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December 14, 2012
  • I live in Windy city
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Demigod/Tribute/Wizard
  • I am Excited to visit my best friend

Why Yes, i am a Swiftie

This member has not written anything because she is dead...........just kidding im fully alive

Fellow humans of Earth!

Quick Intro

My name is Andrea and you can call me Ana. I live in the windy city where its colder than in Alaska. I am Swiftie (A Taylor Swift Fan). I am also a demigod, a tribute, and a wizard. I have a wierd life where most of the time i feel like throwing people out the window and read alot even though my friends hate that i read.


Fav Song: You Belong With Me

Fav Artisit: Taylor Swift

Fav Book: Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Heroes Of Olympus, Vampire diaires

Fav Pastime: Bugging my sister

Fav Sport: Unfortuneatly i don't have one after some nasty complications in Gym class

File:Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me-0

Quotes (Random Things)

Most people deserve a high five, in the face, with a chair O.O

Tributes (Females)

Katerina Mist

Name: Katerina Mist (Kat for short)

District: 2

Age: 16

Weapons: Bow and arrow, throwing knives, blowgun

Gender: Female

Strengths: Running, Smart, Climbing, Manipulating, Adjusts to any setting and weapons quickly

Weakness: Her dead sister being made fun of

Personality: Clever, Sly, Mysterious, Cold, Leader

Appearence: Blond hair in ponytail,

silver almond shaped eyes,

small nose and red full lips

Backstory: Katarina started training since she was little. When she was seven her parents died and was left to the caring of her sister. Her sister was nice with her but one day she was murdered for stealing bread for Kat. She became sly and mysterious and cold so nobody could bother her. She became hard and focused on training but inside she's still sad about her life. She volunteered for the games to win and get a life of ease to provide for the poor in district 2. Even if she loses she looks at the bright side where she'll be united with her family.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will go in and kill with the career tributes but be mostly be defensive and won't attack much but she'll attack if somebody tries to hurt her.

Games Strategy: She'll be with the careers and hunt for other tributes. But when there are fewer tributes she'll kill the careers and steal a lot of supplies to fend for herself.

Katherine Tavior

Name: Katherine Tavior

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Running, Climbing, Clever

Weaknesses: Lieing

Personality: Cheerful and outgoing and a little bit mysterious

Appearence: Punkish blond hair, Black streak in hair, blue eyes and red lips

Backstory: Her brother killed her parents. She watched him kill them and did nothing to stop him because she was scared. After killing her parents, his brother took care of her. One day she got home late and he was drunk. He hit her making her faint. She left the house and went to live with her cousin and she was treated well. But she never told about what she saw. She became cheerful so nobody could think she was hiding secrets but when she lied everybody knew so they left her alone.

Bloodbath Strategy: Kill with careers

Games Strategy: Kill with Careers

Lissette Lintley

Name: Lissette Lintley

Gender: Female

District: 1

Age: 15

Weaknesses: Running

Strengths: Climbing and hiding

Personality: Kind and loving

Appearence: Blond curly hair, green eyes, red lips

Weapon: Bow and arrow

BackStory: Lissette always had a pergect life. She was rich, pretty, good at training and admired by many people. But all that changed when her sister was accused of murder. Her life took and unpleasent turn. everywhere she went she was given the evil eye. Nobody admired and liked her but she still liked and was nice to everybody. She volunteered for the games to be put out of her misery that she had inside.

Auralee Mason

Name: Auralee Mason

District: 12

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Weapon: Blowgun

Personality: Honest, kind, forgiving and loving


Backstory: Auralee came from the merchant class of district 12. she was always very pretty and she took advantage of that. At a glance she seems cold. She was cold after her little brother died but got over it. Then her parents died too and she became depressed. Her best friend Natalie helped her get over the depression and Auralee became the honest and loving person she was.

Weaknesses: Climbing and Hiding

Strengths: Blowgun and running

Strategy: Grab a bookbag and flee the bloodbath. If she runs out of supplies she'll use her beauty to get gifts or steal supplies from other tributes.

Height: 5'4

Kat Alise

Name: Kat Alise

Age: 16

District: 10

Gender: Female

Weapon: Throwing knives and blowgun

Strengths: She is very good at running and hiding from tributes. She also learned how to use her beauty to conince people to do what she wants. She depends on her beauty, running, weapons and hiding skills.

Weaknesses: Being ugly. Kat spends a lot of time on her looks. If she's doesen't look well she'll often stop to clean up and she takes a lot of time. Being that, she can be attacked easily if she's attacked while she's cleaning up.

