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  • I live in district 4! XD and used to live in crazy town
  • I was born on March 11
  • I am i am not human : (



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hi! my name is Jason and i am 14 years old, i live in singapore and LOVE the hunger games! 

jason or it may be something else
if we can't shoot them what should we use? BAD LANGUAGE(best movie quote)
Age 14 in human years and your mobile number whatever it is
Occupation stalker or a person who eats cake
Home crazy town a.k.a
Gender male, duh
Height 5,7
Weapon evil glare
Fate thrown into an acid pot by wesley XD and them was killed by a frying pan
Appearances everywhere but usally under your bed
Mentioned EVERYONE
Portrayed by ME!

OH AND I AM MALE TO ALL USERS * whispers axedfox

just some stuff about me

i am not gay, just to let you know 

i accept all people no matter how differant they are, we are all beautiful

i luv anime

ok,this is really hard for me to admit to you all but my name is not Jason , when i first joined i was really shy and i was a 'safe freak' : P. My name is ... Max but i posted it here because i am so ashamed by this and i feel a huge part of guilt when someone says hi Jason but if you see this now plz call me Max : )

my death- RIP meEdit

i was killed by a frying pan in the user games and was the FIRST to die even though i was totally district 2 XD 

my amazing friends!!!Edit

Hybrid Shadow- this dude is so cool an funny and he makes the best tributes ever!!!! there are no words to describe how awsome you are!

frostsnake- this user is so kind and cool and she makes amazing tributes

EHKnight- ok, this guy is the funniest person i have ever met in my whole life and he is incredibly cool

pandaassasin- he is cool and funny and he is just so cool!

the hungarian games- Zack is just so awsome and funny

district 1obsessed- she is cool and makes amazing games and is friends with hybrid shadow! XD

rainbow shifter- she and me have had some disagreements but she is SO helpful and i love the fact she is so commited to the wiki!

andy- just awsome!!!

TAP- awsome ADMIN

vinny- she makes amazing games and is always there for you

lily!- we don't usally speak but i think she is amazing and awsome!

and there are like so many more ADD YOURSELF IF YA WANT


Name: Hillary blots

game won- User blog:Mangosadd/The 324th Hunger Games(it was not compleated but he had comfirmd she won)

victor galleryEdit




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