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  • I live in District 10
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is Murderer
  • I am Male!! a bit umm.. nvm

My Friends:

Mangosadd-Look I have his tributes but he told me until he comes back I can have his tributes and im serious im his friend


Both Blocked :(

My Tributes



Name:Magic Wells




Personality:He is a nice guy but growls and roars at others who insult him if he does get insulted though the person has to go home with scars and injuries sometimes they die but it is because he has a trigger like most people do his trigger is getting insulted

Backstory:One day during an experiment in the capitol it failed Magic who was 10 at the time he became a mutt a full one he cant talk because of this he is a fox mutt and he lives at the woods with his pet racoon,bat and bird he had tamed them and uses them for hunting.He steals things around in the capitol nobody knows this because he is so fast.He found some fire when he was younger and he carried it around with a stick he throwed it to a nearby man and the man got burned and died he got interested by the fire and went to a nearby building with pyromancers inside they have created this stick that has a button when clicked it releases a deadly and hot fire (I dont say) he was interested and wanted to join them and unlike most people they accepted Magic and taught him about fire and they were training him so he could voulenteer.

Weapons:War Scythe,Fire,A wand like weapon that releases fire capitol allowed him to use it

Strength:He is very very fast and an amazing hunter and amazing at swimming he is also very brave almost afraid of nothing he also has a strong build 

Weakness:He is bad at climbing though and due to his appearance has a hard time making allies and cant stand getting insulted



Token:A match that is the first one he ever used

District 1:

Dis 1 Catman

Name:Javanese LaPerm




Personality:Nice,Caring,Selfless,Fierce,Determined,Brave,Smart but can kill if he needs to


Weapons:Sharp Nails (His nails are very sharp and is golden),Teeth (Very sharp),Combat

Backstory:He was a normal kid but an accident happened he was only 2 when it happened his family was taking a trip in a forest where two mutts who are just a Javanese and LaPerm cat improved and made stronger and larger lives.While they were in a tent at night his family went outside to find food and they never came back even as a little baby he could see and notice what was happening he saw the two cats killing his brother mother and father he cried and cried he saw a man about 23 years old who took him and adopted him he also taught him how to fight in a style of a cat for about 10 years and then he went back to his district when he was 12 and everybody got scared of him and he only had a few friends one of them got killed by a peacekeeper because he killed an avox and did illegal trades.This helped Javanese handle death and he heard of the hunger games and went to the reapings every year when he was 15 he practiced his training more then after that he got his nails sharpened along with his teeth but he had the end of his nails dipped in gold making it very very sharp and dangerous so when he was 18 he voulenteered to make his district proud

Strengths:Smart,Fast,Stealthy,Swimming,Running (Very Very fast),Climbing(can easily do it with his nails),Strong,Combat

Weaknesses:Might not kill other tributes who are friendly and nice to him

Interview Angle:Answer his questions politely and show how determined he is to the audience

Bloodbath Strategy:Go with his alliance and kill a few tributes and run.

Game Strategy:He will abandon his alliance soon then keep on killing

Alliance:He will ask a few tributes about 5 or 7 to join him in a group where he is the leader

Token:Javanese and LaPerm claws that he keeps in his pockets


He got the fake ears from his parents seeing how much he loves cats

He is named by the man because of his cats affection to him and how much he loves them

He is capable of eating anything edible as long as it is not poisonous and he does not care about the taste

His eye glows in the dark like most cats

Talc Gypsum

Name:Talc Gypsum





Personality:He is very nice to his friends and allies yet vicous to enemies he hates mean,cocky and arrogant people but he loves nice people and animals especially snakes because he grew up with one.He is a good tamer especially at snakes

Weapon:Knife,Throwing Knives,Axe,Combat,Wrestling

Backstory:When he was born his parents took care of him really nicely and he grew up with a good life when he was 8 he got a pet snake he named it Crimson but one day a cat scratched him in the eye and Crimson killed the cat he was pleased with Crimson.He had surgery because of his eyes but it failed and he was forced to wear an eyepatch everybody insulted him and called him pirate (he was only 9 at that time) he got so mad he punched all of them injuring them the other guy got to the hospital because his arm broke.He felt very guilty and changed he became very nice then he heard of the games he was interested and wanted to join and he trained and trained until he became 16 and then he voulenteered

