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I got the idea of this ↓ poll from Oblivion1001

What do you think of Everdeen?

The poll was created at 16:30 on January 30, 2012, and so far 116 people voted.

My goodness greacious girl. You have too many options. I can't decide between "I love her", "She's my best friend", and "She's craaazy"!! Oblivion1001

LOL =) Thanks ♥ Everdeen (talk) 06:43, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

I love herrrrr. But...your crazy too. :P Miss You, Love Anna

Your rainbow is shaded violet and red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.


Everdeen got 1st place in

Rockman's Lunaii Competition!


Everdeen won

BubblestheLlama's Five Tasks, Six Users!

Oblivion1001 - So sweet, helpful & friendly. :) Random, really fun to chat with. VERY HILARIOUS TOO! Check out her Cato blog! ♥ MISSING YOU

Rueflower - GREAT writer!!!

Rose Hathaway - Awesome writer! And my cyber sister!!! :) Also makes me smile a ton. =) ♥ (And she's a designer! - Rose <3) an awesome one! I MISS YOU SO MUCH BABE

Nate777 - I think he's awesome! He's a HUGE supporter of my games. =) Love him and his typos! :D :]

Team Peeta Anna - One funny gal. =D ♥ (Well I am pretty awesome. =D =D~Anna (I added you too!)) Miss you soo much ! =(

Mopping - The brother I've always wanted :) So nice and supportive. Great guy. =)

Clove2002 - Random and fun! :)

~ilovepeeta~ - Very fun to chat with, nice, cute :) Also finishes my sentences. =) (Which is awesome!) She's my Prim! And I am her Katniss =) >♥< She is an angel <3 (ily :* -~ilovepeeta~)

iluvgale - Great girl, fun to talk to. She is very crazy... In a fun way! I love her she's the best (aw thanks!!! :) -iluvgale)

Peetasucks - I think she's cool, nice and funny :)

Skyandbray - He's a cool, nice, awesome guy. Yep. :)

KEAP - Very, VERY cool!!! (Yay thank you :D - KEAP) One of my best wiki friends. We used to yell a lot at each other.

Enobaria9 - Awesome!

QuinnQuinn - Very friendly =)

Necterine411 - She is great! Great admin and writer and person!

HeavyRotation - Awesome user ;)

Haybernathy - Great and helpful gal =)

Moviepopcorn123 - His typos are so funny X) nice and fun!

Tris Prior - She is SOOOOOO awesome! ♥ I miss you! A LOT

IKayla - She is sweet, beautiful and grrrreat! Love ya

BubblestheLlama - She has awesome blogs and SHE is awesome =) She is also very friendly and a very cool gal.

Primrose33 - Nice and smiley =) :) =D :D :] =]

Firecatcher3 - Amazing writer, really nice

Pigirl - Talkative and fun!!!

TagAlongPam - Thank you for being a great admin and for helping me. :)

PurpleGirl23 - Nice, beautiful, sweet :]

Mikalmt - My loving cyber brother who is a sap

AvatarMilly - I'm so jealous of her eyes! coolest girl ever

BlackMage9 - Really friendly, cool, and awesome!

GabyMEL - Super nice and friendly. Love her <3 miss you

Clonefanatic - Nice and cool

Wiressprincess - Awesome and nice!!!

Nigihayami_Kohaku_Nushi - She's a cutie :3 she is fab

KNKHungerGames - Kindhearted amazingness. She's like gorgeous. Fun and friendly personality.

Ravenclaw Eagles14 - Hyper weirdo. He is, but he's also really cool, awesome, and fun to talk with :) (HE IS THE COOLEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET!!!!! HE'S SO SMEXY!!!!!!! -Carter) (HAHAHHA LOL no -Leslie) (Leslie wishes she was smexy like me!!!!! - Carter) I miss you and our strange convos

AxedFox - She's so cool !! =)

Manner_me456 - Fun and nice to me

Lily! - Friendly and fun!

Everderp - A very awesome girl who people mistake me with :D I love talking to her.


Iamjessa - Friendly, nice, and super awesome!

TheFireJay - His twerk name is my name???

XxXMidget_In_a_BikiniXxX - Emma is the coolest. Absolutely perf. She is also a Canadian like me :o

Bananaman321 - I enjoy talking with him, he listens, and he has a bold personality that I like.

TDR97 - Connor is nice and amazing and very interesting :D

Crtha 2.0 - So sweet and beautiful. She may be the loveliest girl in this world.

Wesolini - Wow. Better than perfection right here.

ChinaSpy - She's so friendly and adorable and sweet and nice and I hope I see her around some more.

Annamisasa - Anna is fabulous and she makes exciting games!

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo - One of the coolest guys in the world.

This list is not in any order. Add yourself too! =)

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