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"My Love,Leave Yourself behind beat inside me. Leave you blind"
"Some times I think I should do crystal meth, But then I say to myself "I better not""
―Fat Amy[src]

About me

I'm 14 years old and I live in Quebec, Montreal,Canada. My Real name is "Saige St.Claire" are you can simply call me Saige or Ranger I couldn't really care less.


If you have experienced a vandal I would suggest putting the {{vandal}} template or the {{warning}}template on the offenders talkpage. If the offender keeps vandalizing I would suggest going to a admin. Mostly likely this one.


My Favourite movies are, This is no order from greatest to least

  • Pitch Perfect
  • The Hunger Games
  • Rise of the Guardians

That's all my favourite basically. These are my favourie books. (Like Again, No order from least to greatest)

  • Avatar
  • Maximum Ride
  • The Hunger Games
  • Divergent

The Movie

I really liked the movie but I felt like they didn't fall the book correctly, These are what I think should have been added to the movie

  • Madge Undersee
  • Cato's death (Correctly)
  • Clove's death (Correctly
  • That District 4 was added as a career district

That's really all


Well I go on some different Wiki's,You can see me on these wiki.

That's about it.

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