Strength:Combat,Strong,Swimming,Running,Taming,Aim at knives



Token:An amulet with Talc and Gypsum

  • name:Christopher "Chris" Lilith
  • district:1
  • gender:Male
  • age:15
  • weapon:Throwing Knives,Camoflauge,Sword and Combat
  • pros:Combat,running,trickery
  • cons:climbing,emotional
  • backstory:He grew up with his older sister since his parents died when he was just a newborn. He always liked to train with his sister who was a champion of a unknown hunger games she won at the age of 15. Christopher always liked to train but because of training he didnt have any friends other than his sister who he loves a lot. When he was 11 he had the courage to ask his sister if he could come play with others he then met a boy who would always play with him he never really trusted anybody else other than his sister and his friend but people can gain his trust.The reason why he never really trusted anybody is because of what happened to his parents he had the same impressions of other people other than his sister and his friend.
  • games strategy:kill with the careers and will eventually trick all the other careers and kill them
  • interview strategy:be himself
  • bloodbath strategy:kill a lot in the bloodbath and get their items then run
  • token :a necklace hidden in his scarf
  • allies:careers but will eventually kill them  
  • appearance:Lunaii

NAME:Mica Copper                                                                              





BACKSTORY:Her parents died when she was 5 and then grew up with her 2 brothers and 1 sister they taught her how to use weapons and the best teacher of them was her sister Lazuli Copper who was a victor just taking a break from mentoring.Her favorite one of her siblings was Azurite Copper who was always with her and would sacrifice her life for him.

WEAPONS:Knives,Daggers,Throwing Knives,Spears

STRENGTHS:Smart,Strong,Stealthy,Sneaky,Swimming,Running,Good at weapons


TOKEN:Flower on her hair

District 2:


Name:Reaper Grieve






Weapons:Scythe,Sword,Brute Strength

Backstory:He grew up as an outcast everybody in his District hated him he ran away and lived with the mutts he got used to that life he learned how to identify plants and fruits if they were poisonous or not one day a man came with his son the man had a scythe and the boy had a robe he went to them and killed them he took the boy's robe and his gloves and he took the man's scythe he was interested by it and he went on and kept on training with the scythe.He got the scar from a bird mutt it had sharp talons and while he tried to kill it  the bird got on his forehead and scratched very slow,deep and painful luckily the people that he killed had some medicine and some other stuff  so he applied some and it healed a bit.He voulenteered for the games.

Strengths:Smart,Plant and Fruit Identification,Using a Scythe,Cimbing,Running


Interview Angle:He will not answer any questions and just be mute

Bloodbath Strategy:Kill any tributes in his way 

Game Strategy:Kill with the careers

Alliance:Careers (Leader)


Feley Deserey

Name:Feley Deserey (fe-li de-se-rey




Personality:She is nice unlike most people in District 2 but can kill if she has to she does not really want to kill but she understands why she needs to do so.She is also very charming and seducive leading her to many sponsors


Weapons:Knives,Throwing Knives,Throwing Axe,Sword

Backstory:She was always popular in school and yet she had friends who were considered "unpopular" one day she met a guy who she fell in love with his name is Zeke Loyd who she met when she missed one of her throwing knives then he picked it up and helped her aim she then became one of the most accurate students in the training school.



Interview Angle:Sexy and Charming

Bloodbath Strategy:Kill a lot of tributes and get their items

Game Strategy:Hide,Kill,Run 



District 3:

District 3 Pop Ups Of Duty

Name:Terror Exploser




Personality:Nice,Brave,Caring,Humane,Charming,Seducive but she has a talent for killing


Weapons:Explosives,Hand To Hand Combat

Backstory:As a kid she was always interested in explosives and this led to some accidents especially one when she was only 7 while testing out some explosives she missed one and it went to her house she tried to reach the house but she was too late her parents died in the explosion and her house was damaged but the explosion was not that strong but it can kill a human when he/she is near one of the wood in the house dropped on her leg and the doctors had to change it to metal so she could walk and her metal leg improved her leg strength and she was amazing at kicking a kick from her can kill a person when hit in the head.She lived by her own and she was ok with it she then learned how to hunt and kill with hand to hand combat she tested this on a squirell mutt when she was 10 she kicked it so strong it went to a tree then the squirells bones were smashed especially the skull it was dead and it was about the size of a newborn baby.She tested more explosives and her favorite was the Detonator she created some and in her house in the basement she has a pet Mutt which is called a Binary Astrolite it was a turtle like mutt that explodes when the time in its back is off it will survive the explosion with only minor scratches on its shell that are hard to see, the shell on its back is very hard and its body is as hard as the shell so it can survive any explosion she uses him for experiments and others.She began testing Liquid Explosives then Dynamites then bombs but her favorite is still the Detonator.

