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Welcome <insert name here> did u come to stalk me c;

The Fire Jay
Voy a Quemarte
English, Spanish and Italian
Favorite Color
District 7 Tribute
Favorite food
Favorite Victor
Johanna Mason


Nicknames Orgin Who Says It Can You Call Me it


Once Upon A Time On Chat.... Emma No
Other Me Cause We Cant Have Two Jay's On The Wiki xD Jay No
Fake Jay After I Stole Jay's Name


Phoenix What I Wanna To Be Called Kekai Yes
Fire or Jay When New People Join Newbies No
Person I Dont Freaking Know Wes


Justin Since I Was Born I Think? Everyone Yes
Larissa Fuchs Youtube... Erlend No
Justino Trying Make Me Sound Spanish Liza No
Jason/Jake She Cant Remember Justin so..... Alice No
Janelle Twerk Name Kiki No
Beautiful Phoenix Child My Mother Name For Me Kacey No
Firefudge Jade Needs Her Sleep....


Juicy She be cray Berry No
Justo Sounds Spanish Darcos No

The Talented Twerkers (Triple T's) :3Edit

Captain: Kiki

Original Members': Mia, Dani, Caylin, Justin, Jay, Sky, Emma, Crtha

Bold = Orginal Members, Italics = New Edition

Hfdgfgfgfff The User is a member of The Talented Twerkers

Current SigEdit

     firetits  :3     Burn Babe                         07:28, November 2, 2013 (UTC) I love fire, but not you

Games am followingEdit



"Emma we know you're thirsty but stop talking about Hot D's" - Callam

"Justin, tbh, when I looked at your avi on your profile I thought it said "Meth Christmas" instead of "Merry Christmas" after what Mia said :3" - Kekai

"Yes Justin, you are a mermaid, embrace it" - Annie

"I could totally see ur firetits glowing" - Emma

"District Kiki makes all things Kiki" -Jay

"wow District Kiki is such a whore, everyone is in it" -Kiki

"mod-free time aka naked time" -Sky

"mg kiki put your clothes on" -Darcos

"Most girls working the street corners don't wear so much fabric" -Dustin

"Tbh my tits are off limits" -Kiki

"Bye bye person who can't seem to get an erection" -Jade

"Idk if I like it big or not" -Claudia

"Liza oozes sass tbh" -Dustin

"Are you selling Kiki's on amazon, Justin" -Darcos

"Justin pls don't sell me" -Kiki

"Liza I already ended you" -Dustin

"I will be ur Neil Armstrong bby. I will make sure only I will step on u" -Alice

Roma QuotesEdit


"Are you ready for my full name on roblox?" -Roma

"Yes." -Glitter

"Sir William Johnsen, Duke of Marlborough, Minister of Defence. Commander of his majesty's forces by land and by sea. Grand knight of the Order of the Bath, Knight companion of the most honorable order of the Garter, member of his Majesty's Privy, Protector of the Crown." -Roma


My Rainbow & CultEdit

Your rainbow is shaded green and black.


What is says about you: You are a powerful person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. You may meet people who are afraid of you. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.
Kikicult This user is a member of the Cult of Kierstenality and believes that Kiki is their savior.

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