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My favorite tributes

Name: Topaz Grace 

Best Finish: Victor In Light Stones' 302nd Annual Hunger Games

Age: 17

Gender: Male 

District: 1

Personality: His a kid he grew up with good morals and to always respect women, he is pretty confident in his abilities and will do almost anything to bring his family glory in district 1

Backstory: He grew up with a single mom & a sister, when he was 13 he realized that as much as he wanted to help out his family, the only way he could actually help them out was to win the hunger games, he started training with all the other tributes and even though he was smaller he started growing into his body, and being one of the best kids in training, when the time came and he knew his family wouldn't survive another winter he joined the games a year early so he can win it for them

Wepons: Katana and Knifes 

Strengths: His a strong kid who has a good handle on most weapons like most careers he is pretty strong and pretty good looking as well

Weaknesses: He won't kill a girl, since most his life his been around a female role models he feels its unfair that he would have to kill a girl but he would not have mercy on a guy, even though his family grew up with less than most people, he lives in district 1 so for him how he lives isn't that great but he is well fed and isn't use to hunger

Appearance: He is 6'1 with brown hair and a blonde streak on the front and Red eyes

Interview Angle: Use his family for pity votes and say how he grew up without a father and he grew up faster than he was suppose too and how he will win this games for his family and district

Bloodbath Strategy: Find his alliance and make sure he makes it out alive

Strategy: Stay with the alliances and make sure if anything serious happens that someone from his alliances dies so he can survive

Token: His little sisters doll

Alliance: Careers mostly the females


Name: Aiden Clifton

Age: 17


Gender: Male

District: 5

Personality: very outgoing, likes hanging out with friends making everybody laugh, just very shy when he comes around beautiful girls.

Backstory: His a twin with his sister’s name Ava, also has two parents that are geologist, he is always helping them out when he has time. He has a lot of friends and is very social which helps him make friends fast. He likes to go on hikes and just being outdoors calms him.

Wepons: Has no preference his more of a up close fighter, pretty good wrestler, so his good in close combat, but no preference for weapons 

Strengths: He is pretty strong, very good climber since he is always helping his parents out. He also knows how to survive outdoors since he spends a lot of time out there and is very social so he can make friends pretty fast. And has that survival instincts that he needs to survive in the outdoors

Weaknesses: He is not the best swimmer since he has never been near water,  and dropped out of middle school so he is not that intelligent since he started helping his family out, also scared of tight spaces from when he was a kid and was stuck under all those rocks

Personality:  Aiden is a very funny, with his one liners, he makes friends pretty quickly for this reason, very outgoing, likes hanging out with friends making everybody laugh, but he is not the most handsome guy so his confidence with the girls is low and very shy around cute girls

Appearance: Aiden is 5’11 with dark brown hair and a scar running through his right eye from when he was younger and got caught between a few rocks. He is fairly skinny but pretty good upper body strength from climbing.

Interview Angle: Be out going have a good time and make the audience laugh and joking around. Except if the interviewer is a girl than he will probably be shy and not say much

Bloodbath Strategy: Get a bag to hold all his stuff and than find his alliance and than get out as fast as possible.

Strategy:  Make a tight alliance with one or two other people and cut ties with everyone else and back stab anybody he can.

Alliance: Usually trust one person very tight and everybody else he will cut ties as fast as he can

Token: A silver compass that his dad gave when he was younger it was the first compass he ever got.


Name: Trident Bekke

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Tirent Bekke

District: 4

Personality: His that layback surfer dude, he goes with the flow never lets anything worry him or get to hung up on things, but he does have issues, he lost his mom to a shark attack, & than he lost his sister in a tsunami, but he doesn't let that phase him, he has one more sister who is his twin she is like his other half and if you met him you wouldn't even think he went through so much pain because he is always smiling and having a good time, He is also a big time flirt, he  has all the confidence when it coms to girls and talking to them but wont realize if there playing him or not because he couldnt comprehend why a girl wouldnt like him/

Backstory: He grew up on an island in district 4, his family are fisherman like most people, he would usually swim out and check if there we're any fishes near the boat but one day he was injured and his mom went out thats when the shark appeared and there wasn't anything he could do all he heard we're the screams and now he wakes up most of nights to those screams and he lost one of his only sister as well to a tsunami, with her being younger she couldn't swim as well and even with him being an expert swimmer he couldn't help her it was too late, he always blames himself and feels helpless because he couldn't do anything to save either of them,so he is always over protective of his sister and will hurt anyone that tries to kill her.