Strengths:Seducive,Charm,Plant Expert,Swimming,Climbing,Running,Combat,Leg


Interview Angle:Charming and Sexy

Bloodbath Strategy:Get some explosives then run away and join her alliance

Game Strategy:Use her explosives to kill others from distances

Alliance:She will join a group

Token:Watch that can tell weather so she could hide from thunder and lightning

name:Dina Cray




weapon:Throwing Knives,Knife,Daggers and Spears but if loses weapons Hand To Hand Combat

pros:good killer,climbing,running,swimming,combat,charm

cons:if she becomes too close to people she cant kill

backstory:She watched the hunger games ever since she was a kid she can handle blood and gore.Her mother joined the Hunger Games before but got killed by the careers since she was the last non career standing she scored 5th because she killed 4 female she hates the careers because of what happened

games strategy:Find any bag and run find food when she starves she will try to kill a career when she encounters one

interview strategy:tries her best and tries to get sponsors with her charm

bloodbath strategy:get a bag and run

token:Necklace with flower

allies:District Partner or anybody strong


Name:M.I.F.O.M. (Mechanical Intelligent Fully Operational Machine) Alias:Jackson Etra


Gender:None but considers Male

Age:60 years old but looks like 17 years old

Personality:Evil,Cunning,Deranged,Fierce but if you smash him powerfully his circuits change making him nice

Appearance: Lunaii

Weapons: Hand To Hand Combat,Explosives,Electronics and Wiring

Backstory:There was once a couple who was very sad they cant make a son so one day the boy thought of something but he kept it as a secret from his wife he took some wires and a few things and he constructed a robot at first it wasnt that good but he upgraded it and then he applied a machine that can disguise who ever has it so he applied it in the robot's circuits and eventually looked human.He showed his wife but the wife looked sad and mad then eventually slapped him she left the house leaving the man crying then the robot came to him and wiped his tears with a handkerchief and he named the robot jackson etra as a disguise and went with him to the world outside.Jackson was a very nice guy err machine at first but he remembered the girl who was supposed to be his mother and went and visited her but she just tried to destroy Jackson but afcourse she failed Jackson got sad that his "mother" just tried to destroy him so he killed her by stabbing her with a kitchen knife then filled her body with grenades and left the house (teleport) so he went back to his "father"  and grew up with him but since jackson never aged his father and creator eventually died due to old age and he did not understand at first but found a box that his creator had for him when his creator dies in that was a letter for Jackson on a part of that letter it was said that Jackson was a machine he eventually understanded and trained in secret for 45 years eventually he got discovered and everybody feared him but eventually a bunch of peacekeepers came to him he managed to kill them but he got smashed and his cloaking device was a bit damaged and he lost his other eye but a bit of his blonde hair was still there because his cloaking device was not fully destroyed.

Strengths:Smart,Strong,Water-Proof,Swimming,Climbing,Running,Can Fly with Jetpacks and can teleport also has a gps installed,Very Hard,Almost Indestructible

Weaknesses:Underestimates others

Interview Angle:He will just stay there mute and wait for his interview to end

Bloodbath Strategy:Kill 

Game Strategy:Kill



District 4:



NAME:Aqua Marine





BACKSTORY:He and his father always used to fish in their District his father also taught him how to use nets and how to make nets he also taught him how to use spears and tridents.But his father got killed by a peacekeeper because of him refusing to give the fishes that they caught to the Capitol he was saddened by this and trained and trained until he thought he was ready and he had a plan to voulenteer to give honor to his father


STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES:Good at Plant Detection and can easily hunt for food also an amazing swimmer and good at climbing but he is not that fast when it comes to running

TOKEN:A Toy Fish used for bait when he fishes

Highest Place:20th in QuinerooSalvix's 16th Annual Quarter Quell

Lowest Place:

District 4 Selene Ceres

Name:Selene Ceres





Backstory:She grew up in an orphanage in District 5 but had to move to District 4 because the orphanage had to get destroyed as punishment for them opening it without the permission of the President.She was one of the five survivors and the others were John Striker,Lillian Fare,Bruce Kane and Seth Pierce the other kids and caretakers died when the buiding got destroyed.An orphanage in District 4 (where they moved) got the kids there and they were surprised to see it being a good place but once kids become 9 they train for the games in another part of the orphanage together the 5 always trained with tridents Selene was the most kind of the 5 and she is the only ginger  and she had the worst aim of them all so she was only good in close combat once she became 15 she got reaped    along with john leaving the others sad thinking that she might die.

