began to be more than friends, and they would be very romantic together, and Paula was pretty much the happiest girl on planet earth. But something changed with Ninten. His mother died. And one day Paula found Ninten just standing looking out as his window. Paula wanted to help him and laid a hand on his should. Ninten turned around and slapped her so hard that Paula fell to the floor. He punched her, kicked her, slaped her. Paula never blamed him, but and tried her best to be a good girlfriend, but everytime she would encounter him alone, she would get beaten. It went worse the day before the reaping. As she was cleaning a room, Ninten came in and locked the door. And it began. It was the worst he had ever beaten her. She was lucky that she didn't break any bones but she was very close to break her own skull when he yanked her face into the wall. The next day while walking to the reaping, Paula whole body was covered in bruises and wounds that were still open. She was reaped. Paula is still not sure what worse...having to die in the hunger games, or having to stay with someone she loved who woould beat her dead.

Height: 5'2

Appearance: She has blonde hair to the middle of her back, that flows down, beautifuly. She has bright skye-blue eyes. She's quite small and frail, and is very thin with almost no muscles what so ever. She thinks she's ugly

Weapon: Bow and arrow, awl

Strengths: She very quick on her feet with sprinting and such, although she can't do long sprints. She's very stealthy and makes no sound what so ever when she walks.

Weaknesses: She is very weak physically so she has very bad stamina and strength. Also her insecurity make it so that she's too scared to ask for allies.

Fears: Being beaten by anyone.

Interview Angle: She will be kind and humble, but also rather nervous.

Bloodbath Strategy: Get some food or maybe an awl from the outskirts but get away before the careers reaches the centor of the cornucopia field.

Token: The same token that her brother has, a picture of her whole family, her mother, father and brother

Alliance: She won't ask for alliances herself but may join one if asked. She will prefer alliances that aren't too big.

