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  • I live in Antario,Canada
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is Cute girl
  • $milelover

    The Couple Games

    February 4, 2013 by $milelover

    48 Tributes will be reaped and two at a time will fight to the death!

    District 1: Diamond Gini

    D1 Male: Iron Man

    D1 F: Wannis Like

    D1 M: Steve Emer

    Now that we have are D1 tributes they will fight!

    First off Diamond and Iron.

    Diamond runs to the cornicopia she's faster than Iron but Iron is smarter. Diamond looks through a suitcase when Iron snaps her neck. 'It was an easy kill' says Iron.

    Now Wannis and Steve

    "What kind of name is Steve?" Wannis is asking before the start of the games. Steve grabs a sword and swings it at Wannis, Wannis ducks and grabs a spear. Steve seeing no other options, throws the sword at Wannis. "Curved sword idiot" Wannis says before she thorws the spear into his chest. 'He was tough but not tough enough' Wannis said after…

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  • $milelover

    The Blood Games

    February 2, 2013 by $milelover

    Bloodian 1 Male: Shirone Mannygton

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  • $milelover

    Disney Hunger Games

    December 26, 2012 by $milelover

    District 1: Aladdin and Jasmine

    District 2: Shang and Mulan

    District 3: Milo and Kioa

    District 4: Eric and Ariel

    District 5: Hercules and Megara

    District 6: Naveen and Tiana

    District 7: Tarzan and Jane

    District 8: Charming and Cinderella

    District 9: Beast and Belle

    District 10: Quasimood and Esmeralda

    District 11: John Smith and Pocahontas(Poc.)

    District 12: The Prince and Snow White

    Lions Gate bought Disney finally in the year of 2017. And made a Dinsey character Hunger Games

    Aladdin's POV

    The Gong rings and I run towards the cornucopia. The boy from three comes at me with a spear. I dodge his swing and snap his neck. Naveen throws an axe at me. I dodge and run and grab a bat. He runs at me with a sword, I hit him multiple until he stops screaming. I l…

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  • $milelover

    Hunger Games-Cato

    November 22, 2012 by $milelover

    Hi I'm Cato Hadley. I'm 18 and a career. My best friend Clove Myrtales. Today is the reaping and I am volunteering. Clove is not yet she is still waiting.

    My escort Proc walked out on stage. She pulled out the girls name "Clove Myrtales" Clove walked up to the stage. Proc pulled out the boys name "Harvester Leg"

    Me: I volunteer!

    Boy:I volunteer!

    Me: I volunteered first!

    Boy: No Me!

    I saw him about 17. I could take him.

    I snapped his neck.

    Me: I volunteered!

    I walked up onto the stage.

    Proc: Whats your name boy?

    Me: Cato Hadley.

    Proc: This years tributes Clove Myrtales and Cato Hadley.

    I look at the other careers, Marvel Awe, and Glimmer Lighte.

    Computer: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Gong!

    I run to the cornucopia. Clove gets some knives and attacks Rye Iman.(9 male)

    I g…

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  • $milelover

    Panem's Civil War

    November 22, 2012 by $milelover

    The Districts are taking over Panem but first there has to be a Civil War. The Districts are turned back into states and Utah is taken over by the Capitol. The other 49 states must unite and save Utah and destroy the Capitol.

    3:00 pm. December 7th 2189: North Dakota and South Dakota become the state of Dakota

    3:00 pm. December 7th 2189: North Carolina and South Carolina become the state of Carolina.

    2:20 am. December 8th 2189: The Capitol takes over Arizona.

    3:00 pm. December 11th 2189: Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana become the state of Four.

    3:44 am. December 13th 2189: The Capitol takes over Neveda.

    4:00 am. December 13th 2189: The Capitol takes over California.

    2:26 pm. December 14th 2189: Idaho takes the state of Utah from the Cap…

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