Weapons:Hand to Hand Combat,Sword,Trident,Nets

Alliance:She wont ally with the careers instead she will ally with the anti careers

Strategy:Stay with her alliance but will kill them after a few days 


Reaction:She cried a bit and said her goodbyes to her friends

Strenght:Smart,Strong,Brave,Good with weapons

Weakness:Bad Aim


4 Jake

Name:John Striker





Backstory:He grew up in an orphanage in District 5 but had to move to District 4 because the orphanage had to get destroyed as punishment for them opening it without the permission of the President.He was one of the five survivors and the others were Selene Ceres,Lillian Fare,Bruce Kane and Seth Pierce the other kids and caretakers died when the buiding got destroyed.An orphanage in District 4 (where they moved) got the kids there and they were surprised to see it being a good place but once kids become 9 they train for the games in another part of the orphanage together the 5 always trained with tridents.He is physically the strongest and the one who can handle death the most.He is Selene's best friend and he secretly has a crush on her.He got reaped when he was 15 alongside Selene

Weapons:Hand to Hand Combat,Trident


Strategy:Kill with the careers and kill them when only a few are left


Reaction:He went up to the stage bravely and determined but his friends could see it in his eyes he was worried



Token:Skull (The skull on his neck is a skull of a mutt it was the first one he hunted)

4 Lillian

Name:Lillian Fare





Backstory:She grew up in an orphanage in District 5 but had to move to District 4 because the orphanage had to get destroyed as punishment for them opening it without the permission of the President.She was one of the five survivors and the others were Selene Ceres,John Striker,Bruce Kane and Seth Pierce the other kids and caretakers died when the buiding got destroyed.An orphanage in District 4 (where they moved) got the kids there and they were surprised to see it being a good place but once kids become 9 they train for the games in another part of the orphanage together the 5 always trained with tridents.She is physically the weakest and the smallest but the best at accuracy.She was the only one of them who uses Throwing Knives and a Bow And Arrow.She got reaped a year after John.

Weapons:Throwing,Knives,Bow and Arrow,Throwing Axe


Strategy:Go to a far place and shoot them there


Reaction:She cried and cried and then she looked at her friends 

Strenght:Swimming,Athletic,Climbing,Running,Amazing Aim,Small



4 Bruce Kane

Name:Bruce Kane




Backstory:He grew up in an orphanage in District 5 but had to move to District 4 because the orphanage had to get destroyed as punishment for them opening it without the permission of the President.He was one of the five survivors and the others were Selene Ceres,Lillian Fare,John Striker and Seth Pierce the other kids and caretakers died when the buiding got destroyed.An orphanage in District 4 (where they moved) got the kids there and they were surprised to see it being a good place but once kids become 9 they train for the games in another part of the orphanage together the 5 always trained with tridents.He is the best at swordmanship and at camoflauge



Weakness:Acrophobia,Loses Focus quickly



Reaction:Hoped for the best and cried

Token:Pebble that he used to play with the others back then in District 5


Luna Moonlight

Name:Luna Moonlight




Personality:She is nice and caring and funny but has a short temper and she wants to have her own opinions and ideas instead of others choosing it for her.She is also a lesbian because of her friends

Backstory:She was a late bloomer and learned how to speak when she was 4 when she went to school everybody hated her this is why she has a short temper and since she is like the smartest girl in school they always asked her for help but she would always say "no! you guys always bully me and take my stuff well know what I will never help any of you!!!" others learned how to respect her and then she had some friends and she became very nice one day she became interested in the moon and she had a dream she wanted to be the first girl on the moon her parents promised to help her out when she grows up so she smiled and became very happy.She noticed that all of her friends were girls but when she tried to have boys as her friends they would just always fall in love with her she got irritated then she was happy to have girls as her friends but she became a lesbian and one day tried to seduce a girl but she failed and stopped then she made a promise she will let girls ask her out instead of her asking them out.She got the necklace from her uncle who is an astronaut the necklace is a piece of the moon painted in gold.

