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  • I live in District 3, Hogwarts, The Castle, Nädindel, Forks, Republic of Heaven, Karitya...
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is A Student
  • I am a wizard, or vampire - not sure :p

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"Yeah, I love reading."
Hello, I am an almost x year old girl - and some of you may think that I am to young for the hunger games - but I love them.

I live in Sweden and hate that they showed the movie with swedishtext.

I am a scary person that has maths and English two grades above mine and I love reading good books!

"I love Johanna Mason!"
Age my age
Occupation Hunger Games Fan
Home District Three
Gender dragon
Height 164cm
Weapon reading
Fate alive
Appearances wherever I wish to
Mentioned by everyone, all the time
Portrayed by I'd never let anybody portray me!

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vampire, wizard, dragon, graceling, elf...






164cm = 5'3"





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Sweden, U. S.

Favorite Book

THG, HP, Septimus Heap, His dark Materials, Temeraire, Inheritance, Theodosia Throckmorton, Twilight, Percy Jackson series

Favorite Movie

The Hunger Games, The Goblet of Fire


Swedish, English

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2nd of May 2012 :)

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Peeta & Katinss in training center

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Catnipkatniss/PeetaPancakes an awesome unicorn

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The Hunger Games TrilogyEdit

The Hunger GamesEdit
"District Twelve, where you can starve to death in safety."
"They let you wear one thing from their district - will you wear this?"
"So they finally got me a pair of fighters this year."
"Here's some advice - Stay alive"
"You've got about as much charm as a dead slug."
"...Because she came here with me..."
"He made you look desirable. You were about as romantic as dirt until he said he wanted you."

This is a test!!! MOEHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA From Everderp's page

1. What do your friends think of you?

Someone Like You by Adele. Let's hope that means I'm nice...

2. What does your family think of you?

Make you feel my love by Adele. Yess I'm loving.

3. What do strangers think of you?


4. You think about what constantly?

Mine by Taylor Swift. idk xd

5. What do your parents think of you?

Part of Me - Katy Perry.yes I'm independent - or ...

6. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Chasing Pavements - Adele. sure...

7. What will they play at your funeral?

Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift. that's nice :(

8. How will you die?

Grenade - Bruno Mars. I'm going to explode. NOOO :( or being love betrayed. Which is worse?

9. What's the one thing you're proud of?

Eyes Open - Taylor Swift. yess I keep my eyes opennnnn

10. What's the one thing you're ashamed of?

Rumour Has It - Adele. I hate rumours...

11. What makes you cry?

Rolling In The Deep - Adele. yes dying fish are terrible. lol. OMG that love is WICKED

12. What makes you laugh?

Skyscraper - Demi Lovato. they are so freakish high.

13. What do you dream about?

Set Fire To The Rain - Adele. no comments

14. Are you in love?

Some Die Young - Laleh. no

15. Will you get married?

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars. uhmm idk xd probably not

16. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Fairytale - Alexander Rybak. I write stories, yeah. and I am in love with some fictional characters - look! the text is BLUSHING

17. Do you like to watch television?

Speak Now - Taylor Swift. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHA IDK

Your guy side vs your girl side

Okay so I saw this on LavendaBrunette's page and decided to try it! :D


   You love hoodies.yeah
   You love jeans. YESSS!!
   Dogs are better than cats. No.
   It's hilarious when people get hurt. no
   You've played with/against boys on a team. ofcourse
   Shopping is torture. YEASSSSS
   Sad movies suck. Depends
   You own/ed an
   Played with Hotwheel cars as a kid. yeah...
   At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter. well, yeah
   You own/ed a DS, PS2 or Sega. no
   You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers. no
   You watch sports on TV. yes
   Gory movies are cool. idk xd
   You go to your dad for advice. no
   You own like a trillion baseball caps. no
   You like going to high school football games. no
   You used to/do collect football/baseball cards. no
   Baggy pants are cool to wear. no
   It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people. yeah..
   Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors. yep
   You love to go crazy and not care what people think. yess
   Sports are fun. not really
   Talk with food in your mouth. yes
   Sleep with your socks on at night. in winter