Naisha Shadowrunner

Name: Naisha Shadowrunner

Gender: Female

District: 6

Age: 15

Backstory: Naisha was never set up for a good life. She lives in a small house with her mother.  Her father is dead. What happened to her father still stand clear in Naisha's memories. Her father, was not really the greatest man, he made Naisha’s life a living hell to say the least, and to this day, Naisha is happy he is dead. She smiles when she thinks of his death. Her father, he would always drink and was almost never sober. He would always beat Naisha until she begged him to stop, even though she was only a child and sometimes, he would beat Naisha's mother too, and make Naisha watch, as her mother screamed for mercy. The haunting screams from her mother are still pierced in Naisha’s mind. When he wasn't beating his wife and daughter, he gambled to the sun would rise, and even to this day, Naisha's family is still in depth because of that. Anyway, her father gambled and one day the depth just got too great. The people he owed money threatened him that they would kill him if he did not get the money soon. Naisha father was in distraught. He had no idea how he could manage to raise so much so quickly. His lousy job did not give him much. He had to do something else… something illegal. And so, Naisha's father tried to steal from one of the richer couple that lived in the town. He snuck into their house at night. He did not mean to wake them, he would just steal something quickly and then get out. But he did make a noise, and the rich man woke up. The rich man walked to down to check the noise and saw Naisha’s father, just standing there with his hands on some jewellery he. Naisha father thought quickly and killed him, but the rich man’s wife had by then already called the peacekeepers and he was quickly caught and was sentenced to death by whipping him until he was bleeding and then keep on whipping him until he bleed out. In public, of course. The mayor of District 6 had a thing for that. The day he was going to be killed, a lot of people gathered at the town square to see him die. Naisha’s mother didn’t want to go and asked for Naisha to stay home with her. But something in Naisha could not resist going to watch it. IT was her father, the man who made her life a living hell. Watching him die… that would be fun for Naisha. Her own personal way of saying: “you brought this onto yourself”. When the executer saw that the death-sentence’s daughter herself had showed up, he forced her to stand out from the group of people and go closer so that she could easily see the whip hitting her father. So the entire crowd could see her. Naisha will never forget the moment she heard her father's last cry. In those haunting hours, and after all that loneliness with her dad beating her. That was when the first cracks in her sanity appeared, and she devolved a strong form mental disease. She did get a somewhat better life though, after her father went gone, well at least in some cases. Although he had treated her mother very bad she still loved him, and she became extremely distanced from everything. Naisha, on the other hand was glad he was dead, and she did not mind her mother’s distance either. She got to go to a new school, after what happened with her father, to avoid being bullied with her father, and there she met a girl called Amber. Amber was this popular girl who everyone would just dream of talking to. And yet, one day Amber just sat down beside Naisha while they were eating lunch and they talked. Naisha loved Amber, like a sister. Amber was Naisha’s only friend. Amber was in a weird way her new mother. And yet, it all seemed to good. Amber didn’t belong with Naisha, and Amber had had no reason to want to be her friend. Yet, Naisha didn’t get suspicious, she kept their relationship and one day told Amber her biggest secret. That she was suffering from mental diseases, and quite many of them. But the next day at school, when Naisha walked inside the hall, everyone began to whisper and point at her. Some people yelled: “Freak!” After her and some others laughed. Amber had told everyone. Let the rumor spread like fire on a dry field. To Amber, it had all been a game. Naisha’s instant friendship, was a way for Amber to show of her power over the other students. And now, when Amber didn’t need Naisha anymore, she thought that she could aswell use for one last thing, getting everyone’s attention with that “Juicy gossip” about Naisha. Naisha couldn’t believe it, and yet it was true. She walked up to Amber in the hall, in front of everyone. “Amber… I thought you were my friend.” Naisha whispered. “I may have been… But who would want to be friends with a freak like you? What if you had killed me because the little voices in your head told you to? You aren’t my friend, you’re a creep!” Amber yelled back at her, as Naisha ran out the school, back home. Back home, Naisha sat down quietly and just cried. But after a while she began to hear them. The voices that whispered in her head. If she hadn’t had a such a strong diagnosis she would probably wouldn’t have listened to them, but she was alone, afraid and sad. They told her to pick up her necklace, one of her few belongings. She took of her necklace, a black string, with a metal plate as a charm, nothing special, and began to swing it back and forth in front of her head, hypnotizing herself. And that was when she found out… She had a special talent. A deadly talent. She was skilled with hypnosis, easily hypnotizing herself in seconds, on her very first try. The days after Amber’s betrayal was horrible. No one wanted to be around Naisha, and yelled at her as she walked. Pointed. Laughed. And everyday when she came home, she hypnotized herself to get to escape, from her life, from herself, from the hell she lived in. She became better with hypnotism. She tried hypnotizing her mother, and she put her trance so quickly she didn’t even notice. Her talent was deadly at that point, yet people had no idea what threat walked beside them as they bullied Naisha with her insanity. All the hate, that Naisha receive, all for something she could not help. She couldn’t take it anymore. And then, an idea began to grew from Naisha’s mind. Naisha wanted revenge over Amber. Over everyone who had ever laughed at her. When night fell, she took a kitchen knife, and snuck out of her house, driven by the voices in her head, and the desire for revenge. She snuck all the way over to Amber’s house and found just what she needed. An open window. She easily crawled in and creept up there to Amber’s bedroom. Oh, how she longed after her revenge. A revenge she was finally going to get. She walked into her bedroom, so silently and then jumped on her bed. “Listen to me. Look at the plate.” She whispered to Amber as she swung her hypno-pendolym (her necklace). Amber never even reached to scream before she was bound by the trance. And so, Naisha guided Amber out of her bed and lead her towards the forest with Amber following behind her, still in trance. Finallly she reached a cave, and that was where Amber’s life ended. Naisha pounced and pinned Amber’s body to the ground, And took out her knife. And then she began to torture poor Amber. She first cut off her fingers, but was annoyed that Amber closed her eyes. So, she took the thin skin on her eyelits and cut it off too, so Amber couldn’t close her eyes anymore. She cut her ears, toes, fingers, and parts of her muscels of poor Amber. When the screaming became too loud for Naisha, she cut out of her tounge. Naisha enjoyed every second of it. Hearing her enemy scream in pain was like music for her. After she finally bled out, Naisha dragged her body into the cave and hang her from the thick ivy vines that grew in the ceiling of the cave. Standing there, in front of “her cave” with the body hanging from the ceiling. It made her happy. As if she had rid the world from another evil person. But Naisha was far from done. She gave this treatment to everyone who laughed at her. Starting with the guy who had walked up and pushed her, yelling “FREAK!” at her. She snuck into their houses at night, and uses hypnosis to take them away from their homes, and into the forest out to the cave where she first killed Amber. From the ceiling of the cave, more and more bodies hung, as Naisha rid out the city for all who ever lauged of her. The city experienced the loses of course. Rumors about a serial killer, murdering teenagers was spread quicker than Naisha’s own rumor. Naisha was old news. Yet, no one suspect Naisha. She was just a teenager herself, she couldn’t hurt anyone. That was what they thought, at least. But after Naisha was done with killing she actually… came back to herself… Atleast a bit. She became lonely. Something she hadn’t felt in long time. People weren’t showing her attention anymore after the murdering, cause everyone where too busy talking about new gossip. But in the time, a new boy began at Naisha’s school. His name was was Peter. He wasn’t really all liked. Not hated either, more just overlooked. He began to talk a little to Naisha. Just casually. They were the outcast, so they ate together, and took their school assignments together too. Naisha began to like him more and more. She was scared. After what had happened with Amber, trust was hard to feel. But she tried. And one day, they did kiss. He brought Naisha back. The old Naisha, who may have been sick, but also friendly. The Naisha who showed when she was friends with Amber. Peter was her life. She loved him but  unlike Amber, he didn’t feel like he was good to be true. She felt alive with him. He was her reason for living. He got her into “rehab” from the whole killing-people-with-hypnosis-and-torture thing. She began to actually feel feelings again. Her voices in her head left her and she was finally healthy. She trusted him, but she trusted him too much. She told him about her father and even told him about her mental diease but all he did was feeling empathy. He understood her. And one day, she wanted to show him just how much she trusted. She brought him out in the forest, as the first person who weren’t hypnotized when he walked with her. She took him do the cave and let him look inside it, with the bodies hanging from it. She thought he would understand her. Why she killed them, why they needed to die. But like any sane human being he didn’t. He screamed at her and she got such a big shock that she was almost pulled backwards. He was not really angry at her, cause he didn’t understand. But he was in a state of panic and that scared Naisha. She had never seen him like that. She began to cry as he just screamed. He finally calmed himself and turned to Naisha. “What. Is. This?” He just said, and she could hear it. The hate in his voice. “I thought… I thought you would understand… I guess not…” They just stood there for a bit, both staring at the ground. “You will hang there.” She cried as she took up a knife and threw at Peter, hitting him in the calf. She pounced at him, but this time it was not like usually. Instead of keep her victim alive to torture them, she just quickly took the knive stuck in his calf and pierced it through his heart. Still crying, she hang his body from the ceiling of her cave. That was when the last piece of sanity cracked in her mind. She became so dead inside, and she never became the same after her loss of Peter. She never regretted that she killed him though. Peter learned her that she could not trust anyone… ever. She began killing again, but on a far bigger scale. Every single night, she was a lone hunter. The same routine, but never the same method. She would always only kill teenagers, “I stick to my roots” as she would tell herself when she found another teenage victim. She began to experiment, trying new ways of killing. Ripping out nails of people or teeth using pliers. Every time, for every kill losing herself more and more. It didn’t matter to her. She didn’t want to live anymore. Killing became a way to heal herself. Forget herself. The screams where like music in ears, and the voices became her only friends. Her mother never really noticed anything, still swallowed in sorrow over Naisha’s father. But then, the reaping day came along. She waked up one day, after a night killing a 13-year-old with long red hair and freckles. She got on her reaping dress and walked silently to the square. No one realized they had a killer among them. No one realized that someone who had killed over fifty people was right beside. When Naisha’s name was called out, she was not sure what she felt. Deep down she knew she shouldn’t kill, but it was the only way she could manage to keep herself together, instead of falling completely apart. Killing was a part of her. If she was not a killer, she was nothing. In a way, she kinda wanted to find an end to it. The Hunger Game would force that to happen.  She told herself that if she were to win, she would try and stop herself from killing. She could kill in The Hunger Games but told herself that if she manage to won she would stop, or at least try. If she lived through this, she wanted to try and find herself again. The old Naisha could still be inside her, just hidden away. But before she could do that, she would have to be a killer for a little while longer. For long enough to win The Hunger Games.