Weapons:Sword,Knife,Bow and Arrow





Reaction:Cried a lot and kept on hoping that she would win

District 6:

Nerd Girl
  • name:Frey Velveta
  • district:6
  • gender:Female
  • Appearance:Lunaii
  • age:16
  • weapon:Sword,Bow and Arrow,Blowgun
  • pros:Smart,Swimming,Climbing,Running,Good aim
  • cons:Is not really physically strong,small for her age
  • backstory:She is considered to be a nerd at her school and her best friend is a guy who is very popular and who she has a crush on his name is Hunter.
  • games strategy:Use her knowledge to gain informartion about the tributes and kill them
  • interview strategy:Be herself (yeah being a total nerd)
  • bloodbath strategy:Get anything most likely weapons then run away
  • token:Scarf
  • allies:District Partner

Jake Rivers

NAME:Jake Rivers
STRENGTH:Good Aim,Swimming,Climbing,Running
Weakness:Effaminate,Bisexual,He easily falls in love if he does he wont kill them
Weapon:Camoflauge,Knives,Throwing Axe,Spears,Bow and arrow
TOKEN:Heart Locket 
HISTORY/ BACKSTORY:He has always hated the Hunger Games as a kid his hate for it grew more when his crush died she placed 2nd killed by District 7 Female.He found out something he was bisexual when he was a kid and people found out and he got insulted.When it was time for the reaping his crush(a boy) got reaped he voulenteered.
STRATEGY:Find daniel at the bloodbath and Hide using camofaluge most likely on trees or rocks then when a tribute comes he will kill them with his knives or any other weapon

District 6 Tribute

NAME:Light Slizel
BACKSTORY:When he was young he was considered to be the most nicest guy in class.He is a Gentleman and very respectful especially to women and lots of girls considered him handsome because of that lots of girls liked him and he had less friends that were guys because of that most of his friends were girls but he had a friend who was a guy his name is Chris Skis.Chris got reaped and he voulenteered.
STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES:Good with knives,good at swimming and running but sucks at climbing
Interview Angle:He will impress the audiences with his looks and amazing eyes
Alliance:District Partner
Highest Place:24th in QuinerooSalvix's 16th Annual Quarter Quell
Lowest Place:

District 7:
Ash Evergreen
Name:Ash Evergreen
Personality:He is very nice but can be harsh most of the time he does not like killing but he knows he must do it so he can survive.He loves nature very very much and does everything he can do to help nature he hates the fact that people from 7 has to cut down trees.He wants to win so he can have enough money to help nature
Backstory:He was named Ash because he was found near an ash tree his real parents left him there because they were about to get executed so they left Ash in the ash tree then a couple found him and decided to name him Ash because of where they found him.He learned how to use axes from his parents throwing and regular but one day he found out he was adopted when he heard his parents talking about him being adopted.He ran away leaving his parents crying but he learned how to survive and got good at plant and fruit identification.He got some axes and decided to train in secret using axes so he could voulenteer to make his drem succcesful.
Weapon:Throwing Axe,Axe,Knife,Hand to Hand Combat
Strength:Smart,Strong,Plant Identification,Climbing,Running

Name:Mary Haze




History/Backstory:As a kid she never really was with other humans because she always was with animals and mutts as a girl she had two pets who were both injured when she found them they were mutts and they were of different species the other one was a Candy Slicer it was named after its taste it is a delicacy for the capitol and district 7 it tasted like candy but it was hard to tame or kill it because it has very strong and sharp talons and can cut through metal and the other one was called a Humbloo it is very humble to its owners and it can sing very greatly and can match the voices of any person it hears.Well enough with birds she was underestimated by her classmates because they think she is stupid and does not know anything unless it is about animals well they were wrong she is actually a genius for someone in District 7 she is also an expert at weaponry especially at Close range weapons also good at combat also a very amazing swimmer she is like someone from District 4 when she swims.


