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Hunger Games Vanity

(from left to right: Clove, Marvel, Foxface, Thresh, Glimmer, Cato, Rue, Peeta, Katniss, Gale)

MY NAME: Hannah

MY AGE: do you really wanna know?

MY FAVORITE BOOK: a tie between The Hunger Games and 13 Reasons Why


Oh yeah, I love anime and going on the computer and God knows what else! 0_0

Anyways, I love looking at wikis like The Hunger Games and Shugo Chara, my favorite anime. Underneath this are Katniss, Glimmer, Peeta, Cato, Rue, and Marvel at their interviews in

The Hunger Games.
Marvel interview

Marvel's interview


Glimmer's interview


Katniss' interview

Cato at the interview

Cato's interview


Rue's interview


Peeta's interview

To watch the Official Hunger Games Trailer, click on the link below

To listen to Rue's death song, click on the link below


To listen to the full orchestra of Rue's whistle, click on the link below

To listen to Rue's whistle, click on the link below

To listen to Katniss' theme, click on the link below

To listen to The Hanging Tree, click on the link below

To watch Katniss shoot the Gamemakers' pig's apple out of it's mouth, click on the link below"></param><param

To watch The Hunger Games Trailer #2, click on the link below

To watch The Hunger Games Trailer #3, click on the link below


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My Victors!!!

1. Name: Angelica Bradley

Age: 16

Angelica Bradley

District: 11

Weapons: Knife, stealth

Other: Can change into anyone that she had seen before

2. Name: Emma Fox

Emma 2

Emma Fox

Age: 16 District: 11

Weapons: Nimbility, bow and arrows

Other: Unnatural beauty can lure people into a trap


Eric Idaho

3. Name: Eric Idaho

Age: 16

District: 11

Weapons: Awl, snares

Other: Boyfriend of Emma Fox


Dillon Pift

4. Name: Dillon Pift

Age: 18

District: 2

Weapons: Sword, brutal strength

Other: Has anger issues, owns a pet snake called "Vipes"


Mandy Williams

5. Name: Mandy Williams

Age: 14

District: 6

Weapons: Yin-Yang necklace is extremely heavy (can be used to smash someone's head), blowdart

Other: Blue and pink hair is natural


Ailysh Homers


Scott Henry


Matt Rider

Natalie Emmett

Natalie Emmett

5. Name: Ailysh Homer

Age: 15

District: 4

Weapons: Mace, knives

Other: Dragonflies on her hat can come to life when someone clicks their tongue

6. Name: Scott Henry

Age: 13

Rue with white and pink flowers


District: 3

Weapons: Tiny bombs

Other: Very good at making explosives; can hide them in everyday objects

7. Name: Matt Rider

Age: 17

District: 10

Weapons: Slingshot, large rock

Other: Boyfriend of Angelica Bradley

8. Name: Natalie Emmett

Age: 12

District: 12

Weapons: Orange in disguise of a poisonous spike ball

Other: Ironically, she hates oranges

9. Name: Rue Age: 12

District: 11

Weapons: Slingshot, nimbility, sharp rock shard

Other: Has a beautiful singing voice and whistle. Hunger-Games-Fan-Arts-3-the-hunger-games-29595021-500-208

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