TOTAL: 11 1/2


   You wear lip gloss/chapstick. NEVER!
   You wear eyeliner. NOO!
   You wear the color pink. sometimes
   Go to your mom for advice. yep
   You consider cheerleading a sport. definetly not
   You hate wearing the color black. no
   You like hanging out at the mall. no
   You like getting manicures and/or pedicures. no
   You like wearing jewelry. NO!
   Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe. no
   Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies. NOOO! IT'S FREAKING TORTURE
   You don't like the movie Star Wars. idk
   You were in gymnastics/dance? yes
   It takes you around/more than one hour to shower, get dressed, and make-up.  NO.
   You smile a lot more than you should. yes
   You have more than 10 pairs of shoes. NO
   You care about what you look like. no
   You like wearing dresses when you can no
   You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne. no
   You love the movies. NO!
   Used to play with dolls as little kid. yep
   Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy/joke of it. NEVER
   Like being the star of everything. not everything


RESULT: bahahhaha I'm a guy lol

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In other people's gamesEdit

Justafox's mentor games:

Beetee 24th #X

Haymitch 7th :(

Thena.airice14's 34th Hunger games:

Linnéa Smith, District 10 5th :S

Ashley Lohig, District 12 17th X#

SkyTimeGirl: The 162nd Annual Hunger Games!: Ayria Relle, District 1 4th ;S

Clovethevictor!:1st hunger games: Pearla Ceston, district 4

Kwanito44: Kwan's Second Annual Hunger Games: Kayla Rulaar, district 3

Tobi99's Potter Games: KaylaRulaar, District 3

Justafox's Euro Games: Albin Lundgren from Sweden, 1ST!!! :))) OMG!

Nommyzombies' 56th annual hunger games: Eric Beaverland, district 10, Jamie Mason, district 10, Kevin Ghuisp, district 12

AshtonMoioLover: The Shopping Games: Cara Beakre, District 9

Shadow Seer: The Hogwarts Games: Allie Vetter, district 3, Tilde Willow, district 7

Epic Hobo: The 175th Hunger Games (Career Games): Pearla Ceston, district 4, 18th ... :(

District1MarvelRules!/11th_Annual_Hunger_Games: Teresa Backe, district 7

For roleplay and funEdit


District 1Edit

District: 1

Name: Ayria Relle
Ayria Relle
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 18

Gender: female

Strength(s): good-looking, aiming, leading

Weakness(es): having to follow orders

Tactics: ally with careers and KILL many tributes

Weapon(s): spear, throwing knives, boomerang with spikes

Token: a golden headband

Personality: bossy, funny, logical thinker

District: 1

Name: Davie Gregley

Age: 17

Gender: male

Strength(s): physical strength, good at tricking
Davie Gregley
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Weakness(es): his crush Ayria Relle

Tactics: ally with the Careers and (if Ayria is part of the same games) protect Ayria

Weapon(s): maces and clubs

Token: a blue necklace

Personality: silent, strong, good at tricking and acting

District 2Edit

Name: Lavender Cleaver

Age: 16

Gender: female

Strength(s): trapping, maces, spears, bows with arrows, swords, knives, tridents, axes
Lavender Cleaver
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Weakness(es): NO WEAPONS

Tactics: be a career

Weapon(s): maces, spears, bows, swords, knives, tridents, axes

Token: a silver necklace

Personality: a killing machine, logical thinker

Name: Jeanoel Rockson

Age: 18

Gender: male

Strength(s): brutal strength
Jeanoel Rockson
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Weakness(es): pretty girls

Tactics: be a Career

Weapon(s): maces, swords

Token: cat ears his first girlfriend Choanna gave him

Personality: flirty and unbalanced, but good at thinking like his enemies

District 3Edit

Name: Kayla Rulaar

Age: 15

Gender: female
Kayla Rulaar
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Strength(s): hiding and throwing darts

Weakness(es): she is quite small, and not very strong

Tactics: hide in trees and find a water source quickly attack at night

Weapon(s): throwing darts and camouflage

Token: yin-yan necklace

Personality: shy, but really smart

Name: Hugo Bulrgfo

Age: 12

Gender: male

Strength(s): hiding, and making people pity him
Hugo Bulfrgo
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Weakness(es): fighting

Tactics: ally with someone big and nice and find water

Weapon(s): slingshot

Token: silver earring

Personality: shy, easily scared, natural boss

District 4Edit

Name: Pearla Ceston

Age: 17

Gender: female

Strength(s): swimming, hiding, axes
Pearla Ceston
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Weakness(es): deserts! and wolves

Tactics: be a Career and leave the pack at the Final Eight

Weapon(s): axes and boomerangs with spikes

Token: a silly rose hairclip her mother forced her to have as token

Personality: arrogant and self-confident

Name: Emmett Odair (he is Finnick's great-great uncle)

Age: 18

Gender: male
Emmett Odair
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Strength(s): tridents, swimming, trapping

Weakness(es): DESERTS! SHARKS!

