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January 12, 2013
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is watching Doctor Who, obsessing over Doctor Who, and crying over the fact that Matt Smith is gone :c
  • I am a panda

Hi ツ

Hey bbys<3 I'm EmpressOreo, otherwise known as Julia, or Empress, or Oreo (whatever you want, I really don't care) c: I've been a member on this wiki since January 2013, but once the summer of 2013 started I got really inactive and then I just sorta left. Yeah... sorry about that. But I'm gonna try being on here again, mk? I love all of you and when I visited some of yall convinced me to come back for reals, so I did. <33 thanks btw, I really love it here and even though I won't be as active as I used to be once school starts again, I'll still come on like over the weekend.

Some things about me...

♡ I'm a major Whovian. Like, omg. I can't even express how obsessed I am with Doctor Who. I've been watching it since Aprilll I think, ever since SOMEONE (*cough*Liza*cough*) forced me to watch it (lol jk bby ily) Anyways so yeah, if I'm bored and we're not carrying on an actual conversation then I'll probably just start blabbing on about Doctor Who.

♡ I'm also a DEMIGOD; omg tho this wait for Blood of Olympus is killing me ;-;

♡ Other books I love are the Divergent Trilogy, the Fault in Our Stars, and the Hunger Games obvs.

♡ I'm a very unhealthy eater lolsss

♡ I'm a writer, I take theatre, and I've recently begun taking a photography class

♡ I listen to recent pop, classic rock and country

♡ My favorite shows besides Doctor Who are the Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time

Friends ツ

Claudia - omfg my bestie <33 you're the best and this wiki would be incomplete without yous c:

Emma - my other bestie <33 i love you hun - don't you forget it<333

Colin - he's awesome and everything but he's stalkerish too because he always talks about how he wants to move in with me xD lol but i love him <3

Liza - she's like my sister omfg i love herr<3

Kekai - he's one of my best friends and is always there when i have to talk about something <3 he's awesome c:

Summer - she's sooo nice and cool and was actually the very first person i actually talked to on here<3 love you<333

Joan - he's cool and funny, we havent talked alot but we shouldd

Jay - love him<333

Erlend - well yeah what's not to like about erlend?

Caylin - she's funny and cool

Annie babe - she's awesome<33

Alice - we just started talking like forreals when i came back but she's super cool<33 ilysm bby

Kiki - kiki is my bby, she's so nice and was one of my first friends on chat c: <3

♡ Justin - ok tbh i don't know him that well but he's cool and he asked to be on here so xD

  • if i forgot you its because its late and im tired so if you think you need to be on here just go ahead and yell at me idc

My Ships ♥

♡ Stranglia (ClaudiaxJulia)

♡ Rainia (LizaxJulia)

♡ Jemma (JuliaxEmma)

♡ Jeetee (JuliaxColin)

♡ Jaylia (JayxJulia)

♡ Jummer (JuliaxSummer)

♡ Kierlia (KikixJulia)

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