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January 8, 2012
  • I live in A concrete wasteland known to some as the suburbs of Detroit
  • My occupation is Ninja ;)
  • I am A NINJA! We've been over this!!!!!
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  • Me!
  • The amazing Rue!
  • And the amazing Prim!
  • My lovely avatar
  • my lovely catchprase
  • The lovely and talented Avan Jogia who SHOULD HAVE PLAYED GALE!!!!
  • The best book in the universe!
  • because pink isn't a nausiating color *at all* :/
  • Over use of the word "lovely" and excamation points!
  • Prim's lovely unibrow
  • AVAN'S DOG!!!!!
  • This picture depresses me some. :(
  • Or so I say.. :P
  • THAT'S more like it!
  • If only everyone followed my philosophy...
  • Y'know, I should really find some other form of motivation...
  • Me at the beach with a rock on my head... no idea why. :)
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  • My contribution to the world of Advice Dog :)
The Hunger Pains02:05

The Hunger Pains

If given the choce between a slinky and a gun, go with the slinky.

Avan Jogia Interview Beck From "Victorious"04:03

Avan Jogia Interview Beck From "Victorious"


File:Taylor Swift - Mean
File:Marianas Trench - Celebrity Status

Vampires love me. Watch out.

Hunger Games - NEW Trailer Voice Over!03:31

Hunger Games - NEW Trailer Voice Over!

Don't come crying to me when you're pregnant with my ear babies!

AVAN! <3 <my heart fell over :/

Hi, everyone, my name is Kayla. You really shouldn't care about how old I am or where I live, so, I'm not gonna tell you.:) I over use my smiley faces. I'm fairly new to this wiki, but everyone's been super nice. (Did I just say that? Ugh. I'm so lame.) :)

My favorite pages

My friends on the Wiki

  • Rueisthebest/Sarah: She's one of my best

real-life friends and I've been serving her as a tall person since 1913.

  • Everdeen/Nelly: One of the first people I met on this wiki. She's both a great friend and a Canadian, for which reason I am slightly envious of her.
  • BubblesTheLllama/Sam: Another person I met shortly after joining the wiki. If anyone deserves to end up with Josh Hutcherson, it's her. (Sorry, Sarah.)

My favorite things

The Hunger games, iCarly, Victorious, Fridays. That's about it.

My talents/Hobbies

I play the saxophone, I draw, I sing, and I *try* to act. I have stage fright, though, and nobody likes a chubby saucer eyed actress. Just sayin'.

Also, I can recite THIS from memory:

Avan Jogia was born february ninth, 1992, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has one brother named Ketan. His family moved him to the united states so he could pesue a carreer in acting, which he had wanted to do scince he played Harry Potter in a school play at age 10. His first big break came when he was cast in the movie Spectacular, when he met his best friend, Victoria Justice. Justice and Avan had a second chance to work together when he was cast as the role of Beck Oliver on the hit Nickelodeon show VicTORIous. Victoria Justice was cast as Tori Vaga. Avan is close to the entire cast, and despite roumors, has no feelings for his coworker Liz Gillies, who portrays Beck's girlfriend Jade West. One of his ex girlfriends is Miley Cyrus. IN YOUR FACE, MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!! He likes oatmeal. he is five feet nine inches tall andloves soccer. His dad is brittish, and his mom is a redhead. He can sing but would rather act. And someday he will marry me.

^ Talent

Now you know why I say I'll "talk about [Avan] too often if givrn a chance."

  • is socially awkward in the best way possible*

Something to know about me

I kind of have an isssue with Gale, or rather, the casting people's inability to cast him correctly. If they had any inteligence, they would have cast the adorable Avan Jogia, who I will talk about too often if given the chance.
Another avan!

Avan! (Because Avan makes everything better.)

Yet another one of my obsessions

I'm also rather obsessed with cartoon caracters that look like celebrities.

Ex 1: Josh Ramsay and The Once-ler (The Lorax)

Josh! again!

Josh Ramsay

The once-ler

The Once-ler

Ex 2: Avan Jogia and Aladdin (Aladdin)

Another avan!

Avan Jogia



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