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  • I live in Hogwarts, Panem, and Narnia
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is Ravenclaw Prefect
  • I am Male

About Me

I'm 15 years old and gay. I'm a Music Lover, Book Reader, and awkward as can be. Major Potterhead, Gleek and Hunger Games fan for life! :) Writing is a passion of mine and I think I'm an okay writer. I'm an actor in the making and one day want to be in a broadway show. My current Music Obsession is Shake it Out by Florence + The Machine.

My favorite HG characters are Effie Trinket, Foxface, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Rue, Haymitch Abernathy and Prim.

My Tributes

Name: Maryjane Silverstone
Shadow Seer Tribute, Maryjane Silverstone

Maryjane Silverstone

Age: 17

District: District 1

Appearence: Blonde Hair, Grey Eyes, Caucasin, 5'5

Personality: Imaginative, open minded, funny, caring, and a bit closed off.

History: When she was young, Maryjane's parents sent her to the training school to become trained for being a career. Maryjane however didn't want to become a career and stopped going to the school around 9 years old. She wanted to be a writer. She has never had a good relationship with her parents, who still wish for her to train to become a killer. She spends her days roaming District 1 whilst writing beautiful tales in her journal.

Weapon: Throwing Knives - the only thing she learned how to do at the training school.

Strengths: She can be very seductive if nessicary.

Weakness: She has a phobia of dogs or any dog-like creatue.

Token: Her drawing journal.

Extra Info: Maryjane has a younger brother- Derrick.

Name: Aaron Coin
Shadow Seer Tribute, Aaron Coin

Aaron Coin

Age: 18

Distirct: District 8

Appearence: Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, Causcasin, 5'9, Strong Build

Personality: Serious, very opinionated, observative, secretive.

History: Aaron's Grandmother, Alma Coin, was the leader of the rebel base in District 13 during the second war against The Capitol. His grandmother was killed by Katniss Everdeen shortly after the rebels won the war. His parents moved to district 8 before Aaron was born and he now lives here. Aaron hates living here and one days wishes to live in the capitol.

Weapon: Axe/Sword

Strengths: Aaron is very strong and very fast.

Weakness: Has major trust issues.

Token: His dad's watch.

Extra Info: Aaron is Gay.

Name: Chelsea Torres
Shadow Seer Tribute, Chelsea Torres

Chelsea Torres

Age: 13

District: District 7

Appearence: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Caucasin, 4'7, thin

Personality: Very shy, smart, clever, imaginative, observative, and thoughtful.

History: Chelsea grew up in District 7, the lumer district. She grew up with her Grandmother after her parents were killed in a Forest Fire when Chelsea was 1. She loves to climb the highest trees and look at the clouds. Chelsea is very shy and doesn't have many friends. Her best friend is her cat, Minerva, who often goes with Chelsea on her journeys through the woods and likes to nap whilst chelsea looks into the clouds. Chelsea is very quiet, clever, and sneaky as well as very bright and caring but she longs for friendship.

Weapon: Blowgun

Strength: Has very quick reflexes. Is good with Plant Identification.

Weakness: She's not very strong.

Token: Her grandmothers locket

Extra Info: Chelsea is the smartest kid in school.

Name: Matt Romano
Shadow Seer Tribute, Drew Winchester

Matt Romano

Age: 16

District: District 12

Appearence: Dark Blondish hair, Brown Eyes, Caucasin, 5'8, Medium Build

Personality: A bit of a player, funny, very persuasive, preppy, kind, and charming.

History: Matt grew up with his grandparents after his parents died in a fire when Matt was 3. Drew is very popular and has many friends and is well known throughout District 12. He volunteers at the hospitals that were set up in place of the mines after the rebels won the war. Matt loves to sing and when he does, the birds fall silent.

Weapon: Slingshot and Throwing Knives

Strengths: Very good persuasion skills and is good with plant identification.

Weakness: Doesn't always think before he acts.

Token: A locket with pictures of his parents inside.

Extra Info: Voted most likely to succed by his classmates.

Name: Kelly Nicole
Shadow Seer Tribute, Kelly Nicole

Kelly Nicole

Age: 17

District: District 4

Appearance: Long, Braided Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, African American, 5'3

Personality: Cunning, Ambitious, Secretive, and not afraid to speak her mind.

Histroy: Growing up in District 4, Kelly learned she loved to swim. She loves it so much she collects oysters on the bottom of the ocean floor for a job. Not that she really needs the money, for her family is the second wealthiest in District 4. Kelly loves to paint and is very good at it.

Weapon: A Trident

Strengths: Very good at camoflogue and swimming.

Weakness: Kelly has to be in an alliance because she has a fear of being alone.

Token: Her paintbrush

Extra Info: Her deceased grandmother won the 8th Hunger Games.

Name: Fiona Bennington
Shadow Seer Tribute, Fiona Bennington

Fiona Bennington

Age: 17

District: District 2

Appearance: Long Orange Hair, Brown Eyes, Caucasin, 5'7

Personality: Serious, Clever, Swift, Seductive, Funny, mysterious and determined.