Tactics: be a Career and leave the pack at the final five

Weapon(s): trident

Token: a blue necktie

Personality:arrogant and humouristic

District 5Edit

Name: Melanie Swan

Age: 14

Gender: female

Strength(s): camouflage, electrical traps
Melanie Swan
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Weakness(es): hand-to-hand combat, scared of heigths

Tactics: get wire at the Cornucopia, find a cave, hide herself and set up electrical trap

Weapon(s): electrical traps

Token: necklace

Personality: sweet, loving

Name: Juian Coilom

Age: 16

Gender: male

Strength(s): throwing stuff

Weakness(es): scared of heights, darkness and blood

Tactics: run away from the Cornucopia and find source of water
Juian Coilom
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Weapon(s): throwing darts

Token: his purple scarf

Personality: seductive, outgoing (his smile makes girls in school giggle and blush).

EXTRA THINGY: he is the most popular boy in school and is very handsome, about all the girls in his year and the ones above and under have a crush on him. He has had 34 girlfriends and is currently dating Caroline Swan (the older sister of Melanie Swan).

District 6Edit

Name: Merilda Aroughs

Age: 18

Gender: female
Merilda Arougs
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Strength(s): hand-to-hand combat, knife throwing

Weakness(es): loner

Tactics: Score high and become Career

Weapon(s): sword, spear, hammer, knife, dagger, throwing knives, bow and arrows, slingshot, darts and blowgun...

Token: a tiny bottle with her clover-perfume

Personality: Arrogant, self-confident, a logical thinker

Name: Ryan Thorns

Age: 12

Gender: male

Strength(s): climbing, hiding
Ryan Thorns
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Weakness(es): is very small, and has NO experience at all of fighting or survival technique

Tactics: hide high up in a tree near a spring

Weapon(s): a sharp rock shard

Token: his flashlight-glasses

Personality: sweet, caring

District 7Edit

Janie Mason
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

District: 7 DUH!

Name: Janie Mason

Age: 16

Gender: female

Strength(s): axes, climbing

Weakness(es): scared of water

Tactics: hide out and pretend to be weak until it's the final eight - then show her real skills

Weapon(s): throwing axes, throwing knives

Token: a bag of pine needles

Personality: witty, clever, loner

Backstory: She is the great great aunt of Johanna Mason, third child to the big Mason family. She has four brothers and four sisters, which of her younger brother Jamie Mason was reaped.


District: 7

Name: Jamie Mason
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 13

Gender: male

Strength(s): climbing, hiding

Weakness(es): small, can't fight close up

Tactics: hide out entire games

Weapon(s): perhaps a small dagger

Token: oak leaf

Personality: selfish, but loves his older sister Janie (who also was reaped)

Backstory: great great uncle of Johanna Mason. He lives with the big Mason family. He's their fifth child and he looks up to his older sister Janie.

District 8Edit

District: 8
Alva Ashen
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Name: Alva Ashen

Age: 14

Gender: female

Strength(s): seeing patterns, seeing other people's flaws, can tell if she is lied to or not (look of face, tone of voice, pulse), climbing

Weakness(es): can't fight with heavy objects, can't fight close-up

Tactics: hide out and track people at night, slowly kill them with her knife

Weapon(s): knife

Token: silver owl necklace

Personality: shy, smart, intellectual

Backstory: Lives with her mother and younger sister in the poorer part of District Eight. Works a 5-hour-shift after finishing school at 5 p. m. to feed her family

District: 8

Name: Gerard Megs
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 16

Gender: male

Strength(s): brutal strength

Weakness(es): not very smart, makes bad decisions

Tactics: join in the Careers and kill as many as he can at the bloodbath

Weapon(s): maze, war hammer

Token: ball of yarn

Personality: bossy, arrogant

Backstory: he is the son of the mayor. He was spoiled by his parents and got everything he wanted.

