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November 18, 2012
  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is eating Pizza Pringles and obsessing over hot celebs.
  • I am bae

Hey There!

I'm Summer, who you may or may not have already known. I love THG Wiki, but you can also find me on THGRP Wiki and Divergent Wiki. I'm also that one girl with a test wiki, but like, nothing interesting there...So let's move on with more about me, shall we?

Name: Summer (Summah by Lizah, Twinsie by Jen, Summy by Eli (tbh don't ask), etc.)

Age: 15 #yoloswag

Hair Color: Dark Brown with Gold Highlights? idk ask my hair k

Eye Color: Hazel-ish.

Favorite Color: Indigo or Sky Blue.

Favorite Music: Idk, it's a mixture, really.

Favorite Song of All Time: How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and The Diamonds, and...idk.

Favorite Song At The Moment: Carousel by Melanie Martinez.

Favorite Movie of All Time: GAH. Divergent or Hunger Games, your pick.

Favorite Movie At The Moment: The Maze Runner

Friends (Alphabetical Order and Description cuz y not)

Ash - Doesn't come as often, but pretty cool. We always talk about sports because idk, he's the only person I can blabber to about volleyball.

Bee - We've talked a few times, and I think she's really nice and cool. She's also amazing at making tributes and such, so like, yeah. I wish mine were as good as hers.

Bekah - Tbh, old-ish friend but she's really sweet and funny. And she's always supported me through things and like, we talk from time to time so yeah.

Claudia - Known her for a rlly long time, she's a great mod and like, omg, one of my besties. Amazing, kay?

Eli - Despite that he's obsessive with Minecraft and Marvel, he's a really good friend, and I've known him for over a year now. #SumournotPummerkaybai

Jen - Kay, so we have almost all the same dislikes and likes in music, fashion, etc. So...we call eachother twinsies cuz it's scary how much alike we are. Another one of my best friends.

Julia - Doesn't come as often anymore either, but one of the first few I've met, and she's really nice and laid-back.

Justin - *sigh* I have so many old friends tbh, and this one is one of them. (Oh, and like, ihy now because I'm obsessed with OUaT ;-;) Otherwise, he's funny and really chill, I've known him for like, ever, and I can talk to him about anything.

Kekai - Really good at making tributes, and he's just really nice and fun to talk to.

Kiki - Another old friend, but she's really sweet and also fun to talk to. She's like, extremely nice.

Lizah - Tbh, omg, my bestie right here, along with the others. I can talk to her about anything and she always has the best ideas and what not, omg, she is amazingg. And my buddy in Back-To-School Senior Edition, so like, ya.

I'll add the rest later because my fingers are tired, so yeah, honors to those up there. And don't freak if you aren't on it, just hit me up on chat or on my talk if you think we're close or I forgot you or we've spoken before. <3

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