Wepons: Trident and a net, he would use this to catch fish and swim out in lakes oceans even rivers, he can also throw the trident pretty far with still being accurate

Strengths: His a good swimmer can hold his breath for very long periods of time and a great with a trident, very good endurance since his a swimmer and good upper body strength. He flirts pretty well with girls so good confidence.

Weaknesses: He can't climb and isn't use to being without food or any of that good stuff, he also feels the need to save people always be there for them just because he couldn't save his own family he feels the need to be there for other people, especially his sister he will die for her just to see her win the games and make sure that she is all right, He also doesnt know if a girl is being serious with him or just playing him because he just flirts with them and expects them to like him back.

Appearance: He has a pretty good tan going on with bleached hair. and he is about 5'10 and 155 pounds, pretty good looking guy

Interview Angle: Be funny and have a good time make and let his looks help him win over the crowd

Bloodbath Strategy: go after a trident and kill as many people as he can and find his alliance and make 

sure that they all have everything that they need.

Strategy: Make a tight alliance with the strongest people there and start picking people off one by one after the final 10 where he will probably choose either his district partner

Alliance: Usually district 1, 2 and 4 or the strongest people there

Token: A bracelet with a mermaid on it that his mother use to wear


Name: Brooke Bekke

Age: 15

Gender: Femal

Brooke Bekke

District: 4

Personality: She is a hard worker, she is hardened and doesn't like talking to people after the loss of her mother and sister she just doesn't like being around people the only person that makes her smile is her twin trident and for some reason he is the only to get through to her

Backstory: She grew up on an island in district 4, her family are fisherman like most people, but her job was too clean the fish and gut them out for them to sell and stuff like that so she is handy with a knife she wasn't there when her mother died but when the tsunami hit she was right next to her sister when she got swapped away and that scarred her forever knowing she was just a finger away from saving her

Wepons: Knife, she is very handy with it since she is used to it to cut up fish and such.

Strengths: She is a pretty decent swimmer not as good as her brother but she spend most of her time reading and doing puzzles so she is very intelligent girl, she isn't that big and light on her feet

Weaknesses: Not as fast or athletic as her brother, she isn't the strongest

Appearance: tan skin, bleached hair, she's 5'4 and 110 pounds

Interview Angle: Show off her intelligence

Bloodbath Strategy: Get to her brother and help him fight off whoever is trying to kill them

Strategy: Make a tight alliance with the strongest people there and start picking people off one by one after the final 10 where he will probably choose either her distict partner.

Alliance: Usually district 1, 2 and 4 or the strongest people there

Token: A bracelet with a trident that her mother gave her


Name: Spark  Pyrrhus 12


Age:  14

Gender: Male

District: 12

Weapon:  He really has no weapons if anything he is more of a hands on close in combat maybe with a knife but really he doesn’t like to use weapons

Personality: He will not kill any people he is too compassionate, his seen so many people die in his life that he just can’t take anymore death, he cares for everyone even people who are in the games just to watch people die, if it came down do it he won’t kill anyone, if anything he would risk himself just to save someone else.

Appearance:  5’8 he is abou 150 pounds pretty good structure and pretty good tan going on with red eyes

Backstory: Both Of His Parents Died, his mom died from a peacekeeper who saw her breaking the law and shot her with no mercy and his dad died in a coal mining accident, his older brother was than going to go into the mines just so he can support him and his little sister but another tragedy hit when there was another accident in the mines and his brother also died, than it was only him and his little sister and he tried everything to take care of her but than he was reaped for the games and he realized that it was only going to be his sister alone by herself because he knew when it came to it he couldn’t let his sister see him become a monster and kill other people.

Strenghts: his upper body strength and his endurance can run for long periods of time, knows nature very well he knows which berries are good and knows what trees wont burn easily or whats a good place to hide and stuff like that, good with knots and making traps like nets and stuff

Weakness: can’t handle most weapons, he is not the strongest guy out there even some girls are a stronger than him, isn’t that handsome

Allies: anyone but careers he knows they wouldn’t choose him

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