Fears: Snakes

Token: A hairclip given to her by her sister

Allies: None

Backstory: She always had everything. But there was a family in town that hated her parents. They stole her from her parents and raised her up as their own. While her parents grew old and depressed she was given everything. Her parents looked and looked for her but never found her. On the day of the reaping when she was reaped her parents reconized her and told her what had happened. She cried and said she was sorry for never going back home. Her parents forgave her and made her promiset to win. She promised and accepted the neckalce that was given to her by her mom and dad at birth.

Personality: She is sweet and caring. She always see's the good in people and gives them great advice. She's brave as she always stands up for people that are afraid to stand up by themselves.

Height: 5'5

Bloodbath Strategy: She will grab a bookbag and flee so she doesn't get killed.

Games Strategy: She will try to get a sponser to give her a blowgun to defend herself. When she runs out of food she will try to get a sponser to give her some or steal very carefully from others.

Weight: 109 lbs

Alliance: None

Interview Plan: She will appear sweet. nice and make sure she's not a threat.

Training Score Guidelines: She will show the gamemakers that she's really good with her weapons and try to spend time on every survival station.

Sky Indigo

Name: Sky Indigo

Game: (Child or Water): Water

Age: 17

Original District: Capitol

Gender: Female

Personality: Sly, Mysterious, Elusive

Backstory: Sky grew up happily in the capitol. She was an aristocrat, rich and pretty. but all that changed when her brother was born. He became the favorite and nobody paid attention to her anymore. She becamse sly to draw attention but it didn't work. The final straw came when her parents abondened her. She got so angry that for the games she volunteered so her parents would be sad. But they didn't notice. they were busy admiring her brother.

Token: a hairclips

Games Strategy: Ally with the careers and betray them when the time comes

Enemies: Her brother

Friends: No

Strengths: Running, Knives, Climbing

Weaknesses: Hiding and camoflauge

Tributes (Males)

Jason Grace

Name: Jason Grace

District: 1

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Weapon: Spiked Mace

Strengths: Climbing, hiding

Weaknesses: Running

Backstory: He has alwyas been poor. His family does his best to provide for him but it isn't enough. He talked his parents about volunteering . They agreed and started to train him so he could survive. When the reaping came he volunteered and looked at his parents. they waved at him and he realized he couldn't survive. But for his mother's sake he must win at all costs.

Strategy: Hide and steal from others


Houston Temple

Name: Houston Temple

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 3

Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Running, Climbing

Weaknesses: Hiding

Backstory: Houston always had what he wanted. He always had food and clothing but he wanted more. He wanted to be rich. He told his parents he wanted to participate in the Hunger Games. His parents refused. Angered he decided to take manners into his own hands and put his name extra times in the reaping bowl more times. He knew that if he got reaped his parents couldn't stop him and he was right.

Strategy: Flee and stand his ground

Alec Hunter

Name: Alec Hunter

Age: 17

District: 2

Gender: Male

Weapons: Sword and spear

Strengths: Running. He is really good at running fast and doesn't get tired easily. He gets tired after about 50 feet of running. He is also very good at climbing trees. Adn he's very strong too and excells at his weapons.

Weaknesses: His weakness is hiding from other tributes. He doesn't know how to hide or camofluage good enough so other tributes can easily locate him.

Fears: Fire

Token: A neckalce made by his mother

Allies: Careers

Backstory: He has always been alone. His dad left his mother soon after he was born. But he lived happily with his mom. When he was five his mother died in a fire while he managed to escape. That is why he's scared of fire. So he was sent to an orphanage. There they treated him cruelly. He escaped at age of seven and lived on the streets where ocassionaly somebody gave him food and money. He went back to the orphange but to a different one. There he was treated kindly and stayed there until the reaping. On the day of the reaping he was called out to join but nobody wanted to volunteer for him.

Personality: Alec is focused, determined and kind. He's cold with the people he soen't know. But his close friends describe him as focuesed, determined, funny, and kind. With people that are mean he is very mad with.

Height: 5'6

Bloodbath Strategy: He will fight with the careers but not actually kill. He will defend the cornucopia's supplies while the other careers kill.

Games Strategy: Stick with the careers and when the time comes kill them and go on off his own with the career's supplies.

Weight: 110 lbs

Alliance: None

Interview Plan: Appear likable so he can get sponsers.

Training Score Guidelines: show them that you're strong and good at using weapons. Show how good you are and you'll get a good score.

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May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!!!!

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