Weapon: Naisha main weapon is, of course, knives. Ever since Naisha killed Sophie using the knives to drag on her death for hours, the knives has been her main weapon. When she wields a knive against a target, pinning them down with her body weight, she goes into a state of mind, just like an sculpturist who carves in tree. But for Naisha, it's just flesh, not tree. She does know that if she's in the heat of battle, it's not a very good idea to sit down and begin a three-hour-long toturing session, so she can't kill fast if needed, but if she were to end up in a situtation where she made her target weak/hypnotised him/her, she may drag them away to a safe place and toture them for long, but cutting their tounge out first so that they can't scream. Another weapon she is good with the throwing knives. Naisha made a little game with some of her victims. When she had let them out in the forest, she would tie them to a tree, and then stand away from them and throw her knives at them, instead of doing it close combat. In the start, she was quite bad a thrower, and usually hit them in their calf, which would make them bleed out quickly, which she found boring. But after a while, she got good at it. Now she throw just right so that her victims nose is sliced off. She can throw a knife, purposely slicing only their ear off, so that their death can dragged out as long as she wants. She could easily have hit them in the heart, which could have made them die instantly, but Naisha asked herself: "Where would the fun be in that?" Naisha is also talented with some various torture instruments. Taisha liked to experiment after a while of killing with knives, and began to bring various stuff to her cave. Some of these include pliers, to rip other's fingernails out with, and pull out teeths. But although she did try other ways of torture, she always prefered the knives, slicing up tiny pieces of people, and watch them in pain.




Personal Traits:




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