District 9Edit

District: 9

Name: Cara Beakre
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 17

Gender: female

Strength(s): tactics, blowgun

Weakness(es): small, not strong

Tactics: hide close to the Cornucopia and wait until the worst of the bloodbath is over, then grab small things and attack at night

Weapon(s): blowgun, knife

Token: a small bag with rose petals

Personality: funny, witty

Backstory: she lived on the streets and never had enough to eat. She became very good on tactics to avoid the streets with many peacekeepers because she escaped from the Community Home at the age of 7.

District: 9
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Name: John Oats

Age: 18

Gender: male

Strength(s): tricking, scythe

Weakness(es): afraid of fire, he's quite heavy

Tactics: join in the bloodbath, kill as many as he can

Weapon(s): scythe, maze

Token: a big seed

Personality: tricky, untrustable

Backstory: his parents signed him up for 6-hours-harvesting shift to feed his eleven younger siblings. Once, a girl in his class told him he was just a slave of his parents, since then he trusts no one at all.

District 10Edit

District: 10
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Name: Tiarah Foxton

Age: 15

Gender: female

Strength(s): axes, seduction

Weakness(es): when somebody speaks ill of her

Tactics: grab something small at the Cornucopia, ally up with a boy and pretend to love him (she's so strikingly beautiful they'll overlook the fact that she might kill them)

Weapon(s): axes, seduction

Token: a small piece of her sheepskin rug

Personality: smart, flirty, vicious

Backstory: her parents were the richest people in district 10. They spoiled her and kept telling her she was soo pretty, they wanted her to be shallow and frilly so that she could marry the mayor. Their plan didn't work, instead she became vicious and extremely clever

District: 10

Name: Eric Beaverland
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 18

Gender: male

Strength(s): wrestling, maze

Weakness(es): can't swim, afraid of all kinds of possums

Tactics: ally with the Careers and leave them at the final five

Weapon(s): maze

Token: golden necklace

Personality: murderous, witty

Backstory: his parents are poor. He loves blood and his job is to kill cattle.

District 11Edit

District: 11

Name: Miriel Willowby
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 12

Gender: female

Strength(s): climbing, hiding, throwing darts

Weakness(es): she is small, afraid of blood

Tactics: Don't go to the cornucopia and find a source of water quickly

Weapon(s): throwing darts

Token: a small apple made out of paper

Personality: sweet, caring

Backstory: she is the only child of her extremely poor parents. She works full-time and applied for four tesserae.


Name: Rick Maerthe

Age: 17

Gender: male
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Strength(s): scythe

Weakness(es): can't swim, afraid of fire

Tactics: do NOT go to the bloodbath, hide out and don't kill until it's the final eight

Weapon(s): scythe

Token: a black pencil

Personality: stubborn, intelligent

Backstory: lives with his grandfather and cousin in a small shack. They all work hard and are very down-to-earth

District 12Edit


Name: Mai Aish
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 15

Gender: female

Strength(s): climbing, throwing knives, can survive with very little food while others die of starvation

Weakness(es): small, panics when she sees something wolf-like

Tactics: don't go to the Cornucopia and find water and food quickly

Weapon(s): throwing knives

Token: a piece of coal wrapped in a napkin

Personality: stubborn, witty

Backstory: her father transports the coal to the Capitol. She has been there once before and is known by some people in the Capitol.

District: 12

Name: Kevin Ghuisp
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 13

Gender: male

Strength(s): pickaxe, camouflage

Weakness(es): heavy, not agile

Tactics: don't take part in the bloodbath

Weapon(s): pickaxe

Token: euro coin

Personality: selfish, resourceful

Backstory: his father wanted him to become a good miner, so he taught him to wield a pickaxe, which Kevin is really good at.


I did the avatars with only faces at:

The full body avatars at:

Other set of tributesEdit

District 1Edit


Name: Starr Sandes
Ok, we all know who that is, but let's pretend it's somebody else...
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 17

Gender: female

Strength(s): archery, edible plants, spear

Weakness(es): scared of spiders, snobbish

Tactics: be a Career

Weapon(s): bow and arrows, spear

Token: diamond ring

Personality: snobbish, humouristic

Backstory: lives with her father in the richer part of 1. She's the only child and he spoiled her a lot. She has trained very much and knows her male counterpart well.

