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November 18, 2012
  • I live in Welp, look in your siblings toy box. All the way at the bottom is a note from me. Follow the path to the underground secret tunnel and hope you don't get eaten alive by the cookie monster.
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Being me, why not?
  • I am the total hopeless role-play star..which includes rolling into a ball and crying.


I just felt like re-doing my profile..


I'm Summer, and I'm 14. I'm a pretty active user on the wiki I guess, and I've been here for exactly a year and 3 months. Cool right? Heh, so I like to read and write and make up fanfics and anything like that, I love to roleplay and act, and I usually listen to music in my freetime. I suck at writing so..

I like to listen to Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Pierce the Veil, Train, so much more..

and I love this wiki <3 There are really amazing people on it.

Mah FriendssEdit

So since I'm not gonna hurt anybody's feelings, I'm just gonna make a list of people who to this day make my experience on here amazing <3 Hit me up on chat or my talk if deep down inside you feel you should be put on here. If you aren't here, it's either I forgot you, I don't know you, or I just don't consider us close. So, congrats if you're on here c:Edit

❥Liza - My bestie, like my sis, she's amazing and loves Maroon 5. I ship her and Colin, and she's my hopeless role-play buddy, tbh.

❥Toast - My bestie, like a sister, and she's extremely funny, omg. I still can't get over Christucy, or our first PMs with mankinis and dead grandma..

❥Jay - Idk, but he's amazing, charming, and is obsessed with pie c:

❥Claudia - My oldest friend on here, she's kind and super sweet, I love her and she is so cool. Oh, and I srsly wanna see her dip-dyed hair.

❥Emma - Another old friend, she's amazing, perf, and she calls me Fall cuz lyk, y not?

❥Julia - She comes on every once in a while, but she's the first person I ever met on here (District1Obsessed), and srsly she's amazing and I love her. Stay perf c:

❥Zach - Another guy who's awesome. He doesn't come as often, but it's nice to see him when he's on chat. His AHS was amazing, though.

❥Justin - Another old friend, he's awesome and perf and yeah.

❥Dustin - He left, but I miss him soo much and he was a really close friend. He was awesome, funny and stuffs and I wish he'd come back ;-;

❥Kiki - She's amazing, sweet, kind, and 2fab4u, so..

❥Alice - Alice didn't put me on her friend's list cuz I forgot, but ily and you're my random buddy since I could talk about pretty much anything random with her in PMs. Oh, and she's funny, so.. don't try and make tea at midnight.

❥Dani - Another old friend who is awesome, fab, and perfect.

❥Erlend - Oldest friend on here, he's awesome and cool, his tributes are so nice and yeah c:

❥Eli - Known as being nice at times, and I'm sure he'll find somebody someday..and I would've said more, buuuuuut c:

❥Ash - I've known him since I've joined in late 2012, he's a kind friend. He's nice and he tries to be a chatkiller, though..but fails because of me. c:

You guys are all perf.

My Rainbow, which pretty much explains me c:Edit

Your rainbow is shaded blue and white.


What is says about you: You are a contemplative person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. People depend on you to make them feel secure. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

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