Strenghts:Taming,Weaponry,Combat,Swimming,Climbing,Running,Plants,Fruits,Charm, Seducive

Weakness:Killing animals




Strategy:Get anything and run away and try to kill anyone 

District 8: 
Name:Butter Freefly
Personality:She is a nice but timid girl she easily gets scared but there are some times when she is brave when this happens she is very dangerous
Backstory:Her parents were experimenting with chemicals but one day one of the chemicals dropped on her the chemical was made from butterfly mutts when it dropped on her she grew butterfly wings and everybody treated her like an outcast except for her parents and her best friend Leo Gavin she wont admit it but she loves Leo as a friend and more one day while she was with him she wanted to tell him her feelings then she did and Leo got confused then she kissed him all of his troubles melted away and they became closer but Leo had to  move to District 10 with his relatives leaving her sad and miserable she flew to the forest and loved animals especially insects.She trained until she was 15 then she voulenteered so if she could win she could move to District 10 with Leo
Weapon:Knife,Hand To Hand Combat,Bow and Arrows,Throwing Knives
Strength:Strong,Smart,Fast,Can Fly,Good Accuracy
Alliance:Anti-Careers (leader)
Token:Dragonfly Pin

Name Mark Loren

District 8

Age 17

Appearance Lunaii

History/Backstory His family are all experts at sewing his sister moved to the capitol to become a stylist because she is one of the best in her district and Mark always got jealous that his sister was always their favorite so one day he started training so he could voulenteer for the games so he could make his family proud

Personality Nice,Brave,Caring,Funny but can kill

Weapon Knife,Sword,Dagger

Strength Strong,Smart,Swimming,Running,Climbing

Allies None

Bloodbath Strategy Kill and get their items and run

Token Locket

District 9:

Daniel Slicer

NAME:Daniel Slicer







WEAPON:Combat,Throwing Knives,Throwing Axe



HISTORY/ BACKSTORY:His parents died when he was 5 he got sad about this and when he grew up he always got bullied by others which affected him finally he had enough he trained everyday and bullied the kids back he was obsessed with bullying others until he realized it was wrong he voulenteered for the games so if he won his district would be proud and he didnt care about his life anymore so if he dies it wont matter

STRATEGY: Get some supplies and find Jake and together they will kill

Highest Place:9th in Katniss992710's 373rd Hunger Games

Lowest Place:

District 10: 
Devil Mayhem
Name:Devil Mayhem
Personality:He is very smart but also very evil he trusts nobody and hates everybody he is also insane sometimes he would usually do an evil laugh just for nothing
Backstory:He grew up in the capitol but moved to district 10 because of his parents death nobody really knows but the killer of his parents is him.He was just using a scythe and trident but his parents came and said that he should stop he killed his father first by stabbing him with his trident then his mom tried to run away but he took his scythe and spitted his mom in half when some peacekeepers came he made an injury to himself with a knife he told them that their neighbors killed them and they believed him the peacekeepers came and killed his neighbors he loved killing the feeling of blood felt good for him he kept on stabbing random people and everybody feared him.He voulenteered for the games for more blood.He put on some fake wings for people to know what his name means
Interview Strategy:Just tell the audience that he is gonna win easily
Bloodbath Strategy:Stab others with his trident then cut them with his scythe and make them take a bath in their own blood (intended pun!!)
Game Strategy:Kill anybody in his way
Token:A ring with his parents blood inside
Strength:Strong,Smart,Climbing,Running,No Mercy

Name: Jake Lax




Backstory:He grew up with only his mother because his father died in a hunting accident.His mother has taught him how to use long range weapons and after a few training he became very good at accuracy.He thought he was ready and he had a plan to voulenteer  

Token: A locket that has a picture of his father


Personality:Nice,Sunny and Brave

Appearance:He has black hair and has brown eyes

Weapon:Bow and Arrow,Throwing Knives and Darts 

Alliance:Anyone but likes groups

Strength:Has very good aim,Physically Strong,Swimming and can resist the cold 


Strategy:Kill the tributes from a distance with his bow but if they get a bit close he uses his throwing knives

Token:A locket that has a picture of his father

District 11: 
11 Leia Grey
Name:Leia Grey
Personality:She is a nice girl but someone can trigger her other personality Evil and Insane this made her hated in her district
Backstory:When she was younger she loved poison and knows how to create it she once put some poison on her parents drinks so they died but that was because her other personality was triggered when she became normal she cried and cried and ran away from her home.She wanted to correct her mistake so she kept on training until she was old enough so she could voulenteer for the games.
Strategy:Get a large container from the cornucopia and fill it with water enough to last a week and hide then she will put some poison in every water she could find.