District: 1

Name: Scintillate Ryan
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 18

Gender: male

Strength(s): fighting close-up, wrestling

Weakness(es): he's heavy? Oh, yeah, he thinks he can sing, but he can't.

Tactics: be a Career

Weapon(s):sword, maze, spear, axe...

Token: golden bracelet

Personality: cheeky, clever

Backstory: He lives in the poorer part with his big family, and always wanted them to become very rich. He has trained a lot, and is very ready for the games.

District 2Edit

District: 2
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Name: Lindsey Farrow


Gender: female

Strength(s): knife-throwing, climbing, swords

Weakness(es): can't swim too well, afraid of deserts and places with no trees or buildings

Tactics: Be a Career

Weapon(s): knives, swords

Token: golden necklace

Personality: funny, smart

Backstory: has trained VERY much and can handle almost any weapon. But loves her younger sister Natalie very much and hates to see her in pain.

District: 2

Name: Eric Cleaver
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 16

Gender: male

Strength(s): spear, axe, running

Weakness(es): climbing, swimming

Tactics: be a Career

Weapon(s): spear, axe

Token: golden headband

Personality: snobbish, humouristic

Backstory: His parents trained him since he was four in spear throwing. He volunteered and because his extremely powerful voice the Escort heard him the best.

District 3Edit

District: 3

Name: Liana Reese
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 15

Gender: female

Strength(s):snares, electrical traps, climbing, hiding

Weakness(es): scared of water, not that good at swimming

Tactics: grab something small at the bloodbath and set up electrical traps everywhere, hide.

Weapon(s): snare, electrical trap

Token: silver earrings (only thing she has left from her parents)

Personality:intellectual, sly

Backstory: She lives in an orphanage trusting no one but her best friend Renée. Her parents died when she was four in a factory explosion. She works a lot extra in the factory because the meals in the orphanage are so meagre.

District: 3

Name: Oliver Ctrocut
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 14

Gender: male

Strength(s): talking, hiding

Weakness(es): can't fight, afraid of darkness

Tactics: don't go to the Cornucopia, find water and food quickly

Weapon(s): talking

Token: golden bracelet

Personality: talkative, stubborn

Backstory: he lives with his family, poor engineers, next to a big factory. His big brother was died in a previous hunger games and his twin sister died in a factory explosion.

District 4Edit


Name: Jania Shiele
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 17

Gender: female

Strength(s): fighting close-up, swimming

Weakness(es): extremely picky with food, bossy

Tactics: be the leader of the Careers

Weapon(s): trident, axe, sword, maze

Token: a pearl

Personality: bossy, sly

Backstory: Her parents are both fishers and she works with them a lot. Loves her little sister Diana.

District: 4

Name: Jack Sharke
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup


Gender: male

Strength(s): swimming, swords, spear, maze

Weakness(es): can swim for hours, he's heavy

Tactics: be a Career

Weapon(s): sword, spear, maze

Token: ball of seaweed (that smells!)

Personality: stubborn, a little crazy

Backstory: Is a typical Career, he trained since he was 5.

District 5Edit

District: 5

Name: Anna Wintre
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Age: 13

Gender: female

Strength(s): climbing, hiding, knife-throwing

Weakness(es): heavy objects, she's, like, tiny

Tactics: don't go to the Cornucopia, find water quickly and hide

Weapon(s): knives, darts

Token: small silver ball

Personality: funny, clever

Backstory: her parents are the poorest people in District 5. She went out in the woods with kitchen knives and started hunting small animals. She always was so small that she could crawl under the wire without being electrocuted.

District: 5

Name: Rickard Dymon

Age: 17
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

Gender: male

Strength(s): hand-to-hand combat, running

Weakness(es): he's quite big, climbing

Tactics: score high and be a Career

Weapon(s): sword, axe

Token: a grey necktie

Personality: selfish, self-confident

Backstory: he works with water-power

District 6Edit

District 7Edit

Name: Tilde Willow
RueButtercupAdded by RueButtercup

District: 7

Age: 17

Gender: female

Weapons: small axes, knife

Appearance: like that pic, light, fast

Personality: sly, stubborn, logical thinker

Strengths: running, fast reflexes, handling fire and water, running, small axes

Weaknesses: she's small, is she has allies she'll lose her temper when they don't get her point

Token: owl feather

Strategy: grab something small at the bloodbath, maybe one or two allies


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