History: Fiona's parents sent her to the training school to become a career when she was 5. She has never liked it, nor does she wish to volunteer to be a tribute. She does it though to make her parents proud as they don't approve of being the owner of her own candle shop (which is really what she wants to do.) She also loves fashion, acting, and hanging with her friends.

Weapon: Bow and Arrows, Wire

Strengths: Seductiveness

Weakness: Fiona has a medical condition where she cannot exceed over 20 hours of being dehydrated or she'll die.

Token: Her father's pocketwatch

Extra Info: She is distantly related to Effie Trinket through her mother's side.

Name: Jay Greendale
Shadow Seer Tribute, Jay Greendale

Jay Greendale

Age: 16

District: District 10

Appearance: Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes, Caucasin, 5'8, Medium Build

Personality: Very sweet, charming, clever, caring, but has a real mysterious edge.

History: Jay grew up on his family's farm in district 10. Drew greatly hates the capitol and it's citizens. The reason for this hatred is because his great-great-uncle and grandmother were breaped as tributes, and both died in previous hunger games. Drew loves to read and has read every book that the district library has.

Weapon: Strength, Knife, Axe

Strengths: Good With Plant and Animal Identifcation and making shelter.

Weakness: Is deathly allergic to any kind of berry.

Token: His grandmothers pin (shaped like a raven)

Extra Info: Jay is a really good actor.

Name: Clark Westover
Shadow Seer Tribute, Clark Westover

Clark Westover

Age: 17

District: District 3

Appearence: Short brown hair, brown eyes, caucasin, 5'6, thin

Personality: Clark is very independent. He really doesn't care about what others think of him, he's confident in himself, sweet, caring, and he's one of those people that everyone likes.

History: As a child clark was bullied constantly because he was different. After years of the constant harrassment, he finally stood up to his bullies and told them off. Since he's grown confident in himself and has gained many friends who accept him for him. He didn't pay too much attention to the hunger games until his best friends of five years was reaped where she was killed in the games by a fire the gamemakers had set. Since Clark has a pure hatred towards the games but moreso the gamemakers.

Weapon: Blowgun and Throwing Knives/Axes

Stengths: He is very fast and has very quick reflexes.

Weakness: He has a major phobia of spiders.

Token: His best friends bracelet.

Extra Info: Clark loves to cook/bake with his grandmother at her bakery.

Name: Lily Moon
Shadow Seer Tribute, Lily Moon

Lily Moon

Age: 15

District: District 11

Appearance: Light Blonde Hair, Grey Eyes, Caucasin, 5'3

Personality: Lily is very light and carefree. She is very observative and knows a lot of things.

History: When she was little, the other kids would bully her very harshly because her family was one of the poorest families in the entire district.. Because of this, Lily isn't very trusting towards others. She mainly stays on her family's farmland and roams around with her dog.

Weapon: Knife.

Strngths: She is very stealthy, quick and quiet.

Weakness: She has a deathly allergy towards sunflowers.

Token: Her dog's collar

Extra Info: Lily's dog is her best friend. Her dog's name is Hope and Hope is a female golden laborador retriever.

My Escorts

Name: Sybill Summers

District: District 12

Age: 22

Appearance: Tall and beautiful. She wears a shocking bubblegum pink dress with very tall high heels and pink lipstick and a long, curly, bubblegum pink hair to match.

Lesson to Teach: First Impressions are the most important.

Personality: Preppy, yet kind

Name: Jasper Pevensie

District: District 1

Age: 25

Appearance:Medium height and thin. He wears a black dress shirt with a white caridgan over, with matching white pants and loafers to match. His most striking feature is his pur white lips.

Lesson to Teach: Keep your friends close, and your enmies closer.

Personality: Friendly and strict.

Name: Luna Firestone

District: District 5

Age: 23

Appearance: A very bright green dress with red and white roses printed all over with matching green heels. A small rosebush has somehow been made into a headpeice with her long blonde curls.

Lesson To Teach: Sponsers and Alliance are the key to winning.

Personality:Very bubbly and cheerful.

Name: Crystal Waters

Age: 29

District: District 4

Appearenece: Her Hair is long, wavy, and bright blue. It flows just like the ocean. Which stands out against her pure white dress, shoes, and tiara. Her eyeliner matches her hair exactly, making her pure grey eyes pop.

Lesson to Teach: Think before you act.

Personality: Serious, yet motherly.

Name: Derek Harrington

District: District 9

Age: 26

Appearence: The only word to describe him is purple. Purple curly hair, purple eyes, purple lips, purple caridgan, and Purple loafers. The only things not purple are his white pants and white V-neck.

Lesson to teach: Always trust your instincts

Personality: Charming but really cares about his appearance

Name: Florence Lovegale

District: District 7

Age: 31

Appearence: She has waist long, dark red hair that has a sparkly glow to it. She wears a long flowy midnight blue dress that matches the color of her lips.

Lesson to teach: Organization is most important.

Personality: Very nosy and observant.

Name: Peter Wonders

District: 11

Age: 28

Appearance: Unlike other escorts, Peter looks natural. He wears an orange dress shirt over white dress pants and loafers. His wavy blonde hair appears naturally untidy. He looks normal almost, except that his eye color was changed to white, so he doesn't have colored pupils.

Lesson to teach: Don't underestimate anyone

Personality: Funny and Care Free

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