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General Info

Sign Aries
Meaning of Sign Aries
Current Location Austria
Pets Nee Chee, my black cat (I'm a witch, run)
Likes Soda
Dislikes A lot of things
Fears/Phobias Ants, butterflies, wasps, bumble bees... flies
Hobbies Writing, playing music, drawing, painting
Motto "This too, shall pass."
Most Important Person Before the wiki My siblings
Most Important Person Now Anna and Joan x3
Immediate Goals CLEAN MY ROOM
Long Term Goals ... Clean my closet
Personality Dopey

Habits & Traits

Bad Habits Picking at lips, daydreaming, tripping (very clumsy)
Sleeping Habits Sleep apnea, tossing and turning, insomnia
Quirks Perfectionist
Most at Ease When? Listening to music
Priorities Grades. Especially math...
Past Failures Failing 2 math tests
Biggest Accomplishment
Darkest Secret Shh!
Secret Known by Anyone? Nope
One Wish To become the Evil Overlord of the universe
Character Flaw Way too many to name
Reacts to a Crisis? Piss off, I'm busy watching TV
Face Their Problems? Nope, chicken
Reacts to Change You could have a terminal illness, idgaf ;D

Occupation & Self-Perception

Dream Job Lawyer or psychologist
Current Job Babysitter
One Word to Describe Fantastic ;3
Best Physical Trait Hair
Worst Physical Trait Big feet
Things to Change About Self Everything xD
Mental State LOL
Mental/Emotional Disorders Ask me face to face and I might tell you.
Emotional Stability AHAHAHAHAHA
Medical Problems/Ailments :P

Favourites & Other

Colour Red or orange
Music Idk. Heavy metal
Food Bacon
Animal Cats
Book The Fault in Our Stars and Delirium
Movie Zombieland, Scott Pilgrim Against the World, Kick-Ass
Attitude Depends on who I'm with xD
Religious views Complicated
Social Skills Non-existant
Peculiarities Fidget a lot, stutter, trip over flat surfaces

My Nicknames...

  1. Ali
  2. Alish
  3. Icey Babe
  4. Wonderbra

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