Name: Sarah Lester




Backstory:Her family are experts at mining and has killed lots of people but she is not like her family she did not like mining and she is not a killer instead she is a common thief she steals food and water from peacekeepers or anybody rich in District 11 only her friends know and they dont tell anybody because she shares the food and water with them.She finds her family weird and strange because they prefer mining over agriculture but she heard that her family used to be from district 12 but President Snow moved them because of their killing.Her family found some gold but some of them were given to president snow because he found out but there was still a small piece of gold and they had it converted into a coin shape and gave it to Sarah

Token:A golden coin that is said to be very expensive


Personality:Nice,Silent and Mysterious


Weapon:Sickle and Pickaxe


Strength:Expert at berries and any other type of fruit,Climbing,Running


Strategy:Climb and sneak on the others and kill them

Token:Golden Coin

District 12: 
name:Basilla String
weapon:Spears,Throwing Knives,Sword
pros:Running,Climbing,Jumping,Weapon Expert
cons:Swimming,a bit of an idiot,bossy,mean,jerk
backstory:He was a very nice guy growing up he loved and cared about others but he was bullied by lots of other kids but it did not change him he still wanted to be nice but after lots of kids got mad at him he realized something he was not meant to be the nice guy at all he was meant to be the mean guy so he became mean and became a jerk he became very happy because his life was finally great (to him)
games strategy:Kill any tributes 
interview strategy:Say some very mean things about the other tributes
bloodbath strategy:Kill and get their things
appearance Lunaii

Scarlet Red

Name:Scarlet Red
Personality:She is very nice but she makes others think that she is mean because she does not want to have friends because she is afraid that she might have sex with them she is also bisexual
Backstory:Her family and her are all very poor or at least used to be.She dug a tunnel that leads all the way around the other districts so she would often leave other districts while her family were mining you see she has lust and always wants to have sex either with boys or girls and she is a prostitute and this is how she gets money everyday she gives the money to her parents until they had lots of money then they became rich.One day while she was just walking she met a guy who she liked and unlike the other people she has sex with it was true love but one day a fire occured in their district that wiped two houses then she found out he died in the fire she cried and cried and she ran away from her family she kept on training in the forest with weapons she knows how to use traps and how to make a fire so thats how she lived she hunted for animals then cooked them with the fire but she wanted to have clothes so she went to the tunnel and became a prostitute again then she had enough money and bought some clothes and food in district 1.
Weapons:Bow and Arrow,Blowgun,Throwing Needles,Hand To Hand Combat,Traps
Strength:She has amazing arm strength and is good at hand to hand combat but she rarely uses it since she is a prostitute she is very used to pain and she is also very charming and sexy leading her to many sponsors and has amazing aim she can also run very fast she is also very smart and good at strategizing
Weakness:She cant swim because of hydrophobia and cant climb because of acrophobia she is also bad at knives and any close combat weapons she also underestimates most tributes she also hates killing but understands she must do it but when tributes are nice to her she has a hard time killing them
Interview Angle:Sexy and Charming
Bloodbath Strategy:Grab A bag and weapons then run away A.S.A.P. 
Game Strategy:Kill tributes from a distance and once they get close she uses hand to hand combat 
Name:Julia Tofi
Julia lunaii
Backstory:A girl who used to be the only daughter of two peacekeepers eventually her parents were executed by other peacekeepers 'cause of population problems Julia was also going to be killed but the peacekeepers decided to let her live but she has to voulenteer for a game being 12 at that time she panicked and panicked but eventually she came to her senses and trained and trained for the games she managed to kill a whole family with her knife and during that time peacekeepers couldn't find the culprit until one person noticed Julia was carrying a bloody knife she was instantly reported and her punishment was death but the peacekeepers decided to just force her to join the games because they expect that she will just die little did they know she was prepared.
Weakness:Small,Hiding,Has bad focus
Interview Angle:Cute
Bloodbath Strategy:Get a knife and a pack then run
Game Strategy:Kill tributes when gets the chance and climb up in a high tree
Alliance:Anti Careers
Personality:She may seem like an innocent 13 year old but she is very dangerous and will do anything to kill she can also snap somebody's head easily if she gets the chance.

District 13:
District 13 Brute
NAME:Brute Slice
BACKSTORY:He bullied a lot of kids when he was younger and every one he bullied tried to attack him they all stood no chance at all he was too strong everybody became afraid of him and he liked it he enjoys killing and has killed a lot of people before
WEAPONS:Hand To Hand Combat,Knives
STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES:Stupid,Strong,Sucks at Swimming but is good at climbing and running

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